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    OK, first off. This is not a BE ALL TO END ALL cloning guide. This is what works for me. I've gone thru countless guides absorbed them. and FOUND WHAT WORKS FOR ME. If anything use this guide as a baseline and watch your cuttings. First off I've soaked my rock wool plugs. in this case 24 hours ( I give it 1/8 strenght http://www.1-hydroponics.co.uk/web/manual/doc/hydro-garden/dry-flower-products/green-up-solution/index.html ) I squeeze the rock wool make sure its not water logged, in all reality you only need to soak it for a few hours until all plugs are uniform in texture and density but i want the wool to hold as much water as it can becasu i don't "water" my clones until Day 6 or 7 depending on outside humidity and temp Ok first picture, Get your Shit prepaired before you do anything. HAVE EVERYTHING READY! I prefer to Use rooting Gel, as i find it give an even coat to the rooting horemones. Powder works as well, makesure its #2 or the semi hard wood option.. I find it jsut doesn't coat the cutting evenly. more on this later. NEXT: Find your Victim... as a general rule, my clones from tip to rooting tip are about 4 inchs or so. the width of my hand. NEXT: Always Take a little more then you need. gives you a LITTTLE more time. more on this at the end how long this process should take you. Nice big cutting there. NEXT: trim of the filler.. so to speak anyway... reason for this in the next step. Now you need to IDEALLY select a pair of internodes. (one internode on one side will be ok, just a two sided internode will root faster and grow slightly more vigorisly, something to note when selecting the cuttings NEXT: My choosen Internode Pair. thats two internodes in less that 3/4 of an inch. perfect. NEXT: give the stem a sharp cut opposite the bottome internode. this gives the roots ALOT of area to work with, they will root out both internodes and the sharp cut you just made. Now QUICKLY this next part is fairly important, you want clean hands aside from what plant mater is shaved off. NEXT: shave the stem slightly (more like gently scrap with your razor blade) between the two root internodes. do this all the way around the stem without breakign off the internodes. very easy to do the stem will be very weak at this point. NEXT: going for a DIP... Make sure both Internodes are submerged slightly for a sec, i left it there so i could document, I ain't budda boys NEXT: even coverage. NEXT: not moving my thumb i place the clipping into the rock wool that is soft. the stem should be stiff enough not to bend. there ya go, the hard part is done, ALL THIS up until now from PREPARING your stuff should take about 45-60 seconds. EACH CLIPPING. you want to avoid as much air contact with the rooting cut tip as possiable to prevent air bubbles ( air bubbles in clones = stunted or dead plantss) Before the Hair cut... And the Hair cut..... few pics in a row... Will explain why after. OK there are a few reason why I trim the leaves. #1, Reduce risk of mildew (cloens get 100% humidity for a few days..) #2, They root faster with them clipped. -----the reason being is your tricking the plant into repairing its self rather then growing. -----and the plants first step to repair is to grow more roots. #3, FOOD, if they are damaged they are not gunna grow just yet, if they are not gunna grow the nuitrients IN THE LEAVES themselfs will feed the clone almost until rooted out of the start cube (like nuit feed not water feed) #4, based on #2 they won't start showing new growth until they have started to root. ----- so if you see the new fans forming and growing but no roots poppin out give the plug a good misting and it shoudl pop out very very soon. ok: now this is were it gets cool.. For the first 4-6 days of the clones life it should be in NEAR 100% humidity and very temperate temperatures so a low watt heating pad under the uncubator dome. set to low only raise if rock wool is cool to touch shoudl be about room temp if not slightly higher The first day in the dome the clones get misted about 4 times. and then recovered and back under the 18/6 light. day two i'll mist them twice , day three i'll mist them once and i will continue this once a day misting of the clones until rooting and will mist plugs if need be after the first day take the cover off for about 20-30 mins until the clones start to sag... put the cover back on and do it again the next day, by the time the 3 or 4th day comes aroud the clones shouldn't sag or wilt with the dome off.. this is when you keep the dome off, when the vast majority don't sag at all after an hour or so so once its out of its humidity zone i give it a day or so to air out a little ( NOT COMPLETELY ) and then they will be feed with AT MOST 1/4 strenght nuits I suggest an 1/8 to start. and the rest will be based on your strain. when roots start to come out the bottom and the sides of the plug its time to slam it in some soil or in hte next size wool. I use normal settle tap water unPH'd for my clones. I find Phing doesn't make a diffrence for them. you shouldn't really expect to see a really rooted out clone until about 10-12 days some will be there soooner but don't expect it, don't inspect it often either, roots HATE Light. If i forgot anything I will edit later, but my bong is calling Enjoy Tokeage! MLF
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    This is my first outdoor grow of a sativa from the philippines. Its has a skunky and lemon scent, the flowers smells like fresh mangoes. We need more study about this strain. Please give me some tips its my first time.
