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  1. Hi All, me again back with another journal this time with Heavy Weight Seeds - Fast and Vast, which are supposedly producing 600-800gms ms2 in just 8 weeks from germination to harvest! Well, I'm five weeks in with three of them and four weeks in with one and as you can see they are nowwhere near ready and ain't goning to be in three weeks! Although that may be down to my pH keep rising, up to 7.5 at one point, and they were also getting a bit cold when light was off for 4 hrs each night. They got some serious growing to do if they are to produce anywhere near 600gms let alone 80
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  2. a better pic, there really getting taller now. i been just giving them ghpf every watering . 38 days from seed
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  3. Hi all I'm a returning member/ tester from 5 years ago hope to catch up and feel reunited Kind regards Dan from Wales ?
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  4. Gracias por los ánimos señores. DUST, la verdad es que antes que esa planté otras dos de la misma variedad y ninguna superó los 20cm, me desilusionó bastante y, aunque pequeñas, el olor a combustible era impresionante al igual que la pegada que ofrece. Seguiré colgando aquí las fotos de esas hasta que se cosechen y en cuanto inicie el cultivo de verano dejaré un seguimiento por aquí de algunas de ellas y espero si me veo resuleto monetariamente hablando poder consegir una de GreenHouse. Aún no me he decidido por cual ya que todas pintan de maravilla, pero probablemente sea una sativa fo
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  5. Now that I think about it, there is a much quicker way to see sex. It takes a bit of patience though. The lighting has to be just right, the right kind of food. A good wine, the right atmosphere. Maybe some music and dancing. 20 hours seems about right.
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  6. My experience is photoperiod plants need 30-35days before show sex 12/12 from seed. Autos show sex in 18-27days with 18/6. I have Blue Dream 12/12 from seed, she showed sex in 29days from leaves opened, 34days from when i soak the seed. In hydro with proper light that 30days is enough if there is some sativa in genes.
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  7. Well im turkish background and this country is definetly a place to visit. its been in the coulture for centuries and the ottoman empire was well known for its coffee shops and trade with cannabis . now ur talking about a landrace that even the Padishas (Kings) were smoking on. Strain hunters are probably the only company that would be able to find this landrace and i mean the real deal. I have fluent english and turkish so if use were to make the trip over here i could definetly be a interpreter. This is probably just a dream but if someone was to make it true it would be use .
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  8. Hi Guys and Girls, time for a little update as I cropped two plants last night. Measuring only 49cms and 55cms they have cropped 231gms and 230 gms of wet, so should dry to about 115gms. I work on getting 25% of wet weight, anything more is bonus. So roughly speaking they'll produce just over 2 ounces per plant and for such short plants that's pretty damn good IMHO. Here's some pics of them before I cropped. Peace y'ole Toaor
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