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  3. El único año que visite spannabis en mi ciudad fue en 2016 y ese fue el último año que también lo visito Franco en paz descanse no tuve la suerte de conocerle pero un buen amigo mío Sebastián si que le conoció y me comentó que era un amante del cannabis y una excelente persona que pudo fumar unos canutos con el y charlar animadamente un buen rato, una lastima no tenerte entre nosotros hermano... Yo espero como el texto que e leído que sea que mi doctor macho y el W.L fueran hermafroditas con predominancia macho o sino que el banco investigue el por que e tenido yo esos dos percances a mi parecer, hoy estuve con las doctoras en exteriores a la noche actualizo con fotos Saludos The only year I visited Spannabis in my city was in 2016 and that was the last year that I also visit Franco in peace, I had no luck to meet him but a good friend of mine Sebastian did know him and he told me he was a lover of cannabis and an excellent person who was able to smoke some pockets with him and chat animatedly for a while, a shame not to have you among us brother ... I hope that the text I have read is that my male doctor and the WL were hermaphrodites with male predominance or that the bank investigates why I had these two mishaps in my opinion, today I was with the doctors outside the night update with photos regards
  4. 3º mega concurso

    No idea of year. I found it on Green House Seeds site. Obv' when Franco was still alive :-( Maybe seed quality control has gone downhill since Franco departed us :-(
  5. Preciosas @gasmeter espero que te encuentres lo mejor posible y te hagan una operación eficaz que no te deje secuelas y puedas estar sano y feliz muy pronto, muchísimo ánimo amigo Beautiful @gasmeter I hope you find your best and make you an effective operation that does not leave you sequels and you can be healthy and happy very soon, very much encouragement friend
  6. I was going to update last night but I was too tired, I had been to the hospital to see a new consultant about my leg it an hour and a half to travel to the hospital and I was there about 2 and a half hours before travelling for an hour and a half to get back home. The consultant at the limb reconstruction clinic is a really nice guy and he is very confident he can remove the broken metal plate and get my tibia properly aligned which will involve me having a metal cage fixed to my leg for 6 months. But this also means my leg will be able to bear my full weight so I won't need the rassclatt crutches while its is healing which is great news, they will do the surgery at some time in the next 3 months or sooner if they have any cancellations, so everything everything. Yesterday afternoon I noticed the dirt in the root pouch of SVK-B#2 was nice and dry and her fan leaves were droopy so I gave her 2 litres of water. The other 3 Sweet Valey Kush plants should need a drink again in the next couple of days. Here are some images I took earlier today. All of the Sweet Valley Kush plants in the grow tent under the LED. All of the Sweet Valley Kush plants in normal light. SVK-B#1 main stalk top of the plant. SVK-B#1 buds at the top of the plant. SVK-B#2 main stalk top of the plant. SVK-B#2 buds at the top of the plant. SVK-M#1 main stalk top of the plant. SVK-M#1 buds at the top of the plant. SVK-m#2 main stalk top of the plant. SVK-M#2 buds at the top of the plant. The discoloured leaves on SVK-M#1 has increased and some of the leaf tips look slightly burned not sure whats going so I will wait until she is ready for a drink and then give her a good flush in case its nutrient lock or calcium deficiency maybe, but it doesn't seem to have affected growth. The other 3 are all doing great I will just have to keep an eye on her as we forward. Happy growing...
  7. Hi @Kalumè, these are beautiful plants that you have there, well leafy and with a beautiful color. I notice some spots on the leaves, seen from here certainly thrips or another insect . Have you noticed too? Ciao, queste sono bellissime piante che hai lì, ben frondose e con un bel colore. Vedo alcuni punti sulle foglie, visti da qui sicuramente di tripidi o un altro insetto. Hai notato anche tu?
  8. Thats a great article on Feminized seeds! Thanks for finding and sharing this one @ShaggyGrower do you know the year of publication?
