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    Cream Caramel, really fits her name and personality. Ideal to smoke under flower form, but also perfect as resin or cream, such as the finest Malana cream.
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    Yes sir, thanks for the welcome.... I'm a disabled guy, growing my own meds for around 8,9 Years now. Disabled from logging and drywall... But whatever, it is what it is.. I run a one light room on a mover, 1K HPS. MH 600 for veg, couple weeks before flowering. T5s for the clones and seedlings. I don't do anything special. No pro, that's for sure... As far as smoke goes, been working on something called Grandpa Larry by GDG. It's a little pickier than I like. Got some vortex coming soon as well. So yeah I guess I've rambled long enough. Look forward to checking out the forum! I added a couple of pics, the first one is Grandpa Larry. The second is something called Sour Alien Dawg.... PEACE....
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    After tasting "Milk of Mazar" or in Pashto "Shirak-i-Mazar" in Afghanistan, Hippies on their trail moved to land of care and taste, where hash was treated very differently and culturally. INDIA and NEPAL. Parvati valley and in the Middle Hills of mid-western Nepal inhabiting highlands extending through eastern Rukum and northern Salyan, Rolpa and Pyuthan Districts in Rapti Zone as well as Dhaulagiri and Bheri Zones exclusively did and still do only HANDRUB. When hippies came to these areas they saw something unique and special that they haven’t seen before. Landrace strain from these areas was/is famous for there Spicy to very spicy taste, Distinctive aroma and consistency. There is a relegious angle to it as well, Muslims believed in killing the plant, drying it dead till its powder dry and than sift it. After sifting it through fine silk-cloth they used to get powder that’s called KEIF in Lebanon and Morocco and called Garda in Hindukush (Afghan/Pak/kashmir). After that Garda was stuffed in dead goats skins, sealed and buried 3 to 4 feet deep in soil for curing and whenever they had to process hashish they would take out goats skins from soil and heat press whatever the amount they wanted. This charas is very soft but never called creame. This method is still used in India in Pangi and Teesa Valley of Chamba district of Himachal because majority population in that area is Muslim migrated from Afghan/Pak. ppl talk abut parvati a lot but i am amazed how nobody, even old hippies seldon talk about PANGI VALLEY N TEESA IN HIMACHAL - Every Ent should visit that area once in lifetime and experience that shit, its best source of MUSLIM CHARAS in INDIA But for IndoNepal Hindus, it was a religious plant, it was to be worshipped and offered to Shiv. These Hindus couldn’t be more fucked killing the plant and than putting it goat skins and than offering it to there Sadhus so as a matter of devotion they made love to live buds by very gently m softly caressing live buds in three hands and extracting the nectar. a different method of hash production was evolved as world famous HANDRUB/CREME
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    DIA 54 New Super Bud x Train Wreck 3º LST lateral branch
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    Hello Amsterdam,, Love from a landrace and foriegn strain cultivator in Parvati Valley India. Back on this forum after a long time and thought that should share some GOODNESS from VALLEY of GODS. BOOM SHANKAR. I am completely medicated with this amazing Charas from Hashplant X Northern Light from Sensi seeds home bred, farm grown and rubbed by a old friend and a long time hippie. Guys amazing Indica, I tell u. I am keen to share this story, few years ago, me and one of my farmer friends, during a smoking session, had one of those stoner thoughts - "let's get seeds for best Indicas there are. let's breed them the Indian way and make charas" Its not easy, as for a farmer, giving up grow space for experimental plants is financially a big risk. still after year of what and when, he agreed to grow if I cud prove tht seeds work. So I did my research as It had to be Indica and from afghan/kush origin n had to be from sensi seeds as we respect their history as a hippie have a lot of love for Nevil, we had lot of choice. We didn't had scientific know how so just put 2 n 2 together like a stoner n decided to have a hash making plant with a world famous Indica so decided on none other than Hash Plant to be bred with NL. Ordered seeds. Had 10 Plants 5 HP and 5 NL regular seeds, came out 6 were female. Didn't separated the plants and let them grow together, didn't know which strain was what, till huge male pollen stacks were busted out of 4 plants, then moved males