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    We have already reached the end of this contest friends, in the coming days the team will assess the work done and issue the names of the winners. Have a little patience, a part of our team is traveling
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    These are 5 Northern Lights plants I germinated from feminised seeds from SeedSupreme. They are lush and we'll rooted, I'm transplanting them into 18 gallon storage totes I've converted for drainage and dug holes in the ground for, so that the plants are at ground level. The soil is a premium blend called Happy Frog to which I've added mycorrhizal bacteria both mixed in and applied at transplant hole where the roots make contact. I will be fertilizing with "Sensi-Grow" from Advanced Nutrients. I will also be using an additional live microbe supplement called "Photosynthesis Plus".
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    Hello Hunters, I begining this new topic to share with you my little play room with some home cross i make to create my personal strain and seeds. The first cross I make is the Napoleon Haze Napoleon Haze is: Mother GH Super Silver Haze (femalleseeds) X Father Soma Amnesia Haze Male. I keep two pheno of this cross the #3 and the #4 馃崿馃崑 Napoleon Haze #3 Napoleon Haze #4 little bud of NH #3 after a good curing During a flower run, I noticed some male flowers already open on the Dosidos (herma). The pollen flew up on my 2 phenos selection of Napoleon Haze #3 and #4. I was initially disappointed to see open male flowers in my Dosidos but later I told myself that if there are seeds in my Napoleon Haze I would sow them to see if he could come out of good cross because the two mother are super keeper plant! Right now i can say that iam very happy with the result of this selfmade cross and i already give some name for this two differents pheno cross. Leonidos is for the NH #3 x Dosidos (Big Up to DrGreenPurple for this one ;-) ) Lemonchello is for NH #4 x Dosidos I give this name because the smell, right now at week 5 is just like a good italian lemonchello! I grow 11 seeds of this cross to make a good pheno hunt (9 Leonidos and 3 Lemonchello) 7 seeds was female, 3 males and 1 hermaphrodite. Here are the pictures of the 7 plants right now... Leonidos #1 Leonidos #3 Leonidos #4 Leonidos #5 Leonidos #6 Lemochello #1 Lemochello #2 Next step is to find some keeper out of this run and create my own male. Have a nice day hunters!
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    Day 65 Did not white get my report finished in time but I will continue till the end, as there is nothing more annoying than reading a report for an hour, then finding they stop at mid flower. Just water for the girls this week , the SVK was cut at day 63 , had a good number of amber trichomes. Smells sweet and the little bud I cut off a week ago was quite potent. Still more time needed for their other three , but I think they will all be done by day 70.
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    inner luv to everyone for all of the kind words and encouragement along the way from everyone in the contest Good luck to everyone in the contest it has been a great privilege to take part and compete with all of you much more experienced growers. @Jose.gh @OG.Naj @g22 @R.G.S @ShaggyGrower @Gaz @Guovsahas @Kalum猫 @Jx- @sliver1
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    Hello Hunters, Here we are, the last day of the contest... So it is time to make the last update! I hope you all enjoy this contest as I enjoyed it. It's crazy how we can still progress with this beautiful plant, I think there is not enough with a life to know everything about it. But i can also say that i progress a lot this last months... Not only with you hunters by exchanging tips here on the forum, but also with the people i see in fairs, cannabis event and to different seminars. I have established plug with some of you on this forum but also with others people. What's magic about it, is that this plant brings everyone together! Neither age, social class, nationality no matters when discussing cannabis. Is just a beautiful industry! So for the last update what a better way to celebrate the end of this contest with a good and beautiful cannagar who is slowly waiting his time for 2 months now... The cannagar rolling process... Material you need : - The Cannagar press - Glass tube for the curing process - Grinder - 3,5gr of good weed ( here are a mix of the 3 winner of the smoking sesh, the SVK #10, #8 & #5 ) - 0,5gr of rosin - Some fresh plant leafs Here are the press to make a Cannagar (cannarillo size) Press open After packing 3.5gr of weed in the press, wait 10-20min before opening The press are now oppened... The compressed SVK #10, #8 & #5 After pressing the weed in the press, it is time to roll the cannagar in the SVK "Hash Rosin", this process is important if you will use true leaf instead of a blunt or a tobacco leaf (as I do not smoke tobacco). Like that the leaves of the plants can be stuck to the cannagar The final process is to roll the cannagar on the fresh leaves... It is a little tricky to make that but the time and the perseverance play for us... The Sweet Valley Kush Cannagar ina di curing glass jar for 2 month... When i have opened the glass tube after twos months of curing, the smell from this canagar are insane and we cant wait to smoke her The experience of smoking a cannagar is very special, the cannagar is make to smoke with friends and chill a long time. The smoke is very smooth if we look at how much weed and rosin there is (3,5gr of weed and 0,5gr of rosin) and we have smoked this cannagar for twos hours (5 peoples). With lots of stories and laughs it was an unforgettable moments Now it is time to smoke .... and now it is time to close this grow journal... Good luck every one and see you for the final results hunters! PS: If you will see my next project, grow & breeding click on this link : https://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/12572-ognaj-home-x/
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    Hi guys, Remember that today is the last day to participate in the contest, everything that is published after midnight, will not be assessed when choosing the winners. Cheers and good luck!
