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    Green House Seeds Company invites you to participate in the third part of the Cannabis World Cup Trilogy, the Outdoor part! Where besides having the chance to win great prizes, you can try our incredible nutrients and new genetics. Green House Seeds Co. wants to thank you for your dedication to this incredible trilogy of contests. We have made great efforts in organizing this trilogy in which we'll distribute more than 85,000 €, divided between trips, cash, bonds web seeds, nutrients and many surprises. We hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed organizing it. STRAIN HUNTERS CANNABIS WORLD CUP - Outdoor - CONTEST RULES - Any adult person who is registered on Strainhunters.com (with a minimum of 30 posts) or Cannabiscafe.net (with a minimum of 100 posts) can enter this contest. - We will distribute FREE seeds to the first 300 participants (10 fem seeds per grower(no auto), strain selected by Strain Hunters Seed Bank). We require a complete and detailed grow journal, to be updated weekly on one of the forums (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com). (NO US or canada) - A maximum of two crops per person is accepted (not with the same strain). Crops can be blogged on one of the two forums, or both (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com). Each crop must be blogged independently, without using the same text or pictures for more than one journal. -Will be disqualified, anyone not following the rules of the forum or of conviviality. And anyone using multi-nick EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR STRAIN HUNTERS 3RD PART OF THE CANNABIS WORLD CUP Grow journals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: - Originality, both in the resources used in the crop and in the presentation of the updates. - The quality and number of pictures, and posting frequency. - The state of the plants during their evolution and the final results. - The amount of explanations about the grow, harvest and taste report, and fellowship toward the readers and participants. CONTEST PRIZES 2nd Part "Outdoor" 1st Prize A trip for the winner + 1 guest to Amsterdam for one week. Includes travel, accommodation and 1500€ in cash (at arrival in Amsterdam). 2nd Prize € 1,000 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients. 3rd Prize € 750 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients. 4th Prize € 500 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients. 5th Prize € 250 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients. 6th to 15th Prize A bonus of € 150 for each of the Grow journal that are ranked between sixth and fifteenth place to spend on the Green House webshop www.greenhouseseeds.nl/shop Special POWDERFEEDING prize If you are selected in the top five awards and you used the Powderfeeding nutrients, you'll receive a very special prize that will be announced sometimes during the contests. The first 300 participants will get the Powderfeeding for free (the best type for the genetics they get). In order to be eligible for the extra prize the rest of the participants must purchase a minimum of 1kg of any Powderfeeding fromwww.powderfeeding.ch during the contest. The contest will begin on May 1 2013, and end on November 15th 2013, with winners announced before November 30. Everyone is completely free to participate by buying seeds of any variety from Green House Seeds Co. through its website greenhouseseeds.nl and showing up in the beginning of the journal the original packaging. The deadline to start the journal and enter the contest is July 15. To enter you just have to respond to this thread requesting participation and the moderating team will tell you in private how to ask for free seeds and nutrients (only for the first 300 requests). Users that will ask for participation somewhere else than in this thread will not be allowed to participate. Same goes for the participants that didn't start their previous journal after receiving a kit, they will not be allowed to register. The plant MUST be flowered during it's entire flowering cycle Outdoor to be able to compete in the World Cup and win the prizes. NO seeds will be sent to US or Canada and the winner will be picked between this forum and cannabiscafe. VARIETY: - In brief - Good luck to all participants and may the best win! THE STRAIN HUNTERS CREW
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    i enter my Super lemon haze bud i harvested 26 days ago. i really love this strain it gets me very high and gives good positive vibes while still letting my brain function and stay in focus, fits for any time of day year-round. i grew it in dwc hydro with AN 3part nutrients, bigbud powder, overdrive and a bit of worm casting extract for the protection.
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    would like to enter with this indoor bud of seet mango automatic. the wholw plant was about 100gr, really impressive. flavour and hit of a true feminized strain deliver this automatic strain. i am growin her again, this time, but outdoor. enjoy resized 2x. somebody with camera experience should overthink the pic size quality simply suffers from resizing. original
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    WHite Strawberry skunk -taste like strawberry milk
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    600x400 http://i.imgur.com/clchyH9.jpg Max size Autobomb - 250w sodium light - 10 lt container
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    Hello. It's my first grow ever Super Critical. Amazing and forgiving strain. 300w CFL for veg & 600w hps for flower.
