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    Some picture of the Sour Leonidos #9 end of week 9 day 63
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    Hi hunters, Here are some picture of the Sour Leonidos #5 end of week 9 day 63
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    Now the pic of the leonidos #3 and the Sour Leonidos #1 for comparaison Leonidos #3 Sour Leonidos #1
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    Hello Hunters, Here are some picture of the Sour Leonidos #1, this One have a crazy sour candy smell and the colorful buds are really covered with white grey crystal! She are now at the end of week 8 day 56 of flowering. Grow 100% organically with the full range of BIOfeeding with a little extra, The PK tea from BioTabs and some normal compost tea with my garden compost. But from 1 week she received only water and that till the harvest in 1 or 2 weeks
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    Yeah, Since a couple of days ago, clubs are closed all over Catalonia, all over Spain. Free movement is not allowed, etc... It is time to stay at home, at least for 15 days, to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Personally, I think this may take a little longer than two weeks... but we'll have to wait and see what happens. Cheers mates
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    Hey hunters, Here are some picture of the Sour Leonidos hash rosin Enjoy!
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    Time for a quick progress update on the 2 X GH Cheese and 2 X Exodus Cheese. Yesterday I decided that it was time to pot the seedlings so I prepared 4 four little 3 inch plastic plant pots and filled them with dirt, then I planted the seedlings into the dirt in their root plugs. Then I gave each seedling 10ml of water and put the plastic pots under the flourescent tube. Here are some images I took. All the Cheese seedlings in root plugs. 1st Exodus Cheese seedlings roots 2st Exodus Cheese seedlings roots 1st Green House Cheese seedlings roots 2st Green House Cheese seedlings roots All of the Cheese seedlings in plastic plant pots. All of the Cheese seedlings back under the flourescent tube.. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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    Some people in the UK are not keeping to the restrictions on travel. They're hopping in their cars and going to the countryside for their allowed exercise. They've not realized that hopping in their car leads to them putting others at risk. Cars need petrol from petrol stations; people in cars can have accidents requiring the emergency services to be called out to help them; cars required maintenance from garages; etc etc. So, I expect there to be severe travel restrictions (by vehicle) to be put in place soon due to these people who feel they have the right, are 'entitled', to travel where they want. Be safe, and help keep others safe, by not travelling unnecessarily, imv. What people believe is 'necessary' often is not necessary at all, it's merely them actioning a 'want' they have rather than a 'need', imv.
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    Time for a progress update. End of week 11 and start of week 12 of the flowering period. The bud on Jack Herer #3 continue to fatten as I wait for the dirt in her root pouch to dry out again. Here are some photos I took of her yesterday afternoon. Jack Herer #3 in grow tent. Jack Herer #3 side view. Jack Herer #3 top view. Jack Herer #3 bud porn I will let the dirt get nice and dry again and giver her just water, when I last watered on Friday the run off from the sides and bottom of the root pouch was clear so there don't seem to be any nutrients left in the dirt. Happy growing...
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    Day 44 Temp 22° - 29.5°30° Rh 50%- 75% the rain of enhancer has just fallen on the funky fruity. They looks to not stretch a lot until now . I am skeptical about the result i don't give enought attention and make a few fault in this grow . my temperatures are a little too high max 29.5 °. I just put the extractor continuously during their day. until now it only worked 15 minutes on and 30 minutes of i need to put a intra to lower the temp i have one i don't use because it's a littel too noisy i try to find a solution .
