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    Hola compañeros aquí estoy para testear este bello cruce que nos trae GreenHouse Co. El dia 11/10 he puesto en remojo 4 ChxWW 24 horas después....... Ya tenemos listas las macetas para arrancar el ciclo. Este comienza en un pequeño vegetativo con luz BC 105w luz fría , para luego pasar al armario de floración. Los mantendre al corriente con el pasar de los dias. Espero que disfruten el seguimiento y los invito a compartir su opinion conmigo y los demas usuarios Me despido degustando un dirty de W46 ( white widow x 2046) Saludos !
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    Hola Aquí mi seguimiento de SuperBud x Trainwreak Dia 1: Germinamos 3 semillas. Paso a comentarles que van a vegetar bajo luz artificial y una vez listas van a ser transplantadas a tierra madre Mi idea es hacer 2 tandas de testeo outdoo, En macetas y en tierra madre
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    beginning of life two weeks neon 2x55w 5x Cheese x White Window
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    Muchas gracias jose y a todo el equipo Green House por la invitación a este concurso Super Bud x Train Wreck DAY 1
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    three weeks from seed. First is in greenhouse, second under 600w hps. The greenhouse directly in 25 liter pots and the indoor will be in 11 liter pots one more week and then transplanted into 25 liter pots. The growth difference is already remarkable. cream manderine from sweet seeds
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    Hi Mates, New time for finish the test: The contest start September 1st and finish March 1st 2017, you have 6 months for grow, bloom and cut. Cheers!!
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    my first lolly popping for this batch befor ( picture 1 ) and after (picture 2 ) its was 3/4 done will finish tomorrow. But look at my roots and the tub is almost all clean with grozyme work very good.
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    Day 16th of 12/12 the light was a bit too close... cause the plant in the middle got a bit of excess light...i put it further away.. looks like mg def but i don't think it is since all other plants are looking fine... what u say? peace, SB.
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    Potassium deficiency, right? I know the cookie strains have the natural trait of purpling but not really like this, but i dont know for sure, the nights are getting chilly for the outdoors.
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    Viceland TV is a new channel on UK satellite platform. The produce the last Strain hunters expedition and will be releasing the Congo expedition on the TV channel. this guy Krishna has produce a series of 8 programmes about different canna topics from Congo to emerald triangle to UK medical (or non medical as the case may be) users and patients. Well worth a watch if you are able, not sure if you can stream the channel but here's a link to the web page. The first 4 programmes were great!! stoned enjoyment.... https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/weediquette-tv
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    Thanks for sharing the pics man, they look pretty healthy already, maybe a bit stretchy on the main stem at the begining but now it seems it goes better! Looking forward to see how this are going! Have a good day!
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    Muy bien una mas en la familia! Espero que te ira bien esta nueva variedad! Y gracias por compartir el seguimiento con nosotros! Que tenga un buen cultivo! Me quedare en una esquina a ver como pasa
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    what can i say , cannabis saved my life , inshallah excited to join the community and hopefully share ,learn , and grow;) picture is of my first plant , genetics unknown , I have a freind who won a cannabis cup , back in the early 2000s , i can blame/thank him , for getting me interested in the world of cannabis breeding iv also helped out in a few grow spaces , and smoked with some of the founding fathers of the vancouver scene
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    Sorry I haven't logged on in a while. Autos are a race against time. Important things to remember. Avoid transplanting and if you do it very carefully. Big pots from the start is a better day. Avoid watering too much, and avoid heavy soil. They can resist high ecs, use this to your advantage. High Nitrogen is good the first month.
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    Hola Vanished and all others. The period will be changed and extended for one month. Jose will change the text in the rules. End of the test period is 1st March 2017
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    hi Jan, please find pic in the attachment below, im not sure its a sativa or indica, but i think it should an indica while i see her small-fat-finger-leaf. and from all of farm that existed until today, its just 1 strain, always the same strain, so my best guess is its a pure local strain.
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    week 4 of flowering side view of the purple bud, NL , and the small pot purple bud.
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    Hey guy's I'm a rookie too this part of the game so I just got some of the Money Maker Seeds and need to know if the Strain is loud guy's what does the weed smell like when your nose is in the bag
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    They just got a bit burn nothing serious, whenever it happense remember that a good flush and go back to regular feeding schedule will soleve most of your problems But here i dont think you have some big risks if you are sure it is only due to the bulb beeing to close. Have a good grow!
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    jan hello, how are you friend? It is autoflowering cannabis, DARK DEVIL variety, grown indoors with a 20/4 photoperiod ... greetings, soon more photos
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    niceeeee... that will give us some time!
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    Thank you for sharing the pictures. Can you tell us which strains these are? Are they grown indoors or outdoors? Very nice colour on the purple one. Thanks!
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    HI you there... btw, actually what are you trying to say?
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    Hi Jan , Can you still count me in ? if still possible let me test the cheese x ww :)) Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
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    Nice pictures but hard to see. some plants look like sativa as well. Thanks for sharing!
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    Chop chop chop!! I agree with Dust fully. Chop them early, dry quickly the first few days then slow it right down. The quick dry will get rid of water deep in the bud and prevent mould developing through the dry. Be sure to dtop the temps after a couple of days to prevent chlorophyll being locked into the plant. I know there may be some disagreement with an initial quick, then slow dry, but outdoor here in north Western Europe, harvest time is rain and cold time and that equals mould. I've lost loads to rain due to mould over the years and this prevents that. Unless you are in the emerald triangle or Jamaica hills, end of season rot is a reality, so we cope. If it drys to quick or wasn't ready and ends up smelling a little of chlorophyll/dried grass, stick em in the bubble bags!! ? good luck.
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    Hola Jan, 1 question.... Are u gonna change the test period?? Because its say that start at September but the reception was in october. Cya
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    week 4 of flowering
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    hi jose.gh yes, you are right, my experiment # 1 : even it fail to give me a unique shape strain but it really F good in taste, its so high, LOL. and i am agreed with you with GHS NL. no one, could produce a very good strain except GSH, i am talking about a very huge yielding and taste. i adore all GSH product, specially SuperBud, BigBangAuto, GreenOmatic, just while i really out of money, i'll come to Kera Seeds for Royal Queen Diamond, im so sorry GSH :-)
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    I'm trying Autos outside, first time with autos, any advise would be appreciated

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