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    Thanks SantaBuds Now I'm germinating some new seeds, to see how they come out
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    Hi mates, Please use another post for discussion, advice, questions .... This is just to sign up for the contest. Thank you
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    It is very interesting the different ways that people enjoy cannabis. Some enjoy its pain-relieving effects. Others enjoy the couch-lock or sleeping effects. Yet others will get high and then go to the fun park and ride the wild rides, or dance their asses off in the mosh-pitt of a rock concert. Others dive into creative activities of painting or drawing or making music.
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    First photo shows the plants filling up my area. Second is JW , a 75% sativa and it sure is stretching (42cm from media). Third is also JW and shows the topping & LSTing (and size). Fourth is IC (60% indica). IC has three nodes not four like all the others. Fifth is DD, also a 75% sativa and stretching. Sixth is the internals of DD. Finally seventh photo is of IC which was splayed open yesterday and filled in over night. In the top photo we have DD top left; Nebula top right; SS middle; IC bottom left; JW bottom right.
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    Well even if the cbd doesnt have any psychoactive effect doesnt mean that it doesnt have any effect. I dont have anything against or for CBD strains, i am just happy to see they are available for the people that want it. now to answer to why people would want some cbd in their strain, well you do get a nice muscle relaxation by smoking cbd for people that do a lot of sports it could be usefull, also having a strain with a 1:1 ratio could be a good strain for a debutant smoker that doesnt want to get tooo high, so the CBD will counteract a bit the Thc of your strain and lower a bit the high, maybe good to introduce somebody to smoking, Less paranoia on sativa strains for the people that are sensitive to it maybe, and im sure we could go on But i do understand your point also in the sense that for regular smokers there is no real advantages to smoking CBD beside the fact that it is just good for your body And as far as what is the most potent CBD strain on the market i dont know, if you want to get CBD on low levels and a good high just take a strain like the HCemdog i think with almost 2% CBD its a good start already ^^there are a few in the catalog that goes between 1 and 2% i think. Bless have a good grow man!
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    these are the afghani x bigbud updated from last pic above of the 2 small ones.
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    I really hope u all like this thread i`ll be taking photos whit another cam in a few days, so i sorry about quality imgs now!!
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    Hi, I will use 10 pots of 20 litres each, and i will try 5 Outdoor and 5 Indoor, to see the difference about production and quality. Hope the best!
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    Seems like one 50-60cm plant will go into a 60x60cm tent, no? Unless you're growing 4 plants that are ~30cm x 30cm, which'd look very interesting as I can only imagine them as plants with one long stem/cola. Also interesting for me as my propagation tent is 60x60x90. I'm with @I'm Sal on this and would be worried about putting too many plants in too small an area.
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    Hey Sal, My pots are airpots. They squeeze easily. I don't want to get you angry, i've read the whole message, and i thank you for the tips. Back in the days (when i was 17) i've grown 21 plants in a 200x100x160 enviroment, all together, and managed to get 600 dry grams out of 3 mothers and 18 30cm clones. I used a 250W HPS 3000k for the whole grow. I know squeezing ain't a good thing, plants suffer a bit. I'll try sticking with 11Liters, but i'm afraid 11Liters isn't enough. Point is, to me, i got 3 options: 4x18L 4x11L 1x30L I cannot grow a monster, i just want 50-60 cm plants
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    Hey do i need to have my threading here or in the indoor grow journals ? There doesn't seem to be much movement on my thread and i have a loverly setup ?
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    this is not the case on strainhunters forum after the upload the meta tag is changed so no copper can get to that, don't know how that is arranged elsewhere!
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    I would use roughly 8 pots or 10 depending on plant size. 2 Smallest ones will be able put into the same smart pot. I have sec setups. But don't know if you allow for a hydro test.
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    Anyway, this is a inscription post. To talk about our techniques and issues, we should move to private messages. I wanted to say that i understand what you mean. You want everything to be in place, with the correct feedings, light schedule, spacings, airflow, bug treatment etc etc. I want this to be my case too, but i also like to experiment. I don't really mind if my grow "sucks". If i manage to get some flowers, it is a success. If the flowers are smokeable, it is a far better success. Of course, if i grow 1 plant, and care for that plant, and that plant manages to flower, in a 60x60 and finish the job, i will have so much weed i can stop growing for years. As i said, i don't care about yield. What i care about is experience and knowledge. And i also need to test it out myself. I will never learn if i don't do my own way. I need to see what i'm fucking up.