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    Hi!! GreenHouse Feeding have a new additive in the bio line, Enhancer, one amazing phyton-protector with: Humic acids Fulvic acids Seaweed Thricoderma Bacillus subtilis …. Perfect to prevent phytosphora, phytium….or to fight againts powdery mildew for example. In addition, increase the life and energy in the soil with amino and carbohydrates, and promotes the plants rooting. In fact, we did a lot of tests germinating seeds. Apply between 0.3gr-0.5gr/liter the growth was increased significantly. But obviously, this would be only neccesary if we are working with old seeds, or with bad conservation. In anyway the expenses, for the low amount of Enhancer in the mixture, is insignificant if we want to use it in all our seeds germinations. Each 15 days, I make manteinance in my mothers room, removing new sprouts. I usually put these cuttings in a plastic glass with water like backup for the next 15 days. One month ago, I irrigated a few automatic seeds with water+0.3gr/liter enhancer. I used that mixture in the plastic glass where I put he cutting plants(backups). 4-5 days later, I took a look the cuttings and I saw roots in 3 (between 25+-) of them!! Eureka!. You can imagine my face. I did the same the last +15 years and never I saw roots with that size in 4-5 days, only putting one cutting in water. Like I am not looking for roots, I didnt take pics, and I dont know if exactly was 4 or 5 days. But after see that, It was enough to make one test. I did the next: 1-Sink jiffys(peat pellet) in water with Enhancer(0.3gr/liter) 2-Drain off 3-Insert the cuttings. Easy!! Keep it simple style! Only with that, I had roots in 6 days, and the cuttings were ready to leave the greenhouse 1 week later, only with 0.3gr of Greenhouse feeding Enhancer, and without hormones or additives. And I was travelling, so the cares were zero. And of course, we can root plants only with water and one medium, water, soil, coco... But 100%, in 7 days, without hormones, and only make clones and transplant 1 week later, is very nice! So I did another test, with the same results. Cutting plants ready in 1 week. I was speaking with my engineer mate in the office about this. And he did the same , and roots in 7 days and a long hairy in 15 days. Pics attached. Amazing!!! In the same time I did another test with one Chemdog mother. Is a very special plant for me, with a incredible taste. Only for that I keep it, because is a hell cloning It and have a very slow growth in the first stage. For that, when I want grow It, I always use additives to get roots in 15 days. The last times I was with Azos, from xtreme gardening. Azospirillum brasilensis. Is a nitrogen fixim bacterium who estimulate the roots. I did a few clones with Azos, and a few clones with Enhancer. And “voilà”, roots with Enhancer in 7 days and any root trace with Azospirillum( usually roots in this strain in 12-15 days, sometimes later) Incredible!! chemdog and Ssh pics, 8 days. I was talking with people who have the same strain and they are without words Xddd One of them gave me Clonex(out of the market in Spain)because he is using it to make clones of this strain, and I will make a comparative between these hormones and Enhancer the next days. In my opinion Clonex have more name than unique results. But like a few years ago It was the main product in the market to make roots, now out of the market people think is the best. And yes, the AIB Works, but isnt the panacea. I will use other concentrations, rock whool… Cheers!!
