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    Hi community. Last year I had a failed attempt to raise my outdoor grow, so I would very much like to start again and show everyone my strain. I have always known it as Passion Fruit not because of the flavor but due to its leaf formation. Here are a few pics of the seedlings that will hopefully become beautiful ladies. This strain is a slow grower, it's never in a hurry to do anything, so my updates will be some what spaced apart. Enjoy Roo78
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    Heyo, Small update. Since @Cindy brought up the idea of a metallic net underneath the pots, i've been working on building one myself. And i succeeded! It works! Of course, now i'm going to have to figure out how to collect the run off water beneath the pots when i water. But i managed to give the girls a good 10cm of height from the ground. This will help A LOT to create a flow in the small, cramped cabinet i built. Thank you Cindy, for giving MY cindy some fresh air with a fresh idea! I also crafted some reflectors. Well, i like to call these De-flectors, since they don't reflect much at all! But, in this way, my eyes will not melt each time i open this heaven, and now there's no excess light outside the cabinet (which is a big up against too-curious eyes). Anyway, a photo credit beneath: On the left, my Cindy, with an Iron Deficiency. Next feeding will be 0.5ML/LT cal-mag only, then resuming and alternating between BBG/BBB and cal-mag each 3-4 days. On the right, Rebecca. I don't know if my eyes are mistaken (usually not), but she is putting out colour! On the side of the bud leaves, she has this Blood Red tint, while is getting coloured yellow (not sick) inside, as if she was turning orange/purple. I'll post a photo tomorrow of this, when i feed her and have a better chance to look at her up-close. I know that if she shows colour ON the leaf (red, purple, blu-ish, etc) she has a good chance of being a Kush.. But what about her SIDES? I've never seen that before in my short life. Well, see you tomorrow. Peace!
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    Decided to introduce DD & Nebula (and JW) to lollypopping. I've taken of their cotyledons (crispy anyway), their first single leaf & side shoot, and their first three leaf. The lowest item left on them are side shoots (which are going great) that went with the removed three-leaf. I've taken the first three-fingered leaves off the side shoots as well. I've LST'd those side shoots as well on DD & Nebula. Early I know to trim, but they seem mega healthy so I figure they can take it.
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    Aha, now I see the problem. Your exhaust pipe is only pointing toward a window that is partially open. That is why the heat is building-up in the room. This is the same as venting into the same room that the tent is sitting in. It accomplishes virtually nothing to improve the reduction of temperature and humidity, and it it is only minimally efficient at replacing the Oxygen-rich air with ambient CO2.
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    According to Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springtail ), Springtails (there are many species) are evolved from arthropods. Scientists have only recently stopped considering them as insects. 1. So, if you are considering using a pesticide, it might be better to use an arachnicide instead of an insecticide. 2. (from Wikipedia:) "Springtails commonly consume fungal hyphae and spores, but also have been found to consume plant material and pollen, animal remains, colloidal materials, minerals and bacteria. ....Springtails have internal mouth parts." So, if you could treat the top of your soil with a fungicide, you might deprive them of their food. Because a fungicide might also harm your mychorrhizae, I would suggest only a topical spray treatment of the soil, but a thorough spraying and cleaning of the moist or wet parts of your tent. 3. You could also try a method that works well against roaches. After the cleaning of your tent, sprinkle about a little powdered Boron. The Boron gets on their legs and hairs and on their food. When roaches clean themselves or eat the Boron, it doesn't kill them right away, instead, it enters their digestive tract and destroys their ability to digest their food. They die, and when their body is eaten by the next roach, that individual suffers a similar fate. The roach transports the poison to the other roaches. This makes Boron so effective. I would expect that Boron might also be effective against Springtails. Here is additional information about Springtails from Orkin Pest Control company. https://www.orkin.com/other/springtails/ Of particular interest is their method of reproduction, and the fact that they reproduce in large numbers, hence large infestations if not treated.
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    Thanks @Cannabissapean. The window is partially open at night, and sometimes during the day when the tent is getting below optimum temperature or I'm out and don't want to be burgled (cat or human). Mostly it is fully open during the day. Ambient air temperature in the room the tent is in stays at between 18-22°C (night/day). The room the tent is in is a spare room, so is connected to outside via that window, and to the rest of the flat via a door that is always open so a small draught is created. My new setup last night did not work as I had the dehumidifier setting on max Dry, which is only 40-45% humidity (got to 47% last night). Not enough for what I need. I'll try tonight on Laundry mode which has had it down to 23%. I'll monitor the temperature and humidity in the tent and in the room the tent is in and report back. I'm put the probe-end of the tents temp/humidity sensor in the only fabric air vent that is open, to get an air-in temperature. I'm fairly sure air-in is ~50-65°C (night/day).. Flushed them this morning with ph in of 6.20; ec 0.060; ppm 30. 3 x volume of pot. ph out 7.6!; ec 0.440; ppm 220. There must be a block of calcium or something stuck in the pot me thinks to make the r/o go alkaline all the time. ec/ppm tells me there are still nutrients in the medium. I've been defoliating the nearly-all-yellow leaves as they turn nearly-all-yellow. I'm noticing more white pistles and ever growing calyx's. These buds are now looking like the ones I see others post on the internet/seed brochures.
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    Amazing what changes occur over the course of 6 weeks. Looking good, frenchmango.

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