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  2. Here are the picture of the first pistil on the sweet valley kush #3,,, @g22 the #7 with the purple color...
  3. The group 1 Week 2 - Day 9 of bloom for the Sweet Valley Kush number #2 - #3 -#7 & #10. The plants grow very well they make now 54cm tall. So they took 10cm in 1 week (1,43cm / day) So here are the pics of today for the group 1 I noticed a mutation on the SVK #2. So 3 plants totally have the same trifoliate mutation. any infos if that come from the genetic or if that come from my cultivation or environement ? Picture of the SVK #2 with the mutation
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  5. Hello Hunters, Here are some big news. The second group of Sweet Valley Kush are now switched in bloom. The SVK #4-#5-#6 & #8 are already at day 2 of bloom and they are 45cm high Yesterday i put 80gr of biobloom / 19 ltr smart pot, so 320gr totally for the 4 plants. After that, I watering the 4 plants with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) Day Temperature : 25-26c° Night Temperature : 18c° Day Humidity : 60-65% Night humidity : 65-70% So here are the pics of today, day 2 of bloom...
  6. Super tall mystery plant
  7. no is an impression and there are some trips i make picture when i have time Thé temp go up i believe that the leaf mass reduces the space of the tent and the heat rises faster
  8. Looking good this morning. They are really growing fast. All five are around 21 inches tall give or take an inch. It's getting hotter in the days around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, 50s at night. Very windy though also so they are getting very fit.
  9. @g22 what is the health issue with your leaf? The pictures above look really happy but I know that can be misleading sometimes, are they clawing a little bit?
  10. @Chefblake420 With a name like that the taste and smell must be very goed & complex Nice plant budy
  12. Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo creo que caben seis médicos más en la terraza..... Jejeje Saludo y que tengáis un fantástico día soleado ☀ Good morning friends and fellow farmers I think there are six more doctors on the terrace ..... Hehehe Greetings and have a fantastic sunny day ☀
  13. @RedBarn thank you my friend! Ya I haven't grown or even smoked any of these 3 strains but I'm excited! the structure of the Sour Banana Sherbert is cool. I like the Rude boi OG also very bushy.
  14. Wow, excellent farming. I really like the structure of the Sour Banana Sherbert, sure to produce huge colas, and the vigor of the Dutch Hawaiian, irie strain I am certain
  15. Wow excellent beauties. For the Free-99 route find some rabbit manure and aerate it in water with a cheap aquarium pump (almost free, $10usd). Composted chicken manure for huge and safe phosphorous boost. Add some honey and gypsum to the rabbit tea for real flower boosting effects, flavor and size
  16. Excellent looking plant
  17. @OG.Naj Is maybe somthing like that🙂 For the picture wait Tomorrow today iam very busy Too late in the evening but my leaf are green but not shining maybe is because i cut the humidifier
  18. Hi @g22, what do you add in your tea EM? Can you take some pictures of your leaf?
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  20. Sent these 13 to the wild. Heavy rains and clustering the early plants together created some yellowing in the lower leaves and is also responsible for the plants shooting up as they have. Some plants began flowering nice white pistils, and again, due to their current setup, but moving outdoors they will more than likely correct to their usual photoperiod or otherwise veg and flower very long and all season. Classic red stem of the Mazar-i-Sharif seen in some photos. The image with the scissors in views shows a beautiful male on the far left to which there is also a standalone photo of this fine specimen. The image with two large leaves is also the fine male.Most specimens exhibiting sex are in fact female.which I was told, off-hand, is a usual occurrence for the first generation of a new crossbreed (high female ratio). All fragrances are of exquisite cologne-like fragrances with some exhibiting cucumber mint, jasmine vine, one is extremely prominent hominee and peppercorn with vanilla, some chocolate mint, some gas/grapefruit, most of exotic aromas and colognes. Very vigorous, amazing stem structure
  21. Un poco de polen nunca viene mal... A little pollen never hurts ...
  22. Hi @g22 yes I am going to use the enhancer as a drench rather than spraying it on the leaves. I was worried they are a bit small but I think I will give them 1gram per litre and give them 500ml each when the dirt in their pouches is dry tomorrow night.
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