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    @evolution666 Thank's evolution your jack,amnesia outdoor grow ? Good luck with your harvest man
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    You know a long time ago in ancient Greece, a man went to the Delphi Oracle, and asked a question of it. For this privilege the cost was high, for She was a famous seer, who could see beyond the present into another place the future, men and women paid heavily in gold and jewels just to know the future. He asked the Delphi Oracle a question; he wanted to know and asked of her this question: Who is the wisest man in Greece? this question he asked and this is what he was told: "Socrates is the wisest man in Greece", she yelled and wailed ; for though she was a woman, flesh and blood like me and you, in her was a Goddess fierce and mighty. Socrates when he heard of this was quite taken back by it. For days he pondered and wondered why he was chosen to be the wisest man in Greece. Then it suddenly hit him in flash greater than lightening, or a sound loader than a thunder clap, why he was the wisest man of all? It was because of all men, he knew he was ignorant; the world is a vast and open place, but the universe is greater and much vaster; Socrates was the wisest man in Greece because he knew he was ignorant. we are all insignificant when we think of the vastness between the stars. sometimes we know what we know, but it is the heart that speaks to us, and when we love and are true then we are no longer ignorant for we have listened to something greater than us and have given ourselves to it; we have moved ever so slightly beyond our selfish desires and have listened to the heartand its understanding; what is the hearts understanding of the world? it is simple really, but here too I must use a word - to love in wonder and humility at the vastness and beauty of the world A strain hunter will face any desert, any mountain, any ice cap just for love.Cannabis loves its death, as it allows itto leave a promise for the future:a little seed. flowers-to-the-people.no plus ones
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    Bioactive materials for sustainable soil management. MOLASSES The use of sugar and molasses to boost soil microbial activity has been talked about for some time and the theory has been that it provides an energy source that can be utilised equally well by all soil organisms. However, field applications have not tended to produce many convincing responses. SWEP research with molasses has shown significant effects on soil biology, but they are more complex than expected. Again, the best results appeared to be at the lowest application rate (two litres per hectare), with lactic acid bacteria and yeast predictably giving the strongest response, but with fungi and cellulose utilisers also responding (at the lowest rate). Interestingly, photosynthetic bacteria showed the opposite response, with activity increasing as the application rate increased. http://www.bfa.com.au/Portals/0/BFAFiles/AUT05-bioactive-materials.pdf _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Growing Elite Marijuana Use Molasses Molasses is equivalent to the carbohydrate loading products sold in the hydro stores. They help add bud mass during flowering, feed the good bacteria, add beneficial micro-nutrients. Molasses is a syrupy, thick juice created by the processing of either sugar beets or the sugar cane plant. Molasses(average NPK 1-0-5) contains potash, sulfur, and many trace minerals, it can serve as a nutritious soil amendment. It is a good, quick source of energy for the various forms of microbes and soil life in a compost pile or good living soil. Molasses is also an excellent chelating agent. A Chelating agent means that molasses is one of the substances that can convert some chemical nutrients into a form that’s easily available for critters and plants. Chelated minerals can be absorbed directly and remain available and stable in the soil. Any kind of molasses will work to provide benefit for soil and growing plants, but blackstrap molasses is the best choice because it contains the greatest concentration of sulfur, iron and micronutrients from the original cane material. It’s a great source of carbohydrates to stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms. It simply is the best carbohydrate sugar for horticultural use and should be used by any grower serious about growing some serious weed. Blackstrap Molasses is the best kind for supporting explosive growth and sparkling crystal buds. Honey Sugars by sugar I use honey, syrup is a natural Peace!!
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    La verdad es que si Shaggygrower da gusto ver los colores que cojen en esta fecha saludos amigo mio The truth is that if Shaggygrower is happy to see the colors that take on this date greetings my friend
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    Let's go… Seedlings of three Neville's haze plants grown from feminized seeds from «Green House Seeds» (on August 7, 2018, in all three plants - 108 days from seedlings, 56 days from the appearance of stigmas). --- Almost from the beginning of life, and to the middle of July, the plants had a light period of 18/6 (day/night). During the day, the plants stood outside, under the sun, unless there was a strong wind or rain, and in the morning and in the evening, as a "sun", the plants had a 55 watt 4200 (Navigator) lamp. Photos before boarding in open ground (August 7, 2018): Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 96 cm; Interstitial: 5 cm. Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 113 cm; Interstitial: 6,5 cm. Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 110 cm; Interstitial: 5,5 cm. --- Seeds ordered from one of the official Russian dealers, in an amount of 5 pieces (one package), of which 3 were sprouting. The seeds were germinated, as written on the GHS website. April 16, 2018 April 16, 2018 April 17, 2018 April 17, 2018 April 18, 2018 --- All three Neville's haze will be grown in the usual way. Place of cultivation: 44° north latitude, Russia, Primorsky Krai. Neville's haze has a rather long flowering period and for complete maturation it is necessary to grow it on more southern latitudes. But even on the 44th latitude, it is quite possible to get an excellent "smoking material". --- To, at the time of flowering, not only mature plants, but also compact ones, it was decided that the plants would grow from shoots to planting in open ground in containers with a volume of ~ 3 liters. But even in "such" volume, the plants continued to grow actively, and at this point it was decided to remove the large leaves that were on the central trunks of plants - this decision slowed, but did not stop the growth. At the end of July, two weeks before disembarkation into the open ground, the substrate was washed in which the plants were located. The substrate in which the plants grew was made by itself: peat (rubbed through a 1x1 cm grid and calcined) 1 part, cow bark (rubbed through a 1x1 cm grid) 1 part, river river "by eye" and a glass (on a bucket of substrate) oak ash . The prepared substrate was spilled 2 times with a solution of "Phytosporin-M". --- In the land, at the site of planting, in the autumn of 2017, black peat was added (it is unknown when, but lies, under the open sky, for more than 11 years, before on the peat, mushrooms grew on their own), 1 kg of superphosphate (nitrogen - 6%, phosphorus - 26% + sulfur, calcium, magnesium). --- Organomineral fertilizer for plants: 1.) Nitrogen humate (N 3% / P 1.5% / K 3%) - in the early stages 2 ml (per 1 liter of water); As you grow up, it takes up to 4 ml. If you give less, it shows a shortage of nitrogen. 2.) Superphosphate solution - 8 tablespoons (granulated superphosphate N 6% / P 26% + sulfur, calcium and magnesium) per 2 liters of boiling water; working solution of 15 ml, and above, per liter of water. --- Outdoors (August 7, 2018) To avoid overturning, in case of strong wind, rain or wind with rain, the plants were planted with the deepening of the root neck: Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 90 cm; Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 102 cm; Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 100 cm. --- P.S. I really hope that in general terms, everything will be clear ... for those who become interested.
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    Gracias RGS😁. Almost halfway done trimming✂️
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    The buds are small but look tasty
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    Seeds have all germinated successfully. So, top left is ShaggyParaBerry2, which was topped two days ago; top middle is Space Cookies (Paradise Seeds) 1cm reveg; top right is ShaggyParaBerry1. Second row left is Arjans Strawberry Haze; second row right is ShaggyLettuceBerry. Third row left is Super Lemon Haze CBD 2 with a just sprouted Wappa (Paradise Seeds) in it's glass conserve jar; middle is Franco's Lemon Cheese; right is Super Lemon Haze CBD 1. Bottom row. Far left and right are two reveg's of Space Cookies; bottom left & right are Space Cookies reveg's from flower; bottom middle is a Durga Mata CBD (Paradise seeds) that has two sprouts from one seed - TWINS! Happy Growing!
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    August 14, 2018. All plants have 115 days from germination, 63 days from the appearance of stigmas. --- Since the planting of plants - a week has passed and the following has been found out: Firstly, additional supports are extremely important for plants, otherwise, a good rain with wind immediately bends them to the ground; Secondly - the distance from the ground to the first branches, which was left during the landing, is clearly not enough. During the rain, the "dirty" splashes falling on the branches, brought dirt on them. Which, incidentally, was not washed off immediately. --- All that needed to be done at this stage was done: 1) The plants are tied to wooden stakes driven into the ground; 2) A pair of lower branches on each plant is trimmed. --- Plants, for the past week, were fed 2 times, in the form of an aqueous solution: nitrogen humate + superphosphate (dosage is the same). --- Photographs of plants (separately): Neville's haze 1st plant Height: 98 cm. Neville's haze 2nd plant Height: 114 cm. Neville's haze 3rd plant Height: 111 cm. P.S. If someone is interested, then the next update will be August 21, 2018.
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    Here are the first pics of the two babys at day 13. I watering the plants with water and a little roots booster. All is good rigth now and we can already see small difference betwen the two ,seedling. The holy punch 1 have more indica trait that the number 2... See you next week fore the next update hunters!
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    Hola, abro este hilo para ir mostrando algunas fotos que se quedan fuera de seguimientos, y para empezar traemos unas imagenes de mi Strawberry Yunnan (White Strawberry Skunk x China Yunnan) con poco mas de 30 dias en floracion.
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    In the hills of Jamaica, we use molases mixed with a bit of ground up fish emmulsion during the final weeks of bloom. Resullting in some crucial chronic quality Ganja. Drumming , chanting and some meditation ensures a vibrant happy plant that will be medicinal and have pleasant taste and essense. Yeah mon. Roots n Culture Yenzo
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    Hello Hunters, Let's go for a new growdairies with the new genetic from Greenhouse Seeds Company i received at the Spannabis 2018. The Holy Punch! Holy Punch is a cross of one of our classics, The Church which is famous for its outdoor performance and sweet flavor, and a very special Grape male that adds a spicy taste and creates a very special terpene profile. The plant is medium-sized and grows bushy, the long branches might need support during the flowering period to hold the heavy buds. It is good for SCRoG or LST. The flowering time of Holy Punch is 8-9 weeks, it can be harvested commercially after 8 weeks but one more week will allow the plant do develop the full flavor and increase resin production. So let's go...
