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    Grow Room Calculators A selction of calculators some cover the same calculations whilst some such as the HPS/MH yield calculators are bit more unique. I have included a selction from various sources as some may prefer one calculator to another. Lighting & Ventilation Reccomendation Calc - http://www.cannavers...rs/lighting.php Grow area, Lighting,Light coverage,Running costs,Extraction & running cost - http://www.uk420.com...wroomtools2.php Inverse Square Law Calc - http://www.intl-ligh...or/inverse_calc Ventilation, Lighting & Electric bills calcs - http://megaswf.com/serve/71961/ HPS yield calc - http://www.angelfire...r/yieldcalc.htm MH yeild calc - http://www.angelfire...yieldcalcmh.htm CO2 calc - http://www.hydroponi..._calculator.asp Wattage,PPM,CO2,Temp,Air Exchange & Estimated cost - http://www.crophydro.co.uk/tools All In One calc - http://hydroponicsdi...roponics-tools/ Some additional calculators from seedfinder - SeedFinders GrowPlan - The XML Grow-Sheduler - Growing/Fertilization-Plan and Diary - http://en.seedfinder...owing/growplan/ The Grow-Energy-kWh-Costs-Calculator - This one is really nice, some calc just do light costs. this one calculates light, air extraction,air supply,circulationg air & heating/dehumidifying. http://en.seedfinder...sts-calculator/ The-How-Much-Watt-And-Lux-I-Need-Generator Calculates how much light you need for the dimensions of you room for various stages of growth, from seed, from cuttings as well as veg and bloom. http://en.seedfinder...ng/illuminator/ Peace hunters Lams
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    A la espera del día 1 de enero para plantar las White rhino suerte a todos los competidores, feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo
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    Caboose by Strain Hunters Seed Bank grown under SUPERGROWLED.COM Lights. Very impressed with the results achieved with these new led lights. ONE X Spectrum King™ (SK450) will replace a 500W HID. While TWO X Spectrum Kings™ will replace your 1000W HID unit. Both systems will increase yields by 25% or more, save 50% on electricity, save space and heavily reduce ventilation. 250W true power from ONE Spectrum King™ which replaces 500W HPS. Qty. LED HID equiv. Flower Pro. Yield 1 250W 500W 16 sq ft 300g 2 500W 1000W 16 sq ft 600g 3 750W 1,500W 24 sq ft 900g 4 1000W 2000W 32 sq ft 1200g 3W LEDs x 150 = 450 Watt full capacity driven at 55.5% = 250W true power per unit 6th generation Spectrum II™ LEDs using 100 X ‘white LEDs’, individual ‘white’ LEDs are a mix of the primary colors red, green blue (RGB) to supply you with high end color rendering and our full spectrum. These 100 X ‘white’ LEDs are expensive to produce and the absolute best on the market. The remaining 50 X LEDs are a mixture of ‘reds’ to turbo charge the flowering for maximum yields and far-red output to enable strict photoperiod control. TRUE full spectrum – 420 to 750 nanometres with supplemental chlorophyll (A+ absorption peaks We use primarily Bridgelux and Epistar chips on our own custom dies The phosphor coat used on the very high power 425nm blue base LED is our own proprietary formula, used to give us the strong full spectrum coverage we employ in our luminaires Rugged industrial construction with anodized aluminium chassis Fan-less thermal management, no fans due to high quality heat sinks, thermal bond and highest quality metal clad printed circuit boards (MCPCB) No heat increase 12″ from source reduces HVAC requirements 16 sq ft coverage for flowering stage 30 sq ft coverage for vegetative stages 90° beam angle PMMS lenses for greater photon delivery Peak photon delivery in μmol, 1000μmol @ 12” No bulbs or ballasts to replace Lifespan of 12+ years or 60,000 hours Weight ~23lbs, with hangars Yo-Yo hangers included with every order Dimensions approximately 22” x 14” x 7” Input voltage: 85-265VAC, 50/60Hz Power consumption: 250W / 120VAC@2.1A Self-protecting constant current power supply 5 year warranty from manufacturers defect. As a special bonus, www.supergrowled.com is also giving all Green House customers a 5% discount on purchases made in their website. Just add the following promo code on checkout: ghcomp
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    Hydrogen Peroxide and Horticulture By Bryce Fredrickson Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a clear sharp smelling substance very similar in appearance to water (H2O). Like water it is made up of Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2), however H2O2 has an extra Oxygen atom in an unstable arrangement. It is this extra atom that gives H2O2 its useful properties. H2O2 has been used for many purposes including cleaning, bleaching, sterilizing, rocket fuel, animal feed treatment and in addition many miraculous claims about its health benefits have been made. This article isn't about any of these; instead it will concentrate on horticultural applications. H2O2 is of great use for both hydroponics and dirt/soilless gardening. What Does Hydrogen Peroxide do? H2O2 is an unstable molecule, when it breaks down a single oxygen atom and a molecule of water is released. This oxygen atom is extremely reactive and will attach itself to either another O- atom forming a stable Oxygen molecule or attack a nearby organic molecule. Both the stable and O- forms will increase the level of dissolved oxygen. This is the method by which H2O2 is beneficial. Pre treating the water supply with H2O2will drive out the Chlorine many cities use to sterilize it. This will also degrade any pesticides or herbicides that might be present as well as any other organic matter. Well water can be high in methane and organic sulfates, both of which H2O2 will remove. Many disease causing organisms and spores are killed by Oxygen, the free Oxygen H2O2 releases is extremely effective at this. H2O2 will help eliminate existing infections and will help prevent future ones. It is also useful for suppressing algae growth. The free Oxygen atom will destroy dead organic material (i.e, leaves