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    This morning at 6.30am when I switched on the fluorescent tubes it was very dull and cloudy and the temperature in the shed was about 16C. By about 9.00am the temperature inside the shed was about 18C and it was now raining outside, but it was warm with a gentle breeze. When I checked on the plants at around 12.00pm the temperature was 20C Here are some images of the plants I took tonight before I switched off the lights just before it went dark. Both of the Sweet Valley Kush plants under fluorescent light. Evening temperature in the shed 22C Sweet Valley Kush B#1 foliage side view. Sweet Valley Kush B#2 foliage side view. Tomorrow the weather will definitely be better than today it looks like we will get some sunshine and the rest of the week is looking good. Happy growing...
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    Hello Hunters, Some news of the flower growroom Bloom Week 3 for "the group 1" Sweet Valley Kush #2-#3-#7 & #10 Bloom Week 2 for "the group 2" Sweet Valley Kush #4-#5-#6 & #8 Yesterday I watered each plant with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) Day Temperature : 27c° Night Temperature : 17-18c° Day Humidity : 60% Night humidity : 65% So here are the pics of the goupe 1 The flower are coming nicely... Pics of the goupe 2 Beauty 11 fingers leaf, the plants are happy Have a nice day hunters and see you for the next update!
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    Progress 😍😍 Below The Doctor that was not dug up by an animal, and a new The Doctor just germinated and put straight into a pot. I left the plastic top off as I won't see it for 5 days and figured it would grow to tall and hit the plastic. Below is the tall The Doctor seemingly very happy by the river in the nettles. A bit of twisting on a few older fan leaves but the newer leaves look great. Happy Growing!
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    The first SVK is up today , looks like she has trichomes already . I have brought the plants indoors, and they are now under a small cfl light, I will put them back outside tomorrow if the sun appears.
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    So a few days later and it's been mainly stormy , the girls are all coming along slowly outside. Loving the fat cute leaves of the SVK and Mokum Kush , the PVK is the tallest but has slimmer leaves, the Kuchi is playing catch up.
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    Increíble @Jose.gh que alguien me pellizque no me lo creo esto es un sueño para mi, estoy muy contento de ser considerado el ganador del mes de mayo wooooow genial amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo likes y valoraciones no sería nadie sin vosotros les quiero amig@s Incredible @ Jose.gh that someone pinches me I do not believe this is a dream for me, I am very happy to be considered the winner of the month of May wooooow great friends and sympathizers of culture thank you very much for your support likes and ratings I would not be anyone without you I want friends
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    they seem to have appreciated the treatment
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    Hello Hunters, Some news of the floweRoom The group 1 is now at the end of week 3, day 20. Big day ina di garden for the Sweet Valley Kush #2-#3-#7 & #10, it is the defoliation day! Because of my setup but also to control the flow of air and humidity, I decided to make a big defoliation at the end of the week 3 of bloom. After defoliation I have watered each plant with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) + compost tea (without ehancer) Day Temperature : 28c° Night Temperature : 19c° Day Humidity : 60% Night humidity : 65% SVK #3 before defoliation SVK #3 After defoliation Pic after defoliation Bud at the end of week 3 Have a nice week hunters!
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    day 42 week 7 .this weekend the temperatures were very high I was at 650w and Sunday with 31 ° I cut the hps and left the cmh on 315w all the night. temperatures are normal now I came back on 650w. i see that the trips are very active i will probably get up before the l ampe go out to pulverized some pyrethum with soap to calm down these bastard. next grow i have to better study the protection against plague until the end of the cycle Last time i touche the bud of #3 the smell was very goed like berry ,candy ..very nice that shurly gone have a nice taste
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    Traigo tres fotos más y voy a ponerme a abonarlas y cuidarlas un par de horas haciendo trabajo sobre ellas, al final del día adjunto algunas fotos más amig@s I bring three more photos and I'm going to pay and take care of them a couple of hours doing work on them, at the end of the day attached some more friends photos
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    Hello Hunters, Yesterday i take the high of the plants. The group 1 grow well she are noxw at 67cm, they took 13cm this week, 24cm from the begining of the bloom (so 1,6cm/day) The group 2 grow well to she are now at 57cm, they took 13cm this week (so 1,86cm/day) Have a nice friday hunters!
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    Iam gone try too keep this one too
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    Hello hunters, Yesterday after 24h of brewing the compost tea was ready, so i use it ina di garden! I give 2ltr/plant for the group 1 who are since 2 weeks & 1ltr/plant for the group 1 who are since 1 week in flowering In flowering i love xatering my plant every other day and i can say that the Sweet Valley Kush are very happy and healty! Day Temperature : 27c° Night Temperature : 18c° Day Humidity : 60-65% Night humidity : 65-70% So here are the pics of the watering of yesterday On this picture you can see that the tea are ready to use. it smells good and has been activated for 24h. The foam and bubbles on the surface shows that it is good! Watering with compost tea Group 1 SVK #2 - #3 -#7 & #10 at end of week 1 of bloom Group 2 SVK #4-#5-#6 & #8 at end of week 2 of bloom Happy healty canopy of Sweet Valley Kush Have a nice week & see you for the next update hunters
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    So three of the five seeds have sprouted , and are enjoying the sun out in the garden, then spending the evening under a small 50w CFL. I have popped in a Kuchi seed from Devils Harvest as a replacement for the two seeds that failed to germinate.
