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    Buongiorno compagni 🖐️ piccolo aggiornamento, il kong krush sembra bloccato e di un colore cianotico non bello da vedere, penso che stia iniziando a morire, peccato, il cloudwalker andava un po' a rilento ma ora sembra avviarsi per bene 👍
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    update on the white lemons ,the are going really strong and growing fast en figuras !!
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    cloud walker currently feading on canna coco a and b 10ml of each
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    silver bk couple starting to find there way through
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    germinated cloud walker 3 out of 5 silver back 8 out of 8
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    hiya @OG.Naj yer sure i am going to be running a 240 x 120 tent with 2x 600 watt hps lights and 2 x decent sized circlation fan with a partition to stop to much light spread also a six inch exstractor and filter with a 4inch intake with a booster fan under partion just to ensure good air flow betweent the partitioned tent and coco for medium with canna coco feed with pk 13/14 booster on weak five
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    Hi growers. This is germination complete, first soaking in water for 8 hours then placing in wet tissue. Two and a half days later we could see shell had split and left them another 12 hours before putting to coco and watered at around 6ph, the germination was plain tap water.
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    some slh banana buds after 1 month of drying a very pleasant and sweet taste to smoke and a very relaxed effect I can taste very sweet aromas of lemon, pine, lavender just before lighting it a wonderful weed which satisfies me entirely
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    Good morning growers. Just popping in for end week three update. Personally, the best news i have for you is the root system is strong and has reached the bottom of the plug which will help immensely as they come out of the seedling stage. the home made plugs are not of standard size they measure 200mm in height and a 100mm a cross the top. Here we see side view of the sweet valley kush starting on 20% strength of keep it simple powder, (grow). Sweet Valley Kush top view a little pale but she will bounce back Now for the injured little girl Banana Krumble now looking healthier than her sister, now feeding 0.2g/litre @5.7-6 ph Banana Krumble top view. Bifta rolled and out for smoke jane.
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    hello, i have to fast forward a few months here , to the current grow as the Nimbim Sativa , i planted 2 of her seeds from Bush Weed i purchased on the streets of Nimbin. I Still have 3 seeds in the fridge. This was around mid October 2019 when i planted the seeds . I cant not beieve how long this plant has been in flower, it was only showed sex once the hours dropped in February. It is now the first week of May, the smaller plant, different scent, and thicker denser buds the other (the big girl) she hasnt much scent but what i can smell is floral much like the street Bush Weed and earthy taste on sample taken from plant. I think a plant like this deserves its own thread. if you ever holiday in Australia, bush some bush weed a nimbin, this is what the plant becomes. The leaves were so thin and lovely with raised leaves at the node. I have to find earlier photos when they looked better, the poor big girl has bugs stuck all over her horrible site Current photos Smaller Nimbin plant ( only a fraction shorter) still over 1.5metres and poor things in a 20L pot be shocked buds of larger plant (white bucket), annoying little buds stuck on her, not very sticky nor much smell, floral earthy tone Earlier photos of the girls Nimbin early flower 3rd March Beautiful thin very long Sativa leaves, before the fungus got hold of them
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    I put the Cloud Walker girls in the conservatory last night so they followed the day like the Passion #1 girls in the shed next to the window and this morning it was warm and sunny so I put them outside at about 09.00am to soak up the rays. Here are a couple of images of the plants I took this afternoon. As I took the photos of the plants I noticed that the dirt in their little plastic pots is dry it looks like they have conquered their pots so I checked and confirmed the fact so tomorrow I will put them into the 12ltr root pouches in some fresh light mix and give them a drink of water and root stimulant. I still need to keep them in veg for another week or 2 yet until they are ready to top then I can give them a few days to recover and then start light deprevation to trick them into flowering, this weekend I will start to light deprive the Passion #1 girls and get them flowering. I will update tomorrow once I have re-potted the Cloud Walker girls in the 12ltr root pouches. Happy growing...
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    Hello hunters, It is DAY 1 for the ☁️🚶Cloud Walker I prepare a light solution of tap water + ehancer and a little bit of hybrid to have 0,6 ec. My tap water is at 0,2 so I add 0,4ec with the ehancer and the hybrid powder. I adjust the ph at 5,8 and let's go for the first watering.