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    Thanks guys! Yea the organic Vs mineral/conventional debate is always interesting and very complicated. I just like to mix it up, MASH UP! Things are going okay in the growroom. They are nice and frosty and really smelling now. That fruity sweet skunky smell with tones of diesel/fuel - this smell reminds me alot of the RKS from reserva privada, and i loved that strain, so iam getting very impatient Maybe i will give one last feeding with PK and abit og sugar. Or maybe just start flushing..
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    Given the height of the plants and the space they are in it's hard to get a picture that gives a good scale of their size so I tried getting one from below looking up, one from ground level, and one from above looking down on the canopy from a ladder. I'm still not completely satisfied but this was the best I could do. They were seedlings sprouted at the end of April. It is now the final day of July and I would say they have been in the pre-flower/flower stage for a week or so. Since I'm 6 ft and can't reach the tops of them I'd venture to say they are at least 10 ft from the ground in the containers, which are 18 gallon storage totes I've addapted for drainage. I topped them about three weeks ago, and they've since exploded with growth in a V shape towards the sun. Now idk if this is what you guys call stretching and I imagine it probably is. In the past when I've grown plants this size they've generally had lower yeilds so I am prepared for that. I mostly grow landraces and don't know much about this strain but when you order seeds online they usually give you some extra seeds on top of your order, that's what these were. From what I read online they say she was bred for indoor and not to veg it longer than four weeks I've vegged it for at least twice that long outdoors so we'll see what happens. I'll update this later in the bloom cycle😎
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    just cut down the first Cinderella she's s beast about twice the size of my dad, I fertilized her with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Bloom, lots of molasses towards the end of flower, and lots of live microbes all through her life cycle, really thickened up nice!
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    Hi all, This is my 1st grow journal on this forum. I will be doing zombie kush by ripper seeds, its a cross between amnesia x lavender x bubba kush had 5 seeds only 1 popped, the 1 that popped is more of a indica pheno from what i have seen from it up to now, i will be using all organic nutrients from the biobizz range. fishmix and rootjuice for veg biobloom for flower hopefully will turn out good plant is about 2 weeks old in biobizz light mix soil and is under 4 20w 6400k cfl's i do have all the other equipment needed i.e tent ect but its a bit early for that stage yet will upload 1st pic of my little girl 2moz people peace
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    Hello Hunters, The HolyPunch are just at the first day of the week 6 of flowering The temperature of the room are at 27° (light on) & 18° (light off) & the humidity are at 52% (light on) - 75% (light off) for that i just put the extractor fan to the max for the night hummidity at the first week of flush. This pheno 2 are the best, very slow in bud formation, certainly a 10weeks plant, more sativa that the other one but the smell are already very complex and pungent. Nothing like grape right now but surely a very good punch in the nose! HP#2 Soon the pic of the hp 1 ;-)
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    Oh my. That's a lovely lady you've got yourself. Luckily there should be some temp increase in these days, lasting at least a couple more weeks. Doesn't help fruit trees, but ganja growers are gonna love those climate changes heheheh. Hoping she survives the whole cycle. She's really looking cool, and showing amazing colours. Keep her safe buddy! Amazing job!