roots) in the system preventing them from rotting and spreading diseases. Over Watering Roots require Oxygen to breathe and low levels are the main cause of almost all root diseases. Both soil and hydroponic plants often fall prey to the same syndrome although it is rarely recognized as what it really is. Hydroponic crops often fail due to "root rot" and soil crops succumb to "over watering." The real cause of both these problems is a shortage of Oxygen at the root zone. In a soil system the soil consists of particles, a film of water on the particles and air spaces between the particles. When too much water is put into the soil the air spaces fill with liquid. The roots will quickly use up what Oxygen is dissolved in the water, if they haven't drunk enough of the liquid to allow air back in to the soil spaces they will stop working. In this situation roots will start dying within twenty-four hours. As the roots die the plants ability to drink water and nutrients will decrease, this will cause symptoms of nutrient deficiencies (mostly pale, slow, weak growth), and strangely they will start to wilt like they don't have enough water. It is easy to make a fatal mistake at this point and add more water. In a Hydroponic system the cause is a more direct simple lack of oxygen in the solution; this may be from inadequate circulation and/or aeration. High reservoir temperatures also interfere with Oxygen's ability to dissolve in the water. Temperatures above 70F (20C) will eventually cause problems, 62F-65F (16C-18C) is recommended. The same symptoms will appear as with soil plants but you can also check the roots. Healthy roots should be mostly white with maybe a slight yellowish tan tinge. If they are a brownish color with dead tips or they easily pull away there is at least the beginning of a serious problem. An organic, ‘dirt like’ rotting smell means there is already a very good chance it is too late. As roots die and rot they eat Oxygen out of the water, as Oxygen levels are even further depleted more roots die, a viscous circle may be well under way. Reduced Oxygen levels and high temperatures both encourage anaerobic bacteria and fungi. The plants may still be saved but you will have to work fast. How Hydrogen Peroxide prevents root rot/over watering. When plants are watered with H2O2 it will break down and release Oxygen into the area around the roots. This helps stop the Oxygen from being depleted in the water filled air spaces until air can get back into them. High Oxygen levels at the roots will encourage rapid healthy root growth. In a Hydroponic system H2O2 will disperse through out the system and raise Oxygen levels as it breaks down. Strong white healthy roots with lots of fuzzy new growth will be visible. This fuzzy growth has massive surface area allowing for rapid absorption of the huge amounts of water and nutrients needed for rapid top growth. A healthy plant starts with a healthy root system. How to use it. H2O2 comes in several different strengths 3%, 5%, 8% and 35%, also sold as food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. The most economical is 35% which we recommend be diluted to three percent before using, as at this high concentration it can cause damage to skin and clothing. When working with food grade H2O2 it is very important that you clean up any spills or splashes immediately, it will damage almost anything very quickly. This is extra important with skin and clothing. Skin will be temporarily bleached pure white if not washed cleaned. Gloves are strongly recommended when working with any strong chemical. Food grade H2O2 can be diluted to three percent by mixing it one part to eleven parts water (preferably distilled). The storage container should be opaque to prevent light from getting in and it must be able to hold some pressure. If three-liter pop bottles are available in your area they are ideal for mixing and storing H2O2. There are twelve quarter liters (250ml) in three liters, if you put in one quarter liter H2O2 and eleven quarter liters (250ml) water in the bottle it will full of three percent H2O2 and the bottle can hold the pressure that the H2O2 will generate. Three percent Hydrogen Peroxide may be added at up to three ml's per liter (2 12 tsp. Per gallon), but it is recommended that you start at a lower concentration and increase to full strength over a few weeks. Use every watering even on fresh cuttings. For hydroponics use every reservoir change and replace twenty-five percent (one quarter) every day. Example: In a 100L reservoir you would add three hundred ml's (3%) H2O2when changing the nutrient. You would then add seventy-five ml's more every day. Where to get it. 35% food grade: called food grade because it has no toxic impurities. Of course your local hydroponics retailer, whom you can locate over the web.(there may be shipping restrictions on high strength peroxides). The local feed supplier may have it in small towns. Prices range from fifteen dollars per quarter liter to eighty dollars a gallon. One gallon will treat up to fifty thousand liters of water. 3%5%, 8% Can be found at most drugstores or pharmacies, prices start at a less than a dollar for a one hundred-ml bottle that will treat one hundred liters. What to do if you already have root rot. In Dirt: Use peroxide water with an anti-fungicide and a high Phosphate fertilizer (9-45-15, 10-52-10, 0-60-0) for root growth. Or any other product with rooting hormone dissolved in it is helpful in regrowing roots and is strongly recommended. Water heavily until liquid pours out the bottom of the pot. This sound like bad idea, but it flushes out stagnant dead water and replaces it with fresh highly oxygenated water. Don't let plants sit in trays full of water, the soil will absorb this water and stay too wet. Don't water again until the pot feels light and the top inch or two of the soil are dry. In Hydro: Change your nutrients. Add H2O2 to the system. This will add oxygen and chemically eat dead roots. If roots are badly rotted and can be pulled away by hand you should pull them off. They are already dead and will