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    a little pre update on the withe lemons ,we had some great weather over here and the went realy well ,tomorrow i will pull them into the 12/12 blooming stage . new pictures will follow ,this one is from a few day's ago ,so in about 8 to 10 weeks the are ready to harvest , tomorrow i will measure them in height so i can follow the grow in length after pulling them into the 12/12 period ,according to our friends at gh this strain will grow quid some bit after the 12/12 photo period .
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    started a new grow for this season of course with a strainhunters strain ,for this year a choose the white lemon strain ,already knowing the super lemon haze genetics in this cross will do very well . started germinating 17/3 all tree seeds where well , planted them in soil 3 day's later ,replanted them at the 20th of april into 3.5 ltr pots and we are nearly there to plant them in there end size medium using 40 ltr pots for this year lets go lets go ,all the best to ya all
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    Time for a mid week update on the 4 Cheese plants. The bud is fattening up nicely on all of the plants and they seem to be transpiring hard and drying out the dirt. Here are some images I took this afternoon. All of the Cheese plants in the grow tent under the LED. All of the Cheese plants in normal light. Smaller Green House Cheese bud porn Taller Green House Cheese bud porn Taller Exodus Cheese bud porn Smaller Exodus Cheese bud porn When I moved the plants around the tent this morning I noticed the dirt in the root pouch of the small Exodus Cheese is drying out and she is starting feel light enough to water I think she could be ready for a drink by Friday which will be her last. The calynx on the Green House Cheese look like they are getting fatter now like the Exodus Cheese I think they will be ready to harvest next week. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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    Yesterday at 06.30am I covered the Silver Back seedlings with the 16ltr root pouch to start their night time, then 6 hours later I woke up the Silver Back seedlings at 12.30pm and then I put them into little 4 inch plastic pots. Here are some images I took to document the process. Four Silver Back seedlings in their little black plastic root pouch pots ready to be potted. Tropic soil mix. Empty 4 inch plastic plant pots ready to receive the Silver Back seedlings. Silver Back seedlings roots. Four Silver Back seedlings in new 4 inch pots. All of the Silver Back seedlings back under the fluorescent tube. Once I had potted the Silver Back seedlings in the 4 inch plastic pots I gave each seedling about 50ml of the water and root stimulant solution it should take a few days for the dirt to dry out. Now the seedlings are in their 4 inch pots I can't use the 16ltr root pouch to cover them it is too small for the job, so I now use a cardboard box that I place over them at 6.30am to start their night time period of darkness and I remove it at 12.30pm 6 hours later to wake them up and start their day. The Exodus and Green House Cheese plants in the grow tent are now in their 8th week of flowering so I will only have to keep the Silver Back babies in the cupboard for another week then once I harvest the Cheese they can go into the grow tent. More updates to follow soon, happy growing...
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    Hi, today finish week 6
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    Hi Hunters, The Cloud Walker is now in the week 1 day 2 of the flowering period. The plants show some beautiful female pre flower. It is a estimation because they are on 12h ON / 12H OFF light schedule from the beginning. The biggest CW plant have 54cm and the smaller one have 33cm. Let see how they will grow in the first weeks of flowering. Here are the picture of the pre flower Have a nice week end all
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    Hi growers. Quick update after 3 days of feeding, photos were taken on the 1st of July. I thought it was a nice idea to add height guide on the Banana Krumble photo to keep a closer eye on her development. Another 3 days from now we will be adding an HPS 250w, then the 2 different spectrum's will be used on alternate days in order to hopefully encrouage some branch growth. Banana Krumble, little over 55mm tall 4 internodes and the 5th set of leaves out of the top. Sweet Valley Kush, started a bit of LST mostly because of her height. Babies side by side. Side by side with a view of the enviroment monitor. jane.