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    First sign of budrot i can't show you i direct take it out i spray the garlic extract with a littelbit of biosoap i read is a goed fongicide hope that gone keep the budrot away to harvest the bud are small but a littel cover of resin the leaf turn purple from the cold night ☺
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    https://youtu.be/fB5sN2Cs6FE chemdog and pineapple chunk just before harvest. enjoy, john
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    October 2, 2018. Since it is not known whether the weather will allow to “come in” in November, then we can consider October as the last segment before the finish. The beginning of October is a great time to finally be convinced of the potential of plants, their phenotypes, at the 44th latitude. Plant # 02 showed signs of flowering before the others and everything is clear with it - it is fit. Plant # 03 was pleasantly surprised - although the signs of flowering were found later than those of plant # 02, but the “start of flowering” itself was faster. And besides, it is worth noting that the plant # 03 exudes a wonderful smell of freshly picked blackberries. It seems that the smell in plant # 03 is final, because in the last three weeks of flowering, the smell has not changed, but has only become stronger. As expected, plant # 01, with its very strange, slowly flowering, indica-dominant phenotype, is completely incapable of adequate flowering at a given latitude (44°N). I see no one reason to continue growing the plant # 01 with the useless phenotype (for open ground at the 44th latitude). October 2, will be the last photos of the plant # 01, as it will be dug out as useless. This has already been decided. Leaves will not be wasted. Cooked greens "ganja tea". Well, the plants # 02 and # 03 will stand to the bitter end. Just in case (anything can happen), cut a few more branches from the plants # 02 and # 03 on the clones. The place is only for four plants, but most likely I will leave one clone (I will choose the best ones) from plants # 02 and # 03, and only then I will clone them. 2 plants will be able to stay in the box for a long period, under an esl lamp and with air ventilation, without constraining each other. --- Neville's haze plant # 01 Age: 164th day; Blossom: 35th day; Height: 118 cm; The gain for the last week is: +2 cm. Plant # 01 exudes a very faint aroma of pink grapefruit with bitterness. --- Neville's haze plant # 02 Age: 164th day; Blossom: 44th day; Height: 170 cm; The gain for the last week is: +3 cm. --- Neville's haze plant # 03 Age: 164th day; Blossom: 35th day; Height: 170 cm; The gain for the last week is: +8 cm. --- Daytime temperature + 19 ... + 23 °C, at night + 6 ... + 8 °C. --- The next update is October 9, 2018. --- P.S. Having dug out the plant # 01, I was surprised by such a small root, and when pruning the side branches I noticed that they are soft - they are very easy to cut. Opened the central stem of the plant to look at the state inside. It seems that the plant was sick and it happened, according to my observations, it was after the rainy season - at first the plant stopped growing completely, but after that, it even began to grow very slowly 1 cm in a week. It became noticeable that the plant behaves strangely. The reason for the lag in growth and flowering from the rest of the plants is the disease that was provoked (during the rainy season) by the overmoistening of the soil. I did the right thing when I dug up a plant # 01.
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    Hello Hunters, The HolyPunch are now at the end of week 4 at day 27 of the flowering periode. The temperature of the room are at 26° (light on) & 18° (light off) & the humidity are at 45% (light on) - 70% (light off). The bud formation come slowly but surely... & we can see the begining of the trichome formation on the pheno 2 ... yeah yeah yeah! So here are the pics of today Left HP#2 the keeper & Right HP#1 Pheno #2 Pheno #1 See you next week hunter
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    Hi @UKNew2it, That damage looks like wind damage to me, ie wear and tear on the leaf being blown about rather than insect damage. There are various bug sprays about for different bugs. I've tried Neem oil, then got worried about Azadirachtin poisoning from it so don't use it as much now. Pyrethrum I have also used (up to two weeks before harvest). Diatomaceous earth seems to work the best from my limited experience. Happy Growing!
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    Jamaican Jam looking pretty good, buds smell really piney! Lots of resin!
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    Time for new indoor grow! Just picked up some clones in Seattle 2 Dutch Treat, 2 Purple Widow. They will be grown in 8 square foot tent under 2 LED lights, 1000 watt plus another 600 watt LED full spectrum, 1,600 total watts. I grow in soil and use sensi-grow fertilizer as well as live microbes in the substrate.
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    Yeah thanks @gasmeter, I'll make sure I start with plenty of time next time. I think I have 4-5 weeks for them until they are ready so fingers crossed for mild weather until the end of October. Good idea about protecting the pot, it out bottomless now and buried a bit more but we have a stable near it's I can get straw from so will try that as well. I'll be happy if I get anything to be honest and prepare a bit more in the future. Think I've got some bugs so will post that on the other forum..got already on order that will hopefully catch it Cheers
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    Buenas amigos ya tengo el 70 % cosechado Bons amis, j'ai déjà 70% récolté Good friends, I already have 70% harvested
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    Hi @OG.Naj, I'm not sure which plant pollenated the White Berry to give me seeds. I'm pretty sure the White Berry self-pollinated, so the seeds are likely 'S1' and not 'F1'. There's a chance that White Rhino or Dutch Kush hermied and pollenated White berry though, or even that I found the seeds in Dutch Kush and not White Berry (I did mix the two harvests up). Anyhow, I'm not claiming a new strain with this new name, just needed something other than 'it'' and 'them'. The SPB's are on day 3 of transition (12/12) now, so I best take the bottom pair of shoots off for clones/mothers. Maybe it's bias, but the purple pheno is the nicest looking plant I've thus far grown. Really like the contrast of the purple/green colour on the stems. Ladies here catching some rays: Happy Growing!
