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    Firsthand! Exclusive to this FORUM! PEACE!
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    El test se llevara a cabo con cuatro esquejes de la misma madre (híbrido local, lamentablemente llegaron de rebote y nunca supe las genéticas) la llamo Arwyn. Fueron trasplantados el 24-06 (FRUTO+A+C+Leo) a 7 l de sustrato: Y pasaron al cuarto de flora ese mismo día, pero con 17 horas de luz, con una hora menos cada día hasta llegar a 12-12. Serán abonadas cada una con una combinación distinta de abonos orgánicos, económicos y fáciles de conseguir. El guano de murciélago es un caso especial: me gustan mucho sus resultados, aún usándolo en dosis muy bajas, no es nada caro si se busca un poco, pero tengo que irme hasta capital a comprarlo; es por ello que será probado contra las otras alternativas. C1-Alfa: Abonada con guano y te de banana, el guano de murcielago tiene poco potasio y mucho fósforo y la banana alreves por lo que se complementan. 300ml B + 500ml G C1-Beta: Abonada con el fermento solamente, que parece bastante equilibrado. 400ml F + 400ml Agua C1-Gama: Abonada con todo junto (1/2 dosis). 200ml F + 150ml B + 250ml G + 200ml Agua C1-Delta: Abonada con fermento y te de banana, a ver como le va con ese potasio. 400ml F + 300ml B + 100ml Agua La meta de todo esto es encontrar un abonado de floración que resulte barato, fácil de hacer/conseguir y usar y, principalmente, que de cogollos de calidad.
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    Saludos, vamos con las fotos de este fin de semana, hemos podido disfrutar de un gran nivel de skaters, una competición de primera. Dar las gracias a todos los que trabajaban en el festival por tratarnos tan bien, fue un placer veros de nuevo. Franco hará una mejor crónica que yo del evento, que yo estuve centrado en las fotos y no pude enterarme de todo lo que quisiera! Luego podréis disfrutar de los vídeos que mis compañeros But, Alessio, Franco y yo mismo hicimos, que es donde se aprecia la pericia de estos tipos! Saludos! Greetings, we go with the photos this weekend, we have been enjoying a high level of skaters and competition. To thank everyone who worked at the festival for treating us so well, it was a pleasure to see you again. Franco will better chronic I the event, which I was focused on the pictures and I could not find out anything I wanted! Then you can enjoy the videos that my friends But, Alessio, Franco and I did, where you can appreciate the skill of these guys! Greetings!
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    Hey Hunters @Super - Thanks man for your kind words i'm not bad for a country boy hehe next grow is gonna be better with no humidity issues lolol @Mopman - Thanks dude, i try hehe on the next diary i will be taking measurements of the select few and do it properly this ended up being a bit of mish mash. @Bam - Thanks dude, oh yes i can assure you my buds will be having a good cure! I can keep buds for months in my jar's not a problem Nice yes i think anyone who grow's the doctor will be a very happy patient hehe i will be growing it again on my next grow for sure! This update will be fairly short, I'm in the middle of my Harvest time so there will be plants coming down each day il update when i can. Tomorrow it will be the Chop for one Exodus Cheese and the last Rocklock and possibly another Doctor. here's 3 from today and 1 from yesterday. This was the remains of the Doctor which was in the medium tent which got Botrytis (mold) it started in just the main cola so i cut that off and over the course of the days each cola got hit so off with all 4 and this was the remains. REMEMBER humidity below 60% in flowering closer to 40% the better! DO NOT TAKE RISKS! The Doctor - the plant is small compared to my other Doctors which i think this was because it was the last to be transplanted so i think it got a bit rootbound but you can see she put all her energy into what buds she had and they look wonderful! Buddha Tahoe OG (Alien looking pheno) or possible nutrient deficiency i couldn't figure out so left it be and it looked just crazy! The Doctor - Plant of the Month - Cut down early at day 64 due to the scare of Botrytis! BUT will be happy to know it was clean! better to safe than sorry though another day could have bin too late! Couldn't resist - Semi nude pic lololol Peace
