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    On Youtube, NVclosetmedgrower has created a fabulous 7-Part Video Growjournal, very good, very detailed with excellent grow-tips throughout the life of a cannabis plant (“Purple Chem OG”) from Germination all the way through Harvest/Drying/Curing. This presentation is so well done, explanations so very easy to understand, I find his videos are just the thing for beginners as well as for some experienced growers. I feel certain that even experienced growers will hear ideas from him that you hadn’t thought of before. He is clever and logical. If you have ever had trouble in your grows or if you want grow-tips to avoid so many common mistakes, Watch This 7-Part Series! I have liked his Series so much that I decided to outline each part for you below. Here are the titles and the current links to his presentation. Take notes; you’ll thank me later. All the following is provided for informational purposes only. Your results may vary, and the risk for you and your plants is entirely yours. The links are found at the bottom of each post, after the outline. (If the links are disabled, you can try to search Youtube for the titles to see if it has been re-posted under different links. Normally, if you can find one of them, you will have also found the whole Series. Or you can search for the author – NVclosetmedgrower.) I hope that you enjoy the Series. OK, Here we go: How to Grow Part 1, Seed Germination. The Link is found at the bottom of this post, below the outline. -Step 1: Hydrogen Peroxide (2-3 drops) in RO-water in Solo Cup for initial 24 hours in cup. -Step 2: Paper towel until Taproot extends -Step 3: Germination and transfer to Initial Cup of Soil -Soil-less Mix Description: Jiffy Seedstarter Mix with 20% Perlite, consisting of: Peat Moss, Vermiculite and Dolomite Lime, flushed with 2 cups of 5,5pH RO-water to reduce the alkaline effects of the Dolomite. One drop of CloneX(a cloning gel containing Vitamin B1 and Butyric Acid) applied 1 inch deep under where the seed/w-taproot will be placed into the cup. Maintain 70+% Humidity using a simple plastic bag over the cup. (A substitute for CloneX is Schultz “TakeRoot”, a powder which contains 0,1% Indole-3-butyric Acid. Obviously, one would need to determine whether a powder or a gel would be preferable depending on the method of its use. I have both onhand.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYIYFyFNMFg&list=PLfKFNZAfF1GxcVdCc4XPxMCKqmRiWVh71
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    Aquí van las fotos del cambio de maceta amigos. Paz y buenos humos Here are the pictures of changing pot friends. Peace and good smoke
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    7 días después del transplante así va la cosa... 7 days after the transplant, the thing is going....
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    D39 temp 22°-25° n&d rh 40%-65% i start lst training just to open the structure of the 2 main top i discover that one plant made 4 branches at the same node
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    Hello Hunters, Today are the 15 Day for the 4 Super Lemon Haze! Number #2 & #3 grow nicely and healty! Number #4 & #5 grow a little bit better but it is not perfect! So i will wait a little more to make my final decision with this 2 bad girls... Goup shot #4 #5 See you next week for the uptade! Have a nice and productive week-end hunters
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    Hey guys, i'm back. The expo was amazing (for what you could achieve in Italy), not as big as i thought, but still.. I've visited it all in a matter of 7 hours. Spent a bit on seeds, met some great guys, most italians (absurd, consumer population and age varies so fuckin much, and i didn't know) but also spanish, dutch, and a lot of french old men, for some reason. Tried a cannacookie, some drink canna-flavoured (horrible imo) and a weird beer (at 10.00 in the morning). I'm back with 24 seeds, most autos, and some other are 707 Headband and Girl Scout Cookies.. Took just a couple pictures, but with my phone as big cameras were allowed only to guys who sponsored/worked in advertising. Some were kind enough to let us pic them, others not, and i totally understand it as i work in expos too, and it's always hard to keep off the photos.. Either way, @ShaggyGrower No problem buddy, as @I'm Sal says i've gotta work a bit better on the technique, as i clearly have missed some point. I've gotta say, branches have thickened (if you can say that), and they're growing. Fast. What Sal says is correct, i'm having a bit of trouble with shaping with LST. My issue with this is that the wire i'm using to tie them, is a bit too big to fit in the pot. I have no other way than to tie her to the pot handles. But, i wanted to lower them a bit. Since i don't know how much she's going to stretch in flowering, i need her to grow stiff and as wide as possible. When she'll be stiff enough, i'll let her grow back the normal way, without wires (possibly in 1-2 weeks, when switching to 12-12). I know the idea of growing them into horizontal spirals, but i should've lst'd her since week 2-3, but she also grew stiff when young. I found it a bit hard to play with. Pics will come wednesday-thursday.