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    A quick mid week update On Tuesday afternoon I noticed a dead leaf on a bud on the Jack Herer and the bud was brown and looked dead, the bud on the opposite side of the stalk was going brown on the stalk side where they touched, so I cut them off and threw them away and washed my hands. As I then closely inspected the Jack Herer I noticed a couple of fan leaves had powdery mildew on them, I then check the Exodus Cheese that was next to the Jack Herer and it had a tiny bit of powdery mildew on a couple of fan leaves, never mind shit a brick I shat a 20 storey block of flats at the though of loosing all 3 plants at this point so close to harvest. I quickly did a shit load of research and found a few different ways to deal with the issue I chose to use milk and water, so I mixed 200ml of whole milk with 600ml of water so I had a solution at 1:3 ratio of milk to water which I then sprayed on the seedlings and plants, I decided it would be best to just treat everything. I left an 18 inch fan running to dry them, lower humidity and circulate more air, when the solution had dried I could see it had killed the mildew. The following day Wednesday I sprayed all the plants in the morning I left the 18 inch fan running to dry them out and then I repeated the process after lunch and they had dried out by 3pm so I put them back in the tent but left the door open with the big fan on them. I also ordered a little dehumidifier and it arrived this afternoon just after lunch, so I put it in the tent set it to 45% humidity and closed the tent and left it a couple of hours and the humidity is now 45% and the temperater has increased with the door shut from 23 C to 28 C I am well pleased with the dehumidifier and the quick delivery too, now I don't have to worry about humidity causing problems. Happy growing guys. Gasmeter
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    The ShaggyParaBerry's were from seeds found in my own-grown White Berry bud (I was shocked!). They were pollenated either from that White Berry or the Dutch Kush (or the White Rhino's) which where in the tent and flowering at the time. Two seeds germinated, on is a (very) Purple (stemmed) pheno and the other Green. Yup, there's lots going on in the tent - I have probably got too much growing, again. The 2 x ShaggyParaBerry's are now transitioning to flower (today) together with the 1cm Space Cookies clone (all already in 30l pots). 5 x Jacky White for Grow Caps grow on Grow Diaries on 27 of flowering (37 since 12/12 flip) and are going great. In addition to Grow Caps, they're getting Shogun Geisha Foliar (Resin Candy prize has not arrived yet to try that). 3/4 x outside Jacky White and 1/2 White Rhino brough in are so so, probably at the end of week 1 transition. Super Lemon Haze CBD1 needs up-potting to 30l today. Seems I fimmed rather than topped this one. Arjans Strawberry Haze and Franco's Lemon Cheese could also do with an up-potting. Super Lemon Haze CBD2 could use another week. The Durga Matta twins and Wappa doing ok. Will try a vid, hang on ….. VID: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cyeCnWredHCe5ZFh6 Happy Growing!
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    Just a picture to compare the strech this week with the last week. Little trick : on this picture we can see the defoliation i love make the first 3 week of flowering to maximise the flux of energy at the top of the plant
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    Hello Hunters, The HolyPunch are now at day 20 of the flowering periode. The temperature of the room are at 26° (light on) & 17° (light off) & the humidity are at 45% (light on) - 68% (light off). These two have streched enormously this week and just started showing the beginning of bud formation, slolwy but surely... So here are the pics of today & on the first picture we can see clearly two diff.pheno of the GH Holy Punch cant wait to smoke that Left HP#2 the keeper & Right HP#1 HP#2 HP#1 Have a nice week and see you next week hunters...
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    These girls are over twice my height! Giants with sticky, sexy buds shooting into the heavens!
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    Yeah The leaf are super green Grow outdoor is better no limit in height only the neigbor make limite and the sun is free 😁
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    Plants growing well except for #ShaggyLettuceBerry, which I think has died on its feet. The two ShaggyParaBerry's are epic. Purple pheno seems happier than crinkly Green pheno. The 1cm reveg'd #SpaceCookie has a great structure now having been LST'd down even further. She has five main branches now. The various GreenHouseSeeds plants look a little light green & internodal spacings is a little stretchier than I'd like so will be topping at 6th node not 8th (like SPB's) and upping the feed EC a little. The Monster-Copped Space Cookies look weird with their sugar leaves trying to turn into fan leaves, but I guess a flower reverting to veg then vegging will do that. The #DurgaMataCBD twins and #Wappa seedling from #ParadiseSeeds are doing fine. I usually hot-swap the above into the HPS tent so they can enjoy 600w+135rw to 1000w+135rw for 12 hrs. Yesterday I got so wasted on Space Cookies that I could not be arsed, so left them in the pantry under the 135rw Visparspectra LED, the HPS (600w) just had the nearly done Jacky White & Delahaze and the five Grow Caps Jacky Whites clones. Happy Growing!