  9. Salve compagni 🖐️ è da un po' che non aggiorno... Porto qualche novità, le piante iniziano a fiorire, io ho iniziato la fertilizzazione con ghf short flowering Con dosi 1g per litro. Porto qualche foto scattata la settimana scorsa. A presto con nuovi aggiornamenti e foto di questa settimana. SVK n 2 foto della settima scorsa
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    "On the American continent feminized seeds are somehow less popular than in Europe, but this trend is changing rapidly, with sharp increases in feminized seeds sales all over Canada. Reading the various American and European Internet forums one can easily see that there are many different views regarding the subject; the same type of categorization that one can make between soil and hydro growers, organic and synthetic growers, sativa and indica growers, now it can be made for feminized seeds and regular seeds growers. But the fact is that feminized seeds have not been created for breeders; they have been created for growers. From small growers dedicated to personal self-sustainable production programs, up to large-scale growers producing volumes. In my opinion, feminized seeds are a very good tool to produce cannabis in an effective and efficient way. It is a very simple, basic concept, but one making a whole lot of difference. Both indoors and outdoors, feminized seeds guarantee that space is used in the most productive way possible, by making sure that each and every plant is producing cannabis, not just squatting space waiting to be eliminated. Moreover, feminized seeds allow guerrilla growers more safety, lowering the number of visits needed to the field. Many myths surround feminized seeds, most of which are false. Over the last 5 years, as more and more growers in many situations have used feminized seeds, most questions have been answered. It is now clear that feminized seeds are as good as regular seeds to make mother plants. It is also clear that feminized seeds present greater uniformity of product on a large scale. There are different techniques used to make feminized seeds, from hormones to STS reversal, and each company producing feminized seeds has a secret recipe. Some are more reliable than others, and the quality of the feminized seeds can be judged by the number of hermaphroditic plants that appear. Some strains are more prone than others to hermaphroditism, but good quality feminized seeds are close to be 100% free from hermaphrodites. Only great stress factors (light schedule completely irregular, absence of dark period, extreme feeding intoxication) can produce hermaphroditism even in good quality feminized seeds. In conclusion, the most important factor in selecting feminized seeds is their source, the professionalism of their producer. In my opinion, feminized seeds are the future of cannabis production worldwide. FRANCO "Strain Hunters""
  12. Pienso que sería bueno para todos y para mi el primero que diga el motivo/s por el cual puede suceder el problema o los problemas que e tenido con la aparición de machos... No es agradable confiar 100% en la casa y encontrar sorpresas así... Pdta: espero que ShaggyGrower no tenga problemas ya que no puede teletransportarse hasta las plantas en segundos I think it would be good for everyone and for me the first one that @ says the reason / s why the problem or the problems that I had with the appearance of males can happen ... It is not pleasant to trust 100% in the home and find surprises like that ... Pdta: I hope ShaggyGrower has no problems since it can't teleport to the plants in seconds
  13. Wouaw thats a crazy story, 2 males with twos differents feminized strain!! Personally i never fund 100% male in any packs of feminized seeds, only some herma sometime... And i pop many, many, many packs of feminized seeds from differentds seed banks! What say green house or StrainHunters seeds bank? Vaya, es una historia loca, 2 macho con dos variedades feminizadas diferentes! Personalmente, nunca financio 100% hombres en paquetes de semillas feminizadas, solo unas pocas hermas de vez en cuando ... ¡Y dibujo muchos, muchos paquetes de semillas feminizadas de diferentes bancos de semillas! ¿Qué pasa con Green House o el banco de semillas StrainHunters?
  14. Gracias a vosotros por ayudarme siempre, darme consejos, ánimo y apoyo siempre y en todo momento sois geniales amig@s Thank you for always helping me, giving me advice, encouragement and support always and at all times you are great friends
  15. No le deje demostrarlo mucho ShaggyGrower pero flor hembra no existían I didn't let him prove it much ShaggyGrower but female flower didn't exist
  16. 3º mega concurso

    I'm very glad you warned us based on your experience @R.G.S Thanks! Estoy muy contento de que nos haya advertido en base a su experiencia @ R.G.S ¡Gracias!
