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    Hi mates, We started a new contest where you can try a known strain, amazing strain: White Rhino We can send 10 feminized seeds and BIO Feeding / Feeding to each grower interested, that meets with the requirements. We would like to make a little contest, about grow diaryes (the work performed and exhibited in the forum). The contest start January 1 and finish June 1 of 2018, you have 5 months for grow, bloom and harvest. Also we have some prizes for the best works 1st prize: IPad 4 mini 2nd prize: T-Shirt + Hoody + 3 Pack of seeds 3rd prize: T-Shirt + Hoody + 3 Pack of seeds The Grow Diaryes, should be initiated at: http://forums.strainhunters.com/forum/212-test-area-white-rhino-contest/ We will be given preference to users of this forum with more seniority, and / or grow diaryes. Limited: Limited participants. Excluded all people who requested seeds in previous editions, and did not do a grow diary, without exception. Do you want to participate? Reply to this post, write your answer: say me how many pots will you use. If you are selected, we will contact you by private message on the forum. IMPORTANT: You can start cultivating at any time, but should start your grow Diary in January. If you can not grow at this months, please not write to be a competitor. IMPORTANT: We do not ship to USA. Federal laws forbid it.
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    Not sure where the other post is that I subscribed to this competition in, but for completeness, I'm in for 5 pots so picking the best 5 seedlings to go to the finish Regs, ShaggyGrower.
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    Should be great if I can participate to this contest... Will try to do it the best way as I can... 6 or 7... Cheers & respect from Belgium. Arnaud
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    well this is the longest time in years that i have not had a smoke in 3 days, and i dont feel great at all. have pain in my hand from nerve damage where my thumb was half chopped off which makes me light headed and nauseous along withconstant stabbing pain in my ribs that had been broken and i thought were healed. im still hating the police for taking my indoor setup, i never went without. too many people here smoke meth and its so hard to find green even at harvest time because not many people even grow anymore and its so secretive because of the law and heaps of people just sell weed to buy meth. im leaving this stupid country (new Zealand) as soon as possible. it doesn't help that i dont have many friends here but everybody i knew has ripped me off, caused too much drama or are into stuff i wont be involved in so i just keep to myself and live with my mum because she the only family i have along with our Pitbulls. cant wait to have enough money to leave and find a new home in a different part of the world where there is plenty of green and good people. our government here say they will legalize medicinal cannabis but it isnt making any progress.
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    i made a Facebook page and done some hunting managed to get sum tinnys. small but good weed. i make spirits at home and its fully legal here but need a license to sell or supply it. saves alot of money. i enjoy a drink most days but rather smoke than drink. i have used meth myself in the past but it makes me more anxious and because of the trouble it causes i have excluded it from my life. too many bad things happened and so many gang members hustling everybody. im over the wasted partying days now and focused on making the best.life for myself

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