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    I agree with you, but i need to clear out a point: I'm NOT happy with the space i've got. Let me explain. I know that 11 Liters is a good medium when it comes to flowering. I also know (and hate to do) that plants in close-quarters suffer a bit. I've experienced this grow that a poor airflow can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to treating pests. What i WANT to do is different from what i PLAN to do. I want to grow as many plants as possible, so that i can decide who stays, and who leaves (if ya know what i mean). But since i don't have that possibility, i plan to plant 4 of them, and grow them low on purpose. Say, if i grow 1 plant, and fuck up with that, i've lost BOTH the contest, and my grow. With 4 smaller plants, yes, i will have less yield, but if i fuck up 1 plant, i still have 3 as a backup. Placing 2 rectangular pots could be a solution to both problems. Do not worry about airflow: in the picture above there are no extractors as they've been ordered and are still coming. I will place the filters outside the tent, so that i have much more space to work with. I have a couple fans for air circulation. Recap: i'm not happy with the space i've got, because i perfectly know that what i'm about to do is 80% wrong. I'm not happy because it's illegal here, and no matter what my efforts are, i will still be limited to grow ninja-style. I wish someday i will have 1500mq of space to work with, but for now i am limited to 60cm2, and have to deal with it. Anyhoo, as you said, it's my grow, my fuck ups, and my experience. In my place, we use to say that you need to hit a wall with your head to understand a concept. Maybe it's because of that that we can't understand basic concepts.. Regards!
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    I appreciate the tips and the full explanations man. I know you come from more years of experience than i do. Comunication is a big issue with human species. If we, say, comunicated through images, we could instantly understand eachother. Words are fucking complicated when it comes to 200+ languages.
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    Hey Sal, Here's what i meant when i said it's possible. I'm showing you in this picture my actual tent, which is 55x58. I can fit perfectly 4x11Liters with space bewteen the bases. I can also fit the 18L, but they're a bit squeezed. You're using plastic round pots, and they're hard to fit. I'm using cloth pots they take the form I TELL THEM TO. Hope i was clear enough.
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    I've always heard that if you put 2 seeds in the same pot, you should be tied to a pole and burned alive. It's a BAD, BAD thing, even for regular plants. Plants should have their own personal space. Growing a plant on top of a dead's roots is another talk. (I'm sorry i didn't catch your metaphors, as i am italian and we use different ones hehehe)
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    Just to throw a pleasant spanner in to muddy the waters further (love mixing metaphors), what about one big 60cm x 60cm [square] pot with 4 (or 2) plants sharing it? My bagseed grow was two plants in one pot and they seemed to do ok.
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    Hey guys, I think you guys are right. Upon reading again, with more time on my hand, i realized i should use 11Liters pots instead of 18. 11Liters are 27cm wide, should give them more room. I was also considering some rotating-bases for the plants, in a way that they receive light on every bud, everytime. But i guess they're too close-quartered to work out. Anyway, 11Liters it is. Peace!
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    Same as @ShaggyGrower, i too am writing again for my participation. I'll be using 4 pots. 4x6 LT ==> 4x11 LT per VEG 4x11 LT ==> 4x18 LT per BLOOM. I've bought a new grow tent, and crafted some new lamp supports. The new tent will be 60x60x170 cm. I've also bought proper extractors and carbon filters, and timers (which i'll need some time to learn setting hehe). I'll be using LED lights: 3x35W 6500K + 1x45W F.Spectrum per VEG 4x35W 6500K + 4x45W F.Spectrum per BLOOM Total Wattage VEG: 150W Total Wattage BLOOM: 320W I'll place the lights at 18" (45 CM) for VEG, and 12" (30 CM) for BLOOM. I'm quite curious to find out how the White Rhinos will adapt to a close-quarter enviroment. Cannot post pictures of my last grows, as i am not near the ganja-bunker, but ye guys can find some in my last diary. Anyway, wish everybody good luck, and good buds. Cheers!

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