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    Hi All, me again back with another journal this time with Heavy Weight Seeds - Fast and Vast, which are supposedly producing 600-800gms ms2 in just 8 weeks from germination to harvest! Well, I'm five weeks in with three of them and four weeks in with one and as you can see they are nowwhere near ready and ain't goning to be in three weeks! Although that may be down to my pH keep rising, up to 7.5 at one point, and they were also getting a bit cold when light was off for 4 hrs each night. They got some serious growing to do if they are to produce anywhere near 600gms let alone 800gms! I reckon by the end I'll be lucky if I get 200-300 off all of them but that's not a problem, I'll have some NL autos on the go later this week so 200-300gms would carry me through 6 weeks till they're ready. They're currently under my Viparled 675w LED light and will get swapped to 600w HPS at the weekend. Anyway, here's some pics. Peace y'ole Toaor
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    i have used bigbud and overdrive before and just using last of the overdrive i have left, i have kept the same maximum ec levels with or without the additives now im using more grow&bloom bottle as i dont have bigbud anymore
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    yea prob used too high ec and the build up has caused a bit of lockouts, most nutrient companies are suggesting way too high amounts in there feeding guides and in the bottles when 1.0~ec on top of the tap water is usually enough for any cannabis plant, they say that i should use 4ml per liter out of each 3 bottles but i will get 1.0~ ec increase from less than half of that, micro i usually max at just 1ml per liter in flower because the nitrogen levels go off the roof
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    hi in reading the post before last, where you said you can get away with higher temps i think you are spot on, i remember watching a video saying the same, with HID lighting the light penation is more intense with this the air temp of 75 keeps internal temps of plant to 85 with led an 85 air temp is needed to to heat the internal flesh of the plant to 85. if i manage to find this video again il post it for ya peace
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    The light I use is a Phytomax 600 made by a company called black dog led. lol I thought that was what you were using when I saw the name of your grow. It's 600 watts (true 600 watts not a 600 watt equivalent) It uses 5 watt leds including UV spectrum. You can check out blackdogled.com for the specifics. It's very bright and I find it to be equal or above a 600w hps. These lights are made for growing cannabis most of the pictures on the website and growing info are for cannabis growing. My only problem with the light is you have to filter the intake air if you want it to last a long time because it uses 6 computer size fans to cool it and if you don't filter the intake air the inside would get dusty quickly. The 600 watt unit I got cost 1,800.00 USD so yea you will want it to last awhile.
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    I agree with Dust. Don't give up on breeding just because your crossing-stock is all female. In fact, if I understand correctly that you are successfully growing 3 top-notch strains, using silver solution, you could treat one branch on each plant to produce female pollen, and then use each of those pollen-branches to pollinate two or more branches of the other two plants, thus resulting in 6 differing sets of seeds to test in later grows. Of course, you'll need to do a really good job keeping the pollen on each branch separated from the other branches (closed paper bags) for a few days while the pollen does its thing.

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