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  2. I talk about the clone you take brother not your big plant ;-) For the plant that show already some preflower, try let them flo naturally like that ;-)
  3. @OG.Naj. thank you for the info.if somehow say my plant at the moment is already in preflower stage. is there anyway to push it back to vegetative stage? i better cut this one as well.
  4. @R.G.S and @OG.Naj inner luv for the kind words and encouragement it means a lot coming from 2 very experienced growers Yes I agree the Exodus Cheese and Green House Cheese are definitely extraordinary strains, since my update on Saturday you can now see that the plants are definitely in flower. I am rubbish at describing the smell but at the moment to me it smells like vines, earthy and herby, but this will no doubt develop over the next few weeks. The dirt in the root pouches is drying nicely but they are not quite light enough so I will leave them until tomorrow then give them a drink. The Passion #1 sisters outside are enjoying the sunshine and one of the Cloud Walkers under the fluorescent tube has grown above the surface of the Root It sponge and is now earth strong, the other one is still below the surface of the sponge but quietly making its way upwards. Happy growing...
  5. The chiller draws 130w, except that it does not work all the time, it is set to 17 degrees, when this temperature reaches it turns off, when the water temperature rises to 18 degrees they fight again and cools to 17 degrees.
  6. Hi brother, For your cuting you need to cut a little the leafs, cut 1/3 of the surface of the leaf to diminue the water evaporation till the new roots can take some correctly in the medium. Keep them at around 22°c. No direct sun. And in a 80%-70% hummidity environement the first days and diminue progressively until they are fully rooted.
  7. Nice thanks for the info Can you say me what's the consumption of the water cooler you run with?
  8. day 67. both of my plants have stopped growing on top for a week now. but instead they have been sprouting and growing new branches between the stem and the stalk. their leaves look different to me. one is energetic and keep pointing up while the other plant the leaves doesnt look as energetic and is falling down. maybe the problem is the way im watering them. i cut down many leaves since their stalks all gt broken and snapped.
  9. hi, my water temperature is 17-18 degrees, the plants grow nicely and I have no problem with bacteria.and when I stay the last week to cut, I set it to 3 degrees to stress the roots, which effect is known to all😁
  10. bro @jsmi did everything u said and i added some nutrients with the new soil. day 67. still alive. not sure for how long. one branch snapped.i decided to try use it as a clone. i dont have any cloning gel. instead of 2 now i have 3 plants.maybe.
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  12. Nice hydro setup, what the temp range you running your water?
  13. SilverBack week 1.
  14. Ya man, thank you, this moment me and my friend its very happy🤣🤣
  15. He he nice harvest, your buds looks good! Happy smokeeee....
  16. They look nice and bushy brother, great base to support a good flowering! Happy green sunday!
  17. hy there malika ,it's normal to take some time to adjust for the plant when you replant them ,make sure there are not to dry and not to wet ,try to get them in between. the roots looks fine en healthy did you also filled up the medium again with some new soil ? and did you replant them a little bit deeper into the soil ? if you have the possibility to get them some extra nutrients it's always good ,good luck my friend and enjoy the learning processes also ,Knowles come's with time
  18. Buenas tardes amig@s las plantas siguen estirándose pero ya más lentamente 😉 👍 Ya están marcando más definidamente las flores _______ Good afternoon friends, the plants continue to stretch but already more slowly 😉 👍 They are already more clearly marking the flowers Iluminación en el limite
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  20. Precioso trabajo @gasmeter _______ Beautiful job @gasmeter How well those exodus are going they have already released their vitality and they show themselves happy friend, I want them to have half-made flowers and tell me that well it smells maybe I'm wrong with your taste but those strains are extraordinary ______________ Que bien que van esas éxodus ya han soltado su vitalidad y se notan alegres amigo, tengo ganas de que tengan flores medio hechas y me digas que bien que huele quizás me equivoco con tu gusto pero son extraordinarias esas strain
  21. Money maker finish curring, time to relax.
  22. thank you bro @jsm. i did change to bigger pot.its quite hard but i successfully managed to transplant it. Tonight i just found out my plant looking like this. i dont what know happened.And obviously i dont know what should i do. i did everything i could. hopefully it will still survive? if you guys have any tips or advice for me that would be great
  23. Time for a weekly update on the 4 Cheese plants at the end of week 2 of flowering. All the Cheese plants are still growing and stretching at the moment creating lots of new nodes and foliage. I can see pistles now at lots of nodes on the main stalk and the nodes on the stalks coming off the main stalk and what look like the beginings of flowers in the growth at the end of the stalks. The Green House Cheese plants are now 44cm and 49cm tall and the Exodus Cheese plants are now 45cm and 53cm tall. On Thursday morning when I checked on the plants the humidity was 95% so I put my little dehumidifier into the tent and set it to maintain the humidity around 45% The dirt in their root pouches was dry this morning and they all felt light so I mixed 3ml per litre root stimulant and 0.3g per litre of the grow powder feed and I made up 6 litres of the feed solution in three 2 litre lemonade bottles. Then I gave each plant a litre and a half of the feed solution and then put them all back into the grow tent under the LED. Here are some images I took of the plants just before I fed and watered them. All of the Cheese plants in the grow tent under the LED. All of the Cheese plants in normal light. Green House Cheese plants side view. Green House Cheese foliage close up. Green House Cheese plants top view. Exodus Cheese plants side view. Exodus Cheese foliage close up. Exodus Cheese plants top view. Feed solution. All of the Cheese plants fed and watered back in the grow tent under the LED. When I fed and watered the plants the dirt quickly absorbs the feed solution and there was no run off, as soon as the dirt dries out I will give them all 2 litres of water, then on the next feed I will give them some of the hybrid bloom feed. I gave the two Passion #1 plants a feed of the Plant magic Old Timer grow feed and some root stimulant today at the moment the weather is pretty good and it is warm and sunny and they seem to be enjoying being outside soaking up the rays. Also when I checked on the 2 Cloud Walker beans this morning they have both cracked their shell casings and their tap roots are poking out I will let the tap roots get a bit longer and then I will put them into Root It plugs and get them under the fluorescent tube in the little cupboard. Once I have them in the root plugs in the next couple of days I will get a new journal started in the testing section. More updates to follow, happy growing...
  24. Ïhi there Any one has got Aceh Landrace seeds .swap some seeds or cash just nd couple seeds Would live to grow this strain from my motherland to grow in New Zealand thank you appreciated
  25. Que haces este fin de semana? ________ What are you doing this weekend? Yo jugare a las canicas ________ I will play marbles Good weekend friends
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