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy para ir "finalizando" este seguimiento the doctor de interior exterior y semiexterior en terraza tengo que hacer una valoraci贸n general de como fue el cultivo en todo este tiempo desde que comenzo la competici贸n y cabe destacar la mas impotante para mi aun sigue plantada y engordando los cogollos, discrepo de algunos de mis compa帽eros con la linea de alimentaci贸n mineral a mi personalmente me gusta muchisimo mas que la bio siendo en si mas practica en mi caso a la hora de a帽adirlo mezclado con agua y hacer el calculo segun la ec del agua y no excederme en factores que antes no tenia en cuenta. A sido un placer y un honor cultivar the doctor en cuanto al crecimiento es extraordinario la fuerza y aptitudes que la hacen valida para todo tipo de tecnicas de control de altura que conozco... En cuanto a la floraci贸n los aromas que desprende me recuerda frutas ex贸ticas que dan ganas de saborearlos como si de una fruta se tratase darle un buen mordisco, a la hora de fumar no me deja indiferente persiste ese aroma y sabor a fruta y el colocon es relajante pero no aturdidor es buena para hacer actividades y perdura bastante tiempo el efecto relajante. Si e de evaluar con nota para mi the doctor es una planta EXCELENTE un 10+ para cualquier cultivador profesional y no la veo practica para los principiantes debido a que el crecimiento tiene que estar controlado pero es un buen reto en un caso. Este no es un adi贸s es simplemente un hasta luego, aun siguen plantadas en exterior #3 y #5 que pretendo pasaros el informe como vengo haciendo hasta el momento hasta su finalizaci贸n. Por ultimo dar las gracias a Strain Hunters y Green House por brindarme la posibilidad de participar tambi茅n los compa帽eros que siempre estan al lado bien sea con un comentario o un me gusta @OG.Naj @gasmeter @g22 @Kalum猫 @ShaggyGrower @Guovsahas @Gaz @Jx- @sliver1 @Jose.gh GRACIAS Hello friends and cultivation partners today to go "finishing" this follow-up the doctor of exterior and semi-exterior interior in terrace I have to make a general assessment of how the crop was in all this time since the competition began and it is worth highlighting the more important for me still planted and fattening the buds, I disagree with some of my colleagues with the mineral feed line I personally like a lot more than the bio being in itself more practical in my case when adding it mixed with water and make the calculation according to the ec of the water and not exceed me in factors that I did not take into account before. It has been a pleasure and an honor to cultivate the doctor in terms of growth, the strength and skills that make it valid for all types of height control techniques I know are extraordinary ... As for flowering, the aromas that it gives me remind me of exotic fruits that make you want to taste them as if it were a fruit to take a good bite, when smoking does not leave me indifferent, that aroma and fruit flavor persists and the colocon is relaxing but no stunner is good for activities and the relaxing effect lasts a long time. If I evaluate with a note for me the doctor is an EXCELLENT plant a 10+ for any professional grower and I do not see it practical for beginners because the growth has to be controlled but it is a good challenge in one case. This is not a goodbye is simply a see you later, they are still planted outside # 3 and # 5 that I intend to grill the report as I have been doing until now until its completion. Finally, I would like to thank Strain Hunters and Green House for giving me the possibility to participate also the companions who are always next door either with a comment or a like @OG.Naj @gasmeter @g22 @Kalum猫 @ShaggyGrower @Guovsahas @Gaz @Jx- @sliver1 @Jose.gh THANK YOU
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    Hello Hunters !! Here is another update. Pictures are from end of August. So during the past weeks I had several rainy days during the flowering of the lemon haze. And as you can see there was some mold on the top so I decided to cut most of the lemon. I choosed to keep a few buds to make another cut a few weeks later to have differents tastes and effects. I lost only a few buds of the 2 'old' lemon haze auto from the mold I only started so I'm not mad considering it was very rainy and humid. Meanwhile the flowering of the doctors and the young lemon has also started. Peace Hunters and take care.