only rot, causing further problems. Add a fungicide to kill any fungus that is probably present in the rotted tissue to prevent it from spreading. Increase aeration of the water, get an air pump and air stones, or more of them, for the reservoir. An air stone under every plant is usually very effective, but will require a larger air pump. Models that will do from forty to four hundred stones are available. Decrease the reservoir temperature, oxygen dissolves better in cold water and disease causing organisms reproduce slower as well. A good temperate range is 62F to 65F; anything above 70F will eventually cause a problem. It is also a good idea to remove any wilty plants from the system and put them on a separate reservoir so they don't infect plants that are still healthy. Summary The key to big productive plants is a big healthy root system and Hydrogen Peroxide is a great way to keep your roots healthy. It is a must to ensure the biggest best crops possible and to increase the chances of your plants thriving to harvest. Peroxide users will rarely lose plants or crops to root disease and will harvest larger and more consistent crops. Additional info Quote:How much to add US Standard 1.28*G/C= Liquid Oz's per day Metric 10*L/C= Ml per day C= % concentration of H2O2 L= Number of liters in reservoir G= Number of Gallons in reservoir Example: How much 3% H202 should I add to 7 gallons of nutes? 1.28*7/3=2.986 Oz's each day. Quote:Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down to hydrogen and oxygen within 3 days of being added either to a hydroponic solution or a soilmix. There is no residual with it, it becomes oxygen and hydrogen gas. It is not un-natural in the least, it forms the basic building blocks of life, its just a stable liquid form of oxygen. The additional chloroplastic activity as a result of the chlorophyll deeping will give you much thicker stems and larger leaves, with much deeper green. Yes the plants can absorb more light. the solution will also be much cleaner as the organic matter is oxidized to make...oxygen happy growing, john
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    First manicured
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    I open the game with macro shot of White Widow x Cheese test plant. My insta is nordicgrower
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    Next time I say to do a bagseed grow please talk me out of it I got hermies..... Also I had a water leakage in the growroom and furnace shutdown over the last week. So even more stress to put out more hermafrodite flowers ..yay.. winter time is fun, eh? The smell is really unique tho. Something like papaya, mango or something perfumey. The bud structure look abit like an arjans haze #3 I grew a while back, atleast more haze than skunk.
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    Pictures from 3weeks in flowering. Next run iam considering to try some different GHSC indicas. My eyes are on the super bud and jack herer atm... What indicas do you guys like?
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    @OG.Naj I don't know i have a lot of choice but enought weed for a the moment so we will first consume the fruit of labor before new cultivate I have all the seed of the contest Franco lemon cheese Super lemon haze Great white shark ____________________________________ Black lime reserva X girlscout cookie Chemdawg#4 X skywalker Lemon tangie California orange kush Apedawg ( grape ape x chemdawg) Purplicious Kush valley lemon sorbet ____________________________________ Is too much choice i hope they stay good to the day i grow theme They are a lot of other strain that interresse me and i want to regrow ghsc white rhino For sure and some of the ghsc haze and kush too and some strainhunter the caboose, flowerbonbkush ,money maker I need to plan a lot of time for all of that 🤣
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    The smell is strong and the buds ar not so bad the white rhino work goed outdoor
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    Here are the first pics of the two babys at day 13. I watering the plants with water and a little roots booster. All is good rigth now and we can already see small difference betwen the two ,seedling. The holy punch 1 have more indica trait that the number 2... See you next week fore the next update hunters!
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    The day after my last progress update the Exodus Cheese bud was ready to cut off the stalks. So in the late afternoon I got out the clippers and cut all the bud off the stalks in total I got 40 grams of bud, which was dry enough to put into mason jars, the bud from the tops of each plant I put into a separate jar with the bud from the top of the two from the last run. Anyhoo here are some images of the bud. Cutting Exodus Cheese bud off stalks. Exodus Cheese bud on scales. Exodus Cheese in mason jars. Exodus Cheese bud next to Clipper lighter for scale. Exodus Cheese bud close up. Exodus Cheese in grinder. Exodus Cheese in spliff. Then I man smoked up the spliff, it was nice, the aroma from the bud reminds me of hash, the taste is also hash like, but there is also this spicey or peppery thing too, sometimes I can taste it as I smoke a spliff, but most of the time it is when I go out of the room then come back and I notice the peppery spicey thing. The vibe is a nice body stone and high that lasts a few hours. The Kings Kush babies are doing great, now I have completed this journal I will start one for the Kings Kush, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Thanks for the responds Iam going with the super bud and Jack herer, but i got sooo many freebies this time i plan om posting the grows on here so stay tuned Back to this grow I have defoliate on Day 22 of flower and think this was the last defoliation. I found two male flowers :S so they are herming for some reason, the way the flowers formed i think this is genetically :s as iam sure i have no light leaks, but maybe its due to too much defoliation? Pics are from before and arter the defoliation.
