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    Green House Seeds Company, Strain Hunters Seeds Bank , Green House Feeding and Powder Feeding are launching a new contest on social networking sites. Every week, we would be giving away three packs of seeds to participants who meet the simple contest rules. We will publish the names (or nicknames) of the weekly winners following which a new week of competition will begin. The simple rules of the contest are explained below: For Facebook Green House Seeds Company will publish a photo on its Facebook page, which should be shared by the participants on their Facebook profile. You must be of legal age For Instagram (OFF - only available on FB) Green House Company will share a special photo in their instagram profile, so people who wish to participate in the contest have to put the same photo in their own instagram profile with hashtags #Greenhouseseeds and #Greenhousefeeding You must be of legal age Awards Every week, we would be giving away three packs of seeds to three winners (one packet of seeds per winner). The award is completely free for you as we would be paying the shipping charges as well. We do not send seeds to the USA, Canada or Australia (if winner is from one of these countries, the award would be a t-shirt). Green House Seeds Company reserves all rights of the contest as well as the right to modify the rules and prizes without notice. Enjoy the contest !! LINK: https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds
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    Starting a new grow of 16 Masa Critica BCN. The description raises a lot of hype of high yield with short flowering time but with taste, aroma, and potency. I purchased this strain with the intention of using it in a low clearance for root to fruit, aeroponic, vertical, scrog but decided I would also run some through ahead of time to size it up against with my most successful to date growing method and the BDS Special and Kush plant I've been harvesting with great rewards! Anyway, here is the 1st tote, already starting their week of Veg before flower in their habitat. Already, they're quite healthy with a very short inter-node space. They're a 75/25 Indica dominant Big Bud crossed with Afgani Skunk These plants are currently under a 600w MH being moved there from a table with a 6 bulb T5 seen here: I just finished the other growing chamber this evening so I have the opportunity to show you a little more of how I assemble it. First, this is made of a 27 Gal tote which I purchased in the US at a Home Depot. I modify the top of the tote as seen here: Notice above, the very edge of the lid is black and the majority of the lid is white. As the lid starts out as Yellow, I paint it black to block out light and then paint it white to reflect light and avoid unnecessary thermal energy in my res. I just ran out of white paint for this lid so I'll finish it next cycle. In this design intended for a very short veg period, I have 8 3" net pots with neoprene plugs and two 1 7/8" holes for wires, gauges, air hoses or whatever else I need to pass into the res. I use a basic window and door self adhesive seal found in the weatherization aisle of Home Depot like this one which can be peeled into two separate seals which cover two boxes. It also makes it easier to turn corners without creasing the seal. Notice the light blue mess around the outside of the seal? That's OSI Quad petroleum based caulk. I use it often on homes and is an amazing product! Sticks like glue and remains permanently flexible. This stuff is blue, left over from a house I worked on. I'm lucky that 3" net pots with the lid available to me is perfect for this lid and hole size to easily be able to chisel out a retaining notch where I can clip my net pots into which secures the plant for the duration of the grow! I built this pvc manifold and attached it to a 395 gph submersible pump. When left on the floor and the A/C running I can maintain a res temp between 63*F and 70*F I will be using the entire GH Flora Seriese and additives but I suppliment with super thrive, House and Gardens root stimulater, Shooting Powder and Cal Mag if necessary; I have a relatively high ppm in my well water tap at 240-280 ppm and don't normally need it unless using coco. Most of the GH Flora nutes will be at or near 1/2 streingth as it always seems high for some reason. Beginning PPM is around 800 however 250 of that is from the well water. PH is currently set to 5.6 and I'm fine with anything from 5.5-5.8 at this time. My next cycle to compare is likely to be with the powder feeding line. I hope it can show up the GH stuff so I can KISS! I use two large air stones for the res Lastly, I swear by this short cycle panda timer where each slot represents approximately 40 seconds. I start with fresh clones at 40 sec on / 40 off and gradually work up to 1/6 on up to only 40 seconds every 20 minutes later in flowering. They are part of the reason I can get this on only my 4th day. I will be filling up this new unit with 8 more of the best of the critical mass plants from this cloner which a friend got started for me. I will keep you guys updated on my progress as I can. I hope you enjoy the show!
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    I prefer my digital ballast is a lot quieter and love that I can switch it from 400/600 watts. Mine is a lumatek and has a slightly different bulb to the magnetic ballast. With a higher ignition rate.
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    You can use what ever bulb brand you like but most of the time they come with a tailored bulb that is made to use all the advantage from the digital ballast. It´s way more easier to control the electrical conductivity in a digital ballast and that's why they can make pretty awesome bulbs. But as i said, you can use what ever brand you like. A few of the digital ballasts comes with mixed settings, 400-600-1000w. That's a handy things when you want to cut down on electricity cost. Run the ballast in 400w when you start the grow and go up to 600w when you see the need. Talking about run cost, they also run cheaper than a magnetic ballast. I think mine runs about 12% cheaper than the magnetic ballast i had back in the day's
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    a small update! should i buy a poketmicroskope? cause i dont know when the plant is ready , i mean i read about "when 2/3 from the hairs are turning brown" the plant is ready! but allso read about poketmicroskope to see if the tricomes are light brown! please, tell me your opinion! greets

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