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    Hello guys ! Sorry the bad luck keep coming for me, after the very (too much) hot days, the rainy weeks we had were not good. And now my laptop just die so this update will be more simple sorry. Let's take a look at the Super Lemon Haze auto : The smell of both of them is very sweet but the first is more lemony The little Lemon It is time to repot the Doctors in bigger pot, I add some coco and some Powderfeeding Bio Bloom in the soil and the girls go in 25L pot The small Doctor And the rest of the team
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    ...Another photo of these beautiful plants, a green sea of buds, hypnotic! http://www.powderfeeding.ch/
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    Buenas noches amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo, como en las peliculas dire lo siguiente: 鈿 ADVERTENCIA 鈿 LAS SIGUIENTES IMAGENES PUEDEN HERIR LA SENSIBILIDAD DEL ESPECTADOR, SE RECOMIENDA PRECAUCION... Good evening friends and cultivation partners, as in the movies I will say the following: 鈿 WARNING 鈿 THE FOLLOWING IMAGES CAN HURT THE SENSITIVITY OF THE SPECTATOR, CAUTION IS RECOMMENDED ... #5 antes #5 before A dia de hoy despu茅s de sanear el maximo posible Today after cleaning as much as possible No piensen que me siento triste por ello #5 ya tenia buena pinta y se podia cosechar perfectamente asi que sencillamente las inclemencias causaron el tiempo de cosecha Do not think that I feel sad about it # 5 already looked good and could be harvested perfectly so simply bad weather caused the harvest time
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy tengo que recoger a #5 por que ella sola a decidido partirse por la mitad sin mas, a hecho vientos muy fuertes que han ayudado a la apical natural.... En fin tiempo de cosecha hermanos 鉁岋笍 a la noche si puedo adjunto fotos Saludos y buen d铆a Hello friends and cultivation partners today I have to pick up # 5 because she alone has decided to split in half without more, to have made very strong winds that have helped the natural apical .... In short harvest time 鉁岋笍 brothers at night if I can attached photos Greetings and good day
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy e decidido cosechar gran parte de la doctora goodsilla #3 ya que tenia buena pinta y no quiero jugarmela a que entre brotitis moho oidio... Solo queda pendiente #5 de cosechar pero veo en ella que aun la puedo mantener mas tiempo, sin mas aqui van unas fotos Hello friends and cultivation partners today and I decided to harvest a large part of Dr. goodsilla # 3 since it looked good and I do not want to play it with mildew mildew mildew ... I only have pending # 5 to harvest but I see it that I can keep it longer, but here are some photos #3 de cerca # 3 up close Rama intermedia Intermediate branch Planta entera Whole plant Despues de cortar After cutting #5 de cerca # 5 up close #5 planta entera # 5 whole floor Saludos Regards
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    Buenas tardes amig@s y compa帽er@s, de las W. L que estan en saco una esta empezando a desarrollar setas 馃崉 馃崉 馃崉 curioso Good afternoon friends and companions, of the W. L who are in a jacket is starting to develop mushrooms 馃崉 馃崉 馃崉 curious
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy estuve un rato con las doctoras en exterior y traigo unas pocas fotos de #3goodsilla y #5 cabe destacar que a #3 le viene encima una defoliacion extrema y un ultimo empujon con green house power feeding al frente, calculo dos semana mas para la cosecha, aqui van las fotos: Hello friends and cultivation companions, today I was with the doctors outside for a while and I bring a few photos of #3goodsilla and # 5 it should be noted that # 3 comes to an extreme defoliation and a final push with green house power feeding in front, I calculate two more weeks for the harvest, here are the photos: Saludos y buen fin de semana Regards and good weekend
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    Hello Hunters, Here are the pictures of the Leonidos pheno 3 from the grow to the Smokable buds This pheno of the cross between Dosidos & Napoleon Haze dont have a good vigor, she stay more compact and drink less than the other pheno ( #5 - #6 & lemonchello #2) and the smell is 50/50 between the Dosi and the NH. The buds looks amazing, more silver color Leonidos #3 Week 4,5 Week 7 Have a nice sunday hunters