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    Hello Hunters, Let's go for a new growdairies with the new genetic from Greenhouse Seeds Company i received at the Spannabis 2018. The Holy Punch! Holy Punch is a cross of one of our classics, The Church which is famous for its outdoor performance and sweet flavor, and a very special Grape male that adds a spicy taste and creates a very special terpene profile. The plant is medium-sized and grows bushy, the long branches might need support during the flowering period to hold the heavy buds. It is good for SCRoG or LST. The flowering time of Holy Punch is 8-9 weeks, it can be harvested commercially after 8 weeks but one more week will allow the plant do develop the full flavor and increase resin production. So let's go...
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    End week 9
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    Hello Hunters, The HolyPunch are just at the first day of the week 6 of flowering The temperature of the room are at 27° (light on) & 18° (light off) & the humidity are at 52% (light on) - 75% (light off) for that i just put the extractor fan to the max for the night hummidity at the first week of flush. This pheno 2 are the best, very slow in bud formation, certainly a 10weeks plant, more sativa that the other one but the smell are already very complex and pungent. Nothing like grape right now but surely a very good punch in the nose! HP#2 Soon the pic of the hp 1 ;-)
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    Hello Hunters, The HolyPunch are now at the end of week 4 at day 27 of the flowering periode. The temperature of the room are at 26° (light on) & 18° (light off) & the humidity are at 45% (light on) - 70% (light off). The bud formation come slowly but surely... & we can see the begining of the trichome formation on the pheno 2 ... yeah yeah yeah! So here are the pics of today Left HP#2 the keeper & Right HP#1 Pheno #2 Pheno #1 See you next week hunter
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    Just a picture to compare the strech this week with the last week. Little trick : on this picture we can see the defoliation i love make the first 3 week of flowering to maximise the flux of energy at the top of the plant
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    Hello Hunters, The HolyPunch are now at day 20 of the flowering periode. The temperature of the room are at 26° (light on) & 17° (light off) & the humidity are at 45% (light on) - 68% (light off). These two have streched enormously this week and just started showing the beginning of bud formation, slolwy but surely... So here are the pics of today & on the first picture we can see clearly two diff.pheno of the GH Holy Punch cant wait to smoke that Left HP#2 the keeper & Right HP#1 HP#2 HP#1 Have a nice week and see you next week hunters...
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    Time for an update on the Exodus Cheese grow, all 4 germinated seeds have broken ground and I have 4 nice healthy seedlings. All of the seedlings are just getting spring water 4 times per day to keep the dirt nice and moist, I will start giving them some Canna Start in a few days once the true leaves have some size about them and the spring water has run out. Here is an image of the seedlings I took tonight just after the lights in the tent went out, I had just finished clipping all the Passion #1 bud off the stalks from my outside grow this season. I am pleased I got 6 ounces of dry bud from 2 plants, last year I got 8 ounces although the plants were slightly bigger than this year. The tall seedling on the left was the first to break ground and the one at the front was the one which fell over despite that it is looking OK now, although the tall one looks like it is stretching for the light they are about 18 inches from the LED which providing a full spectrum for the 2 Exodus Cheese and 1 Jack Herer that will be done by the end of the month. I think the tall one is just in a hurry and has a lust for life. The 2 Exodus Cheese I am growing at the moment have been in a hurry from the start they got a move on compared with the Jack Herer which will be done a week or so after the Exodus Cheese going off their progress so far. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    This is the seventh article in a series where I present selected tricks and advanced growing techniques. My name is Franco, and I work at Green House Seed Company, in Amsterdam, since the year 2000. Over the last 10 years I have learned from Arjan countless tricks and advanced techniques, and I developed a few of my own as well. And now it’s time to share some of this knowledge with growers worldwide. If we share the knowledge, everybody wins. Last month I explained some of the best tricks for growing large outdoor plants. This month, I give you... Franco’s tricks on flowering indoors The flowering is one of the most rewarding phases of any crop, because the progress towards the harvest can be looked, touched, smelled. Plants are now developing flower clusters, and there are several factors that can guarantee success in quality and quantity. Indoors and outdoors, the goal is for plants to feel good about the conditions, the environment, and the grower. When working indoors it is important to notice that every single factor depends from the grower, there should be nothing left to chance. The ideal climate conditions for flowering at lamps on are at temperature between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, and a relative humidity between 40% and 55%. When the lamps turn off it is normal that the temperature lowers to 20-22 degrees, while the relative humidity climbs to around 60%. If the temperature gap between day and night is larger than 8-10 degrees Celsius there is a risk of slowing down the metabolic of the crop. The relative humidity must stay under 70% to avoid mold and fungi in the crop. A good way to cope with high daytime temperature is to run the lamps opposite to daylight. This way the maximum temperature in the growroom will stay lower, but