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    25th Cannabis Cup more info; http://cannabiscup2012.com/ DATES FOR CANNABIS CUP 2012: 11/18-11/22 If you don’t know what the Cannabis Cup is, then you have probably been living in a cave somewhere. This has become the worlds premier Cannabis festival. Started in 1987, the Cannabis Cup is now in its 25th year. It always takes place in Amsterdam where the marijuana laws are most lax and allow for the larger scale event that the Cannabis Cup has come to be. The festival has traditionally centered all activity around the judging of different strains of marijuana, usually coming from many of the coffee shops around Amsterdam. But beginning with the 6th Cannabis Cup, the founder Steven Hager began fusing counterculture spirituality into the event. The High Times Cannabis Cup now typically includes live music, comedy and an expo for marijuana-related products from cannabis-oriented businesses. This event has become very popular over the last several years and many tourists go to Amsterdam specifically to attend this festival. We are here to offer you any pertinent information regarding the 2011 Cannabis Cup. Please browse the information below as well as our blog and other pages to get more information about the Cannabis Cup 2012. Also, be sure to check out our Amsterdam Coffee Shop Map. Cheers family!!!
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    Landraces (plantas autóctonas) Esta serie de artículos esta enfocada sobre las más importantes landraces del cannabis. Todas las miles de variedades de cannabis que usamos hoy en día derivan de un relativamente limitado numero de landraces, que han sido usadas para propositos medicinales, religiosos y recreacionales durante siglos. El cannabis se originó en Asia central, y desde ahí se ha propagado hacia todos los rincones del mundo. A veces ayudadas por la naturaleza, a veces por el hombre, las semillas de cannabis han conquistado distancias inimaginables, diseminando sus genéticas, adaptándose a los nuevos medio ambientes, cambiando sus características y por lo tanto resultando en incontables combinaciones. Algunas de estas combinaciones se estabilizaron ellas mismas a través de la endogamia en medio ambientes particulares. Algunas de estas landraces se han preservado, aisladas en áreas remotas del planeta sin contacto con otras variedades de cannabis por largos períodos de tiempo. 1) Marruecos - Kif Marroquí 2) Malawi – Malawi Gold 3) Sudáfrica – Rooibaard Sudafricana 4) Isla Reunión – La Hierba Perpetua 5) Tailandia – Sativa Tailandesa 6) Afganistán – Indica Afgana 7) India – Himalayan Mal Kazajstán – Kazajstán Rudelaris 9) Méjico – Sativa de Oaxaca 10) Panamá – Panama Red 11) Colombia – Punto Rojo Colombiano 12) Brasil – Manga Rosa Brasileña Mi nombre es Franco, mi pasión es el cannabis, y mi trabajo es cazar variedades para Green House Seed Company.
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    hello Green house cannabis cup contestents and just fans of the site. today i planted 4 GHSC White lemon's, and with that it is time to start my grow journal for the contest. So Below i will give you all the information with regards to my grow / nutrient test i am conducting for my first entry in the cup. For this grow, i will be using a straight Coco medium. No perlite, no vermiculite, no added nutrients to the medium. i am doing this so that the plants will be be responding souly to the nutrients i feed them and nothing else. As i said i planted 4 white lemon seeds today once the seeds pop i will start them on a floresent bulb until they are developed seedlings then slowly introduce them to the MH 400W blub for veg, after a short veg period i will start flowering at which time the MH blub goes back on the shelf and out comes the 400W HPS. a quick list of all the ingredients involed in this grow: 1. 4 GHSC White lemon seed's - free, thank you green house 2. 1 brand new powersun 400W digital ballest , mogel and reflector - 150$ canadian 3. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Metalarc MH blub for veg - 25$ canadian 4. 1 brand new 400W sylvania Lumalux HPS bulb for flowering - free with light kit 5. 4 2 gallon pots to start with catch trays for run off - free with lighting kit 6. coco for medium - so far i have used less then 5$'s worth of a 15$ brick 7. GHSC Powderfeeding Hybrid - free, thanks to green house seed co 8. General hydroponic's Flora nova - free left over from previous grow 9. make shift watering jug - 99 cents total cost for this grow $ 180.99 canadian, mind you i will get many crops out of my ballest and probably 4 - 6 crops out of the bulbs. so let's see what kinda damage i can do. a picture of the free kit i received from green house for entering the contest within the first 300 entries. i don't germinate seeds before planting them i just throw them in the medium about an inch down asshole up and apply water. so for now all i have to share is photo's of my set up but stay tuned as i will be updateing this journal very often, and share loads of pictures. GHSC White lemon not yet ready to come out of its shell but soon enough!!! stay tuned for an update as soon as they pop!
