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    Hi friends, The moment of truth has come, to choose the best funny photography of contest !! Remember rules: - The photo must be funny. IF you see a photo that does not inspire "funny", not vote it. - Everyone users can vote, only one vote per person. - 7 days for vote - If there is a tie, we will use one vote to break the tie. Sativagrowxx mario77 Joker John Shushobhit Gosh leyus daTenshi ganjalover FerCba08 Godess_T buenavida LaMenace JED indo/man ManUbuntu Good luck to all participants !!
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    You can find some Excellent Lebanon ed and Yellow one at Katsu Lounge near Albert Cuypstraat.... At the moment some of the more Local visitors Shops which are a bit in the Outskirts of the City.
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    friends I come from Slovenia, small county of amazing cannabis. we grow indoor, outdoor, hydro, soil,...you name it we got it our climate is really good for outdoor(not this year, it sucked big time) and me myself have produced some great buds but some others have grown buds for days I prefer the mountains but if you want you can do it in almost any soil/climate coz we got them all I grow for years now, started long ago with a small seed in a cup and a window shelf but now got it to few grow places with the brand new build. I run flood&drain with mapito, 600W hps and around 900W/m2. also did vert but somehow like this way more:) but just now I have came across some new lights and...let's just put it like this-with 20W of power(just lights) I grew around a kilo:) but that is for some other time and topic... my two cents-ventilation is the key, genetics is a must and love for the cannabis is just natural come and visit our country and when here, contact me and you'll have a good time, that I guarantee you stay safe and keep them ladies growing and buding! bless you all peace man
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    Hello everyone, back again from a long time away from the computer. Living in the mountains with no internet service breeding different varieties of ganja. Have been wanting to travel the world in search for some original land race genetics for many many many years. Found the strain hunters page and was amazed to see people doing damn near exactly what I have been wanting to do for to long. Hopefully going to be able to Network with some likeminded people. Been reading articles from the brilliant mind of Franco for a while, btw thank you for sharing your love and passion for cannabis. I in vision the day where the resources to scientific equipment are as readily available to me. also maybe we can all get together for an adventure in the bush. Laos anyone?
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    Hi there! Although some may already know me from the public chat, I'd like to introduce myself officially. My name's Gordon and I'm a passionate guerrilla grower from a beautiful central European country called Czechoslovakia. You might argue that this country doesn't exist anymore, and you're probably right, but I still like to call it that due to the good relations we maintain. I live in the countryside and growing stuff is one of my biggest hobbies, I really enjoy growing everything, though nothing has such magic in it as growing herb and that's why I'm getting back to it after 6 long years. Not much of a heavyweight smoker, I mostly only smoke what I produce myself. The community here seems very friendly from what I've seen so far so I'm very excited to become a part of it. Peace and Love upon you, Gordon
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    Cool contest brother. Wish everybody good luck.
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    Dust Sativa all the way but once a month before sleep I like me some classic AK or skunk - or if i smoke with my friends. they like it the stronger the better but indicas I don't grow myself coz I just don't like it. they smell and hit toooo much and everything is a big mess with indicas during grow(imo). I tried it but it's just not for my taste... but sativas MAN those are a lovely ladies I must say I always take double amount of clones and put them in to the flower room and than after a week I keep the best half(the best pheno or the same-height ones) I let them go under 18 for couple more days and then the switch. they don't bush out much but grow just enough tall to be just perfect ASH is one of my fav and you're gonna like it, but you guessed it, the really fav is Himalaya Gold. AWESOME plant, genetics, resistance, structure, growth,... truly the best IMO. I grew it in and out and couldn't decide, which one I like more now I wish I had some photos to show you all it's beauty but next time I definitely will. and for the end as promised..the pics of my buds I'm gonna smoke now after a hard day of work the first is ASH right now and second is last year's HG(the pic is from january'14) stay safe peace man
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    One more time some Pictures, this time from like 6 days ago.. So the Cannopy looks pretty good not perfect but as im not a real scroggmaster that was kind of expectet ^^ So because of the unplanned long Veg the Pot is just to Small for the Plants, i mean not really but it seems as they would only really lack Nitrogen which i have no cure for as the Veg Nutes are intoxicated. I could use some monotype Nitrogen but i dont really want to go out of the Hesiline as this is only a Testgrow and would produce missleading Resultates. So this will run on only Hesi Bloom and the Hesi additives like superVit ect. Ph got raised from 6.15 to 6.5 to get the maximal Nitrogenoutput possible, will get lowered in endbud once again to assure a better P/K ratio. Buds are forming well i will upload up to date pics tomorrow if i can. I am still missing the Earthy Smell and the Floral Smell seems to get pretty much covered by the extreme Sour fragerance it starts to convert in, all in all im kind of worryed that i did get 2 Lemon Phenos as id really liked to be able to test a goot Ol`Vertox Pheno too but as Time will come ill grow loads to stabilize and inprove as im not 100% satisfied yet. She still seems really unimpressed by the Heat around but it looks like the really small Pot could bother her in late Flowering we will see Now enjoy some pics cheers
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    Morjens Avataan nyt tämäkin osio foorumilla. Paljonkos täällä on muita suomalaisia käyttäjiä?