aside. After few weeks we got seeds bursting out of female plants. We waited for them to mature and as soon as they looked good we harvested. Out of 6 plants we got lot of seeds. Skip next year 2016, we had decided to wait and try seeds. In January, I had sprouted abut 20 seeds indoor and most of them sprouted.I gave a polythene bag full of seeds to my friend and almost forgot. Now, cuz we had lot of seeds, so my friend decided to try few on a rough patch. test grow started may end or June and by early July, he had known that this is going to be good so he spread out all the seeds by early July. After growing these big shiny buds he rubbed in late October. After getting rid of most of the males, he got about 300 plant out of it. I should have been there to check the plants but he is from deep valley and me going to deep valley is a NoNo. After rubbing he got more than 1 tola first rub and 1.5 tola second hard rub from 5 plants. so do the math. After drying the rest, he may be able to sift something out of it. He is a decent hash maker, really knows his stuff, from generations kinda shit. Cured for 40 days approx, all the moisture and chlorophyll is gone. Full terpenes can be tasted. I rate this Charas to be high 35 - 40% THC. Brainfuck. Bistarlock. Did all the hippie testing - It is really good Charas and even in cold days of north India, Its still soft. Properly oxidized as black from outside and khakhi/brown from inside. It's very hard to crush as keep on melting in your fingers and sticks to tobacco. I put it outside in direct sunlight in afternoon for hour and it was about to melt. It's not too soft and bendable and playable like playdough at the same time. It smells like heaven, I can't even dare calling it a smell but fragrance. Skunk smell, u light a chillum n your neighbors will know that u r smoking some good shit. It burns very clean. I did the ash test and ash comes out absolutely white. Did bubble test and it almost bubbles. Trip - People who have smoked both HP and NL, I can tell u that it's improved NL high with improved HP smell. Wht else could I say? A.M.A. I initially decided to wait for a good camera but ended up not being able to wait and took some barggy looking photos of shiny surface, size, cut in half, bent in a "U".
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    This is the most sacred form of Mother Nature im glad they happy in the environment I set. Rapid results from caring for them Bless the growers with good spirit
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    Loose lips sink ships!! I'm sure a few of our members attend., are members of functioning private, non shop front clubs, if love to hear more about that in the uk too.
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    Doublej checking in.......not very computer savie. But I'll figure it out GREETINGS for the upper left of usa
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    Thanks for the news man good to see the plant is growing good, and yeah for sure if it is an auto than you dont have to worry too much about how much you will veg Just be careful with the FIM and all this kind of tech on the autos plant, the stress induced could trigger the flowering and make her flower before what you actually want. Also stay very alert to the roots like canabispean said as the autos will tend to start flowering at the first sign of root bound so better be cautious Have a good grow
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    Just received 4 cubic meter of soil today that I am planning to use for my compost and my veggies garden area. this is the type of soil I have to deal with and actually this one is way better then my garden soil lol... composed mainly of clay, sand and some other soil but mainly clay. so I decided to tripple my composting area, I harvest around 800l of good soil in 6 months with this little spot here. 4m by 2.5m original compost area. I need more compost! lol. Anyway I used that dirt I receive to mix in the pile in layer manner... and I kept layers quite thin to accelerate the process I hope. First a layer of dirt then a layer of compost and so on till reached desire height. I hope within 3-4 months to be able to collect some VIP growing medium. Humidity level in my area never goes below 60% lol and more often in the 80% so the process is accelerated as well.
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    We have females ?? Time to train start training them young managed to pick the tempreture up going to bump the humidity up double so they can breathe better any one want to drop knowledge you welcome BW
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    Hi, welcome to the forum What can you tell us about yourself? What do you use to smoke / plant? Regards!