the disadvantage of this system is that the gap between day and night temperature will be reduced to a minimum, and sometimes this can create problems because plants actually benefit from a 8 to 10 degrees gap between the day temperature and the night one. Nevertheless, it is better to sacrifice the day-night gap, than to end up with temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius in the growroom during daytime. Air conditioning is a very expensive and environmentally unfriendly option, but sometimes it’s the only one for indoor growers in warm countries. The benefits are cool air and a drying effect as well, ideal during flowering. It is worth noticing that plants do not like air conditioning directly blowing towards them, it is much better to direct the flow of air towards the ceiling, where it will precipitate allowing warmer air to climb. This way the diffusion of cooled, dry air is uniform in the room and not direct on the plants. Once the climate is perfectly under control, it is worth dedicating some energy to optimize feeding intake. During flowering the plants use mostly P, K and Micros to produce buds and resin. The N intake is still important during the first few weeks of flowering, but later on it must decrease, or the buds will get leafy and the calyx-to-leaf ratio will decrease dramatically, creating issues for manicuring as well. Only with extremely long-flowering sativas, the N intake can be kept a little longer, to avoid premature yellowing of the leaves. To allow plants to slowly intake less N and more P-K-Micros, the pH of the feeding solution should stay above 6.0 after the beginning of the flowering, ideally slowly climbing between 6.2 and 6.6 in soil, and slowly climbing between 5.9 and 6.3 in hydroponics, depending on the strain and the stage of flowering. The rule of thumb here is that the more a strain is long-flowering, the higher the pH should be at the end of the flowering process; with 12-weeker sativas pH usually climbs to 6.9 or 7.0 at the end of flowering. The most important of Micro-elements (Mg, Ca, Zn, Fe) are also assimilated at best if the pH is above 6.0 and these are very important in the formation of terpenes, cannabinoids and resin. The best way to make sure the plants intake the available minerals is to ensure that they are hungry and thirsty. The best is to create a cycle of dry-wet medium, where the dry spells allow plenty of oxygen to the root sytem and the wet spells allow enough watering solution to be absorbed. The one thing that flowering cannabis plants do not like, is a constantly wet medium. Besides the normal watering cycle, it is also important to regularly flush the medium to get rid of salts. This can be done with a mild solution at pH 5.5 and EC 1.0, so that the salt crystals can bind to the low-mineral-content in the solution and dissolve. Flushing should be integrated in the regular watering cycle, and after flushing the medium should be allowed to dry properly before feeding again. Once the feeding is optimized, it is good to take care of the other factors affecting a successful crop. Between them, supporting the flowers, and optimizing the pre-harvest and the harvest. After 4 weeks of flowering the plants have usually developed enough bud to start getting heavy, so it is advisable to support the branches with some system (bamboos, elastic bands, nets, yoyos or any system that prevents branches from collapsing under the weight of the flower clusters). Depending on the strain, support can be an important or a marginal issue. Large sativas usually need the most support. Pre-harvesting means removing most of the large fan-leaves from the plants during the last days of the flowering cycle, before cutting them down for manicuring and drying. Pre-harvesting helps reducing the total amount of green material (water and chlorophyll) in the crop. Once the big fan-leaves (the ones that have no resin on) have been removed, the plants reduce the amount of photosynthesis, and produce less starches. This allows for sweeter and better-burning weed, and makes the whole harvesting process much easier and faster. In conclusion, it is up to the grower to identify the weakest points of the grow, and improve from there. Curiosity and will to improve are the key factors to a green thumb. During flowering, a lot can be done to ensure a great crop; and it’s all worth it. Franco – Green House Seed Co. This content is copyright of Green House Seed Co. © Green House Seed Co. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following:You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.
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    Hey hey hey New run of girlies. I met this nice guy Louie at a party and he gave me my first proper dabs. (Dabs are not very common in my country). He gave me three seeds of some dank he had bought some time back. Only one seed popped, so you can imagine i was little nervous that one seed got potted outside and turned out to be female! Happy days, so in the fall i snipped some clones. And now as the green love potion has left the flower room it is time to see how louie's skunk will flower The mother was left outside to see how it would flower. And it seems it will be a ~10weeks flowering period indoor. The growing media is unfertilized peat mixed with coarse vermiculite and worm castings/compost in 20x20cm net pots. The lights are same like before (2x chinese COB LED (cree cxa3070)). The last is a picture of the mother as she looks now - i hope i get some purp on the flowers indoor, but not likely
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    I am starting a growing proyect that i want to run on my room closet, due to the small size of the space, i need to know which lights would be good, for something that size, also which strains would be good, i dont care about smell or anything like that. any extra advice is much apreciated
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    I'm satisfied having my logo in the top left corner on photo's & tagged. Great way to help each others brands. Happy Collaborations!