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    Hello again guys! Now start the fun part, flower I had the plants vegging with the HPS for a weeks time and then moved them to the flower tent. The tent is now completly LED with 121W Mars Hydro and 114W COB hanging 30cm from the plants. They are funny to compare, the "old" 5W chips has a better light spread, but the 200W COBs produce much more intense light for less wattage. The debate is in the spectrum i guess. I believe that the white spectrum from the Cree CXA 3070 COBs should be better, but I will soon find out also the white light is much nicer to look at then the blurple chips. (with a hydroponics light android app luxmeter i measured a hotspot of 25K lux under the Mars Hydro and 59K lux under the COB at 20cm distance). I vegged them for 2days under the LED lighting and then switched to 12/12 today (18/02) and added 0,5L of substrate with 30gr GHSC BioBloom as topdressing. Not much growth, they did gain an extra note in the two days, and i plan on taking two clones from each after they stretch a few centimeters. The last picture (with he thermometer) shows the latest picture form today. Notice the drooping leaves as the grow tent goes down to a freezing 15C at lights out... lets hope for warmer weather as i cannot afford to invest in any permanent solution as we are moving in a couple of months (after this grow cycle). Happy growing, and untill now the GHSC bio feed has been working nicely.
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    Dutch Dragon showing some nice colours (photo taken with lights off and just the camera flash). Happy Growing!
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    Hi Shaggy, I took pictures of the packages for you with the ingredients. hope this helps
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    Hello Hunters, Today are the 11 Day for the 4 Super Lemon Haze! Last thursday I told you that the number #4 & #5 have a slower grow and less vigor. Unfortunately this is still the case as you can see in the photo below... Goup shot I asked for advice a guy from greenhouse and he said : ...."According with most of growers who i asked you should wait some extra time with the two"little ones"and check if the development of them will go normally despite the not uniformly size of leaves. Don't looks like is a problem of genetic but maybe just the natural process of the plant that is a bit different the normal.".... I will follow his advice and wait a little longer. If, in a few days, he should still have too much delay and difference in development, I would take a radical decision And I would replace the two plants by two correct seedling from a good friend Here are some pics of the #4 & #5 #4 #5 See you in a few day's for the next update... So have a nice and beautifull day hunters!
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    Day 62 of Flowering. Camera flash only as lights came on this morning. Colouring up nicely. Top left: DD; top right: Sensi Star; middle: Nebula; bottom left: Ice Cream: bottom right: Jacky White. Nebula is on drying-out-countdown-to-be-cut. Monday or Tuesday. Happy Growing!
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    Thanks @g22 Flowering numbers are: DD 63-70 days Nebula 60-65 days JW 60 days IC 55-60 days SS 56-63 days So JW is one day overdue. However, I'm pretty sure because of my treatment of them all with nute burn / nute lockout, they are delayed slightly. Tried to find answers on the internet regarding if a lockout of, say two weeks in flowering, extends the time to flower by ~ two weeks, or whether it's not as simple as that. I'm looking at trichomes, leaf/pistil colour, etc. Below is the Ice Cream bud all dried and ready for a light curing. Shtems & leavsh & all (best Dutch accent): Happy Growing & Smoking!
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    More bud porn This is Jacky White, Day 61 of Flowering: Happy Growing!
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    Trichome shot from a calyxe cut from the top of Nebula: Yup, still a ways to go yet. Happy Growing!
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    we will see... Yes tick leaf for the more vigorous hope I can find the short flowering pheno ...on 2 or 4 plants thats really becomces a big deal but maybe :-)
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    @Marco3 Hi uou search old seeds somtimes littel shop not popular international that sell seeds on internet have old seeds
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    Hello @g22, I use a new substrat from my friend thats give me the 2 sideral seedling, Thats a profesional soil substrat and its a mix of black peat, blonde peat, compost and clay its moslty like your promix from plagron, Thanks for your question dude, have a nice sunday!
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    Hello @evolution666, Great looking plants here, thats a great start to make a great flowering! Good job & Good luck for the contest dude
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    Hello mate looking really well mate
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    She's looking great @LedCherryBerry. Nice and healthy with nice spacing. Don't take this the wrong way, but I was a little worried pre-grow with what you were proposing, but you've COMPLETELY turned my head around and EVERYTHING looks wonderful. Have fun at the expo - wish I was able to go as well, but alas not. Happy Growing!

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