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    Since Saturday the weather has been dull and wet, we have even had high winds too its been crap, so the Cloud Walker girls have been inside the shed a lot of the time with the Passion #1 girls under the fluorescent tubes. Yesterday it was dull and wet in the morning but by 12.00pm the weather healed up nicely and the sun came out so I was able to put the Cloud Walker girls out side in the back yard to soak up the rays for the afternoon by the evening it went cloudy and dull so I put the plants in the shed under the fluorescent tubes. Today started off dull and wet but by about 11am the weather healed up and the sun came out again, so I put the Cloud Walker girls outside in the back yard to soak up the rays while they can. Both of the Cloud Walker girls looked a bit floppy and the dirt in their root pouches was dry so I mixed 6ml per litre of root stimulant and 0.3g per litre of the grow powder feed, I mixed 2 litres of the feed solution. Then I gave the girls 1 litre of the feed solution each and then I decided due to the weather that it is time to top them. I decided to leave the bottom node alone I then counted up to the fifth node and topped each plant, with the weather going shitty the girls growth slowed down a bit I wanted to remove the growth at the first node and then count upwards to the fifth node and top them, but I think if they stretch as much as I have seen the gap from the dirt to the node should increase. Here are some photos of the Cloud Walker girls I took this afternoon while they were enjoying the sunshine in the back yard. Cloud Walker girls front row Passion #1 girls back row soaking up the rays. Cloud Walker girls side view. Cloud Walker girls top view. Site where Cloud Walker topped. Both Cloud Walker girls enjoying the sun after being topped. I will let them recover now over the next couple of days and then on Sunday I will start the light deprevation so they have a 12/12 photoperiod and start to trick them into flowering. I started light deprevation on the Passion #1 girls on Sunday using a big plastic collapsible garden waste container, each evening at 18.30pm I place the girls on the shed floor then I place the container over them. The Cloud Walker girls can then carry on sitting under the fluorescent tube if the weather is shit, but at 21.30pm I move the Cloud Walker girls next to the window and then switch off the fluorescent tube so the are following the day. By Sunday the Cloud Walker girls should have recovered from being topped I will block the windows with some cardboard I use for this purpose then I can start light deprevation on them and then I won't need to keep covering the Passion #1 girls. Happy growing...
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    This morning at 06.30am when I checked on the Silver Back seedlings the fourth had grown past the surface of the sponge plug and come earth strong and it was way above the surface of the sponge. So I shared 20ml of water between them and then I switched off the fluorescent tube and left them in the dark for the morning until 12.30pm when I switched on the fluorescent tube and started their day. Here are some photos of the seedlings that I took at lunch time after I woke them up. All of the Silver Back seedlings side view. Close up of the 4th seedling. I will keep them on an 18/6 photoperiod by switching the fluorescent tube off for 6 hours in the morning until I have harvested the Cheese and the grow tent is empty they are now ending week 7 of an 8 week flowering period, so just another week after this one under the fluorescent tube then they can enjoy the LED in the tent. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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    This morning at 06.30am when I checked the Silver Backs two of them had grown above the surface of the sponge plug and they were earth strong the third one was just below the surface of the sponge plug and the fourth was a few millimetres below the surface of the sponge plug. I shared a 10ml syringe of water between the 4 sponge plugs to keep them damp and to help one of the seedlings to lose its helmet and the other to lose some membrane stuck on the cotyledon leaves. I had something to eat and then I took some photos. Silver Back seedlings top view. Silver Back with its helmet on. Silver Back with membrane on leaves. Silver Back just reached the sponge plug surface. Silver Back still a few millimetres below sponge plug surface. When I checked the seedlings in the late afternoon the third one had grown passed the surface of the sponge and come earth strong and the fourth had just reached the surface and she should be earth strong some time in the night. I will just leave the fluorescent tube on until they are all up and running then I will get them on an 18/6 photoperiod as I did with the Cloud Walker girls by switching off the tube at 06.30am and switching back on at 12.30pm so they have a night time. Happy growing...
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    SVK f1 consociazione basilico
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    The best's in this moment G.P Am.Le But the C.W is starting to create ❄ Good weekend friends 💚✌️😎👍
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    Hola amig@s día 44 de 🌸 ______ Hello friends day 44 of 🌸 Team photo CW And my little exodus cheese Regards
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    Hi all today finish week 4
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    Thanks friend @OG.Naj now the CWs are already starting to form more logically without so much stretching but the strings have to stay in place for the formation of the mantle, otherwise it would be nonsense, as we talked about the CW better at twelve hours directly and you avoid height problems I leave some photos of today😉👍 ____________ Gracias amigo @OG.Naj ahora las C.W ya están empezando a formarse mas lógicamente sin tanto estiramiento pero las cuerdas tienen que mantenerse en su sitio para la formación del manto, sino sería un disparate, como hablamos anteriormente las C.W mejor a doce horas directamente y te evitas problemas de alturas Dejo unas fotos de hoy😉👍 Regards 🐀 ☀ 💚🔥
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    Buen día amig@s las plantas siguen estirándose y ayer sin ir más lejos e tenido que atar a dos C.W les dejo algunas fotos _________ Good morning friends, the plants continue to stretch and yesterday without going any further and had to tie two C.W I leave you some photos And my little exodus cheese Good day friends 💚
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    Hi, today 3 week veg.