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    Un gusto, Saimon es mi nombre Quiero empezar a cultivar en un indoor en una habitacion que tengo y realmente informacion sobra en internet pero es todo muy relativo, y en cada caso es particular y difieren del otro. Me gustaria que me ayudasen y a medida que avanse mi cultivo les ire mostrando como va. Tengo varias dudas, entre ellas la primera es Soy nuevo, nunca tuve indoors pero sí tengo capital para armar algo " Piola " . La habitacion de la que hablo tiene unas medidas de 3 metros de largo por 2 de ancho por 2.4 de altura. El cuarto es un poco mas grande, pero prefiero armar una estructura para encerrar el indoor y asi controlar mejor el espacio, antes de tener que controlar la pieza entera ( humedad, temperatura, etc ) Que es mas facil de cultivar ? ( teniendo en cuenta que tengo que aprender desde lo basico ) Que tipos de semillas me recomendarian ?
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    Welcome to the forum buddy. Sounds like you have some good stories to tell. Wish you all good and happy reading on the forum. regards Jimmy
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    Jed gets my vote. Really make me smile and it make me remember good times . Good luck everybody.
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    Hello ManUbuntu, The water in my area is very good too, comes from the mountains and is very good (better than bottled water). Their levels are 0.4 to 0.8 EC). I've never had problems with calcium, it is sufficient in water. If the water is bottled, no problems with calcium. You should only add calcium, when water is distilled or reverse osmosis. For flood system, I would use normal levels in coconut cultivation. To avoid saturation, four irrigations, would conduct a risk only with water and enzymes, and start again with four irrigations more PF. We expect to see great productions with your system, but be careful with moisture, is very bad and produces mushrooms, when it is excessive. greetings
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    since we have Alps all around us we have plenty of cal/mag in tap water. It's one of the purest water in EU bit stil has 0,5-0,6 EC. so that means that I actually don't need almost no nutes, which I tried and was successfull at it. fully nutricious alone but with added nutes I never had to go over half the dosage of recomended on the box/bottle. and I remember everywhere around the world I went, the water was bad and tasteles or I could feel the clorine in it for days. and almost everywhere, ok 50/50, tap was non drinkable or you had to boil it/make RO. so normally, every grower must try first, fail and learn from mistakes. coz that's how the true farmers are born, not just another wannabe grower who spent thousands of € on a setup and doesn't even know, what in what for. like I said in introduction, I will do a grow with these special lights(in next 6months), that consume only 20W max, but can cover 2x2m. I will atempt to make a totally sealed room with reproducing normal nature conditions(rain, fog, morning frost etc.) I did 4 plants already with that light and grew around a kilo of awesome bud. but could fit 12 more, so you do the math;) anyway, after all this time I stil have some Q's:) so, what should I use with PF in my flood&drain setup but with coco in pots? I'm concerned about salt builup and had read plenty on DripClean. does anybody do this kind of setup/medium? how do you prevent clogs and buildups in the root sistem? bless you all for this brand and forum GHS all the way:) peace man
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    Welcome on SH forum man! I like your lifestyle, withtou internet When my job will allow me to do the same, or when i will just have enough money to stop working and go away i will do the same, Franco Casalone style lolol i hope you will enjoy the place and all the threads people shared with us. If you have some photos of your plants dont hesitate to create one more thread to complete the collection in the forum I will be pleased to follow it! If no just particpate or lurk at the threads it will be enough Have a good discovering of the place Cheers
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    this is F lor with my afghan flower

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