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    Thanks SantaBuds Now I'm germinating some new seeds, to see how they come out
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    Hey OG, thank you for the kind words. Yea, it's a good start. Those are not the fastest developers i've seen, but as you could say, i'll adapt. Either way, i wanted to update a bit. Yesterday i showed they were a bit overwatered, but when i came back from work, they recovered. I took a picture, but as it's typical of me, i forgot to post it. So, i deleted it, and took a new one today. WR-Ensemble: LEFT is WR-1, RIGHT is WR-2. Taken in solitary, it's a bit hard to tell who's winning the race. Ensemble shows a LOT of difference between the 2. Keep in mind that WR-2 had its cotyledons closed as the shell didn't came off, so she's behind of a couple days at max. Yet, the difference is still huge: whilst WR-2 is putting out the 5tipped leaves (3rd internode), WR-1 is starting to show the 5th internode. I believe both will take off as soon as i repot them (which is scheduled for Saturday). P.S.: I'm noticing WR-2 tends to curl her leaves, although they're perfectly healthy and showing no signs of deciciencies or pests whatsoever. She's taking a look around, and not just up! Maybe it's just genetics, and as always, only time will tell. P.S. 2: the Enhancer is a BOMB! Needs the label "handle with care", cause the plants are freakin loving it! I'll see y'all in a week or so. Peace!
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    Hi guys! I've been a bit too busy to update but there it is. Day 28 - Veg Today I will transplant the remain 3 Rhyno's to 11L pot's. (Dont enough solo, have to buy more) Ah, 2 of 8 dont make it, so I will finish with 6 good girls. The little one's in this last photo are 2 Auto Northern Lights (Xtreme) just to get some smoke before harvest the rhynos. Already topped this 3. They are under 400w.. they look healthy and 0 yellow, but for this day, they have to be much bigger no? What I did wrong guys? Used enhancer one time, and I will use again when got the six in 11L pot. Is this for today. Big hug for all boys!
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    And lastly, the special guest, the smoker mosquito
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    Some more photos about Hindu Kush, even mosquitoes want to smoke haha
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    So! Feeding day, update time! Early in the weekend, i took a decision. On saturday, i transplanted.. only one. I preferred to keep only WR-1. WR-2 was looking far behind the schedule, and her root system still didn't develop as i hoped. Transplanting WR-1, i saw she was starting to fill the pot with roots. She was quite ready. And so, there can be only one! Newly assigned name is Highlander! Don't mind the igrometer on the right: it's broken. I'm waiting for a new, digital one. I'm surprised that her leaves are still so "little". They're perfectly healthy, no issues whatsoever. I gotta say, though, growth has exploded. Today, she has 21 days. I also managed to lower the temperature. I figured i can sleep in a colder enviroment, to let them grow better. Temperature ranges from 27.5° (max temperature) to 20° at night. As i'm writing, temperature is 24.5°. I've also modified a bit the intake: Unfortunately, i had to cover the tube with duct tape, as it's transparent and the violet light kills my eyes early in the morning. As of the feeding: I've watered her just a bit (300ml) on sunday, as she was a bit dry. Then, i came up with this. Instead of watering, i'll use some old school entropy. After 2-3 days the feeding, i add 2L of cold water in the saucer. I then point the fan towards the water. In this way, the fan takes hot air from above, and pushes it on the water. Air cools, and charges with humidity. This led to an increase in humidity, and the cloth pot i'm using just helps perfectly Entropy. The dry soil gets just a bit moisten, and helps to gradually decrease humidity in the air, and the plant to keep "breathing". Either way, VEG phase should be humid, and the airflow inside just turned out to be perfect. This means my feeding schedule will be this (hypothetically): Day one: enhancer feed Day four: 2L in saucer Day seven: water feed Day eleven: 2L in saucer Day fourteen: enhancer feed Day eighteen: 2L in saucer Etc etc.. I am also undecided between repotting her in her final place: should i go 11L, or 18L? I want to go 18L, but i'm a bit concerned about her roots. After all, transplant is scheduled in 14 days. Also, i've got a question about bio feeding. On the box, it says: if you want 12 weeks feeding, 3G per soil LT. 8 weeks, 2G. Should i assume, for 1 month of feeding, 1G? I want to have another month of VEG in the 11/18L, and then topdress the other 11 weeks with the bloom nutes. Either way, until then, peace! EDIT: I forgot to mention PH readings. Feeding today was perfect. Feeding water at 6.2 PH. Runoff water 30%, at 6.2 PH (a little yellow). Cheers!
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    D20 Temp 20°—28° Rh 40%—50% I just transplant to the 7l 16g of biogrow to 5,5 l promix p/pot Enhancer 3g to 4l r/o water 0,06 I dont use the 4l totaly
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    The last seed was at the bottom this morning 24 h after soaking i take out one side of the cotton disc i put on the coffee filters to lower the moist and the risk of rot
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    Two pics mor about Super Critical and the amazing Hindu Kush
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    Hi, Thanks Santa, yes the root are very white using Bio Feeding, its great Today one pic of WW..... And two of Super Critical
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    Hola compañeros, pido disculpas por. Mi ausencia, por motivos laborales tube que mudar mi cultivo a casa de un compañero, por desgracia con el estrés de la mudanza y la falta de cuidados las plantas prácticamente no se han desarrollado. Hoy vuelven al hogar( deseenme suerte para el trayecto 🚗). Por el editado de las plantas puedo ver que ni se les controló el ph ni el EC a la hora de los riegos. Tengo un gran trabajo por delante. Dadas las circunstancias doy por hecho de que estoy descalificado, aún así intentaré seguir mi diario de cultivo, si consigo salvarlas y sacar una producción decente, espero que se sirva en un futuro a alguien que pase por una situación similar. Pongo todas mis esperanzas en la genética y en la eficacia de los abonos. Nuevamente disculpas por mi ausencia, pero por desgracia no se puede rechazar trabajo hoy en dia
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    Great job friend, although I'm a little concerned to see so many plugs in the growing room Everything is going well, despite the small difference in size, everything will adjust little by little Regards!
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    My bro @ShaggyGrower and @g22 what do you think? A bit slow? I will try to take better photos too.
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    SS coming out of what I think was a Cal deficiency & lockout which resulted in very slow growth. (I suspect the others to a lesser degree as well). I suspect when I was flushing a lot, I flushed out all the calcium by accident when trying to get the ppm run off lower. I was using rain water and forgot about the cal in tap water. Hope you can make out the crispy ends then brownish band then green where the leaf is recovering (looks like banding). Anyhoo, they're all a-growing again in the bud area, so back on track. Wonder if this means harvest date is delayed. Atm I think it does. Trichomes mostly clear with some cloudy which is a surprise as I thought having not budged for a while they'd have started to turn already. Below is DD Below is Ice Cream (x2) Happy Growing!
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    I wait a moment and top all the plant in 4 head
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    How is everything going here friend?
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    I just read that even in bio substrat the ph is important for micronut and need to be a littel acidic

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