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    Feel free to use any of my images, ropin... That said I dont use social networks or seek followers etc, these hold no value for me Here is a little bud porn to help things along... Jack Herer auto bud close up from May 2018
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    Time for a progress update on the 4 Exodus Cheese autos. Spraying all of the plants with Trounce definitely got rid of the unwelcome visitors when I checked a few days after my last update using a magnifying glass I could see all the beenie spider mites were well dead, fortunately they only interferred with one plant, but to be safe I sprayed all of the plants in case they were just starting to move in on the other plants. By Saturday the 01 December the dirt in all the plants pots was starting to dry, but it was still very damp, most of the fan leaves on all the plants had gone yellow and were drying out, they were all looking well scruffy. The trichomes on all the plants were well milky so I decided to cut them and harvest, here are some photos. Exodus Cheese auto's in the grow tent under LED. Exodus Cheese auto's side view normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese auto's top view normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese auto lower bud one normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese auto lower bud two normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese auto top bud one normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese auto top bud two normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese auto top bud three normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese auto top bud close up normal light (flash). Harvest images. Exodus Cheese auto fan leaves stripped normal light (flash). Empty plant pots normal light (flash). Fan leaves in cardboard box normal light (flash). Exodus Cheese trim and clippers normal light (flash). Half of the Exodus Cheese bud drying normal light (flash). The other half of the Exodus Cheese bud drying normal light (flash). The bud has now been hanging and drying on the stalk since Saturday afternoon when I harvested them and it is pretty dry now I will cut the bud off the stalks and put it in brown paper bags when it stops leaving damp spots on the paper I will put it in a jar. I will definitely have an ire crismuss I have plenty of Passion #1 which has cured nicely, I have a bit of the last couple of Exodus Cheese and most of the Jack Herer which I have hardly smoked it is curing nicely the bud is so sticky an ripe, I love that earthy herby aroma and taste, the hit is a good strong body hit with a narcotic high, very similar to Kings Kush, for me this is lambs bread. Its taken some heavy manners not to indulge in the Jack Herer and save it for crismuss but it will be well worth it, not long to go now. After I had harvested the Exodus Cheese I mixed the last bit of fresh dirt with the recycled dirt and put it in the root pouches and then I put some of the Plant Magic Old Timer granules in the dirt and planted all the Kings Kush seedlings into the 12 litre root pouches and then I gave them 60ml of spring water each. The granules contain lots of good bacteria and promote a healthy root zone and improved productivity and disease resistance. http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/products/oldtimer-organic-granules/17/ I also got some Oldtimer Organic Magnesium for preventing Magnesium deficiencies http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/products/oldtimer-magnesium/33/ I forgot to get some OLDTIMER ORGANIC PK 4-8 while I was at the hydro store I will have to pop back and get some. http://www.plant-magic.co.uk/products/oldtimer-organic-pk-4-8/35/ I have got the LED lamp on the veg light about 18 inches above the seedlings and they are not stretching and seem happy, the dirt around each seedling looked dry tonight so I gave each one 40ml of spring water, I will reset the lamp timer from 12/12 to 18/6 for the rest of the month. Next time I water them I will give them a mild solution of root stimulant and veg food, and do alternate waterings and feedings. I will do a smoke report in a few days, the trim is now dry I used some with some cured Passion #1 today and it was nice. I bought 3 Sweet Mango autos in the black friday sale, ready for my next run, there was a snaffu with the store anyway long story short the support staff were awsome and I got a Super Lemon Haze auto and a Super Critical auto bean and some skins and 2 grinders, I am well pleased. Next job start a journal for the Kings Kush in a few days now they are established, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Time for another progress update on the 4 Exodus Cheese autos, on Saturday I flushed the other 2 plants until the run off was almost clear, now it is a case of waiting for the dirt to dry out, all the trichomes are milky on the sugar leaves and buds. The fan leaves are now going yellow and they are looking a bit scruffy, Ital collie Unfortunately after I took some photos yesterday I noticed some unwelcome visitors in an image of some lower buds on a plant, a whole heap of teeny weeny spiders, so I place the plants one at a time into the shower cubicle and sprayed them with Trounce. When I checked them today I can see nothing is moving I will monitor things and maybe give them a light mist again to make sure. Here are some images I took yesterday. Exodus Cheese auto's in the grow tent under LED. Exodus Cheese auto's side view (flash). Exodus Cheese auto's top view (flash). Exodus Cheese auto lower buds (flash). Exodus Cheese auto top buds (flash). Exodus Cheese auto top bud close up (flash). Last but not least a close up of the spider mites. On Saturday I bought a bottle of spring water and put the Kings Kush autos in water to soak for a good 8 hours, then I placed them on damp kitchen roll in a drawer, when I checked them on Sunday morning the CBD Kings Kush had not popped, but the other 3 had and their tap roots were just visible. When I checked them last night the CBD KIngs Kush had popped and its tap root was visible I dripped some spring water on the kitchen roll to keep it damp and left them over nite in the drawer, this morning the tap roots on the none CBD Kings Kush were well visible and the CBD Kings Kush the tap root was easily visible and catching up with the others. So tonite I put them into 4 of the Root!t sponges and put them in the tent, with the Exodus Cheese ready for when the light comes one tomorrow. I will have to start a new journal once they get going in a few days, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Thanks Is end week 9 @sliver1 Here is the pheno i chose they are monstercropp Is for my spring grow i gone let them grow to febuary to be the mother's
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    @gasmeter Hello gasman With the rootpouch or other fabric pouch is better the use it only for the final size . the roots will push through and you will have to cut the pouch to transplant them . I have already seen pictures where they have left the pouch and transplanted in larger without remove the smaller pouch . I have already seen square pouch that can open on one side I do not remember the name.
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    Hola amigos el brote de W.R que deje sigue vivo
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    To finish this first Holy Punch grow, some pics of the beauty bud...