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    @g22 @gasmeter @Kalum猫 @OG.Naj much铆simas gracias por vuestras palabras amigos Thank you very much for your words friends grazie mille per le tue parole amici
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy e tenido que cosechar gran parte de la Franco's Lemon Cheese que estaba derecha ya que se partio debido al peso de las ramas y las subramas de las ramas... En fin mucho peso pero la que esta lateralmente como se encuentra apoyada en un reja metalica no tiene ese problema, traigo fotos de ella y algunas en especial para @g22 que queria ver los buds de cerca, tambi茅n polinize esta planta de Franco's y the doctor #1 con polen de feminizada revertida gorilla glue s2 Hello friends and cultivation partners today and I had to reap much of Franco's lemon Cheese what was right because it split due to the weight of the branches and the sub-branches of the branches ... In short, a lot of weight but the one that is laterally like is supported by a metal fence does not have that problem, I bring photos of her and some especially for @ g22 who wanted to see the buds up close, also pollinate this plant of Franco's and the doctor # 1 with feminized reverted pollen gorilla glue s2 Saludos Regards
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    Hello Hunters, Here are some news macro pictures of the Leonidos#3. Leonidos#3 is Napoleon Haze #3 (GH Super Silver Haze X Soma Amnesia Haze) X Dosidos ? (herma) This pheno smell like a citrusy-fruity punch The dosidos give in this cross more punch in the smell, a beautiful structure and more resin coverage Because of limited place i need to cut-harvested this pheno 1 week earlier. I thinck that the good point and you can clearly see that with the macro shot and the trichomme visual is 1 week later so a full 8,5week of flowering. Have a nice and beautiful day hunters!
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    Salve compagni, ieri ho provveduto al taglio 馃挭馃帀sembrano aver reso abbastanza bene SVK 1 all incirca 600gr fresco pulito da i rami e foglie grosse, mentre SVK 2 all incirca 700gr fresco e pulito, ci sono da togliere circa 15gr asciutto che ho tagliato qualche settimana fa per controllo馃槀 lascio qualche foto..... In bocca al lupo a tutti i compagni!!questo viaggio con SVK 猫 stato incredibile 馃憤bellissimo ceppo e ringrazio di cuore strain hunters forum e greenhouse per questo fantastico contest馃挀馃挀 Ci si sente comunque sul forum!! 馃枑锔
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy para finalizar tengo que anunciar que dispongo de nuevo armario de cultivo 90/90 por fin tendre algo mas de espacio para jugar con las plantas 鉁岋笍 馃槈 馃憤 Hello friends and cultivation partners today to finish I have to announce that I have a new 90/90 cultivation closet finally I will have some more space to play with the plants 鉁岋笍 馃槈 馃憤
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    Hello guys here are some news. Sorry for the delay ! The Doctors are still in flowering and need a few weeks I think. I'm worry about the rainy weather we have now.. I have tested 2 lemon haze and the other one need some curing. The yied was not very huge but this is because I had very very hot temperature during the grow phase so my plans were really short. First lemon haze 28g, second one 26g and the third one 35g approx. Happily the quality is really nice !! The first one has more citrus taste it still need a few weeks of curing but it is already a great smoke ! The effect is balanced which make it nice for nearly all day but it has a nice uplifting effect. The second one is more spicy but a bit sweet also hard to describe, not citrus like the first but also a great smoke. The effect is a bit more cerebral and creative, I would prefer smoke this one in the begin of the evening not right before bed. For the last one, which I have harvested a bit later need still some curing I have not tested the smoke yet. About the smell even it needs a few weeks of curing it is more sweet than the second one but I would say it is something lemony and tropical.
