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    hello friends here's news of the small 4 weeks ago of blooms, I have not yet put fertilizer blooming here are some small foto
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    Day 13 of seedling stage for DD & Nebula. Perhaps those two are now in veg - not too sure of the cutover from seedling to veg. 125w CFL still on 24hrs per day. Growth is motored along last (human-) night. Topped DD and Nebula (NVclosetmedgrower topped around this growth point). They're left with their cotyledons, their first single-fingered set of leaves, their first three-fingered set of leaves; their first two sets of five-fingered (perhaps the second is a seven-fingered) leaves.
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    Day 12 of seedling phase. Everything is good in the garden. DD and Nebula are making their 4th real set of leaves. JW growing second real set. IC and SS still trying to create first real set of leaves. Very, VERY tight nodes atm on all plants. I've started DD & Nebula on the Shogun feed cycle, so top-watering water (as well as very low ec 0.030 foliar spray with nothing in it) contains 5ml/l Katana Roots and 2ml/l Samurai Terra Grow. I've stood the propagation tent on end so it's now 90cm high by 60cm x 60cm, and also put a bodged reflector (cardboard & white printer paper) just above the CFL at about 45cm to reflect light back down quicker (rather than travelling up to 90cm - CFL's lose a lot of power with distance). Light cycle still on 24hrs a day with a 125w CFL 3 inches from canopy (~170k lumens).
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    My fans are quite loud as well LedCherryBerry, although I've fortunate to have my grow in the spare bedroom so I don't hear it. So unfortunately I can't recommend a quiet fan. Was away all day yesterday and came back lunch time today and the tissue had dried out with IC seed in it. I think I can see a little crack & tail so have re-moistened the tissue and put the now-sunk JW seed in there as well to germinate. I have been error-prone through germination with these DD & Nebula doing fine. DD is 6.5cm and Nebula 3.5cm and starting to show their first true leaves (not the 1st cotyledons nor the 2nd single leave but a third set).
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    I guess that's normal for some weed you found on the side of the road, because that doesn't look like cannabis to me. I hope you didn't pay money for the seeds. P.S. Hey Matt0908, please post a smoke report for us, OK? Thanks...
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    No, BMG, I'll leave the outlines of the last 2 videos to each viewer to do that for himself. It's not so difficult a job. Regarding the first 7 videos, I felt it was important to outline them so that new growers can see that great success with growing cannabis is not by accident. It takes planning and preparation to have the kind of success that this grower had had. And it must also be understood that not all recipes and techniques work the same for each grower. Each grower has his own environmental issues and growing restrictions to deal with. To reach the highest level of success requires dialing-in one's set-up and also dialing-in one's own monitoring and knowledge of the cannabis plant and participation in the process. The grower above didn't develop his techniques overnight. His presentation is certainly the result of many hours of research and study, along with a number of years of practice. I value that highly.
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    Condolence Board for Franco Loja: http://greenhouseseeds.nl/franco/goodbye/ Click on the link. When the page loads in, then scroll down to leave your message.
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    This is a "SPECIAL ONE" for THAILAND, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA... And CHINA--------------------------------------------------------------------About CANNABIS LAW !!!!!!! (((NOT ADRESSED TO THE CITIZEN OF THE COUNTRY BUT TO THE GOVERNMENT)))

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