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    Aquí les traigo el video que les prometí ___ Here I bring you the video that I promised you Y también les dejo las fotos por si quieren poner en el Instagram del foro ______ And I also leave the photos in case you want to put on the forum's Instagram Good weekend friends
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    Con su permiso me gustaría decirles Amigos hoy estoy muy contento por que me hicieron ganador de un puesto en un concurso de otro foro en el que estoy participando y quiero dejarles que vean la foto que me hizo ganar el tercer puesto de dicho foto-concurso ______ With your permission I would like to tell you Friends, today I am very happy that they made me a winner in a contest in another forum in which I am participating and I want to let you see the photo that made me win the third place in that photo-contest Variedad Green Poison de Sweet Seeds 😉 👍
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    Hi, today second week veg.
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    thanks og ,hopefully the will . waited just a day longer because of the weather ,gave them their first shower with some aptus dislike yesterday and tomorrow i pull them in the 12/12 blooming stage . clean and clear out the shed ,place some black /white foil on the windows and start counting down ,can't wait
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    update on the white lemon's ,weather wise we have some strange weather again ,daytime 12 degrees celsius,cloudy with sometimes place for the sun .nighttime -2 degrees celsius (coldest this spring since 1973) and next week day temperatures will peek to 27 degrees celsius and sunny again ?? however the still do great ,fat stems and big green leaves . because of the cold nights i will keep them as dry as possible for the moment .
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    bit later through but kong krush germination and ill update you all in a couple of day hsp
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    the two cloud walker that didnt germinate straight away instead of just getting rid i filled a small pot of coco and potted them on and keeping them damp with tap water out of curiosity and manged to get a result and both gerimiated and sprouting nicly after checking them 3-4 days later
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    Ahora les mostraré donde voy a poner la Bubba Slush _________ Now I will show you where I am going to put the Bubba Slush
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    Soorry i dont explain me good. You have a bottle teck with hot water to compact and melt together the drys resin to form a mass like a temple ball. Like Frenchy Canolli use to make his world famous Temple Ball. but You have also bottle tech but this time for the flower rosin. This method of packing your filter bag is called “Bottle Tech Style" or "BTS”. It is the best way to have better and bigger result with the same amount of weed ;-)
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    Hi, today finish week 5.
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    The weather has been dull and cloudy with lots of showers most of the day so the Cloud Walker girls have spent most of the day inside the shed under the fluorescent tubes. I noticed that the fan leaves on one of the Cloud Walker plants has ten leaflets there is an extra little leaf laying on top of the middle leaf but with the fan leaf on the other side the extra leaflet is pointing in the opposite direction towards the main stalk. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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    Pequeña actualización de las plantas en el día 35 de su 🌸 Foto general de las plantas _______ Small update plants on day 35 of 🌸 General photo of the plants Mi preferida en este momento hija de la doctor #1 _______ My favorite in this moment is daughter of doctor # 1
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    Por otro lado mi pequeña éxodus cheese sigue creciendo pero lentamente fui muy exagerado con sus podas extremas pero ahí sigue su camino ______ On the other hand, my little exodus cheese continues to grow but slowly I was very exaggerated with its extreme pruning but there it continues its way Good day friends ☀ 💚
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    I have been growing a Sumatran strain for over 30 years. A reliable Indonesian friend sourced the seeds for me ex Aceh early 80's. I have managed to get it back to a managable size and with very quick bud development. Typically 2m and late Feb/Early March in southern mediterranean climate. Once the flowers start, they build very very quickly indeed. Left alone it attains a very pretty xmas tree shape with fewer head leaves. Great for the manicure. Leaves are nicely serrated, deep green with red/purple leaf stems. On the bush the flowers have a nice heady sweet floral fragrance. Currently in the process of crossing with some renowned US and Euro imported strains to boost potency and create faster finishing improved potency pheno. As a guerilla outdoor enthusiest, by design its a long slow process. Current appalling legal status also makes it a difficult hobby. I travelled extensively thru Indonesia in late 70's and the product varied from goddam awful to extraordinary. Way befor my enthusiest days, so the genetic opportunities passed me by. I like to think I'm making up for my lack of vision now. Be good to hear from a few other antippodean (or other) gardeners. Peace.

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