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    Hello everybody! As title says, this is my 1st grow ever and i'm very excited about everything heh Since i'm a total noob, i value input from all you guys. Feel free to comment/ask I'm currently in week 3 of flowering, but i have weekly pictures from when i flipped to 12/12. My setup is as follows... Tent : DS60 60x60x150cm, passive air intake down below, 140mm pc fan crammed in the top hole for air extraction, circulation fan inside tent. Thermo/Hygrometer also in tent Light : Blackstar Ufo 135w LED from Lighthouse Hydroponics Strain : 1x Exodus Cheese 2x Kalashnikova from GHS, both feminized I'm growing in soil because i thought that was noob friendly hehe. The plants are in 19 liter Smart Pots, and i'm using BioBizz AllMix as medium. I mixed some Vermiculite in the soil too... Nutrients : BioBizz basic series... Grow, Bloom and Top Max I think that's about it... if i forgot something, please ask! Oh, and i apologize in advance for the hysterically poor pictures. Resolution, Steady hand, Quality, Lighting... pretty much anything that constitutes a "good" picture, is lacking from these! Here's a few pics from the day before i flip to 12/12. The plants are in 11 liter pots at that time, and pictures are from repotting day
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    how can chat be down for 3 weeks guys!? come on fix it please admins , soon we will lose touch with many hunters..............
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    Beginning of 3rd week. I'm doing other two weeks of veg (bending the Dr Grinspoon) and then I will switch in 12/12. What do you think?
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    Peace! Last photos of this grow session. Blueberry 3 (seed of DP) Small production, trunk was infected. found inside Bluberry 2,1 (clones of seed 2 that was dyied) All time session problems.A lot of a strong ganja with avaible taste, the most result that i can get from this seeds. Kariben'a (Kannabia) Demo present.Cool. Sweet. A lot of Be high!
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    Hi there, Like the looks of your sea of green alot. Do you consider lollipopping i was wondering if you do. And wonder if you have a fan for the lower parts of the girls, so you have some air runnig underneath . I shall follow your journal, keep up the good work !
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    Cool looking strain u got going looks interesting lots of thick growth and branching will be fun watching let the budding begin
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    Nice grow you got going looks like u got some nice buds coming, thanks for sharing ill be watching have a good grow!
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    Thanks for the smoke report and journal Jose. Cant wait to get my hands on the SLH x EXO cross, i love the colour and bud structure of the GRAPE x THE CHURCH, congrats on for making me jellious PEACE bro.
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    maybe they are silent because everything i said was true:) its 2015 and this should not happen, and it shouldnt take two years to make fixes on website

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