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    Good luck lads, you know quality always shines through! Peace and respect.
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    Welcome to my Grow Journal! This is my first, so i hope i do it right! Please bear with me! I am growing 6 African strains, in Zimbabwe, (Southern Hemisphere). All Sativa, (obviously!) Strains: 1 Malawi Black, 1 African Haze, 1 African Skunk, 1 Green Bomber, 1 Transkei, 1 Purple Mountain Medium: All in buckets of soil from my farm. I mixed Very good red soil with some river sand and sheep manure. (This is my own soil medium mix that i have been perfecting over the few grows that i have done) Ok, well this is the start! I will post pictures very soon! Hope to hear your thoughts and contributions!
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    update!!! alright so last night before i went to bed i noticed WL #1 was poking out the soil , i went to sleep and to my supprise when i checked on them today not only was the #1 up and open but WL #2 and #4 had also made it's way out of the coco. so as of right now i am waiting on the trainwreck and white lemon #3 which should be all out i am guessing by this time tommorow. anyways here is a shot of them that i took about a half hour ago. the white lemons are on the outside and the trainwreck in the middle WHITE LEMON #1 WHITE LEMON #2 WHITE LEMON #4 WHITE LEMON #3(right) & TRAINWRECK(left)
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    comming from "clicanoo.com" the site of "journal de l'ile" news paper from réunion island google trad: The site "strainhunters.com" is as serious, fueled by an English adventurer, who specialized in the observation of cannabis worldwide. In an article posted on May 9, the author Franco is as passionate about cannabis and "strain hunter" for the Green HouseSeed Company. Basically, it is "researcher varieties" for the Society of seeds of the green house, or the Society of grain green house ... Choice. Seriously, Franco explains that zamal Reunion is a very special variety, which allows two harvests per year, far morethan other cannabis. As a musician he met Reunion which tried unsuccessfully to cultivate this zamal in Africa, he concludes that our cannabis péi needs its environment Reunion to keep all his qualities. And suggests that this environment is the rich volcanic soils and the rainforest. Until then, we understand. But where there follows the most is when he explains that this environment is also the magnetic fields of the two volcanoes (Fournaiseand Piton des Neiges) that disrupts the reception of satellite TV and small flight instruments had ... He smoked our excellent zamal before writing? original Le site "strainhunters.com" se présente comme sérieux, alimenté par un aventurier anglophone, qui s’est spécialisé dans l’observation du cannabis dans le monde entier. Dans un article mis en ligne le 9 mai, l’auteur Franco se présente comme passionné de cannabis et "strain hunter" pour la Green House Seed Company. En gros, il est "chercheur de variétés" pour la Compagnie de graines de la maison verte, ou pour la Compagnie de grains verts de maison... Au choix. Très sérieusement, Franco explique que le zamal réunionnais est une variété très particulière, qui permet deux récoltes par an, bien plus que les autres cannabis. Comme il a rencontré un musicien réunionnais qui a vainement essayé de cultiver ce zamal en Afrique, il en déduit que notre cannabis péi a besoin de son environnement réunionnais pour garder toutes ses qualités. Et suggère que cet environnement, c’est la richesse des sols volcaniques et la forêt humide. Jusque-là , on comprend. Mais là où on ne le suit plus, c’est lorsqu’il explique que cet environnement est aussi celui des champs magnétiques des deux volcans (Fournaise et piton des Neiges) qui perturbe la réception des TV par satellite et les instruments de vol des petits avions... A-t-il fumé notre excellent zamal avant d’écrire ? link: http://www.clicanoo....el-article.html
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    hello all i was just wondering if anyone was aware of exif data held within photos that you upload. if anyone uses a smart cam or smart phone, iphone etc to take their pictures, if you leave the G.P.S turned on and the internet it can/will add into your pictures your location co-ordinates in the form of exif data. as we are uploading pics it may take this exif data away but mabey it wont i havent checked but just a cautionary thread to anyone that cares about this kind of thing. just food for thought peeps take care p.s i use an image program called gimp to re-size pics and it also has an option to remove exif data t the same time. peace my brothers
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    i built a purge chamber for bho. ill be trying it out soon. it was very easy, all you need is a brake bleeder and a sealed container
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    Then a few more can't hurt? bwahuaheaueeh..
