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    Hello folks! It's time!! Hope you like the format, it's a bit of fun. Which is what I think growing weed is all about Will be updating weekly with a few pages each time, you can zoom by clicking on the pages if you have any questions about the grow feel free to ask, I will be happy to answer Let's begin..... Next time.....transplanting and equipment
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    Hello everyone, We are very glad to finally be able to announce you the opening of our new seedbank, The Strainhunters Seedbank!! http://shop.strainhunters.com/ You will find on the shop the selection of strain choosed for this opening, we hope you will all enjoy those strains as much as we did cause they are awesome and selected and stabilised with Care and passion By Arjan and Franco and all the team! Some of you have already seen that there is YET no landrace on the catalogue. Like Admin said in the other thread due to reason we can not explains the work on the landraces has been truly delayed, which is the reason the bank hasn't opened in first place as she should have few months back, but we decided to still open it with the strains we have ready for you guys even if those strains are not the Landraces everyone is mostly hoping for. Most of you already know all those strains White Lemon, Money Maker, Flower bomb Kush of course and all the others sent in the cup, you will see that they are awesome genetics, and deserve there place in the SH selection! May we see some awesome grows going on, and i hope you will like the new packaging it is truly awesome if you ask me ;) Bless to you all have a good ordering And most of all a very good grow!! :rabbi: :rabbi:
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    Hi guys, here's some pics of the last AK-47 that stands (well, stood) She hangs in the dry room now
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    Hi guys Ive been doing some prunning and have bind 1 off them up a little. Here is some more pictures. She is early flowering the other feno seems to be a bit late but showing signs, i've decided to let nature have it's course cause in October it will slowly become 10/14 they should finish late october I guess will see! Big fun growing these plants/trees outside. It has not been an eazy grow so far with pests and all that, finally results from my hardwork start to show.
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    Day109 From Seed Day49 Flower(The final day of week 7 flower!!) Featuring the DNA Genetics LA Chocolat So this lass is doing very well! She has 5 equally dominant colas which are all swelling up nicely! This plant looks like she's about 10-15 days from being ready. Still too early to scope her. Her aroma is very is equal to that of the Chocolope The chocolate-like smell is the dominant one, while there are some VERY subtle sweet undertones Also should add that I split her stem right down the middle at the base, accidentally. Fortunately there have been no adverse reactions Bless
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    Thanks man. Just a quick update, my plants are now 7 weeks into bud, they are not big but will get plenty off them. Took a couple of pics on my phone to show you all as i will be finished at week 9 regardless guys as i have found a new house. The Chemdogs are very frosty and smell terrific, the Kalashnikova is way too leafy for my liking indoor so i will pop the other beans for outdoor this season. I have ordered another 16 beans of the chemdog as i like the look of them. Everyone i know has the white widow, SLH, big bud, painkiller etc etc so i might stick with these for a while, something different and my misso cant wait to taste these. Heres a few pics anyway, will be chopping in 2 weeks so my next lot of pics will be the last. CHEERS THURSDAY....
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    QUICK NOTE - Made a batch of bubble hash from the 2 super critical auto, northern lights auto, and big bang auto trim with some very nice results. Working on a tutorial of sorts with pictures (and a name for it) and will have a post ready soon!! Enough said brother!! haha Thanks again man!! Thanks again Dust!! It was cool cause she was such an easy low maintenance lady. Not leafy at all, and stretched just tall enough to allow all buds lots of light meaning VERY little defoliation, no tying or training really other than a little leaf tucking at times. She kind of raised herself while I spent much more time with the other 5 plants and all of the sudden she was all grown up and ready to be...ahem..chopped lol. I knew she had purple in her but not as much or the exact colour until I got her into natural light, now she is dark but the purple seems to be blending in but the dark red almost brown hairs are EVERYWHERE, super sparkly, very dense and the buds are almost dry enough for jars and are super dense, definitely the most dense auto I have grown yet. I really can't wait to get into her!! About the smell, she is changing a little now that she is drying she was very fruity as you mention before harvest, and now that she has been drying for 5 days she has a sweet, fruity, caramel/nut smell. When I chopped the test bud up it was super strong stuff, the dank comes out but it is still early and I find that there is always a potent early smell that masks the more distinct smells that develop with a few weeks, and then a few months time. LOL..thanks bro..really cool compliment This is gonna sound lame and simplistic but I think if we can figure out and read what they really need at each stage by paying close attention to what's goin on now, as well as remembering previous grows, and not what we "think" they should have because they are just supposed to want it at this stage, or what we've read from a nutrient schedule, we can fine tune things more and run into less problems and better growth. I've also REALLY learned less is more and don't push the ladies. A few times I've considered giving them another feed with a decent amount of nutes to help fix issues and decided to do the opposite and give them LOTS of low EC solution, like 0.5 even and then watched them turn around and explode with growth. Damn, rambling now, just smoked a fat sweet mango J..I hate trying to sound like I know anything cause I'm learning like everyone else P.S. IMO..The Powderfeed helps, A LOT!!!!!! Hey nicc, I really have only grown GHSC strains so far and this was my 4th grow now. I have had nothing but success and have been reluctant to try other breeders, trust me I'm not naive I know there are other awesome breeders out there but Greenhouse has been really good to me so far with many strains I want to try and haven't felt like venturing elsewhere. BUT, this is not the first time I have heard of this strain and have been considering looking for the most sativa influenced auto I can find to grow and I may look into this further. Just how sativa is she, and how long is her from seed to finish time? I can look it up myself too haha.but knowing from actual growers and experience is even better. THANKS for the heads up brother..very cool to know!! THANKS FOR THE CONTINUED INTEREST EVERYONE!! Peace
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    Man I love that last picture of that super sparkly nug broken off, big bud pics are cool and all but you really see the shiny insides with a picture like that and ya the bud + redbull picture's definitely right up there too Not to take away from a really awesome grow at all, but about the minor dried tops.. VERY minor detail I would say as it seems to just affect the bud leaves not the calyxes. I've noticed myself with using the LED + HPS combo to be careful not to have you have your LED point of maximum light at the same point on your canopy as your HPS point of maxumum light or "hot spot" as this can focus a little too much intensity at one area and seems to dry it out a little towards the end of flowering as the leaves nutrients are flushed and start to dry out naturally. Not saying this necessarily happened to you, but I noticed it my last scrog grow on a few tops and thought that might help. Definitely get another LED brother..like the others have said & I've agreed from the start that LED + HPS combo seems to bring out a little extra in the final product, and you don't need to buy a $1500 unit either when going secondary lighting. I'm looking forward to your next grow, best of luck and enjoy, that's a nice stash!!!! Peace
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    10 weeks + 5 days & the sweet mango is looking good, here some today pics: It seems like she'll be a 14-16 weeker babe !!
