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    Thanks again so much guy's Finally put her in a big console jar last night after a slight bit of trimming. Wow the smell is crazy and you can really start smelling the cheese now. I have not weighed the bud yet so i will still get to that. For now she is curing. I did sneak a puff from her last night and i have not been that stoned for a while lol. I have only been smoking some auto's and matchbox weed over the last few months and maybe thats why she hit me like a ton of bricks. Great and uplifting and the wife and i could not stop chatting after a vape Just some last pics of her a bit trimmed and in storage ect. Hope you like 1. Just some bud pics 2. Got some nice finger hash in the end and put that in a rollie aswell. Was wicked 3. This was just the leaf trim. Tried some of it for shits and giggles and still worked the shizzle. 4. This is just whats left. Not many branches at all, and one shot of the super cropping affect. Hope you all enjoyed the journal. Moppy
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    Rix, I am sorry bro, that I have only just today found your thread. I have some tips to offer you. #1. Your pictures being sideways... Back in February or March, there was an upgrade at the GHS/SH servers. That upgrade brought with it some differences in how the Forum looks and functions. And Admin has been doing a wonderful job correcting the worst of the problems. But one problem that has not yet been corrected is the sideways picture problem. The new servers' software ignores the file-attributes for pictures that you have oriented right-side-up by your computers internal Explorer. That means, even when you use your computer's internal Explorer to set a picture upright, when you upload that picture to the GHS/SH servers, that change is not recognized by the GHS/SH servers. It is easy to correct this, although it remains an annoyance that must be performed on EACH picture for which you have changed the orientation. Each time that you turn a picture from landscape orientation to portrait orientation, it will be displayed in portrait orientation on YOUR computer. But those attributes have not yet been saved permanently with the picture. What you need to do is this: After correcting the orientation via your Explorer, open the picture with a picture-App, such as "Paint" or some other picture-App. Then "save" it. By saving it, the new orientation attributes wil become permanently saved with the picture. Now you can upload the picture into the GHS/SH server, and it should be displayed correctly. #2. I think SantaBuds is absolutely correct. It appears that these seedlings are stretching too much in their infant-stage as a result of not enough light (Hence, you are having to prop them up.). Among all the pictures above, I have never seen your lamp. It looks as if the plants are growing in a darkroom. Obviously you are providing some lighting(otherwise the plants would not have survived this far), and you may be turning the lamp off for the pictures(not a problem). But, in order for us to properly assess the situation, we need to be able to see the relative distance and intensity of the light. Could you stand a Meter-stick on the floor extending from the plants up to the lamp, take a couple steps back with the camera and with the lamp ON, then take a picture and tell us what the lamp-to-plant distance is. In my opinion, an energy-eating 600-Watt dual spectrum HPS is overkill for growing seedlings; it is perfectly fine for flowering, but so much energy is not needed for seedlings and not for Veg in general in my opinion. Additionaly, because of the heat-emissions from an HPS, extra caution must be taken to ensure that the lamp is not too close (it can roast seedlings) and not too far away (too much stretch and not enough leaf-growth). (In my opinion, if you insist on using high-energy-consuming bulbs for Vegg, Metal-Halide (MH) is a better choice because its spectra is more suited to the needs of plants in the Vegg stage; but MH also produces much heat, and usually requires a special ballast. Spectra from HPS is more suited to the plant's needs in the Flowering stage.) It is my experience that the Fluorescent tube lighting is the best for Vegg in my grows. Fluorescent tubes are simple and low-energy/low-cost lighting sources. Cool-White tubes provide a good spectra for vegg, and you can employ more tubes if you wish to broaden the light spectrum by using tubes with other colors, such as flora-tubes. Fluorescents produce relatively little heat. I don't use T5; their tubes can get too warm at the surface of the glass. Rather, I use the standard tubes. One must set the lamps within a couple inches of the plant's tops. Many times the tops of my plants will grow right into the tubes. Only if I forget and allow a plant to remain there for a number of days will the leaves experience burn.
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    Just saying hello. I'm a new to the forum.
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    Beautiful report man big thanks for sharing your nice plant with us!!! It sure looks like they are some sticky ladies and can perfectly imagine the smell as i am smoking a joint of it right now Depending on the phenos its a great mix of the exod and SLH! Thanks again for these nice photos i hope you will have a good smoke with those
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    Excellent job mopman. That slex looks awesome, really frosty. Take care.
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    I dont think he will ever come back here again Watch your sheep, the one you are about to loose today may be the one you need tomorrow !

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