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    Hi hunters, Today are the germination day! So for this special grow I put 5 seeds and after 2-3 weeks of growing I selected the 4 more vigorous plants. After that, I would let it grow again for 4 weeks. After 7-8 weeks of growth I would spend the 4 plants in flowering and just before the flowering I will take 2 clones of each plant to keep a mother. Like this, I could choose the best phenotype and keep it in mother plant form. Material Glasse jar, air pomp, water, PH-, ph meter, ehancer & last but not least the GH Super Lemon Haze seeds The level of my tap water : PH7,8 - EC0,25 Step i follow 1) Aerated the water to put maximum of the chlorine out 2) Ajust the ph at 5,0 3) Add the Ehancer at 0,5gr per litre After that the water is at PH:5,8 - EC:0.3 & Temp:21°C 4) Put the 5 SLH seeds in the water for 24h See you tomorrow for the next step...
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    Matriarch ('M') and her peers are now in the propagation tent (60cm x 60 cm x 90cm), 3cm (for tight initial internodes) from a 125w blue CFL 24hrs/day. The plants are in little glasshouses (shot glasses) with most of the media not (so more open for gas exchange with the tent air). M is 2cm, with two others starting to show and one still a no show as yet (although did have a tap root cracking through so hopefully is just a little slow). Temps ~ 28-30c; Humidity 85%+. I have a 1ml syringe which I am using to put a drop of half strength enhancer on them every now an again. Happy Growing!
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    Day 50 I hoop to stay on track to the end
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    HI guys She has not had a good life out there, the only nutes i have given is 1 sample pack of the new bio bloom from Green House. See you in 4 weeks hopefully not found. PEACE
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    Hello Hunters, Today 3 seeds of 5 have cracked. So its best to wait until tomorrow for the first transplantation. Meanwhile, it is already possible to prepare the pots that will receive the seeds. Step I follow 1) Wash the pots before each start of cultivation to avoid contamination with pathogens. 2) Fill them with the soil and put them in the growth box so that they reach the same temperature as the seeds that are already there. This will avoid heat stress when the seed is very small and fragile. 3) A label on each pot is recommended. Here SLH1 / SLH2 / SLH3 / SLH4 / SLH5 So, see you tomorrow for the transplant
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    Hello @ShaggyGrower, For tigth internode intensity of ligh is important but not only. Do you be carefull with the difference between day temperature and night temperature. So it is better in the veg stage to have the same temperature in the day & the night or something that come close. For example: 24 day & 24 night is perfect! Or 24 day & 20 at night is good too. Warmer night inhibited the plant grow. That means if you dont heat the night it is better to controle the temperature at the day with the lamp. (more space between the lamp and the plant to have less difference between the day and the night) Thats is one parameter for contrlol the internode space but not the only one, intensity, nutrient or a good watering strategy can help too ;-) Have a nice grow!
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    Hi hunters, Second day of the germination process. Today I removed the seeds that remained 24 hours in the glass jar containing water with Ehancer. I put them between two plates until their crackling. I use the water in the jar to moisten the pad before disposing of the seeds. Like this, there is no shock due to the temperature or a change of water. After that just put the plates in the grow box to have the good temperature. With this process it often takes 24 to 48 hours at 20°C to 22°C to see the first little roots. So, see you in this time for the next step!
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    es verdad @ Jose.gh el propolix es genial lo usé siempre Mira amigo, te recomiendo que pruebes el tío amanitha es la mano sagrada Lo he intentado y he alucinado las plantas con las que he puesto esto in spanabis I will show you the differences from one to the other
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    @slimjim Yes fullgas!! Welcome and sit comfortably
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    Unless you allow your pot to sit in water, coco is almost impossible to over-water as the air content is said to be 24% upwards. http://hortsci.ashspublications.org/content/40/7/2138.full.pdf Hope this helps and Good luck. PEACE
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    Thanks @slimjim. I think I keep them too moist, ie, wet, too late on. Still learning that fine line. I'm now thinking wet (floating) until sunk; very moist/wet until shells have cracked and I can see a small tap root; then just moist but not wet. Though process is, once the seed has absorbed as much as it needs to stretch out of its case, it does not need as much moisture indeed too much will drown it I'm finding, hence why I transferred them to the moist (but not wet) pots. Thoughts?
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    You did right Shaggy, once the seed has cracked pot it, there is not many that do not make it. Just keeping it moist amongst others become easier. Good show. PEACE
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    Yes I have been flushing it will be 2 weeks now
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    Thanks @ShaggyGrower I hope to bring these small seeds to the next level Peace
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    Looking like a great start. Good luck with your grow which I will be following with interest @OG.Naj. Happy Growing!
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    Hi hunters, she now has some pistels forming, she had another battering out there even tried to tie back the spilt caused by wind. im now pretty sure she is not going to finish, we will see. for out door in UK i think she is doing ok. here is also a plant from last year out door, loverly pink pistels. peace guys.

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