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    Wow...! All i can say is that there must be a lot of choices of phenos in here. At the beginning, talking about the test field, first watching it i understood a plant mixed with super lemon haze, some of the kushes, pure kush, kaia kush and cheese... What could be the effect and taste of a plant like that? It would take so much time to create tho. I've seen a red/purple plant, what kind is it? (5:20) The male plant wich looks like a female is really well built. Males balls in form of buds. It's a keeper...! Huge field...Amazing! With such quality strains. Probably the first "World Record" for a seed bank, no doubt. I was questioning myself, why didn't they release yet some strain like the Ketama,or the Parvati; the "easiest" (Instead of some really high sativa with too long flowering time like Malawi etc)? Or at least some cross with them? This 15mins Doc is worth it ! (You know what? Before Franco rub the plant at 13:40, i was thinking the same!!) Wish all the best for the next!
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    Hi guys its update time again. Well the weather has been the usual mixture of cloudy and sunny days with a few dull rainy days, five days after my last update the Passion #1 was visibly thirsty and ready to be watered and fed again, but the Kalashnicova's dirt was still a bit damp, and yesterday after 10 days she was visibly ready for a drink and some grub and so was the Passion #1 so I took some photos of them and then watered and fed them both. This morning it is very cloudy and overcast so they are sat in the shed under the two flourescent lights, hopefully the weather will heal up and we will get some sunshine this afternoon, the weather forcast is for a mini heat wave over the next few days and apparently tomorrow will be the hottest day of the year, so we shall see what tomorrow brings. So far I am well pleased with both girls progress, the Kalashnicova is giving off an earthy, herby aroma, the smell is quite strong when they are in the shed but not as much when they are outside, which is good, the Passion #1 just has a veggy aroma at the moment, it will be interesting to see if that changes going forwards. Best of all the Kalashnicova's girly bits are now visible, hopefully the Passion #1 will soon follow. I have managed to block all the big light leaks in the shed along the back edge of the roof using some foam inserts I got from a local builders merchants and I used some cardboard to cover the window and block out the light, so I am now able to control the photoperiod, and hopefully trick them into flowering early. So tonite I will put them in the shed earlier so their day is 14 and a half hours long which is the length of the day on the 21 of August. Here are some photos I took yesterday afternoon and you can see they are both ready for a drink and some grub. Kalashnicova and Passion #1 Kalashnicova Kalashnicova girly bits Kalashnicova plant top close up Passion #1 Passion #1 foliage Passion #1 close up of plant top More to follow soon.... Likkle more Gasmeter
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    3rd week. They are happy and ........ purple ....... lol (sorry for the shopped pictures) I will make good pictures when there are flowers. They seem to appreciate my super soil, but it's too early to say too much.... Let's train and top them!!!! I have still one light off.

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