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    here we go, The Slex a cross of Super lemon haze and Exodus cheese. two strains that i am very familiar with and they both belong to my all time favorites, i am specially fond of the super lemon haze plant as i have kept it in my garden for almost two and half years now i will grow the test seeds in three 5 seed batches so they wont take over my whole tent i have anticipated this cross to come for quite a while now to the point i almost made it myself at home hehe, im so glad to finally try it out. thank you ghs:) i started by soaking 5 seed's wednesday evening with a dash o worm casting extract in the soak water under 12h later i noticed couple seeds had already crack open as i was planting them in seedling/clone pots and now im waiting for the seedlings to break soil
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    these pictures are from yesterday at day 21 of flowering i could not upload them last night, plants have developed really well and look extremely promising hard to tell from the pictures but the two fatter leaved plants have quite a bit more resin on them so far and they have also developed buds much faster than the more hazy phenos thought the hazy phenos might just need week or two more longer in the end i wont judge them yet:). i like the bud structures they are showing it looks like colas will fill out really nice in the end i also noticed they all got very strong and stiff stems and wont probably need much support if any later on but i still have the bamboo sticks on the pots so i can tie em later the two more hazy phenos are also showing slight sensitivity for the nitrates in food and would probably like little more P instead atm (i have fed all same doses so far) and the two fatter seem to be happy with the NPK ratio ive given so far i will probably start customizing there feedings soon to avoid any N toxicity if they show more sensitivity towards it , the super lemon haze pheno i have is also sensitive to the N and wants massive amounts of K in mid flower, these hazy phenos probably want the same it is hard to believe they will go 10-13 weeks since they are developing so fast
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    day 28-29 of flowering plants are still healthy and developing really fast:) im really happy with them, the thin leafed haze phenos have also started making the resin properly now nr4 and nr2 has very heavy buds already and they are starting to lean so i added some steel wire support after taking pics, looks like they will be very high yielding plants with lots of resin:)
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    hola amigos y bamos con un par de fotos de las niños peeciosas. Saludos y suerte. Arrankeddj Hello friends and Bamos with a couple of pictures of children peeciosas . [ img ] http://i64.tinypic.com/2gxfb80.jpg [ / img ] [ img ] http://i66.tinypic.com/deacu9.jpg [ / img ] Greetings and luck. Arrankeddj
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    Thank you very much to all ! the package is here !
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    Thanks. I'm really enjoying it. But yeah, it takes time. More time than one normally spends to grow one's stash. I know that some are saying that I'm wasting time and energy, but I enjoy experimenting, and I am really impressed by the versatility of this plant, not just in its survivability, but also in its many uses. Examples: For anyone who may not already be familiar, you will be pleasantly surprised about Hemp's versatility if you do a bit of Youtube research on the following subjects: - little girl named Charlotte, her affliction and the strain called Charlotte's Web - the life, the transformation and the activism of the man named Jack Herer. - his book called "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" - the potential of Hemp as a building material, paper, plastics, fuel, food, clothing, medicine No wonder it was made illegal. It was made illegal by an industrial/governmental conglomerate in order strengthen their market position by doing many things with a single stroke of conspiracy with the lawmakers of the time. The results were many-fold: The government was able to have an excuse to require a greater budget for the newly-formed enforcement agencies. Dupont and a host of other businesses (plastics, mineral oil companies, steel, forest-products, certain food companies, etc.) benefited from destroying a competitor-industry whose products had already proven a wide-versatility. Elimination of hemp oil from the market contributed to the rise of oil prices, enabling the giant oil concerns to broaden and deepen and tighten their energy-grip on the world's resources and distribution. Elimination of hemp paper contributed to the widened logging practices which continue even today to rob future generations of forests throughout the world. Elimination of US hemp from the ropemaking-, clothing-, materials- industries contributed to the rise of synthetic materials industries, although that would have certainly forged ahead anyway, but now we no longer have many wonderful products made from the superior hemp fiber (That list is too long to begin listing here). Eliminating hemp oil from foods means that people are no longer receiving the natural cannabinoids that mankind had been receiving for thousands of years; we did evolve with this plant among us. No wonder we are now being afflicted with increasing statistics of autism, MS, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, allergies, various neurologic conditions (Bipolar), etc. Our society has been denied a vital component of our natural defences. So today, we have fracking to satisfy our insatiable thirst for mineral oil. Today we have millions addicted to pharmaceutical poisons, and we are paying that system for those synthetics in order that we can endure the conditions resulting from that lifestyle. Stress at work, polluted air, water, land. And we have overzealous police forces who act as if they are the masters of the populace. The destruction of the hemp industry enabled those conspirators to increase their profits from their synthetic-based (and entry-barriered) industries, while condemning the former hemp-industry farmers/workers and the associated hemp materials industries workers and their descendants to lives of pollution, pharmaceutical and food-based poisoning and capitalistic enslavement.
