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    im back. super crit still running. some of what ive been up to since last we spoke
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    thank you very much it has been a great pleasure to grow and smoke the slexes, everyone who has tasted them has also liked a lot im going to keep one or two phenotypes of it in my garden for long time and grow rest of the seeds, they have been some of the best plants ive grown
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    Hi folks! Again week gone and its time to post some photos. Not much happened, just res filling, Zombie drinking 2.5l/day and Blue Cheese around 1.5l/day. Zombie have today 8th flowering day and 26th for Blue Cheese. Zombie is 105cm tall and Blue Cheese 95cm and look like she stopped stretching. Feeding both with 30ml/10l grow, micro, bloom and 20ml/10l bud candy and big bud, use additives so far i have something in bottle and i didnt mean to buy new ones. I think first White Lemon starting to flower soon, shes today 4weeks (28days) old and other White Lemon 23days old. Blue Cheese auto Zombie Kush White Lemons Tent Northern Lights 6.5.2016
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    Great, thank you all guys. I enjoyed to grow seeds Ghkush, is a very interesting plant. I selected 2 of the best i grow,for taste and aroma, and soon I will make a new cycle with her. Peace and good smoke!
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    calm down guys This is an intl. grow forum and NOT everybody everywhere has access to what we all think is needed. Sometimes you have to make the show with what you have got and that is what we are here for, help him as much as possible and encourage instead of smashing his dream ! We all started in the wrong corner, why not you too Get access to a Growing Book and read when you can, believe what we say and you will get something to harvest Fim
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    congrats jank!!!!!!! it was a nice report!
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    Im pretty sure this was a joke? Whats wrong? Its more than just too wet Ok its a major fire hazard You shouldn't put smarties and glass in your soil You should get a proper set up, and medium Couldn't of you just bought some soil at a store? Instead of digging up a muddy puddle in your driveway and throwing fish rocks in it? lol Not trying to be rude, but why is this in the grow section? Should be removed, its obvi a troll, joke, or what? I don't know why this post made me a bit mad, lol.

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