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    Hola Aquí mi seguimiento de SuperBud x Trainwreak Dia 1: Germinamos 3 semillas. Paso a comentarles que van a vegetar bajo luz artificial y una vez listas van a ser transplantadas a tierra madre Mi idea es hacer 2 tandas de testeo outdoo, En macetas y en tierra madre
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    Hi Fatsch, Thanks for joining and good to see another fellow german in our community.
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    Kölle Alaf. Hi and welcome.. stay around and show us some of your beauties, so in time you may participate in the Seed Testing programs. Benn finding my favorite strain that way DAMNESIA, but so far I liked them all CABOOSE, SweetMango Automatic and lately the SLEX - Exodus Chees meets Super Lemon Haze- and getting the good Feeding for free that way, too. How cool is that ?
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    Hello everyone. I am new here and I am trying to find help about strains for lung cancer. I allready posted a message but like I said I am new and trying to figure it out here? I am from Denmark and I cant find good advise here, but I want to grow some cannabis to make oil for my mom so I really want all the information I can get about strains for this disease. She allready take cannabis oil for 3 month, cbd and thc, but I am not sure she gets the right oil for each time we buy, so I wanna make it myself. She also have other chronical disease and 3 slipped disc in her bag and she she also take antidepresive medication so I was thinking also makibg oil from both sativa and indica but Im not sure if this is good for cancer? Thanks!
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    Hi there, I after reading topics here for some time now I decided to take part in this beautiful community. I currently live in Germany and been cultivating for about two years now. I really appreciate all of the discussions here and I will give Back as mich as I can. Have a nice day
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    Thanks for the warm welcome Wow I didn't know about the seed testing program, Sounds awesome! I will Upload some pics of my Ladies tonight, hope the can keep up with All the beauties here.
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    I have to say I didn't know kids in the states were using whole plant extract. I thought it was high CBD (not from hemp) or full plant extract but from 1:1 ration plants like Charlottes Web. As it turns out it is high strength thc:cbd 15:1 type ratio and the kids are flying! Really interesting. I really liked the episode about the sustainability of cottage industry farmers in the emerald triangle once full legalisation hits Cali next year. I'm an outdoor grower at heart, so it struck a cord.
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    I saw some of the episodes. Very interesting, especially when they show how cannabis helps children it's an eye opener for most people that still think about cannabis as a dangeroud drug.

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