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    R.I.P. GHK2-S1. Other three look OK on top, but still no signs of roots underneath. I tied the top two branches of each of the four GHK's down to tthe stem of their corresponding fan leaf to begin their long cycle of training. As they grow in length, I shall continue to train these top pair-branches further downward away from the light. As their height and light intensity is reduced, eventually the leaves of lower branches will attain greater light intensity, and then they will receive increasing amounts of growth hormones from the plant enabling their increased rate of growth. Similar training shall also be performed to the next pair down from the top. Training shall continue until each plant has basically a flat canopy of tops. Then it will be time to flip to the flowering tent. KK1PF has been released from its last stem-LST, and after a couple days it has stood nicely, showing good growth and tight internodal distances. Gotta watch out for stretch now in the new growth in the next weeks. KK2AH is looking great, and is approaching time for her transfer into her lava-rock / hydroton pot.
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    I took the time to take a real good look at the plants inside the tent and noticed how perfectly fine the medium sized SLEX has become by now in week 6 of the flowering circle it reminds me of Damnesia in the way the buds are exactly same size and at the exact same height of the stem. Slowly packing up to form a fat long cola. That plant looksgreat-i will take pictures of it soon. The Haze pheno though disappoints on terms of weight/buds. Yeah slowly there is a top cola forming but despite the giant height there are very few buds on each side 0f the internodes. Still as diferent as they may look both already deliver that unique unforgettable Super Lemon jaze aroma. As if I was growing the real SÖH. Wish the Exodus cheese aroma makes a difference. I am ine of the very few, that do not like that lemon/woody Haze taste. Still a long time to go for these plants. The seedlings are doing fine and are under T5 NEON 110 watts now - waiting for a new reflektor ,so I can give them full grow light = 400 watts Metal Halide. The new seeds will benefit from that as well, so that it doesn't take forever till they are big enough to think about fkowerin. My old reflektor had a short circuit cut due to water damp from the dehumidifyer I used inside the tent. A mistake - now I put it outside in front f the tent, so that the Carbon Filter / ventilation sucks it inside - if humidity is below 30 perecnt. 2 SLEX seedlings are inside the tent since I could only put 3 of these pots under that T5 NEON..you can also see the middle aged SLEX on the left in front, directly beside the SLEX I was referring too with the most flowers . On the far right you see the other 2 SLEX-the giant Haze, that sits on the floor, while all others had to be put on podests of different sizes. To avoid that in the future I went for Sativas from the new batch - Amnesia and the 60/40 White Widow / Skyealker KUSH, a Sharksbreath and the Florida OG - all bigger strains... Pictures are in the gallery as usual - http://forums.strainhunters.com/gallery/album/1652-slex/
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    Hi all My name is Mario Miller (Its a me, a mario!! ), My motherlanguage is Estonian, so dont judge me when my grammar is bad, I also know German . I study to become a "gardner" in the best horticultural school in Estonia. In the future i would like to grow the best weed in my country( when it is legal ofcourse). I am really talented with "problems", give me a problem and i will find it a solution . I am really positive, open minded, out of the box thinker and so on. I am a inventor and a modifier of ideas So If you need any help with something, write to me My favourite hobby is cannabis, and what to do with it besides smoking it. im full of new ideas My other hobbies are: Gaming, Drawing, Mixing music, Writing I hope we all will get along Chill out, peace
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    All I want right now is a straight answer. I want someone to tell me which strain(s) are specific to the most effective 'cancer cell suicide' trait caused by cannabinoids and trichomes(spell correct??) We have been administering cannabis oil for my wifes breast cancer for 4 months, as clean as we can find it. I learned today that "KUSH' is not effective against cancer cells. Further, 80% of the products available in edible, or oil/shatter form are derived from 'KUSH' specie flowers. I feel duped. I feel tripped up by the misinformation. I am now growing my own, one is a 'Pinapple Kush'~ and an Indica 'Mango Chutney' I did not cultivate these plants as they came with the grow kit I purchased. I am not interested in wasting any more time here. I want to grow clean organic bud in the specie that it should be, in order to prevent and cure my wifes breast cancer. I need to know what strain is correct and...... I NEED TO KNOW WHY. Can you help me? Hello forum, this is my first post.
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    Welcome to the forum mate, Fantastic, open minded + cannabis = happy and clever man We hope you enjoy the forum and together, make great ideas and solutions to problems. Cheers
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    Nice Plants The Top leaves look awsome
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    Welcome back I too have been away for a while but back again. Always good to see good people who come back.
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    Last picture befor I close the lock on the door for only a weak of darkness there are at 48 days in flowering
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    I'm pretty sure you will need strains high in CBD and low in THC content. I'm Sure something like Sour Diesel is one strain off the top of my head but Google High CBD strains Good luck Brother
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    Welcome You have stepped into a digital world you will never leave, the love and wealth of knowledge here is priceless. You will find all the answers to all your questions apart from questions like 'what is the best.......?' As everyone does things a little differently there will be a different answer from each member so you have to find what's most appealing to you and your needs and financial availability. I look forward to your journals Kind regards Big G
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    The detail you go into on this test is grt, its really nice to see how dedicated you are to this thread. Peace
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    What can i say but "Its beautiful in here" super job bro PEACE
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    It's my dream too to work in the cannabis industry, one day i will take my cv to all coffees

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