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    Shaggy, That is pretty inspirational! Your new position is nothing short of heroic. I think aside from getting hit really hard by this virus the second greatest fear for people is not being able to access food/essential goods. I've actually been wondering how to properly extend my gratitude to the postal workers here who have been delivering our products. Aside from groceries I'm doing all my shopping online atm. I've got a cart full of grow supplies ready to go, just waiting to find out about my future financial situation before I pull the trigger. I work for the public school system ( specialize in students w/ special needs). Our union is currently in discussions w/ Govern. to determine how we move forward. There has been mention of being "deployed" to other government sectors. So there is a good chance that I could also find myself in a position that is unfamiliar. Your veggie grow is also inspiring me. If there was ever a time to start growing your own veggies, this is definitely it! We have a mad amount of deer here so I'll have to figure out a fence for the yard. Time is on our side at least. Your cannabis plants look really nice! I hope one day I can become established enough to create my own cross. Something to aspire to I've attached a few pics of my green pets. Some fresh new leaves, a few blooms, and the first true leaves on "the babes". Hopefully all goes to plan with them. I hope it's okay that I share my orchids/non cannabis plants. I promise more cannabis related content is on the way soon! Right now it's just the true leaves and my soil base ( which I will post under the journal). This is Begonia maculata whightii w/ a nice fresh leaf. Brassia 'New Star' Galaxy ( smells like birthday cake!) New leaf of Monstera Deliciosa * The new leaf looks unscathed which bodes well since I've been battling spider mites. ( no worries i'm well on top of it and by the look of this new leaf I'd say it's working) * knocks on wood* One of the babes; Laughing Buddha by Barney's Farm Brassavola 'Yellow Bird' Amazing nighttime fragrance on this one! Oh and special appearance by Sweet Boy Lars The fresh snow that fell last night.
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    Thanks friend @OG.Naj it is a great pleasure and honor that you come to see what I do in my humble grow room 😉 👍 __________ Gracias amigo @OG.Naj es un gran placer y honor que entres a ver que hago en mi humilde cuarto de cultivo 😉 👍 Fotos con efectos varios Photos with various effects
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    Time for a progress update. End of week 10 and start of week 11 of the flowering period. Yesterday morning the dirt in the root pouch of Jack Herer #3 was dry and she felt nice and light so I gave her 2 litres of water. Here are some images I took this afternoon. Jack Herer #3 in the grow tent under the LED. Jack Herer #3 foliage and stalks side view. Jack Herer #3 foliage top view. Jack Herer #3 buds The bud is definitely starting to close up now and get fatter. I think that next time the dirt dries out I will feed her for the last time and then flush the dirt and then just giver her water. The 2 Exodus Cheese beans have popped and 1 of the Green House Cheese beans which the bigger of the 2 beans hopefully the second bean will crack its seed case soon and get going. I first soaked the beans for 4 hours then I placed them between damp kitchen roll in a little plastic container under a towel in a drawer and yesterday 1 Exodus Cheese and 1 Green House Cheese had cracked their seed cases and over night the 2nd Exodus Cheese cracked its seed case, and they are all pushing out tap roots. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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    In the UK, there is talk of asking "older people" to self-isolate for four (4!) months! I'm not as old as an "older person" (they're 65+) but I think the 4 months is something to bare in mind. With my tin foil cap on, perhaps government is sending a message of their intentions, ostensibly aimed at "older people" but with the number out there for everyone else to digest subconsciously (ie, meaning, the rest of us as well). My advice is, germinate crops, including cannabis, but also crops that grow fast that one can munch/use as food. So instead of hording toilet roll (one can always go Thai and shower ones butt), go out now and buy vegetable seeds before the masses change their aim and go for the garden centres/garden centers close. Repurpose some of those old/spare cannabis grow lights and start sprouting veggies. This has been a public information broadcast, …. Happy Surviving the Corona Apocalypse, hopefully.
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    they are 62 cm for the largest these already big enough I wonder if its normal or not?
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    day 27 temp 21 ° -27 ° rh 70% -85% the sun is shining in the gorilla grow tent of g.22 and the funky fruty grow faster than I thought another 2 weeks and I will go to the final pot these plants grow very quicklythey are 70cm - 80cm for the largest # 6 I hope to manage their size in flo
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    Bi:m badaboum nice to see that bro @R.G.S Sure we make a appointment on the GH-SH booth
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    Time for a progress update on the plants. End of week 8 and start of week 9 of the flowering period. This morning the dirt in the root pouch of Jack Herer #3 was dry and she felt nice and light so I mixed 0.4g per litre hybrid powder feed and 0.5g per litre of the powder feed booster and I made up 2 litres of the feed solution which I then gave to Jack Herer #3 and then I placed her back in the grow tent under the LED. The dirt in the root pouch of the Passion #1 is drying out once it is dry and she feels nice and light I will cut and harvest her which should be in the next couple of days. With Jack Herer #1 and #2 they will just get water now for the rest of next week as the bud keeps getting fatter. Here are some images I took yesterday afternoon. All of the plants in the grow tent under the LED. All of the plants in normal light. Jack Herer #1 foliage and stalks side view. Jack Herer #1 foliage top view. Jack Herer #1 buds Jack Herer #2 foliage and stalks side view. Jack Herer #2 foliage top view. Jack Herer #2 buds Jack Herer #3 foliage and stalks side view. Jack Herer #3 foliage top view. Jack Herer #3 buds Passion #1 foliage and stalks side view. Passion #1 foliage top view. Passion #1 buds Happy growing...