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    Welcome friends to the monthly contest, Green House Seeds Experience! On this occasion, we will make a photo contest dedicated to the best photographs, of buds of Green House Seeds plants. Who can participate?Any person registered in the forum, which meets the standards of the forum they can participate. When the contest begins and how long?The contest is monthly. Each month we will start a new contest, themed differently. It starts with the beginning of the month and ends on the last day of the month.In this case, the contest begins May 8 and ends on May 31. How and when the winner is chosen?The winner is chosen by public vote, the participants of the contest itself, is valid not vote for yourself.Voting will begin once the contest ended in force and will last for 7 days.Are only valid, the votes of the contest participants, excluding all other votes. What is the prize?The prize is a € 100 bonus web, to spend on any of our websites, (Greenhouseseeds.nl - Strainhunters.com-Powderfeeding.ch)You can order seeds, clothing, merchand, nutrients, etc .... Shipping costs are borne by the company. We no send seeds to USA, Canada and Australia - GREEN HOUSE SEEDS EXPERIENCES & YOUR BEST PHOTO OF BUD - How to participate?Post your best photograph of a bud of a plant green house before the end of May.If you do not want to post your picture, modesty or simply maintain your privacy, you can send it via private message, or by mail (jose@greenhouseseeds.nl putting as a concept, Competition Green House), and we will post it for you, keeping your anonymity at all times (never published / revealed your nickname or data). What photos are valid?Any photograph ofa bud of a plant of Green House, and a size of 600x400 px is valid. (Also 600x400 px)The photos must be your own, original, and if in doubt, ask the originality of it is proved. No valid photographs worth of others, or photographs taken of the network, etc ... we reserve the right to request additional photos, in case of winning to verify authenticity.You can post them in this thread, or send them by mail or private, if you want your nick is unknown.You should discuss your photo, say that variety is, as it has grown, etc ... the information is good.Only Is valid submit one photo per person Which prize is awarded to the winner?A web bonus of 100 € to spend on our websites. Shipping charges are for own. IMPORTANT: PUT YOUR PHOTOS ON THE RIGHT SIZE OR NOT BE VALID Greetings and good luck to everyone s Participating!
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    well let me kick it off with a beautiful white strawberry skunk Strain:White Strawberry Skunk(Clone,flowered for pheno check) Medium:Organic Soil,3.5l Nutrients:Nutriplex 3part flower/veg organic nutes and supplements Photo taken:6 weeks of flower Lighting:270w Apollo LED,70w HPS Camera:Samsung S4 Post Processing:Cropping only Image is 400X600,i assume thats what u meant? Please let me know if i need to resize
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    Ok so now i am gonna do the final bud shot's the bubba is already gone tho so no more photos of that but i'll share my yeild's number's and show some picture's of the nugget's So as far as my yeild's GHSC Chemdawg : 137 gram's GHSC Bubba Kush : 70 gram's Platinum Kush: 29 gram's total yeild : 236 gram's Ok so here's the Platinum Kush GHSC Chemdog i unfortunatly didn't get a shot of all of it together because i had to give away a bit to a few friend's and i gave an ounce to my neighbor. so the best i can do is a shot of the weed from the 1 coathanger with the bottom half of the plant on it, so this is about half of the total weed from that plant. i apologize for the quality of the photo i took the shot right before my camera died right before i jarred it up. This weed might not be the most cosmetically beautiful weed but it's definitely one of the best plant's i have grown from green house the week STINKS like red grapefruit and pinesol and taste's the way it smell's plus the high is one of the most well balanced hybrid's it make's your body buzz but also i really heady. the smell is so strong you smell it through the jar. Sorry i wasent able to take some big pile of weed shot's, when i go to my brother's house next i will take shot's of all the chemdog minus the ounce i gave to my neighbour. She is just an amazing yeilder the bottom half of the plant had so many nice big cola's and the main cola was a beast
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    Ok so i harvested the chemdog plant, even tho the plant ate most of the leaf's during the massive flush period i am still gonna do just a dry trim so all i did was cut the plant into 3 piece's and hanged it up to dry almost hole. The platinum is on day 5 of drying right now and still need's alittle more time. ill tell you tho i wish i waited until night time to cut this plant down because even just handling the plant for a few second's and my hole room reek's and the smell is even more dank then before i started the dark period 2 night's ago. anyway's these will be the last shot's until the final bud shot's and weight in so this is pretty much it for the grow thank's for checkin out my stuff and ill be up again with some fresh plant's real soon! next will be a FBK grow and maybe a few other's it should be nice tho until then stay green !!!!!! Chemdog main cola Platinum kush on the far left coat hanger the rest is chemdog
