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  1. It has been two weeks so it is time for a progress update, after my last update gave her 3 litres of water with 3ml of soil bloom feed per litre of water, then four days later I gave here 3 litres of water with the same amount of soil bloom feed, each time I checked the run off PH and it was 6.0 to 6.5 Last night before the light just before the light went off I gave here 4 litres of clean water, then in 3 or 4 days I will give her some feed again, I have also lowered the lamp after checking the specification on Mars Hydro web site, so it is closer to the top of the plant, unfortunately t
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  2. hello i undertand your caution and you're right because a lack of nutrients is more easy to solve than an over feeding with burns. otherwise your new leaves are beautiful and look to accept your mixture. continue man +1 for you
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  3. hi there !! as cannabissapean i can tell you NO ALARM brother. i had plant with these mutations and when it grows it will disappear.
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  4. hello crentz !! yes good idea to flush it and then give it at half strenght. do you flush with clear water or with florakleen or something like that ? For NFT i just can say : GO !! I have NFT NUTRICULTURE gt205i with 20-25 L tank. i like this system. After it will be interesting to see the difference between DWC and NFT. Finally for your babies after your flush and half feeding , i think you could increase your EC a little if your plants can bear it. continue man and you will be happy soon ! bye
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  5. Hi Gasmeter my room is warm 32-35 C ...... but my girl grows day 39 from 12-12
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  6. That one tree in the middle had over 3 pounds on it
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