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    Week 7 Update Hi Strainhunters time for this week update. Was a slow start to the week, as rained Monday Tuesday, the weather has improved up to mid 20's for the rest of the week, so I took the opportunity once they dried out to water them with 3g Powderfeed in a 10 litre can, half Friday and the rest today. The Afgooeys grow really compact internodes, so deceided finally to top them 2 days ago , to try and stimulate the lower branches to get growing, although they are extremely bushy plants. No more caterpillars spotted and have moved the girls front here frame to allow them more room. They have big leaves now the size of your hand at least. weather looking good this week so will hopefully get to feed them at least and leave the rain to flush them. Some pictures.
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    Hi Guys I am going to be testing Kalashnikova Auto Outdoor grow. Im sorry but i dont have any pictures of when the where babys lol there was not a secton in the forum for the test and i decided to start the plants of anyways since i was doing a outdoor grow and time was ticking lol. So i only have pictures from now. The biggest plant has started to preflower and has a realy strong smell even from a distance. The weather has not been great in the uk very damp and alot of slugs have appeard lol and had some fun on the main plant but all is well
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    En este hilo compartiremos nuestras amadas flores, animáos y postead vuestros cogollos! Empiezo el hilo con este hermoso ejemplar!
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    At 5th week,so 3,to go in theory,could not up load the video, from iPad. Regards
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    This week's up date (49 days in flower) This will be her last week of glory as I plan to take her down at day 56. Tomorrow she will get her last dose of ripen, anything after that will be just plain water to prepare her for the chop. I took a sample of a small quick dry bud yesterday, dam what a tasty smoke plus a raging head high. Now I can't wait to taste a nice cured piece of this, might be a new favourite.
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    UPDATE!!!!! DAY 61 of 12/12!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so alot has gone on since last update, on day 57 of 12/12 i harvested the rest of the bubba unfortunately i did it in a rush because it was on my birthday and i had thing's to do so unfortunatly i didn't take photo's of the harvest however i took a bunch of picture's today of the bud after drying. for drying the bud i just cut the bud stalk's off the main stem and put them on a drying rack. In my time living in a rented room i have to learn how to dry weed properly in the room i grow the plant's in. I have my plant's in the closet with a 400W light and a fan going all the time plus i have a fan in the window going all the time drawing fresh air in all this is great for the plant's but it creates a bad atmosphere for drying cannabis slowly because of this it isent smart to do wet trimming i personalyl feel wet trimming should only be done if you plan on drying in a climate controlled room if your dry area has dry air with heavy flow the wet trim method the bud's dry to quickly and the volatile and fragile terpenoid's will evaporate leaving your bud smelling like hay and having a bad flavor. so to avoid this happening i feel it's best to leave all the leaf's on while drying and to do a dry trim once the bud is ready for packaging. So the bubba kush has been drying for 5 day's and is right at the perfect point where the bud is dry enough that the stem's snap but not so dry that the bud crumbles and it smell's like og kush bubblegum heaven. aside from the bubba the platinum and chemdog are doing great both still have a way's to go but are only receiving Ph'd water to adjust the Ph i am using just citric acid powder. everything was grown with Powderfeeding in coco the only other nutrient used was calmag+ because of the growing medium of coco. Green House Chemdog POWDERFEEDING day 61 of 12/12 Platinum Kush from personal stock & POWDERFEEDING And finally...... Green House Bubba kush Finnished product grown with POWDERFEEDING harvested on day 57!!!! In the last picture that is all of the bubba kush off that one plant minus the main cola that i harvested earlyer, I have yet to weight it out but i am gonna guess i got about 60 gram's not including what i harvested earlyer but that is just a guess i will post the final weight in soon tho!!! Until next time stay green!!!
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    hehe nice man at least you were all clean and shaved to welcome the boss Thanks once again and again for those nice updates And that is a nice collection of strain you had man
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    Best grow journal I ever seen man!!! it took my rite hand then my left hand for awhile then that got tired then my rite hand again and that got tired then the auto scroll just to make it through all your amazing bud porn pictures man~!~! WOW you are setting some standards for cola porn in my opinion....
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    cool gonzo !!!!is a good thank for the picture !!!! peace & smoke smoke smoke
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    HAHA!! A run in and shared table/j's with Wiz Khalifa?!?! Damn bro what a cool bonus to a sweet trip!! It would have been tough too keep the hands steady I agree lol My jaw just kept dropping in awe at the pictures..all those strains are insane, the apartment is off the chain, everything I'm with Dust,..the couch picture is classic!! Thanks for sharing man, it gives us all just that much more incentive for next contest Congratulations again, and also with your 3rd place finish! Peace
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    yep, but i think 2g was too less for me... ate it all at the same day
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    well i live in india east india to be precise assam . which borders bhutan now bhutani is locally available all around lower assam. and is very potent. infact we have the manipuri and naga which are also very good along with the bhutani.
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    hi thanks for the positive coment ! i agree with you Bam ,in the ground, we can at least limit the inconvenience in September at least 80% and in the day ,with a drop of temperature of 10 ° C minimum at finaly the damnesia is STRENGTH but super positive. stitch I made a big trunk I will keep it for future use !!!! PEACE
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    Man I think I'm going to copy what you are doing as I've never got the results that you have got , please be my tutor lol I think craming 10 plants in 4l pot is doing me no favours I'm not documenting I'm current grow as they are not gh plants but I have got 4 plants in 20l pot this time to see if I can get more out of my girls , let me tell you something smoky if you don't win the auto cup with this grow then something isn't right lol love it I don't have a inlet fan like you I just open the side vent to let air get pulled in from the extractor fan in the tent I don't know if this might be letting me down to anyway man peace and hope u win u have put a lot into this grow

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