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    Salve compagni 馃枑锔! Oggi provveder貌 al taglio di tutti e due i SVK sono arrivate alla met脿 della 7掳settimana e sembrano veramente pronte, l' odore 猫 veramente inconrollabile馃槷馃槷anche se quest ultima settimana 猫 calato, i tricomi su fiori e foglie sono di un bellissimo ambra, e i fiori sono ormai maturi. Lascio qualche foto, e novit脿 a breve... Ormai siamo agli sgoccioli 馃帀
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy estuve un rato con las doctoras en exterior y traigo unas pocas fotos Hello friends and cultivation partners today I spent a while with the doctors outside and I bring a few photos Saludos Regards
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    These pictures are from today 29th September. The best part of growing in a cold climate? PURPLE HUES! I want to add that there was no information that the Sweet Valley Kush would turn purple and this should be added to its description. Some of the buds are turning frosty
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    here we can better see the genetic disease of these clones found on all plants my not on all the leaves is not very serious
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    The smell is very sweet for both of them, one is more lemony than the other one. I have tried to take a pictures with my phone inside the microscope but it is not the easiest job. As you can the trichomes are not very much amber. I hope for a very uplifting effect. The young lemon haze is not anymore so young and I have cut it, sweet smell but not so lemony than the first. Very sticky and sativa looking buds.
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    Hola amig@s y compa帽er@s de cultivo hoy voy a mostraros el peso de los recortes de #1 ya secos 馃い Pesa 700 gramos aproximadamente 馃挭 馃槈 馃憤 Hello friends and cultivation partners today I am going to show you the weight of the # 1 cuts already dried 馃い It weighs approximately 700 grams 馃挭 馃槈 馃憤 Saludos y buen fin de semana Regards and good weekend
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    5掳settimana per SVK n2, in questa settimana ho dovuto tagliare qualche ramo secco per colpa dei tripidi e qualche bruco馃悰 馃槳per fortuna sono riuscito a contenerli
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    5掳settimana SVK n1 ora le infiorescenze iniziano ad essere veramente dure sembrano palle da golf 馃槂
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    Salve amici mi spiace di questa lunga assenza ma in questi ultimi mesi ho avuto moltissimi impegni e contrattempi di lavoro 猫 non ho potuto aggiornare il mio diario purtroppo ma ho fatto qualche foto lo stesso 馃槈. Comunque le SVK sono alla settima settimana di fioritura, ho smesso gi脿 da una settimana le concimazioni, l'odore e veramente forte e pungente inizia a essere pericoloso馃樁馃槷. Anche le mie SVK hanno qualche seme ma non so quale sia l'ermafrodite perch茅 non ho trovato nessun fiore maschile dopo un attentissima ispezione... ho 猫 spuntato dentro le infiorescenze ho qualche vicino non 猫 stato attento馃槂. I tripidi mi hanno fatto dannare ma i danni non sembrano gravi, lascio qualche foto vecchia e recente, mi scuso馃檹 ancora compagni per l'assenza ma non sono riuscito. SVK 1e2 alla 2 settimana di fioritura
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    d35 / veg temp 20 掳 -24 掳 n 24 掳 -28 掳d rh 50% -60% height 44cm-47cm They starts to drink fast enough + - 2 week max before transplant. no trace of pest until now. I not use compost thea and no em only biofeeding and enhancer
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    After the first run of the NapoleonHaze x Dosidos cross i slected 4 good pheno and i kill the 3 other pheno. I keep the 4 best phenos for a second run to select the 2 best pheno for my next breeding project with the SourD bx2 male. Right now my choice go for the Lemonchello #2 and the Leonidos #3 but we will see in the second run if my choice is the same. Here are some pics of the 4 best pheno i keep for a second run. Little info is i must harvested this 1 week too early... So the next run will be fun and great to see the difference when they will be harvested at the right time... Lemonchello #2 (Napoleon Haze #4 x Dosidos) Leonidos #3 (Napoleon Haze #3 x Dosidos) Leonidos #5 (Napoleon Haze #3 x Dosidos) Leonidos #6 (Napoleon Haze #3 x Dosidos)
