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  1. Hey everyone thorght I would start a new thread off , so what's your best pics of plants or anything cannabis oriented hear is a few of mine
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  2. g22, You have done very well despite the fact that your soil is so alkaline. That speaks very positively for your hard work to create the right conditions for the plants, given that your substrate pH was too high. For the remainder of this grow, I would recommend continuing to adjust your feeding water to around pH5,8 (like that pH that cannabis enjoys in hydro grows) and continue to monitor the run-off pH. We can only hope that eventually you will see a little rise in the run-off pH as time passes. Thus far your plants have benefitted somewhat from this transiti
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  3. The problème of hall this grow is ph of my substrat 7,4to 7,8 after many search i see its very diffuclt to adjust that properly of i need to study that but dont know ho or i need that magic organic ingrédient that i dont know or i only have to go back on a substrat already make from a goed company full of averthing whit the just ph and stop to make it my self whit mix of coco ,grond ,perlite in a % where i dont know the effectif an the effect butt iff i want to réuse more that 1 time my pot mix there is only product to make the soil more alcalines
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  4. yow i'm a 25 year old dude from Belgium, i use cbd oil because i am currently very sick due to some kind of serious inflammatory bowel disease so it kinda really really sucks my life at the moment, but the good thing is cbd oil is really helping and i also have the arizer extreme q vaporizer ( i'm very happy with this vaporizer by the way) that i use regularly. Now i'm slowly getting better so hopefully in a few months i'll be feeling good to go! i love listening to hiphop, Travis scott , tame impala and kid cudi , etctera jean michel basquiat is my profile picture because i l
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  5. OOPS posted before complete , i have extensive horticultural experience including hydro, but my pride was 6 ladies that maxed out at 14 to 19 foot 7 inches years ago, emboldened by our new legalized status I am using 2 bare bulb 315s in a customize DWC and maximizing space with a high maintenance SCROG . Utilizing my professional experience with vegetables im keeping 65 gal of nutes at 68f with a chiller and just might have been vegging too long , as after adding some co2 from 20gl of wine making im a week into flower and have a tunnel 5x5x6 with royal cookie Amnesia Haze that i ac
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  6. just been looking through some old photos ,played about on photoshop and vaped on
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