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    Hi Cannabissapean thanks for your thoughts and the benefit of your expeience with indoor gardening and lots of strains Over the past few weeks I have been checking out super cropping techniques and this afternoon I FIMed her So I will take your advice Cannabissapean and not sprout another seed. In a couple of days once she has recovered I will put her in a bigger pot, probably one of the 12 inch wide 14 litre pots (rubble buckets) I used for my out door grow. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    The plants are happy and healthy. 2months prepared organic rich soil with hydroton mix for root zone oxygen and beneficial bacteria. set up a controlled environment (humidity/tempreture/air flow) Going to increase the feed humidity and tempreture a notch. BW
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    Interesting, but for me, the language barrier might be difficult Do the cannabis-lovers there speak english as well? If not, I would be lost.
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    Yeah, same here. Cannabis social clubs exist, but it is difficult to find them because everyone is so tight-lipped.
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    All good things take time. looking good man
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    Thank You Sir, very excited to be on this forum. Sir the biggest problem with our country is that even getting caught with cannabis paraphernalia can be a reason of waste of life in jail. So unfortunately, I will have to try to stay anonymous and wont be able to share much. You know India as a cannabis friendly country but its not. What Arjan and Franco showed in India Expedition, things are quite different now. I will be turning 50 tomorrow. I love to call my self a Hippie and after going thru this forum, I am very proud that I have completely different and traditional Cannabis culture than most of you and I will be glad to share as much as I can. I live in foothills of Parvati Valley and I have been smoking Cannabis since I was 13 years old so from 35+ years. Personally, I only maintain a grow of about 10 outdoor plants for research and experiment purpose, just harvested in October. All my personal stash Charas comes from my farmer friends in Parvati Valley. As you can tell by my post, our breeding ways are still neanderthal and rudimentary and not much scientific about it. So I wanna gain some knowledge from you guys. Please ask me anything and I will be glad to answer. We do not grow indoor only outdoor.Mostly fully organic with basic farming nutrients like urea or DAP or cow dung. Landrace crop is started in May and ends on October. Landrace was last tested at THC: 19% - 26%, CBD: 3%, CBN: 1%. We do not keep flower and use all the flower for handrubbed Charas. Only leftover flowers at the end of season are dried and stored. I came here to share some grievance with Arjan and Franco as well but lets not start with that. That for a later time. Please ask me anything.......... Farmers growing foreign strains start in July and end in October.
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    Fresh from Capital! Good old South East Asian Sativa Landrace.
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    There is no such thing as a licensed in the UK . if you speak to the UKCSC , they will tell you this Preston thing is a scam . There are a number of Bonafied clubs in the UK since starting this thread I am a member of two..no permanent location, no promise of supply, just building a club for future law change . Check out the UKCSC website for a list of Bonafied clubs in your area !!
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    Hey Dust your welcome and thanks, I am well pleased with the tent and light especially considering the plants progress, yeah although she spent her first few days under a floursecent light since she has been under the LED she has not stretched at all so the LED is doing its job providing plenty of light. The Kings Kush beans I got are autoflowering so I don't have to worry about the photoperiod, I will keep just the veg light on until the end of the month then I will switch on the bloom light as well so she gets the right light spectrum for flowering. Thanks Cannabissapean she seems to be starting to get a move on now shooting out new growth all over, yeah I am going to invest in a timer, at the moment switching the light on is not an issue, but a timer will make it easier to manipulate the photoperiod and provide flexibility in future. A quick progress update on the Kings Kush auto at 22 days old. At the moment I am giving her 20ml of feed before I switch off the light at night and 20ml of water very other night to make sure I don't over do the feeding at this early stage of her life. Close up of new growth at the top of the plant Side stalks and new growth Close up of plant under the LED light in grow tent More updates to follow. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    I've met with a few forum members in Amsterdam over the years. Cannabis cups and other trips (45+ visits for work and pleasure over 15 years). i actually find Barcelona clubs much more sociable places to meet new friends.
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    Yeah, I would enjoy meeting other members. If I were to go to A'dam sometime, I expect I could meet 2 or 3 in the Coffeeshop. But how would we recognize one another? I guess we'd just have to wear some club apparel or sumthin' with our Avatar-name somehow displayed.... LOL http://www.greenhouse.tm/shop/catalog.html Hmmm, that's an idea... Embroidery?

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