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    Early morning sunshine for The Doctor Happy Growing!
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    Hello hunters, Here are some news of the SVK #4. That show some "Trifoliate-Quadrifoliate mutation"... The exact name is "Whorled phyllotaxy". This is actually the fact that 3 or more leaves grow from the same node. What is interesting is that this plant grew normally up to 4 stage and this mutation is shown only on 2 of the 4 main branches. The two other branches are quite normal. So here are the pics... Have a nice day hunters And because it's his birthday today : "Peace, love & THC" (Franco Loja)
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    Nordic Guerilla Grow Strain: Sweet Valley Kush Grow Medium: Soil Grow method: Organic Nutrients: Greenhouse Feeding and my super soil mix (super soil mix contains cow manure, basalt rock dust, biochar that's been activated in chicken manure & compost for a year before use) I'm actually a outdoor grower and I also am a certified biodynamic gardener who has worked at biodynamic farms and botanical gardens so that's where I have most experience, actually when I joined the forum was the first time I grew indoors but this time I'm going back to my roots to outdoor growing. I started the seeds as soon as I got them at the 26th of March and they sprouted fast, five out of the four had already started to pop up out of the soil at the 6th of May and by 8th of May all five had grown. I only took five seeds I'm actually currently growing 14 plants outdoors if you want to see how that grow is doing you can check it out here ( https://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/12280-the-church-himalaya-gold-big-bang-blue-hash-outdoor-grow/ ). I joined the competition a bit late but I still hope that the plants manage to grow a bit larger so that I can compete, I had planned initially to have my plants out by 1st of May but it started snowing at the 2nd of May which got me keeping them on the balcony a bit longer however now it's starting to get warmer so I hope that the plants manage to grow a bit before I put them out, the spot I've chosen is a swamp in the middle of a nature reserve. I know that I could create a patch in the middle of the swamp but it's a nature reserve and I don't want to damage the pristine nature. It's also the home of a bunch of beaver colonies and other wildlife seeking shelter in the reeds so for me it's important that I don't damage the nature around the area and most importantly I DO NOT WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO ALGAE BLOOMS in the lakes downstream. With that in mind I don't want to disturb or damage the pristine nature and if I made a patch in the swamp, helicopters would easily spot the patch so I don't want to do that, the pots I've choose are 20L pots made from jute so they blend in with the reeds, I had ordered them because I thought it was 30L pots but the garden store had mislabeled them but I don't care now and they are well hidden. The pics I've added are from germinating and a picture of the plants growing on the balcony.
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    Hi guys, It's getting harder and harder to pick a winner, because honestly, there are a lot of good jobs here. It's hard to choose just one. In this occasion, we have valued the effort, the work and the good way of being. We value a growing diary that we like for its commitment to move forward, learn and do things better. R.G.S., colleague, I congratulate you on your work. You are the winner of the month of May. Cheers, Jose
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    Day51 Week8 #1 is the one that attracts me the least
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    After the harvest i put them in the tent under the cmh and after a smoke test and the final weight of each plant i keep just one or two pheno
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    I wanted to share with you 2 comparison pics at 5 days interval, only 5 days after the defoliation the plants quickly recovered. And they begin to spend all their energy on bud formation. This is a good thing SVK Group 1 Day 20 SVK Group 1 Day 25 Have a nice & beautifull week-end hunters!
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    Gracias @ShaggyGrower@OG.Naj y @Kalumè ustedes son muy buenos cultivadores también Saludos abrazos y gracias Thanks @ ShaggyGrower @ OG.Naj and @ Kalumè you are very good growers too Greetings hugs and thanks Grazie @ ShaggyGrower @ OG.Naj e @ Kalumè anche tu sei un ottimo coltivatore Saluti abbracci e grazie
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    Sorry that I haven't updated for a bit my pregnant girlfriend spent a couple of days at the hospital. Things are going great, my balcony is south facing so the plants are on the balcony all day. The sweet valley kush seeds came a bit late in the season so they are a bit behind however they are catching up and are very soon ready to go. The Sweet Valley Kush plants will be grown only using soil and Greenhouse Powder Feeding while the other plants are grown in my supersoil mix. It's going to interesting to compare to the differences, which is best the supersoil mix or Greenhouse Powder Feeding. The plants are doing great and are growing in a Ikea mini greenhouse model "Socker" (https://www.ikea.com/se/sv/p/socker-vaexthus-vit-70186603/), there is one plant that is a big bang that is a slow grower but they are all doing fine. The pictures of the Sweet Valley Kush are from yesterday. All of these plants will be grown guerilla so I can't always go out and water them, also my pregnant girlfriend is expecting anytime soon so I'm hoping that I can water the plants before the baby comes along. The temperature is going up and I go to the spot to water every 2-3 days depending on how warm it is, tomorrow is the first day it is very hot so I'm going watering tomorrow I'll be posting a update on my other grow journal as well so if anyone wants to check it out the link is below
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    Things have sped up the last two days , girls have loved the 28/31c weather, still just on water .