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    hey guys after some little recherche i've pick some nice pictures for you guys (on the web) -"zamal" Réunion island land-race (old school sativa) -100% sativa -12/12 natural sun light ENJOY IT: i hope you guys are ENJOY to see how much its incredible to have soo big cannabis tree with only 12/12 sun light !!! peace
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    Hey guys, here a little piece of the seminar where franco talks about the powder The part where he talks about the add of cal/mag is in the Q/A part sorry oldemarine but it will come And sorry about the sound for the longer vid we'll make it better
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    haha thx Guscode, nice attitude. to Fran: Yes this is a very nice color, i love the color of the GH kush strains, my kings kush had a very similar deep dark green, you can just love that... Thanks for all the other good wishes. Well, this MM really do good. I have 2 new pictures. a little total view. the clones you see are from my haze plants, just to see if i still got it... before i clone others. world peace...
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    just a quick picture. i just had uploaded a that video so... enjoy, they explode.... world-peace
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    HELLO greenhouse and co Here are the new photo. 3 days after they are all out of their cube.I must say that greenhouse seeds are really good quality for the weather, ( it is winter it is cold ) with light : 21°c 55% humidity at night : 16°c 55% humidity
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    DIA 12, 13 y 14 VEGETATIVO: Comienzo esta actualizacion con un grafico de crecimiento del estudio que estoy haciendo durante 14 dias,por que me parece que no crecen mucho las plantas, quizas sean los cambios de humedad, no se no obstante aqui les dejo el grafico y juzguen.. Beginning this update with a growth chart study I'm doing for 14 days, because I think that the plants do not grow much, you may be changes in humidity, not yet here I leave the chart and judge.. Se ve una recuperacion en altura muy buena de la W.L. Comun#2 o Mutante que en 4 dias gano 2,5cm. pero las demas siguen a un ritmo de 1cm. mas o menos cada 2 dias, a mi parecer eso es poco. You see a very good height recovery of the WL Common # 2 or Mutant 4 days that gained 2.5 cm. but the others are still at a rate of 1cm. About every two days, I think that's little. Bueno dejo de llorar un poco y vamos a los datos de control de esta actualizacion correspondiente a los dias 12,13 y 14 de "Vege", que apartir del dia 10 de este mes les dare con una lampara de 600W. Vapor de Sodio, que coincidira con el dia "vege" nº 20, a las que transplantaren a un contenedor de 7 litros para darles al menos 15 dias de crecimiento mas. Well left to mourn a little and let the control data corresponding to this update on 12,13 and 14 "Vege", which starting in the 10th of this month I will give a 600W lamp. Sodium vapor, which coincide with the day "vegetable" No. 20, which transplantaren a 7 liter container to give at least 15 days of growth. En estos dias he hecho 2 riegos de la mitad de agua aprox. que le solia echar en un solo riego, es decir he vertido el agua de un dia de riego en dos dias de riego, con estimulador de raices (cantidad mostrada en foto) y powder feeding (cantidad en foto), subiendo tambien el Ph del agua de riego. These days I have made two half irrigation water approx. he used to take in one irrigation, ie have poured water from a water day in two days of irrigation, root stimulator (amount shown in photo) and powder feeding (amount in photo), also raising the pH of irrigation water. Toda esta solucion esta preparada sobre 1,5 litros de agua. This entire solution is prepared on 1.5 liters of water. Asi estan las niñas a dia de hoy 4 de Diciembre del 2012 con 24 dias de vida. So girls are as of today December 4, 2012 with 24 days of life. WHITE LEMON COMUN #1 WHITE LEMON COMUN #2 The MuTaNt WHITE LEMON ATIGRADA WHITE LEMON ALBINA WHITE LEMON SATELLITE VISION DATOS DE INTERES INTERESTING FACTS SABADO 1 DICIEMBRE, FASE LUNAR ILUMINADA 95,17%. SUNDAY 1 DECEMBER, MOONPHASE ILLUMINATED 95,17%. DOMINGO 2 DICIEMBRE, FASE LUNAR ILUMINADA 90,26%. SATURDAY 2 DECEMBER, MOONPHASE ILLUMINATED 90,26%. LUNES 3 DICIEMBRE, FASE LUNAR ILUMINADA 83,82%. MONDAY 3 DECEMBER, MOONPHASE ILLUMINATED 83,82%. Nos vemos en breves ser buenos......Smoke and love See you in short be good.................Smoke and love
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    Mr X, I want to thank you, Tokage, and Dust for the great work you do on this forum to educate 15,000+ members and the World in general about the World Class products your team at GHSC bring us into a new modern age of strains and cultivation methods. The climate here in Hawaii is too nice to go to Northern Europe in the wintertime so I plan on coming to The Netherlands again to see old friends around tulip time.