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    Hello Hunters, We arrive slowly at the end of this MEGA contest and I had some photos of some Sweet Valley Kush seeds that I keep in my vault for a future selection on this "F2 seeds" This seeds was saved during the harvest and the manicuring process of the Sweet Valley Kush buds, they were each put directly in a bag labeled with the number of the pheno of the mother. The daddy (hermaphroditic flowers) is still unknown because the seed creation was not desired but was carried out naturally with hermaphrodite flower pollen. So the label i use for the pack is the number of the SVK mother X SVK ? pollen donor. Following the smoke test performed with my smoking friend familly where the 3 best phenos was selected. I decided to keep only the seeds of this 3 best moms that are: SVK #5, SVK #8 & SVK #10 SVK #5, #8, #10 seeds pack with +- 80 seeds totally SVK #8 mother X SVK ? dad SVK #8 mother X SVK ? dad SVK #8 mother X SVK ? dad Have a nice and beautiful day hunters and see you for the last update next week
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    Time for a progress update on the bud drying on the stalk from the 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants. I left the dehumidifier running and moved it out of the grow tent and it has definitely helped to dry out the buds. This morning I checked a bud and it just snapped off the stalk easily. So I switched off the dehumidifier emptied the little water tank which was about half full with condensed water and then put the dehumidifier away in a cupboard ready for its next use in a months time when the next run of SVK goes into flower. I weighed the trim which was 20g and put it into a Kilner jar with the trim from the two outdoor girls about 5g so in total 25g of trim. I then started to cut the buds off the stalks and cut up the stalks into small pieces about an inch long ready to use for making Canna butter. I put the bud from each plant into separate Kilner jars. Here are some images I took. All of the Sweet Valley Kush trim. All of the Sweet Valley Kush trim on scales. SVK-B#1 dry bud on top of main stalk. SVK-B#1 dry bud being cut off stalks. SVK-B#1 top bud on main stalk close up. SVK-B#1 dry bud on scales 26.2g. SVK-B#1 dry bud in Kilner jar with marker from root pouch. SVK-B#2 dry bud on top of main stalk. SVK-B#2 dry bud being cut off stalks. SVK-B#2 top bud on main stalk close up. SVK-B#2 dry bud on scales 28.2g. SVK-B#2 dry bud in Kilner jar with marker from root pouch. SVK-M#1 dry bud on top of main stalk. SVK-M#1 dry bud being cut off stalks. SVK-M#1 top bud on main stalk close up. SVK-M#1 dry bud on scales 26.2g. SVK-M#1 dry bud in Kilner jar with marker from root pouch. SVK-M#2 dry bud on top of main stalk. SVK-M#2 dry bud being cut off stalks. SVK-M#2 top bud on main stalk close up. SVK-M#2 dry bud on scales 29.5g. SVK-M#2 dry bud in Kilner jar with marker from root pouch. So the final dry weights for the 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants was. Trim = 20g SVK-B#1 = 26.2g SVK-B#2 = 28.2g SVK-M#1 = 26.2g SVK-M#2 = 29.5g Stalks = 56g The 4 new Sweet Valley Kush seedlings are growing well the dirt in their pots was dry tonight and it has been 2 days since their last drink. So I mixed up 2ml or root stimulant and 2ml of grow feed in 1 litre of water and then I gave each plant 6 10ml syringe full of feed and water mix the syringe holds about 15ml when full so it works out about 150ml per seedling. New Sweet Valley Kush seedlings in the grow tent under LED. I will start a new journal over in the indoor section for the new seedlings grow. I will also update in a few days with a smoke report.
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    So we hit day 52 of flower this weekend. Things are fattening nicely. Tent is stinking . Not a lot involvef this week , some defoliation to allow light to the lower bud spots. A couple more stakes to hold ups the Kuchi. The plants have just had water this week , the flush should help dissolve any food left in the soil and the SVK is fading best , she will also be the quickest , I think another week max. The other three could be 10 weekers, which is no ideal as my ob ripper and old school are already to talk for my led seedling cupboard. Amy questions hit me up ! The close with no label is Platinum valley.
