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    Time for another great moment!! this weekend The Expogrow based in Irun is taking place with some awesome Events like the Live performance of Lee Scartch Perry and Mad Professor, Two Jamaican legends! Sinsemillia a French reggae band on the road for more than 20 years, and other great artists. As last year there will be the Skate Park with some contest and some amazing animations such as the Air tunnel simulating free flight!! And of course!! The Whole GHS Family will be here with Arjan and Franco and will try to beat last year's score with 5 cups won! See you all there for some good vibrations! Este fin de semana nos vemos todos en Irún, no os perdáis una de las mejores ferías cannabicas!! More info and photos here; http://www.expogrow.net/en/ EXPO GROW 2013 13, 14 y 15 de Septiembre en Irún (Guipuzkoa - Euskal Herria) Stand 18 C
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    Skywalker Kush at 72 days flower with GH Powder Feeding!! Biggest cola 56cm!!! Smells like Fruit loops or Fruity Pebbles
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    hi clone of arjan haze #1 approximately 10 weeks of flowering fertilizer powderhybrid PEACE &SMOKE
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    hi all i'm Tarik from marocoo like your trip to ketama i hope found some fraind her
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    Hi everyone. harvest time has its good & bad points. I enjoy it up until it comes down to the fine trimming of the buds. I personally prefer the do it by hand and pick the leafs off until in happy. What is everyone elses prefferd method?
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    i like the kings kush ,its a very fruity, one of the best tasting weeds i ever had, new york city diesel taste wit hints of grape, orange, i find it easy to grow to the cheese is something special to, alltought it was not the exodus i grew, it was a great smoke
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    It's unfortunate that weather seemed to really f*ck people around this year with outdoor grows in a lot of areas of the world but I have to say Gaz, you still made the very best of what you had and while I'm in love with your AF2 the other 2 are just as beautiful. If the smells you talk of are any indication and the fact that you had lots of cloudy trichomes you are gonna be happy with the results even if the weather was a bitch this year I see what you mean by resin with AF3, damn man she looks sticky!! Nice pictures, really nice journal and I wish you the best of luck with the contest/s! Peace
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    Thanks guys I'll be ordering some in a few weeks and I was thinking white lemon, big bang auto, blue cheese some grandaddy purps, I might throw in some sweet mango Auto as well.
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    Nice, bro Those Caboose put some weight and the buds look really frosty. Congratz.
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    Cheers Mimi I'm also really enjoying the results I'm getting from supercropping for the first time Broke a couple stems in the beginning, but it's been smooth sailing the past couple of weeks. Got some really hard stems, and some good sized stalks for young plants! Here's a video I just came across and thought would be benefical to share: And a nice supercropping read : http://420deku.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-supercrop.html

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