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  2. Tevida they not simply help them for making and defending a lovely body muscle structure, yet moreover give them greater quality for continuing on through the hard rehearsing method, and preparing them to do considerably more exercise. There are a couple In truth, taking a muscle building supplement isn't required in your arrangement framework. In case you remain focused on your activity program and instructed in following your eating routine course of action, by then you'd viably get that thin, solid body that you've been keeping.
  3. i feel the 11/13 can make flower bloom fast then 12/12 n make bud not normal
  4. Yesterday
  5. Thanks for the infos on your light timer schedule. I think it will work very well with this sativa strain
  6. they r in the flowerroom now star from 13-11 then 12/12 until 11/13
  7. That's great to see the WL in is natural shape. Specially with this big pot. Thanks for your response bro 👊
  8. Thank you friend @ OG.Naj the one on the terrace do not touch her hehehehe do not suffer ... I will let her grow whatever she wants ... Gracias amigo @OG.Naj la que esta en la terraza no la tocare jejejeje no sufras... dejare que crezca a sus anchas lo que quiera... And as for the interior, those in the sack will follow the side training except for the two of the door that would be ready before, I am calculating the idea of adding a frontal spotlight from the ground to cover 100% of lumens throughout the crop Y en cuanto al interior las del saco seguirán el entreno lateral excepto las dos de la puerta que estaran antes listas, estoy calculando la idea de añadir un foco frontal desde el suelo para abarcar el 100% de lúmenes en todo el cultivo Feliz dia hermano Happy day brother
  9. Look good bro, do you will top or training your plants or just let them grow naturally?
  10. Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo les traigo algunas fotos de la White lemon que tengo en la terraza Hello friends and cultivation partners I bring you some photos of the White lemon that I have on the terrace
  11. Hello @Lincon, welcome to the forum. Feel free to share your grow with us and ask some advices 😉
  12. Hello everyone,, i am bee ive grown b4 bt only in soil starting a hydro grow now aswell and havent got a clue wot im doing would love some advice.
  13. Are price comparisons allowed to be put on here just 1 strain so I can show my fellow forum members the price difference
  14. If not cheaper than everywhere apart from the breeder it's self lol. Give me a try u won't be dissapointed. Thanks
  15. If any of my fellow hunters need any seeds to add to there souvenir collection then please don't hesitate to let a fellow hunter know. Cheaper than anywhere else I can guarantee. If any of this message breaks the rules then I'm sorry plz delete it. Just trying to get my business of the ground by giving fellow strain hunters the access to cheaper seeds than most other places
  16. Patience is the key. I will get there
  17. Sacred seeds is unavailable
  18. Dr chronic &
  19. Last week
  20. Thank you very much friend @gasmeter I have been impressed above all the one that is tilted because it has the first ramifications almost as large as the central cup is a good technique Greetings and happy day ✌️ 😉 Muchas gracias amigo @gasmeter me tienen impresionado sobretodo la que se encuentra ladeada por que tiene las primeras ramificaciones casi igual de grandes que la copa central es una buena técnica Saludo y feliz dia ✌️ 😉
  21. Thanks @OG.Naj it took me a while to put everything together and then upload all the images it was a bit of a marathon
  22. @R.G.S your plants look fantastic and the bud wow they are fattening up nicely great job @R.G.S sus plantas se ven fantásticas y el capullo está engordando muy bien.
  23. Yeah @OG.Naj I agree Jack Herer is a great strain it will be interesting to compare the photoperiod girls with the autos I have grown in the past. I will definitely top them to control their height when I do pop some beans after this second run of Sweet Valley Kush.
  24. Some pics of the Napoleon Haze #3 and #4 Napoleon Haze is GH Super Silver Haze x Soma Amnesia Haze. She have a short time flowering for a haze dominant strain and it is my base for the next breeding project. Next breeding project is the backcross the leonidos keeper and a new cross with a Sour D bx2 male i selected from Karma genetics. Grow with bio feeding notill pot second run and She's staking very well under the dimlux 315w cmh. NH #3 is a 9-10 weeks pheno NH #4 is a 8-9 weeks pheno
  25. What time in flowering @chineseganjafarmer?
  26. I understand well what you mean je je je, she is gorgeous 😎😎
  27. Hello friend @OG.Naj the last photo is of a random bud of the lower middle of # 1 🤤 I melt the pleasure of just seeing it and smell it sorry for the expression but it is an orgasm hehehe happy day brother ✌️ Hola amigo @OG.Naj la ultima foto es de un cogollo al azar de la parte media baja de #1 🤤 se me derrite el gusto solo de verla y olerla perdon por la expresión pero es un orgasmo jejeje feliz dia hermano
  28. Beautifull bud here she looks good, what's the number of the plant of the last pic? She looks very good 👌👍
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