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    Thanks Dudes @Super - Thanks bro you know i'l be doing that and in tribute to you i will be sampling the Exodus Cheese tonight! @Kidd420 - Yes the Rocklock was a nice surprise they where free seeds from last year and i decided to try them and yeah a nice stable strain not to strong a nice mellow smoke you can definitely notice the Afghan in her heritage! good all-rounder! @BlackChimney - Thanks dude, yes they are all pretty coated in Trichome's i am very happy with this grow and i'm glad i can share it with you all, this site is kinda like an Exhibition hall for us hunters hehe i'm looking forward reading about ya big buddha version i hope they turn out as nice as these, the smoke has stolen my friends hearts, when they come over they hassle me for that and the doctor to roll a joint out of lolol @Dust - Thanks Dust, Yes the Buddha Tahoe has turned out to be a nice surprise i took a bit of a gamble with her being last years cup winner and the lack o diary's + the controversy regarding the strain it's paid off with a beautiful smoke! i have bin smoking some of the Buddha Tahoe i cut down first and yes like i said above it's stolen hearts same as the Doc hehe All plants from the tents are down now except 1 Exodus Cheese and 1 Buddha Tahoe giving them an extra night! Once again lil breakdown for those new joining - Soil - Plant Magic nutes - 400w MH in veg, 400w HPS flowering, 125w CFL blue as a bonus all the way through! The Doctor!!! Well, I am glad i have bin saving this girl till last to show you all. I took 1 pic of her in bad light and i don't think anyone noticed hehe so yeah here she is in all her beauty! Left o'natural just a little bit of light trimming and she would have bin bigger if the buds didn't make the stalks bend and break so yeah add another few branches and you have an idea on the size she was! HUGE! Pic's don't do her justice a fabulous plant a lovely smell and can see a few similarities between her and the Great White Shark but i must say i think i prefer the Doctor!!! Untrimmed Light Trim YUM! Cheeeeeers Cali Connection - Buddha Tahoe OG This Plant just looks NASTY! Has amazing colors in her buds, pink and purple's just smells so strong! So that leaves 2 more girls which should be coming down tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great weekend Peace
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    Ahí estan las niñas (florando a full!), ahora acompañadas por unas skunk que no quieren terminar de sexar .
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    Yop stoners, stepped out on those today, and i just had to watch them all, the guy is not bad and the caracters neither Enjoy!!! Here some of my favorites! And here the link of there youtube channel
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    Buenas!!!, aca les traigo a las nenas con 43 días de flora ( 5 semanas y 2 días). Las sigo regando con agua de lluvia cada 4-5 días y con té de banana y guano cada 12 días. Las hojas estan (menos las nuevas) casi todas amarillas y estan largando bastante olor. Engordan bien y parece que resina va a tirar a lo loco, ja. Bue, basta de chachara, los dejo con las protagonistas!!! Saludos!!!!
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    Day 78: Hi Guys & Girls, hope all is well with you and yours. Time for another little update on the Big Bangs, one Ice Dream and one White Rhino x Skunk#1 in the plastic greenhouse. Unfortunately, I did not win the Ebay auction for the proper metal frame and glass greenhouse but have feelers out for one. I've been feeding them GHSC Indica powder formula at around 1.5 EC and pH around 6.8 alternating between nutes and plain water on next feed. They should all start the flowering process soon the Big Bangs and Ice Dream will show before the White Rhino x Skunk#1, whicch flowers a few ago after as they mature about 3 wks later. All plants measure between 85cms - 1m Here's today's pics. All the best. Toaor
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    found these on here- http://www.noupe.com/
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    Buenas! después de dos semanas he vuelto, el indoor quedó al cuidado de amigos durante ese tiempo, esta vez con instrucciones precisas para evitar sobre riegos como el año pasado jeje. Las skunk terminaron siendo hermafroditas, les voy a dar mejor vida. A las niñas del ensayo les toca abono en pocos días y ahora de manera más intensiva. Se las ve un poco quemadas por la lámpara y me parecen apenas carentes de potasio. Por lo demás las veo floreciendo en muy buen estado. Greetings! after two weeks, I returned, the indoor stayed care of friends during that time, this time with specific instructions to avoid over watering as last year lol. The skunk turned out to be hermaphrodites, I will give a better life. The girls of the test, it is up fertilizer in a few days and now more intensively. They are looking a little burned by the lamp and I just seem lacking in potassium. Otherwise I see them blooming in very good condition.