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    Buenas noches amig@s y compañer@s dejo unas fotos de las doctoras exteriores Good evening friends and colleagues I leave some pictures of the outside doctors
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    Buenas tardes amig@s aqui traigo algunas fotos más de las doctoras de interior pero en la terraza, preguntareis por que salen fotos de la terraza si están en interior? Las saco por la noche para respetar doce horas de luz y por la mañana las paso a interior hasta las seis y media de la tarde que apago el armario unas horas de las 24 para ser excatos apago 4 horas ya que doctora franky esta en crecimiento y necesita 20 horas, pensar lo que queráis de mi amig@s pero así lo tengo que hacer.... Good afternoon friends here I bring some more pictures of the doctors of inside but on the terrace, you will ask why pictures come out of the terrace if they are indoors? I take them out at night to respect twelve hours of light and in the morning I pass them to the interior until six thirty in the afternoon that I turn off the closet a few hours of the 24 to be excatos I turn off 4 hours since the franky doctor is growing and It needs 20 hours, think what you want from my friends but that's what I have to do ...
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    Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo parece que las médicos que tengo en floración ya quieren marcar mejor los cogollos adjunto una foto y en un rato subo + saludos Good morning friends and cultivation partners seems that the doctors I have in bloom and want to better mark the buds attached a photo and in a while I upload + greetings
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    4the doctor tomando el fresco en la terraza 4the doctor taking the cool on the terrace
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    Two more The Doctor have successfully germinated. Straight into medium sized pots and ready for transportation to join their bigger sisters outdoors tomorrow evening. Happy Growing!
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    It was cloudy and dull this morning when I switched on the fluorescent tubes and the temperature in the shed was about 15C By 9am the cloud was clearing so I put the thermometer outside and checked it after about 20 minutes and the temperature was about 22C So I moved both of the plants outside into the yard to enjoy the sunshine. Morning temperature about 22C The dirt in both pouches was nice and dry so I gave them both 500ml of water. At around 5pm it got cloudy again so I moved them both back into the shed and the temperature in the shed was about 20C I left them both under the fluorescent tubes until it starts to go dark then I will switch off the lights. The forcast for tomorrow is better sunny and cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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    Hello Hunters, Today i will show you how i make some good compost tea. Compost tea is very beneficial for plant growth. Compost tea is the name given to the extraction of micro-organisms from compost to water via aeration. Oxygenating the water activates the multiplication of microorganisms. Improving plant growth, generally compost tea also helps the availability of nutrients for the plant. By adding beneficial micro-organisms to the soil, this tea has the effect of reducing pathogens in the root environment. It contains beneficial nutrients and microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, ...). Recipe: - 27ltr of rainwater - 450gr of compost or vermicompost - 1 tablespoon black sugar cane molasses (organic) - (30gr of ehancer)* - (3 ltr of vermicompost juice)* *optional To make the compost tea you need : - Air pump - Heater - Plastic pot (No metal) - cheesecloth or filter Put the air pump and the heater to keep the solution aerate and at 20c° for 24h. Happy sunday hunters and see you tomorow for the compost tea watering
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    Jejeje eeey g22 están en floración 4 el doctor aquí te dejo alguna fotos más amigo Hehehe eeey g22 are in bloom 4 the doctor here I leave some photos more friend
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    Hello Hunters, After the canopy picture, here are some pics of the top of the soil. This soil loving GH Feeding and i can say : is literally a living soil Only a few days after the addition of Bio Bloom the beneficial mushrooms have already appeared... Beauty nature Have a nice week end hunters and see you for the next update!
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    Hola amig @ s las plantas les gusta su nueva ubicación pero no se si sera mejor hacer Main-lining para ganar producción Un saludo Hello friends, the plants like their new location but I do not know if it would be better to do Main-lining to gain production a greeting
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    Here are the picture of the first pistil on the sweet valley kush #3,,, @g22 the #7 with the purple color...
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    For those that don't already know, I post videos of my grow on Instagram (ShaggyGrower.v2), here: https://www.instagram.com/shaggygrower.v2/ Happy Growing!
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    Hola amig@s después de bastante tiempo entrenando las raíces en smat pot ya están puestas las dos plantas en tierra adjunto fotos, saludos Hello friends after some time training the roots in smat pot the two plants are already on the ground attached photos, greetings

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