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    Hi guys, Day 40 of the flower period, We have had perfectly sunny days around the 23C-28C all week so she has been spending the days outside basking in the sun. My 30X and 60X loupe will be here early next week so I can keep a look out for any changes in the trychs and I bought myself a new PH meter during the week, so I did a little test with before and after PH test using worm juice. I set the PH to 6 added worm juice 50mls per litre and tested again and the ph was 8.2!! But she is still filling up nicely and the buds are very solid when squeezed, so she seems to be recovering. Thanks to you all for your input it is greatly appreciated!! Here are a few pics taken only minutes ago. Thanks again guys, Couldn't do it without you!! When do you guys end it? when the trychs are cloudy or wait for some amber to show? Cheers Ozi
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    looking at the leaves id say its not your meter, the PH is out but these are ready, at 6 weeks, they look to me like theyre ready.. does it say 8 week flowering? id start flushing now.. looks like a nice plant, you could try to reveg it
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    29/08/2013 fourth week of flowering
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    From the album Exodus cheese

    this lady is 36cm tall in 4week of veg
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    yes can be very nice getting a couple of pheno types, had the same with the Kalashnikova Autos, and have kept them separate as there is definitely a potency difference, between the two. Weather held till Saturday then rain and 18 not the 29 and sunny as promised lol. Next week down to 5c over night, might need to buy a patio heater at this rate.
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    Edit again lolol: If you live in a country as with me that have ridiculous prices on brown rice flour and also hard to find, you can always buy your own brown rice and grind it yourself until you get the amount you need.
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    Yes my friend you are miss informed. Making your own unique shroom is very easy. The hard part is to get something that is better and different from the original shroom. It´s almost like with Cannabis breeding. We can breed Cannabis but it is not often we get something that was better than the starter plant. Fungi is about same but even harder to get something that is different enough to call new. I would start with cloning those that look the best, but here we face a new problem. We do not know if the shroom we clone will be the stronger one. But for an example. All Cubensis is about the same when it comes to strength but they differ in size/shape and of course final yield. Btw, if you are using the BRF cake method look in IKEA for those big plastic containers they have for storing(they also have one 150l that is great as a water rez for hydro growing) Best method for getting the most out from a shroom grow should be the "pressure cooker" and the "straw bed" method. For the best help and vids download "Let´s Grow Mushrooms". It´s a very easy and handy video serie made by http://mycology.wikia.com/wiki/Marc_R_Keith
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    No, no more cutting while flowering. You will just be cutting off what would be colas. Cut all u want while begging. Soon after flowering you should expect a lot of growth. It will slow down when it gets done stretching. If the leaves are green and healthy and u have no burned tips or curling leaves, and she's still growing then your not doing a thing wrong. Start your flush about 10 days before your harvest.
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    nice grow smokey really nice have you ever tried think first by dutch passion its sativa and really nice buzz me and my friends have been getting good weight the least ive had is 94 grams my friend had 204 grams I think you would love it
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    it is for sure one great looking lady man!! I love those purple hues in the buds it looks very nice with that white covering the buds everywhere How is the smell on her? if you have the same kind of very very fruity smell almost tutti frutti, i had it's awesome it was my best smoking pheno for sure! thanks for all those very nice pics and mid-cro you're very close to the "ma" now haha Hhave a good drying and smoking man!
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    Excellent work continues in the garden of Gaz!! Congrats on the 2 phenos, I find it can almost be like having a different strain sometimes with a different pheno. Great to see the flowers started and congratulations on the nice weather, I hope the forecast didn't change Peace
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    Nice Gaz, thanks for the share Looking good Good luck with the finish. Bless
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    Good job man !! Those Boms look really nice, it seems you got a nice production, don´t you? Enjoy it.
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    Bro those are some beautiful plants, and extremely well flushed, that can only be some smooth sweet smoke I would imagine!!! I agree with Dust, letting them go to full maturity and proper flushing brought out some really nice colors in them. Really, really amazing work, especially for your first soil + organic grow I believe? Really liking the descriptions of the early smoke tests, you always are able to put your descriptions in a way that lets us all feel like we can taste/smell it. Respect bro! Peace
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