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    Some pics of the Napoleon Haze #4 Napoleon Haze is GH Super Silver Haze x Soma Amnesia Haze. She have a short time flowering for a haze dominant strain and it is my base for the next breeding project. Next breeding project is the backcross the leonidos keeper and a new cross with a Sour D bx2 male i selected from Karma genetics. Grow with bio feeding notill pot second run and She's staking very well under the dimlux 315w cmh. NH #4 is a 8-9 weeks pheno
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    Flush time for the Leonidos and Lemonchello run... Here are some picture of one beauty pheno! LEONIDOS #3
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    Hello Hunters, Here are some news of the breeding room... The plants grow well and 1 are very different that the other the Leonidos #1 . The structure is more like a Cookies strain, like the father of the dosidos the OGKB. She is very crystalized and she dont have the lemon punch but more sweet, piny pungent smell! Here are the pics of the Leonidos #1 For comparaison here are the pics of the Lemochello #2 Have a nice and beautiful day hunters!
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    Hi @Antonio86 Fret not bro you can access the web safely and anonymously all you have to do is install the TOR browser which you can get directly from the developers web site https://www.torproject.org/ When you land on the Tor Project homepage click the button marked Download Tor Browser to load the downloads page then choose the appropriate download for the OS (Operating System) on you device and for example Windows or Mac if your running Linux you need to use the package manager to install TOR or if your using a device running Android click on the Android logo and then make a choice appropriate for your device. Then once you have downloaded a copy of TOR run the installer and install the browser on your device. Just to satisfy yourself that the browser is going to anonymize your activity you can check out this service DNS leak test https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ First visit the link in the browser you normally use and click the button to run the extended test this will show you the data exposed when you use the web normally, basically the test is making requests to domains as your browser, for me it exposes my ISP making me very easy to track like everyone using the same ISP Next run the TOR browser and visit DNS leak test and click the button again to run the extended test and you will see all the requests were routed different was your IP and your ISP's identity are not exposed. So using the TOR browser you can come on the forum and you activity on the web will be anonymise by the browser, also the forum runs under https so all the data passed by your regular browser or the TOR browser is encrypted anyway so even if someone did intercept the data packets they would not see the contents because its encrypted. The important part is that your real IP address will not be logged by the server where this forum is hosted and even your ISP (Internet Servic Provider) cannot see anything you do when your running the TOR browser all your activity is anonymised. So for example when you type the address of the forum into the address bar in TOR and hit the enter key the browser sends out a request which goes into the TOR network and the DNS look up is done within the TOR network and routed to the right server which will then respond accordingly. Normally this DNS look up will be done by a DNS server on your IPS network and they will then route the request to the right IP address or the server where the resource is located in this case the Strain Hunters forum and the server will respond by sending back a bunch of packets of data that get rendered in the browser and you see the homepage of the forum or whatever web sites address you entered in the address bar. So you ISP will have logged your request on the DNS server using TOR the DNS look up happens within the TOR network on one of TOR's DNS machines nothing is passed to your ISP DNS servers to look up the IP for the server for the site you wish to visit.
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    Just topped these girls for first time鉁傦笍
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    Greetings family, thank you very much for the comments. Indeed all the plants we see in this thread are cultivated with Powder Feeding. From genetics I can not tell much more, the expert is Franco. When I'm doing photos I麓m very focused in my job, and sometimes I don麓t remember all I see on the gardens. In these rooms, there are many genetic, some are already on the market and other developing for years. I leave another photo, I hope you enjoy! Saludos familia, muchas gracias por los comentarios. Efectivamente todas las plantas que vemos en este hilo est谩n cultivadas con Powder Feeding. De las gen茅ticas no os puedo contar mucho mas, el experto es Franco, yo cuando estoy haciendo las fotos estoy muy concentrado y a veces no recuerdo todas as que veo en los viajes. En estas salas, hay muchas gen茅ticas, algunas son de las que ya est谩n en el mercado y otras en desarrollo para los pr贸ximos a帽os. Os dejo otra foto, espero que os guste!! Peace and love!!

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