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    Here we go. 21 days after germination if i counted proper On Monday they got 7 liter for 10 plants... On Thursday morning they were ready for the next 10l. Amazing Plants so far. I will select one to a mother for a next generation scrog , gonna be awesome !!! They now become their vegetative feeding with EC 1,8 PH 6-7 big peace
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    i still had problems with my cloner... i was able to fix the clogging issues, and now it sprays so heavy that the tote is leaking again.. but i've ordered this imported tote i seen people use on DIY clone machines and it doesn't leak... waiting it on mail tho.... so here is the deal, from the last batch of clones i did, 6 survived and root... the king's kush didn't root much at all... so i'll try once again, and if it doesn't root this time, i'm gonna flower the mother next time... i still haven't cloned the lemon skunk... will do soon... i'll be harvesting in 2 weeks, and then i'll have space to start the seeds for the cup.... on the veg room, i have germinated 3 more species, dna's chocolope kush and connie chung, and reserva privada's headband... they are loving the coco and the powder feed... they seem very healthy... here 2 of the clones, those 3 new seeds and a general pic of the room... i guess that's it brothers... peace!
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    hi all was hoping on buiding a device that lets me power lights on my guerrilla grow the idea basicly consists of a solar panel some batteries and led lights. I read in marijuana botany that you only need a little light attached to the top of the plant so i thinking using 3 watt chips and have one per plant . would love to hear if anyone else has tried something similar as it would be good to get a better crop in the winter months
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    Been reading this site the last few days, and, I've been living in a cave it seems. It's been a lovely welcome and looking through the information on this site like Forums sorta has you forgetting your pain for a while. I have a 1/2 pound of butter from 14 grams White Widow buds that were carboxilated, washed of its chlorophyll and now sits in the fridge, yellow not green, but the smell and taste! I have 16 ounces in front of me and next months 8 are coming as usually, and I'm just too sick to eat this butter which unfortunately tastes like an engine oil. I can't believe this comes from that! What am I going to do, how will I get this(butter/medicine)into the few mouthfuls I can manage a day? I also live in a very anti cannabis building with local sniffer dogs twice a day, I'm a card carrier, but still. I would really like to learn about removing tastes and increasing potency because I have no appitite, which is expected, but I need to eat and soon. This technique should not keep me up because I only sleep when I'm exhausted from the insomnia. Please. Thank you
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    Day 7 The seed was having trouble getting out of its shell. So i had to help it along. It did stretch a little when it was stuck in its shell ( it thought it was still under ground ) but no big deal. I will bury it deeper at transplant.