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    Hello hunters, Day 13 for the Exodus Cheese T° celcius : 22° day / 18° Night Humidity : 52% day / 55° Night The hummidity are a little to low with this T° at the early vegetative grow. Leaf T° are at 20°c so normally for a good VPD the huumidity must drop to 60-70% so i put a humidifier to improve this. We will see next week whats happens with this.... Watering with roots booster and very little nutrients at PH5,5 & EC0,4. EC #1 EC #2 EC #3 EC #4 EC #5 See you next week hunters
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    Time for a quick progress update on the 4 Exodus Cheese autos. As I mentioned last Monday I was waiting for the dirt in their pots to dry out and I was thinking they would be ready for a drink and a feed by Wednesday, but the dirt was still not very dry by last Wednesday so I left them a few more days until Sunday when I watered and fed them. I made up a solution of 3ml per litre of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom only and then I gave each plant about 750 mils of the solution a couple of hours before the light went out. The plants are quietly building buds and the bud at the top of each plant is quite solid, the buds at the bottoms of the plants are still a bit light and fluffy, but they are all producing plenty of resin and there is a nice aroma in the toilet now coming from the tent. Here are some images I took just after I fed and watered the plants on Sunday afternoon. Exodus Cheese in grow tent under LED. Exodus Cheese side view (flash). Exodus Cheese top view (flash). Exodus Cheese lower buds (flash). Exodus Cheese top bud (flash). Exodus Cheese top bud close up (flash). They haven't got long to go now before they are finished, more updates to follow, happy growing. Gasmeter
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    I made a pic of the trichomes with my pocket mic
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    Hi OG.Naj Thanks for the kind words man inner luv for that. Yeah on my next run I am going to go from the first 3 inch pot straight to the 10 inch size pot they are in now. I have been looking at root pouches I see lots of people on the forum having good results with them, the thing that was confusing me was that people often talk about the size of the pots or pouches in litres, I have been using the Stewart brand of plastic pots but they do not provide information about capacity only dimensions, which was making it difficult for me to compare them and work out which to buy. So you mentioning a size like 10 litres has been really useful to me and has helped me to work out what to buy. With the plastic Stewart pots the size I use to finish the plants are 10 inch wide at the top, 11 inch tall and 5 inch wide at the bottom, so on the root pouch site the 12 litre pouches are 10 inch wide and 8 1/2 inches tall so these look like a nice drop in replacement for the pots I am using, I can also get some beenie 3 inch ones for the first pot when the beans pop. https://rootpouch.com/products/fabric-grow-bag The hydroponics store near where I am located sells them but they only stock the 12, 16 and 22 litre pouches, so I will probably have to source the beenie 3 inch ones online somewhere, but for now I can use the little plastic pots when I pop the next run of Kings Kush auto beans in a couple of weeks time. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Hello Hunters, The 2 Holy Punch are now in the middle of week 9, just 1 week before the harvest and i can say that this strain is a very great producer. I water the plants with plain water now... The pheno #1 have a nice grape smell and beautiful buds formation with a great bud to leaf ratio. The pheno #2 is more like one of his parents the "GH Doctor" with more sativa in it and we can directly see the difference... HP #1 HP #2 Cant wait to cut these twos beauty... See you next week hunters!
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    Its update time again, the four Exodus Cheese are all growing nicely, since my last update I have been feeding them a solution of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and Root Stimulant at 2ml of both per litre, each plant has been getting 40ml per day. Last night I repotted them all from their 3 inch pots into 4 inch pots and gave them a feed and some water to make the new dirt damp, I did not put them straight into the ten inch pots, because of the amount of space available in my grow tent at the moment. On the next run I will pop the beans two weeks before these are ready to harvest so I can then transplant the seedlings from the 3 inch pots straight into the 10 inch pots and see what difference it makes. So far I my method has been to repot to bigger pots so as the root system is growing the dirt has chance to dry out so I don't over water the seedling and once its root system has conquered the pot you can tell by the way it looks and the way the dirt dries, as you can see in the images below the root systems have only just conquered the pots and haven't started to swirl. Also I can water through the pot and the dirt will dry out in a timely fashion, as well as being able to check the PH of the run off now and again, I suppose when repotting straight into a ten inch pot I will need to be careful and make sure to only water the root zone and keep the feed light to avoid build up in the soil below where the roots have grown. All 4 Exodus Cheese are in flower now so when I feed and water them tomorrow I will make a solution of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and Root Stimulant at just a couple of ml per litre now they are in proper dirt containing nutrients. I will add the root stimulant for another two weeks then it will just be the organic flower bloom, the two Exodus Cheese and the Jack Herer seemed to like it. Here are some images I took yesterday. Exodus Cheese plants. Exodus Cheese top of plants and flowers close up. Exodus Cheese root systems. Exodus Cheese plants in new pots. Exodus Cheese back in the grow tent On Thursday the Jack Herer's dirt was nice and dry so I flushed the pot with 4 litres of water, and yesterday the dirt in the pots of the 2 Exodus Cheese was well dry so I gave them 2 litres of water each, all the trichomes are well milky now so I will let them dry out and harvest them towards the end of the week. I will let the Jack Herer dry out and then give her 2 litres of water and let her dry out then harvest her, probably the end of next week, then I can repot the 4 new Exodus Cheese into the 10 inch pots they will finish in. More updates to follow, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Time to update my journal with some news, the 4 Exodus Cheese seedlings are doing great 2 of the seedlings are now nearly as tall as the one that is tallest which I had to support with a little stick and a little plastic bag tie to stop it flopping over. Since I started to feed them Canna Start last week they have all responded well, instead of giving them a few mils 4 times per day I started to give them 10 mls just as the light goes off and I have increased that to 20 mls now. Over the past few days their stems have started to thicken up and get green, it is interesting how the stems thicken from the top down, you would think the stem would get thicker from the bottom upwards not downwards making the seedling top heavy. So tonight I gave the seedlings 20 mls of Canna Start each and threw what was left of the solution away and filled the litre container with water ready to add a couple of millilitres of the Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and Root Stimulant tomorrow night when I feed them as the light goes off. Here are some images I took tonight. Exodus Cheese seedlings in grow tent LED off so I used camera flash. Exodus Cheese seedlings normal light. Exodus Cheese seedling stalks close up. I fed the Jack Herer tonight with 2 litres of water with the Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Bloom feed which should be its last feed, I flushed the second Exodus Cheese with 4 litres of water, I flush the other one on Thursday after its dirt had dried out nicely. I will let their dirt dry out then give them another flush and harvest them and give the Jack Herer its first flush, happy growing guys. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Hello Hunters, The two HolyPunch are in week two, at day 12 of the flowering periode. The temperature of the room are at 26-27° (light on) & 18° (light off) & the humidity are at 45-50% (light on) - 72% (light off). The strech is not to big, the two plants are healty & grow nicely. I watering each plant every two days with 1,5ltr of water & a little roots booster So here are the pics of today! Left HP #2 the keeper & Right HP #1 On these pic we can see the first pistils... See you next week for the beginning of week 3 hunters!