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    UPDATE!!!!!!!! DAY 40 12/12!!!!!!!!!!!! OK so just a few quick notes on how the grow's going before i show the pictures ! So far all the plant's are exceeding my expectation's. The chemdawg smell's so strong that if you even lightly touch the bud my hole room reek's. The smell on the chemdawg right now is very piney and citrus but as the day's go on it get's more and more of that oily fuel smell behind it personally i wouldn't grow this strain if smell is of a concern because its really stinky. The bubba kush is so sweet and kushy, i am very used to GH's version of Bubba Kush it is the most popular bubba in Canadian dispensaries differe1 nt then pre 98 bubba but that's not to say it isent a good strain i honestly rate GH bubba in my top kush strain's list because of it's sweet og smell and taste. Then there is the platinum kush for not having a very long veg it seem's this plant will be nice single cola. But even tho the plant wasent vegged as long as i like it's really showing promise as breeding material the leaf's look like they have wax on them they are so deep and shiny and its smell is a very sharp metallic kush smell. AS for the grow in the next 2 day's the plant's will receive it's 3rd flush since going into 12/12 i am basically following the flush schedule from the grow session's video's the plant's are getting full strength powderfeeding and clmag+ because i am using coco as a medium and tap water set out for a minimum of 24hr's ph'd to 6.2. Green House Bubba kush Green House Chemdog PERSONAL STOCK PLATINUM KUSH
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    UPDATE!!!! DAY 9 OF 12/12!!!!!! alright so today is day 9 of 12/12, everything is going good i have the ph at 6 and will have it up to 6.2 when plant's really start developing flower's. right now the chemdog has already shown sex it actually did it in the first week of flowering i thought that was odd but the bubba hasn't yet altho this morning i thought i saw what might be the starting of preflower's on the bubba. and the platinum kush i think will take a little longer to preflower as it was really young when i switched to 12/12. but yeah everything is going good the chemdog is just exceeding my expectation's on every level the bushiness the stem's development i might actually have to transplant that one into a bigger container but i havent decided yet. anyway's now for the photo's.... Chemdog Bubba Kush and some shot's of the two together and finnaly the platinum kush this plant is quite a bit younger then the other two. I threw it in out of curiosity because it's a strain i got a lot of seed's of and they are regular so it might even be a male and ill have to kill it but i just wanted to see what it was like growing because the weed was amazing. platinum kush anyway's that's it for now ill be back in a week with another update!
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    Hello man, well the first thing to ask most of the time to the workers is to live already in Amsterdam or hollan to hire you, the rent are pretty expensive and it can be dificult sometimes to get one, so its a good first step to already live there, then as a farmer i dont think you will find anything like this, you will probably have to work first in a coffee and get a little bit in contact with everybody and make good friend ^^ There is not really a shortcut to do it Take your CV and go in all the coffees Best of luck man
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    So these are weak compared to what I have.... these are just below the 4 mb limit.... weak
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    Hello Everyone! The stain I decided to enter was the infamous Bubba Kush! The seeds were purchased from GTA Seedbank http://www.gtaseedba...ouse_seeds.html More to come! Enjoy! A picture of the seed package is being held by the model in the photo
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    Germination started in paper towels put into a glass. I only germinated 3 seeds as the other two have gone to another strainhunter member Started germinating and within 2 days got these little babies! Germination started on January 15th 2013
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    From the album FlowerBomb Kush

    Flowerbomb Kush day 19 since i switched to 12\12
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    This is a very nice place for growing plants. looks like they get a lot of sunlight the hole day. Going to follow this one !
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    Welcome on SH forum man Hope you will have a good grow with your GHS seeds, i will look at your pics with pleasure Have a good discovering of the place
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    Haha I had the same problem FritztheCat. The problem was as simple as this; you cannot post pictures before you have 5 posts.. (pictures includes smileys) Try again without pictures and smileys and everything should work out fine!
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    If I must have 5 posts to start a topic, but i must first start a Hello topic to be in the forums, what universe do I have to visit to do this?

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