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    Thank you so much Hunters Very kind words! I worked hard on this grow and had a few ups and downs and everything turned out good! I have had a great Harvest and there is still 5 Ladies going at Day 76 since 12/12 all milky with a few Ambers starting to show! 5 that are left! 1 Doctor, 1 Exodus and 3 Buddha Tahoe's! All could have bin cut by now but i want them perfect!! I have learnt a lot from this grow and the main thing is not to mess about and risk Humidity levels!! IT'S NOT WORTH THE RISK! don't be lazy buy a de-humidifier i'm glad i did when i did if not well i would have lost a whole lot more! After most of the buds have had a week curing in my Jar's the taste/smell is starting to come through more, I'm overall happy with the strains i had chosen and every one has brought smiles upon friends faces when they smoke one of my j's hehe I have to say though, It's almost a tie between my favorite between the Doctor, Buddha Tahoe and the Exodus Cheese! All are incredible smokes all with there unique individual taste, smell and high's! I love the Doctor as a Plant and smoke, She grew very well very vigorous growth and the smell!! I think i had 2 different pheno's 2 smelt definitely different! one pheno i liked to call the Chemical Doc which just had a really strong i'm gonna fuck you up cleaning fluid smell like 'citrus cif' and the other a more Fruitier smell which held more resemblance to the Great white shark in bud formation and looks. The Exodus Cheese! wow! The best lady is still growing so i cannot wait to smoke her but so far i have had the pleasure of smoking the first to come down and a lovely taste and high! Then it leaves me to the Buddha Tahoe OG!! Now with this i have had no Kush growing experience and have only smoked like 4 maybe 5 types o kush BUT if that was a random pheno or a slight deficiency it remains to be seen but my god it is a Superb smoke! I can't get enough of it until i'm asleep that is lolol the stink the taste the high all beautiful! It leads me to believe it could be pheno type as it looks very different to my other 3 tahoe's still growing so once they are down and dried i will be able to judge it better! So at the moment i'm at the cleaning stage making sure everything is good for the next grow! Which looks like it could get very interesting!!! One side of the tent Hydro! the other Soil! Which plants will do better!?! and this won't just be judged on size!! This is the system which has bin offered check it out see what you all think! http://www.strainhun...a-any-thoughts/ I did get a bit slack taking photo's during the Harvest but here's a few, i will take more pics of the one's that are left before i cut them this time Blue Widow Rocklock The Drying racks Peace
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    Gracias monkyverde, Fran y DamianSeplant por pasarse y comentar! Octavo día de floración y ya muestran los primeros brotes florales vigorosos en todos los nudos. Además de que han crecido casi el doble desde que entraron en 12-12, Van 9 días desde que regué, lo que me dice que aún no desarrollaron un denso sistema radicular, aunque estoy seguro que esto pronto cambiará, pues ya aparecieron las primeras raíces en los bordes, cuanto antes voy a tapar con algún material opaco los recipientes para evitar inconvenientes. Eighth day of flowering and the early show and vigorous buds at all nodes. Besides that have grown nearly twice since entering 12-12, spent 9 days since I showered, which tells me not yet developed a dense root system, although I'm sure this will soon change, as the first roots appeared in edgesas soon as possible I will cover with some material opaque containers to avoid disappointment. Se aceptan observaciones, consejos, ideas... We accept comments, tips, ideas ... Saludos! Greetings! PD: Me olvidaba, seguramente se habran dado cuenta muchos, pero para el que no entendió, el movimiento de macetas es para hacer llegar la misma luz a todas las plantas, en el medio las mas bajas y a los costados las más altas, lo que me permite tener la lámpara lo mas baja que pueda sin quemar las hojas como se observa en la planta de la derecha (el daño fue sumamente poco pues cada día controlo la distancia de las niñas al foco). PS: I forgot, probably have noticed many, but for those who did not understand the movement of containers is to deliver the same light to all floors, the lowest in the middle and the highest side, which I may have the lowest lamp as as possible without burning the leaves as observed in the plant on the right (the damage was very little because every day I control the distance of the girls to focus). PS2: I translated the text as understood best, I translate it in google and improved to sound good with what I know of English. I hope it is understandable.
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    Thanks Dust! Buenas! les traigo una fotito de las nenas, tomada hoy con el celular hasta que tenga cámara. Este es el primer día con 12 horas de luz por lo que oficialmente han pasado a floración. Solo tengo unos segundos para tomar las fotos cuando se prende el sodio, antes de que comience a hacer interferencia y no se vea nada jejej Ayer fueron regadas con los tes de banana y fermento 28-06 (RAIZ+A+C+virgo), vamos a dejarle un tiempo a las que llevan guano pues ya tienen en el sustrato.