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    Hey guys time to update the Exodus Cheese journal. All 4 seedlings are doing great I continued to give each seedling a few ml's of spring water 4 times per day. On Thursday afternoon I mixed some Canna Start with 1 litre of tap water and then I gave the seedlings the last of the spring water just before the light went out. Then on Friday I gave them all 5 mls of the water and Canna Start solution I prepared the day before, at the moment I am giving them 5 mls in the morning and 5 mls in the evening before the light goes out. Here are a couple of images I took earlier today. Exodus Cheese seedlings in grow tent under LED Exodus Cheese seedlings normal light The two Exodus Cheese and Jack Herer are doing great I am really looking forwards to checking out the Exodus Cheese, it has an interesting aroma I am looking forwards to smoking some. I also need to weigh up strains for my next grow and order some beans, I have arthritis in my ankle so I am going to check out a CBD strain and use it for edibles. I am thinking I will get 3 beans of the auto and the auto CBD version of whatever strain I choose, so the canopy will be even. Happy growing Gasmeter
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    Hello hunters! After 35 days of grow, the 2 plants are now at day 1 of the flowering periode. The temperature of the room are at 26° (light on) & 19° (light off) & the humidity are at 60% (light on) - 75% (light off). We will see what's happens with the strech... So here are the pics of today! HP #1 HP #2 See you for the next update hunters!
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    ---------------------------------------------------- Monday 03 September 2018 ------------------------ All 4 Exodus Cheese beans have successfully germinated and their tap roots are visible. So it is time to pop them into some potting soil in little 3 inch pots. Germinated beans on damp kitchen towel Close up of germinated beans Beans in little 3 inch pots Pots placed in grow tent
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    Hello hunters! The 2 plants are now at day 27 of the grow period. The temperature of the room are at 23° & the humidity are at 65%. 4 days after the first watering with nutrients i transplant the two plants in smartpot#5 (19,3ltr) and i watering each plants with 500ml of water and a little bit of roots booster. Next watering, i put 1,4 ec of nutrient (grow and roots booster) in the water again. The difference betwen the two plants are very distinctive but the two have a good grow after the first topping. Today i top again the two mainstem of each plant and in 7 days this 2 girls go to the flowering. So here are the pics of today! See you next week hunters!
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    Hello hunters! The two GH Holy Punch are now at day 20 of the grow period. The temperature of the room are at 23° & the humidity are at 70%. Until now, i watering my two plants with water and roots booster, next watering i will make the first nutrient solution for this two beauty baby's. As i say in my last post we can see little difference betwen the two plants. the GH Holy Punch 1 is more indica with a slower devlopment that the GH Holy Punch two. We will see wath's the reaction of the two plants with the topping i make today. So here are the pics of today! Just after topping So see you next week hunters!
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    Hello Hunters! Let's go to grow some genetics from Spannabis 2018. Here are the 3 "haze cross" strains I selected for this grow! 1) Franco Lemon Cheese : "Exodus Cheese X Super Lemon Haze" (Green House seeds) 2) Toxic : "Criminal+ X Ripper Haze" (Ripper seeds) 3) Ripper Haze : "Amnesia Haze X Amnesia Haze" (Ripper Seeds) WEEK 1 of Flowering ( 6-7 weeks of veg) GROUP SHOT See you for the next update hunters! Peace
  50. 3 likes
    Hello hunters! Here are the picture of the two clones of "Franco's Lemon Cheese" I take just before the flip to keep this strain as a mother plant. For this clone I use the Green House technique with the "Ehancer" and Iam happy whit the result. Happy Healty clone! The 3 plants grow very well specially the "Franco's Lemon Cheese"! I will post soon the pics of the plants in the box So, see you later hunters!

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