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    Green House Seeds Company, Strain Hunters Seeds Bank , Green House Feeding and Powder Feeding are launching a new contest on social networking sites. Every week, we would be giving away three packs of seeds to participants who meet the simple contest rules. We will publish the names (or nicknames) of the weekly winners following which a new week of competition will begin. The simple rules of the contest are explained below: For Facebook Green House Seeds Company will publish a photo on its Facebook page, which should be shared by the participants on their Facebook profile. You must be of legal age For Instagram (OFF - only available on FB) Green House Company will share a special photo in their instagram profile, so people who wish to participate in the contest have to put the same photo in their own instagram profile with hashtags #Greenhouseseeds and #Greenhousefeeding You must be of legal age Awards Every week, we would be giving away three packs of seeds to three winners (one packet of seeds per winner). The award is completely free for you as we would be paying the shipping charges as well. We do not send seeds to the USA, Canada or Australia (if winner is from one of these countries, the award would be a t-shirt). Green House Seeds Company reserves all rights of the contest as well as the right to modify the rules and prizes without notice. Enjoy the contest !! LINK: https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds
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    Well im in this grow a couple hundred days...lots of nice healthy nugs except i am having a little problem....i don't have enough processing help! I need some suggestions for when i have buckets of bud but can't work it all...
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    HI Guys Let me introduce myself and what I am about. Ive had a few alias on the internet and I'm back again . Some may no me from Icmag and rollitup and so on. Well Here it goes . I love cannabis and i love the taste and I'm all about organics for my personal self . Ive just grown some Money Maker from greenhouse seeds and i recommend any of you guys out there t try it . I had two Phenos , Beautiful tasting somewhat cheese but very sweet and loverly and cover in frost. For this run I'm using BioBIzz soil Biobizz Fertilisers 2x 440 Spectrum King Led Lights 4 Inch Intake fan 6 inch out connected to carbon filter Strains are 9 x White Lemon Buy Greenhouse Seed Company 1 X Purple Trainwreck By Humbolt Seed Organisation All the Plants have been topped numerous amounts of times They are not very old at all around 9 weeks now from the seed popping maybe a little longer . Here are some pictures I hope you guys enjoy and follow along on my grow . I will be documenting every grow i do again and if i get enough interest I'm happy to share my secrets with you, Were day 1 of flowering and we do have some leaf burn because i was away for a week and the canopy was complete filled together and overlapping. They will bounce back fine guys and gals Watch this green space. If anyone would like my feeding squedule to would like it posted on the thread weekly I'm happy to do so .
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    Hi guys thought id share some of the pics i have from the oil my friend made for me from some moron plates i gave him . The return was around 40 % and made using the rick Simpson method.
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    Second day of flower the lamps have been lower to 2 and a bit foot . After the first week i will lower and leave to 18 inches above the cannopy so much fresh green growth the plants just can't keep up this an organic grow and growing so so fast
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    it seems to be manganese deficiency, it could be caused by too high ph in medium or just lack of it in feed thought to be sure its manganese and only that it would be easier to identify properly with true colors in the image, you can do that by fixing white balance setting on the camera and also one larger picture that shows the area of impact on plant. if it is effected on new or old leafs. top, middle or bottom parts. what stems look like and so on, there are many clues to getting it right:)
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    Hi guys old school grower here. Basically little thread here to help any of you soil guys with anything i can really. Im more of an organic grower but have tried them all pretty much . If u see me in the chat or ganging around a forum and need some help or advice just hola. check out my latest thread over in the indoor grow journals. Peace and love guys
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    Hi. I'm a forty year veteran of the pot war. Recently started growing and making extract. Looking for a place to be helped and helpful. Watched a couple of Strain Hunter vids and learned so much. The content was informative and entertaining but the background shots showing the plants in their environment was enlightening for me as a grower. Look forward to meeting and greeting everyone.
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    Hey guys heres some old cheese i did along time ago . Currently doing some white lemon in the indoor journals . check it out add me up
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    I agree with Herbyfella on this one. she is a pearl and i know you will enjoy her plenty.
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    Mm not sure why it do not work for you. It's this spam filter you know try to post in a few new threads and see what happen?
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    i also had some problems with my account at first brother . Give it a few more post and wait overnight like whats mentioned above.
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    sometimes one has to wait for an overnight after reaching the Minimum postings to allow the GH Server a cycle to update the allowances (seems like this issue surfaces from time to time) but it will correct itself with time or more postings
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    Welcome to the forum mate, Here we can share lots of information about extractions, hashish, dry, water, oil (Qwiso, BHO, etc ...) We hope to soon see photos and share experiences! Cheers
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    That's a proper setup mate. looks really good. And please if you got the time, post the feeding schedule so we all can learn, Sharing is caring you know hehe I have grown the MM as well, really nice and frosty plant. Right now we have a few growers growing the MM for the first time, im sure they will take a interest in your words. We are glad to have you with us. Enjoy the forum
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    Feel at home buddy, see you and your girls(hopefully) in a grow journal.
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    Welcome to the family bro, i hope we see that journal soon Would be cool to see a blueberry kush and compare it from my memory of the blueberry i had from Dutch Passion. Is this the first Blueberry kush you grown or have it been the same strain in all 3 grows?
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    Heres Some Money Maker from my previous grow dipped in hash oil as well
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    Spanish girls are so gorgeous and they almost steal the show from all the grow porn. I would very much like to visit Irún, perhaps next year. I think i would choose Spannabis first but if i had money i would... Thx for the update Jose my friend, we all appreciate the inside look you provide.
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    I'm on the medical marijuana program here in Canada, so I have access to "Licensed Producers" and do use them to try some stains I've never tried. Here in Canada, they have to send out all harvested marijuana for testing before they get approval to sell it. So I feel pretty confident no pesticides are involved. I don't like the fact that most LP's irradiate their "medicines" to avoid any mold or fungus issues during the approval process. So I grow my own, using my "Cultivation License" from Health Canada.
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    Patience .... the hardest thing to learn if you are under 30 The real deal is love - patience - dedication ..... and some damn hard work sometimes = the best smoke you will have ever smoked, and you made it yourself..... = SATISFACTION ! Yes, you can make your own smoke and dont need to depend on anybody and anything but your own skills and reliability = FREEDOM That's what's all in the box if you commit yourself to do it yourself, make a stand and kick your own butt and get moving, once and forever ! Fim
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    ferhattey: as a grower you need to learn patience. Of course you want to try your first harvest as soon as possible but be patient and when you think you are ready for harvest, wait 1 or 2 weeks longer. After harvest make sure to dry your product slowly and cure it for a while before smoking it. You will be thankful afterwards and I know from own experience, if you try it too early you will regret it when it's gone ;-)

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