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    [/media] Bueno hermanos, las plantitas se encuentran muy bien, vi que sus hojas inferiores ya no estaban para esa maceta y las cambie a una de 8lt, crecen muy bien y con alguna leve carencia en las hojas mas bajas que la estoy corrigiendo con el te nutritivo + mad grow vegetativo, los parametros siguen estables y dentro de los mencionados desde un principio, cada 15 dias aprox aplico mamboreta m plus+ aceite de neem organico como preventivo y en estos dias aplico mamboreta contra hongos para evitar cualquier problema en las raices Tienen problemas para cargar el seguimiento? talvez tanto gif lo hace complicado, apartir de la proxima pagina los pongo ocultos,
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    Quick update. Room temp 26°C,relative humididty 49%,PPM 1060 & PH 5.70,added House & Garden Shooting Powder at the start of the week so no longer using the canna boost,flushed the night before last with PH'd water @5.50,peace Kush
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    gracias fran! en invierno le pongo 3 plantas mas, entran justas pero en verano x el calor y la humedad les doy un poco mas de separacion cannabis ancestral gracias x la onda... para controlar la altura no uso podas, no me gustan. les hice a todas lst (low stress training) desde el 4to o 5to nudo, las doblo mucho una sola ves cosa que la copa quede a la misma altura que las ramas bajas (en lo posible) y dsp dejo que se sigan estirando para arriba normalmente todas las ramas. asi las ramas bajas quedan casi a la misma altura que la copa haciendo que engorden mucho mas que antes. las plantas mediran alrededor de medio metro y el tema del transplante final lo hago una semana antes de poner el floracion, siempre las paso a maceta definitiva un poco antes de pasar a 12 12 para dejar que se estiren las raices un poco mas y se acomode a su nuevo hogar saludos!!
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    hahaha i always get shocked if i see this few days old pics.... without much words today...... SuperLemonHaze NevillesHaze im afraid i cant veg much longer.... flower is very very close, maybe 1 day to go... world peace
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    @Fran Ya te lo he comentado en el otro lado también,cuido mucho las raíces.Mas adelante veras la utilización de Propolix y Expelex vía radicular en el seguimiento para mantenerlo sano y fuerte. Pero también he comentado en el otro foro que este verano perdí 8 de las 9 genéticas que tenía por gilipollas y por problemas radiculares. @Dust I don't know if that problem is the coco. I will watching the evolution of my plants in the next days @Santa Maria Thanks a lot man. @FIM Thanks DÍA 23 - SIN CAMARA,SIN MEDIDOR DE pH Y CON LOS CONSECUENTES PROBLEMAS. Así esta el patio amigos,ya hacía días que sospechaba que el medidor de pH no funcionaba bien pero cuando lo metía en el liquido para calibrar marcaba bien.El otro día fui a reclamar mi medidor HANNA que lleva 4 meses en hortitec para reparar pero no les ha salido de los huevos repararlo aun porque no se ponen de acuerdo con el fabricante para hacerlo entrar en garantía (2 meses tenía cuando se estropeo la sonda). Estas navidades tengo ganas de mandarles una postal a los de hortitec sin que se sienta aludida alguna de sus madres .Total,utilizaba el que utilicé el año pasado y las madres empezaron a mostrar síntomas de mala nutrición y la Ec de drenaje se ponía en nada por las nubes,así que decidí gastarme 40 plomos en el Milwakee básico y marcaba 1.2 puntos por debajo que el mio (5.8 el mio y 4.6 el Milwakee). Parece que los problemas nutricionales se van solventando pero las pequeñas también han recibido y muestran carencias,probablemente por bloqueos,que parece que también se van solventando y van tirando mejor. No se si es que soy gafe o todos los problemas de los medidores me los como yo,pero macho,me como un problema con el medidor cada año. La cámara,otra historia guapa guapa. El Sábado fuimos a la nieve con la family y mi hija intento tirarnos una foto (tiene 3 años pero no veas como dispara el bicho) y se le cayo la cámara al suelo y el objetivo no abre,así que otra que está a reparar. Hoy me han llamado que mañana ya estará,a ver si es verdad y mañana os subo algunos retratos. Bueno después de tanta miseria,os dejo los datos del clima de la habitación donde están ahora. Veréis que la temperatura es mas cercana a lo que se llaman "buenos valores para indoor". Ahora la extracción funciona día y noche 15 minutos ON y 30 minutos OFF con el ventilador las 24 horas. Como comenté en la anterior actualización,no pude colgar la imagen con los datos de riego y biodinamicos porque el excel me estaba dando la lata,pues no me fui a dormir hasta que lo solucioné Aquí tenéis la nueva imagen que voy a utilizar para los riegos,en el Pc se ve de coña,si alguien tiene problemas para ver los datos aquí en el foro que lo diga y lo arreglaré para que todos lo podáis ver bien. Junto a todo el bejunge,añadí también HEMPLEX,un bioestimulador a base de algas que desde que lo probé solo puedo decir cosas buenas de el,incluso con esquejes en el momento de meterlos en el tupper una pulverizada les sienta de maravilla. Si mañana me entregan la cámara,subiré fotos de todas para que podáis ver como afecta a las plantas el no tener el pH dentro de los rangos correctos,y aún mas en coco. Saludos.