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    day 53 I never had such a massive canopy there are branches and top everywhere
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    Hi friends, This year it seems that everything is complicated by the COVID-19. But, for the moment, everything is ok. Like every year, we are waiting your visit at the biggest Cannabis fair in Europe, Spannabis. We will be at Stand 57 with many novelties and surprises. Maybe you can get some seed from our new genetics All information about the event: http://spannabis.com/barcelona/
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    Hoy amig@s voy a dejarles unas fotos de la éxodus cheese que tengo en el balcón ____________ Today, friends, I'm going to leave you some photos of the exodus cheese that I have on the balcony
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    Gracias @Cannabissapean& @Jose.gh cada mes tratare de irles mostrando fotos del interior exterior y exterior en balcón 😉 👍 Hoy les dejo unas fotos de los troncos de las de interior con unos juguetes que le puso mi hijo y una foto general de como anda el armario en este momento _____________ Thank you @Cannabissapean & @Jose.gh Every month I will try to show you photos of the interior, exterior and exterior on the balcony 😉 👍 Today I leave you some photos of the trunks of the interiors with some toys that my son put on him and a general photo of how the wardrobe works at this time A partir de ahora utilizaré el calcio ya que e visto carencias varias en este cultivo __________ From now on I will use calcium as I have seen several deficiencies in this crop
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    Well, I update to comment that Spannabis has already set a new date for 2020 (in September). But, obviously it is impossible to know if it will be possible to make Spannabis or not. We must think first of today and now.
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    ...would love to see this girl full grown...
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    Curious that twisted tree I think that some storm knocked it down but someone managed to restore it to its shape and the tree managed to weld again giving it greater robustness today compared to the newer ones that are seen Happy blooming friend 😉 👍 __________________ Curioso ese árbol retorcido pienso que alguna tormenta lo derrumbó pero alguien consiguió devolverle a su forma y el árbol consiguió soldarse de nuevo dándole mayor robustez hoy en día en comparación con los más nuevos que se ven Feliz floración amigo 😉 👍
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    Thanks friend @OG.Naj Today I am going to show the croping and defoliation that I did to the ec that I have on the balcony Good day friends
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    Today the second Green House Cheese seedling is now above the surface of the Root It Sponge plug. All 4 seedlings under the flourescent tube. This morning at 7.30am I switched off the flourescent tube to give them their first dark period and get then onto an 18/6 photoperiod. Unfortunately I am a bumboclatt and forgot to switch the flourescent tube on again at 13.30pm I took the dog for a walk and it was 15.30pm when I remembered and switched the flourescent tube on again. Tomorrow I won't make the same mistake, I will leave the seedlings as they are for a couple more days to give the 2nd Green House Cheese seedling to throw some roots before I pot them in little 3 inch plastic pots. Happy growing...
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    Yup, many people have COVID19 and are "asymptomatic" ("asymptomatique"), ie, not showing any symptoms of COVID19. This is why the WHO is saying test, Test, TEST!
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    Spammers, forget it! Our members do not like your spamming our site. They will report your spamming posts as soon as they see them. And we will ban all Spammers as soon as the reports are received. To Forum Members: We are considering developing further measures (changes in Forum-Code) to make it even more difficult for Spammers to post their trash in here. We are considering developing further measures to report the Email-Addresses and IP-Addresses of Spammers to their Internet Access Providers in hopes that the Access Providers will also ban the Spammers from Internet access. Thank you for your reporting Violators in the past and for your continued vigilence and patience.
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    Hi 💨 I have been growing for a few weeks now, with different strains, in my small 120x60 growing cabinet. At the moment everything is growing, using coconut as substrate and the mineral and organic line of Green House Feeding (trying different pots). 240w Led from a Quantum Board panel lights up my little garden. Well... this weekend I did the transplant to the final pots, with 7 liters of coconut fiber. Some pictures...