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    Bueno gente finalmente pude darme abasto para 3 esperadas auto-bomb, estoy muy agradecido por las semillas!! Calendario de cultivo (Actualizado 31\08\2021)
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    Buenass!! saludos desde rio negro! pido perdon por la tardanza del seguimiento pero bueno, tenia la camara rota Las autobom fueron plantadas el 22 de junio y llevan 39 dias hasta la fecha, hasta hace dos dias estaban en el sector de vegetacion y al ver las preflores cambie al sodio Estas son las dimenciones de mi armario En vegetativo utilizo 4 focos bajo consumo 2 de 23w Frios 1 de 15w frios 1 de 23w luz de dia (punto intermedio entre calido y frio a fin de complementar el expectro) y en floracion un humilde sodio 150w En ambos armarios la ventilacion esta compuesta por coolers de 12v de 12x12cm 1 de intraccion y uno de extraccion mas uno q mueve el aire en cada uno las 5 plantas estan en macetas de 5litros y la formula que utilice fue 35%compost 25%humus 20%resaca de rio 15%turba 5% perlita a esto le sume 1 cucharada al raz de harina de sangre cada 5 litros y una y un poco de harina de hueso cada 3 litros No tienen ningun abono hasta el dia de la fecha y no parecen necesitarlo, no veo ninguna carencia aunque creo q me pase con el nitrogeno, para la proxima voy a bajar la dosis de la haria de sangre o a no utilizarla directamente.. Aqui les dejo las fotos, como podran ver hay claras diferencias entre un fenotipo y otro, 2 salieron muy indicas, en comparacion con las otras Mi armario con las chicas Planta 1 Esta crecio 2cm de un dia para el otro y se me quemo con la lampara Planta 2 Planta 3 Planta 4 Esta presenta unas manchas en las hojas q no logro detectar de que son, si ustedes saben avicen Planta 5 Y por ultimo aca estan 3 the doctor germinando despues de estar 24Hr en agua
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    Jack Critical#1,#2 at second week of Veg. A have give the plants in threee differents pots for take one mother ploant. Simon.
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    Update day 17 ok so today when i woke up the the green o matic receiving the powderfeeding took a turn for the worse it just wasent recovering the leafs where yellow and lifeless so i decided its better to take her down and start fresh so unfortunatly this grow isent gonna be as much of a straight up comparison i am out of green o matic seeds so i had to make a decision ether finnish off this grow with just the one plant doing the flora nova or plant something else i made the decision to plant a exodus cheese seed as am really interested in trying this strain the timing will make it possible for me to give the cheese plant a suffcient veg period and at least this way i will still be able to show a plant with the floranova and a plant with the powder feeding. the exodus cheese plant is gonna receive about ruffly 3 weeks veg and then the flowering of 8 week's and i am really growing it as a test because i have alot of exodus cheese seeds and i have heard great things about this strain so if i like it i will be doing a couple rounds of exodus as it is a relatively fast flowering hybrid so i feel it will do well with the indica powderfeeding , its not the most ideal situation but i had to improvise since the death of my last green o matic and i prefer not to do 3 plants with 300 W's two maximum. as for the green o matic plant receiving the Flora Nova it is doing extremely well the vegitation if thick and everything is tight it gets bigger every day, the plant actually has a strong odor even tho it is young which didn't happen the last time i grew green o matic, it also looks like i got a different phenotype then i am used to with green o matic because th4e leafs are alot thicker and rounder then i remember and have a different formation but i guess i will just have to wait and see it is day 17 and everything seems to be going good today i upped the nutirents to the level on the bottle suggested for plants in early growth stages 1.25 ml / per L of floranova from along with 0.40 ml of bud candy per L the ph is adjusted to 5.5 and i am focusing on giving more of a dry wet cycle doing bigger feedings ast once and then longer period of rest the plants. Green O Matic Receiving FloraNova & bud candy
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    & after 2 weeks of 12/12 she started to show some hairs, here some today pics:
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    Day 19: Hi Guys & Girls. Very quick update, all is going well, gave them first feed yesterday GHSC Indica powder 1.5EC and pH 6.8 That's it. Toaor Northern Lights Auto Day 3