  17. Sí por desgracia si amigo, mate un macho de W. L y lamento tener que decirlo seguramente strain hunters y green house no estén contentos con mi declaración pero yo tampoco me puse contento al ver los machos Yes, unfortunately, Yes friend, I killed a male of W. L and I am sorry to say that surely strain hunters and green house are not happy with my statement but I was not happy to see the males either
  18. Was #3 a full male, like the full male you found in your The Doctor grow? ¿Era el # 3 un hombre completo, como el hombre completo que encontró en su crecimiento de The Doctor?
  19. yo yo yo thats a crazy setup! :-)
  20. Hola amigo @OG.NajNo directamente para interior, como el armario está suspendido en el aire con una mesa los sacos irán por el exterior del habitáculo e introducir los troncos y ramas solamente hacia adentro Hi fríen @OG.NajNot directly for inside, as the closet is suspended in the air with a table the bags will go outside the cabin and introduce the trunks and branches only inwards
  21. wouaw thats make alot of substrat!, it is for outdoor grow ? Wouaw eso es una gran cantidad de sustrato !, es para el cultivo al aire libre?
  22. Hello @R.G.S, do you have also a male in your White Lemon Run?
  23. Hola amigo @ShaggyGrowerAh entonces no era doctor la que te salió macho, pero un macho vi que tenías....., la verdad que cruzó los dedos y toco madera para que no te encuentres ninguna sorpresa macho en tu regreso a Luxemburgo, yo por suerte las tengo a mano para controlarlas pero ya están floreciendo las hembras y no se ven más machos, lo único que se me ocurre para que el macho que e matado no fuera doctor es que me hubieran cambiado la planta pero la enterre con una lata que ahí sigue... Y no es el primer macho de supuestamente paquete de semillas feminizada ya que de las white lemon también mate uno Hi friend @ShaggyGrowerAh then it was not a doctor who left you male, but a male I saw that you had ....., the truth that crossed my fingers and touched wood so that you do not find any male surprise on your return to Luxembourg, luckily I I have on hand to control them but the females are already blooming and they do not look more male, the only thing that occurs to me so that the male who was killed was not a doctor is that they had changed the plant but I buried it with a can that follows ... And he is not the first male of supposedly feminized seed packet since one of the white lemon also kills one
  24. 3º mega concurso

    Hi @R.G.S, Just catching up and read about your MALE!! That's awful. He could have completely RUINED your harvest. Really NOT GOOD to have a male seed in a packet of supposedly FEMINIZED genetics. Got me wondering whether when I get back to Luxembourg, I'll find a male in the middle the other (HOPEFULLY) females. Can't really plant and leave The Doctor genetics imv The male I found in my UK Outdoor grow was from a regular seed from BadgersDank / Subcool Seeds, a test strain I was growing for them. So I knew to look out for males from those seeds. I'm absolutely SHOCKED you have a male plant from a feminized packet of seeds. ¡¡Solo ponte al día y lee sobre tu HOMBRE !! Eso es horrible. Podría haber arruinado por completo tu cosecha. Realmente NO ES BUENO tener una semilla masculina en un paquete de genética supuestamente FEMINIZADA. Me pregunto si cuando regrese a Luxemburgo, encontraré un hombre en el medio y otras mujeres (HOPEFULLY). Realmente no puedo plantar y dejar The Doctor genetics imv El macho que encontré en mi cultivo de UK Outdoor fue de una semilla regular de BadgersDank / Subcool Seeds, una cepa de prueba que estaba cultivando para ellos. Entonces supe buscar machos de esas semillas. Estoy absolutamente ENCONTRADO que tengas una planta masculina de un paquete feminizado de semillas.
  25. Hello @sliver1, how are your plants dude? Any infos or pics of your SVK?
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