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    Too much water, my friend. It is a common problem - the roots need air to breath and to absorb nutrients from the medium. With watering put your finger into the medium to the depth of about 2 inches, and if it feels wet, then do not water until it feels really dry. take care john
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    Try letting the medium dry well. Then flush with PH balanced water (6.5 to 6.8 NOT 6.0). Flush it well so there is plenty or run off. Then let it dry again and water half strength with the same 6.5-6.8 balance. 6.0 is too low for soil. Its my guess (some one correct me if I'm wrong) that the spots on the leaves are being caused by a lockout due in part due to the PH being too low for the medium. Further, the shiny green and folded in leaves are almost certainly a sign of over feeding. I would not consider transplanting them until you get this situation worked out as it will cause even more stress on the girls. Wait and monitor new growth for signes of improvement and then transplant them.
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    Just feeded the Babyroom and as always got my cam onboard......so here some Pics of the Babyroom aka Caboose #2 and 3# and the GHSC Moby Dick all pretty young Babys so far........enjoy the Pics Hunters
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    I got my seeds and the power feed now! ready to start once my kush plants are all done. I will make an update post asap. Should be the end of December then I wlil throw some Chemdog and Bubba Kush from Green house in the room.
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    African Haze at 2 Months. It is recovering well, and barely slowed down the plant! I gave it a little bit of AN and Compound D fertilizer to help it along after it got eaten. (Sorry about the bad photos!)
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    Que tal Milkmaker, cuando vivia en España solia utilizar el producto phytoprot-mildiu de Ecoprotec, con muy buenos resultados para problemas de raices, ademas de ser muy efectivo contra el pythium y hongos de cuello de raiz, tambien tiene la ventaja de que contiene EM ( microorganismos efectivos ), que para mi son la ostia. Saludos. http://kaya.es/es/ec...u-em-30-ml.html
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    thx ,,,, btw its a boy : P
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    Damm fucking nice spider Sizla !!!
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    Thanks Friend... I´am so sorry that I havn´t been able to update my Journal before now but I have had some things related to my Children that have required all my attention. But now every thing is good and my children are okay again. I will keep you alle updated in couple of days...
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    Haven't seen a gardening store in ages..lo But overnight had the same inspiration, was just surprised no growshop offer corbs of that kind . With bigger plants they are super effective as you can see in the GHS labs. Like a super SCROG for colas amazing ! Each plant in that lab had such a corn around the upper half and you saw fat buds growing in all directions, not like the outdoor picture.. Must choose the right size to get best results. Probably only makes sense with fatties in Hydro or under minimum 600 watts per plant.
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    This grow is looking good - I love your pictures the light is amazing - I find the canon always gives a very studio quality.
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    yea welcome to your new babies
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    Yes, definitely ! After you earned a few bucks with the first buds think about an Avenger Spread Reflektor. Increases the light from your lamp a lot. I just ordered one for myself and hope I can give all the flowering plants enough light. Like now even with 2 400 watt lights this is not possible in my row room. A Cool Tube will only reach around 60cm by 40 cm with the real bright lights and it is impossible to get more than 3 big plants under one lamp that way- means always moving plants around. Hope this will help.. I am sure you have seen these in some bigger and better grow rooms ... Check : http://www.growland....lektor-Spreader
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    Dust, At 12/12 from seed you are correct the larger pots or grow bed would be for plants grown to 15 to 25 cm on a 16/8 grow cycle to grow larger plants of 1.2- 1.5 meters or more depending on the strain.
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    Thanks man, it's a pleasure for us to share all those things with you and try to keep this forum as joyfull and peacefull as it is :rabbi: But we can only do it because we have the best members around
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    For me it's look like overfeeding...but i'm not THE expert here @strain hunters
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    RESPECT HC01!!! It's an awesome work and i'm very impressed. For a small fish, like me it's a fantastic way to learn! I'll have an eye on it...and of course now we need definitly new banner...MEMBER OF THE MONTH...even when it's very demotivating for the outher participant...oh wait...damned...should i modify my signature This Threat gonna be epic! Exemplary!!! gus

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