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    Todos los abonos se darán en forma de té. Regando en lo posible siempre de mañana y nunca de noche, pues dejamos la puerta abierta a las plagas. Te de Guano de Murcielago: Colocar 5 g en un litro de agua, agita y dejar reposar toda la noche (afuera de casa por el perfumín). Se usa directamente. El te hecho con guano bien maduro aporta grandes cantidades de fósforo. Te de Banana: Cortar 2 bananas bien maduras en rodajas. Poner a hervir la cascara y la pulpa durante 5/15 minutos en aproximadamente 1 litro de agua. Colar y enfriar antes de usar, se puede guardar en la heladera, antes de usarlo sacá lo que necesites y dejalo atemperarse en el indoor. Dilir 2 tazas por cada 3 litros de agua de riego. Este té aporta cantidades significativas de potasio y un extra de azucares y materia orgánica. Fermento de Salvado de Trigo: Colocar 2 tazas de salvado en un litro de agua reposada previamente, dejar destapado en lugar cálido y fermentar unos dias (2 a 5). Se notara el cambio en el olor pues obtendrá un toque avinagrado -como el vinagre es básicamente ácido acético, recomiendo revisar el pH si se fermenta por más tiempo. Filtrar y dejar reposar unos instantes, luego pasar a otro envase cuidando de que no pase lo que queda en el fondo, que nos va a ir impermeabilizando el sustrato. Diluir 2 tazas en 3 litros de agua de riego. Aporta cantidades significativas de fósforo y de potasio, pero aún más importante aporta mucho a la flora microbiana pues el fermento contiene levaduras y bacterias benéficas.
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    Felicitaciones loco. Estan floreciendo muy bien. Saludos.
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    Bienvenido al hilo de testers Carnaticus. Las plantas se ven muy guapas, como bien apunto mopman, las manchas se deben a una carencia de Mg a mi entender. Eso, muchas veces, si no es por falta directamente se debe a que la la planta no lo puede absorber por que la tierra esta muy humeda, fria o acida. Saludos.
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    Saludos autoprime y bienvenido al hilo de testers. Espero que te valla muy bien saludos.
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    Muchas gracias por la ayuda, ya le había agregado el logo x photoshop y me encuentro con que se agregan solos
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    Ahoi!!! Looks pretty nice Buddy Its an easy to grow and really tasty Strain love this Citrus smell/taste... have a healthy grow Grettings PJ
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    Press Release – For Immediate Release Amsterdam, The Netherlands (April 16, 2012) – Cannabis entrepreneur Arjan Roskam takes Dutch state to court on charges of violation of the Dutch constitution. (Amsterdam) New proposals for anti-drug laws in The Netherlands call for restrictions being placed on who can buy cannabis in infamous Dutch coffee shops. The Dutch government is trying to set up a system that judges people by ethnicity and nationality in violation of the Dutch constitution. Far-right politicians have proposed legislation that would only allow Dutch residents to enter cannabis-selling coffee shops. This legislation would require Dutch residents to register as members of the cannabis-selling coffee shops and would prohibit any foreigners from becoming members. The membership system, also known as the “weed pass”, is not supported by any of the Amsterdam political parties besides the Christian Democratic Party. Together with a legal team of 4 well-known cannabis-business-branch lawyers, Arjan Roskam (a well-known cannabis entrepreneur) has decided to take the Dutch state to court, claiming the new legislation is a violation of the Dutch constitution. According to Roskam “the introduction of the weed-pass, and banning tourists from coffee shops would only be possible through local regulation on the grounds that the visitors of coffee shops create a public disturbance. The legislation as proposed by the Dutch state calls for a national ban on tourists in coffee shops, however if the local municipality is against the legislation it is not possible for the Dutch state to enforce such a ban.” Roskam continues to explain, “Artikel (or) Clause 1 of the Dutch constitution states that all that are in The Netherlands will be treated equally, discriminating based on religion, lifestyle, political views, race, gender on any ground is not allowed. For this reason, the national ban on tourists visiting coffeeshops would violate our constitutional rights here in the Netherlands by discriminating against foreigners.” Arjan Roskam and his legal team are scheduled for a court hearing on the 18th of April 2012 where they will challenge the Dutch state for violating the Dutch constitution.
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