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    Time for an update on the Exodus Cheese grow, all 4 germinated seeds have broken ground and I have 4 nice healthy seedlings. All of the seedlings are just getting spring water 4 times per day to keep the dirt nice and moist, I will start giving them some Canna Start in a few days once the true leaves have some size about them and the spring water has run out. Here is an image of the seedlings I took tonight just after the lights in the tent went out, I had just finished clipping all the Passion #1 bud off the stalks from my outside grow this season. I am pleased I got 6 ounces of dry bud from 2 plants, last year I got 8 ounces although the plants were slightly bigger than this year. The tall seedling on the left was the first to break ground and the one at the front was the one which fell over despite that it is looking OK now, although the tall one looks like it is stretching for the light they are about 18 inches from the LED which providing a full spectrum for the 2 Exodus Cheese and 1 Jack Herer that will be done by the end of the month. I think the tall one is just in a hurry and has a lust for life. The 2 Exodus Cheese I am growing at the moment have been in a hurry from the start they got a move on compared with the Jack Herer which will be done a week or so after the Exodus Cheese going off their progress so far. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    August 28, 2018. The rainy season in Primorsky Krai is coming to an end. Although, the beginning of September will be rainy - as usual. 3x Neville's haze fem (GHS) --- Neville's haze plant # 01 Age: 129 days; From the appearance of stigmas: 77 days; Flowering: 1 day; Height: 112 cm; The increase over the past week is: +7 cm, ~ 1 cm per day. Neville's haze plant # 02 Age: 129 days; Flowering: 9 days; Height: 140 cm; The increase over the past week is: +11 cm, ~ 1.5 cm per day. Neville's haze plant # 03 Age: 129 days; From the appearance of stigmas: 77 days; Flowering: 1 day; Height: 129 cm; The increase over the past week is: +10 cm, ~ 1.4 cm per day. --- The dosage of fertilizers has been changed: 1) Nitrogen humate - 2 ml / per liter of water; 2) Superphosphate (aqueous solution) - 25 ml / per liter of water. --- Off-topic. A young Amur skid, today (August 28), was visiting the plants. Next update is on September 4, 2018.
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    m.Organics all!! Hope y'all are tri-hi It's been full steam ahead!! The gals to finished off amazingly!! And I have to say I am blown away!! It really is hard to find flower , in my parts, that is so incredibly clean that makes you high and grown with number one ingredient passion!! Give her water she'll grow🌿grow her with love she'll leave u mind blown🤯 These beasts are in their jarscuring and will let em go as long as I can want to aim at 2months . Can't wait to watch this transformation 🤙
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    Hey Hunters I had a chat earlier with HC01 another forum member and he mentioned about using Honey on his feed schedule 1ml/L and then 2ml/L towards the end of flowering. This made me very interested in this thus has made the Topic of the day for me and after a little searching and reading, there isn't very much information our there on the subject but from what i could it helps it helps a lot! Personally i think Honey is a Incredible food and has antibacterial properties, i use it instead of Sugar for my Cups of Tea one spoon in the morning and then at night and i swear it helps my throat and breathing and apparently its good for the immune system, teeth and finer nails so being a smoker every little helps hehe but the bit of information out there on using it on our plants is all a bit inconclusive and as there isn't a post about this subject well it led me to create this one. The applications i have found so far are - HC01's method of 1ml/L then 2ml/L towards the end of flowering, that's one feed with honey then next feed with Nutrients and so on. - Using Manuka Honey for Clones/Cuttings - Using it to sterilize and protect fresh cuts from Fim/Topping techniques So my Question to everyone is, What is your past experience's with it and what are your thought's on using it? Peace
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    well i don't have any direct ewperience yet. but i've planned to try it on one plant too, i think the main reason are that it "makes" molasses which are very good for the sugar absorption and transformation of the plant. I know there are a few members on the forum using it for a long time, like rom, so they'll say better than me. But i'll be looking the answers ^^ So far like you said i have been told about 1 2 ml/L in water, but i think you need to find some "clean" honey. First cause we shouldn't eat all those chian honey man it's incredibl what's in it!! and second first reason is enough to not buy it lol. Tho i if someone can give a definition of what they find to be clean honey ^^ good luck man

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