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    Bioplastic better than petroleum plastic lol I just find this pic on Facebook
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    Buenas noches amig@s les dejo enlace de una competición de geneticas y variedades aquí les muestro un pequeño resumen y dentro de la competición se encuentran las tres éxodus cheese aunque no pretendía que participase pero quizás acaben siendo las mejores del torneo 😂 😂 😂 __________ Good evening friends, I leave you the link of a genetics and varieties competition, here I show you a short summary and within the competition are the three cheese exodus, although I did not intend for it to participate, but perhaps they will end up being the best in the tournament 😂 😂 😂
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    Day 37 first day of spring # 10 is the plant with the best branch development this time i don't take cutting i don't have patience a lot of seed wait in my fridge I transplant today and i wait 2-3 day and turn on 12/12
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    Dibujo de una éxodus cheese que tengo en el balcón amig@s 😉 👍 _________________ Drawing of an exodus cheese that I have on the balcony of friends 😉 👍
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    @g22 For nervous people, I advise to stay away from social media and the news. Additional news is likely to inflame their nervousness which does nobody any good. So as well as the good advice to self-isolate physically, self-isolate mentally as well. Talk to you plants and keep the hands busy gardening, the mind will follow. Take care and be well. (I make nervous people, more nervous. I "mansplain" and converse in tone/manner that irritates many people. I am who I am and express myself as best I can while being me. I've been out of doob for 2 weeks now, so my ADHD means my brain is in overdrive and my talk is quick and not measured for "tone". I don't "womansplain" nor do I effectively communicate to the nervous, thus, I irritate and cause them to feel worse rather than better when passing knowledge to them. C'est ma vie.)
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    This morning the dirt in the root pouch of Jack Herer #3 was dry and she fely nice and light so I mixed 0.5g hybrid powder feed and 0.6g booster per litre and I made up 2 litres of the feed solution which I gave to Jack Herer #3 and then I put her back into the grow tent under the LED to soak up the rays. The dirt in the root pouches of Jack Herer #1 and #2 was dry and they both felt nice and light so it was time to harvest the plants. Here are some images I took as I harvested the plants. Jack Herer #1 and #2 in normal light side view. Jack Herer #1 and #2 in normal light top view. Jack Herer #1 side view. Jack Herer #1 top view. Jack Herer #1 bud porn Jack Herer #1 fan leaves stripped off plant. Jack Herer #1 bud on stalks wet trimmed. Jack Herer #1 bud on stalks hung up to dry. Jack Herer #1 trimmed bud close up. Jack Herer #2 side view. Jack Herer #2 top view. Jack Herer #2 bud porn Jack Herer #2 fan leaves stripped off plant. Jack Herer #2 bud on stalks wet trimmed. Jack Herer #2 bud on stalks hung up to dry. Jack Herer #2 trimmed bud close up. All of the trim from Jack Herer #1 and #2 The bud on Jack Herer #3 are starting to look like they are closing up so she is not too far from being finished. Happy growing...
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    Hoy recolocando las plantas en el armario al final me e dado cuenta que e metido dentro de una competición a la de gasmeter, dejo unas fotos amig@s _________________ Today placing the plants in the closet at the end I realized that I have entered a competition to that of gasmeter, I leave some photos of friends Tienen el mismo tiempo de floración pero once días menos de crecimiento __________________ They have the same flowering time but eleven days less growth
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    Como podéis ver en la anteriores imágenes e decidido cambiar el maceta a la de gasmeter por una de plastico pero es por que no encuentro tiendas abiertas devido al covid19 así que se mantendrán en plástico hasta el final _____________ As you can see in the previous images, I decided to change the pot to the gasmeter one for a plastic one but it is because I cannot find any open stores due to the covid19 so they will remain in plastic until the end
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    Spannabis canceled bud socialclub are open 👌💪👍 ZOOKIES from the SHclub
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    Yes it is a sad news, sad for all the people, professional or passionate. Until next year for a bigger and nicer expo 👌🤜👍
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    Today the plants receive their first and last defoliation
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    On Saturday count on my assistance friends See you soon 😉 👍

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