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    Hello friends, Quick update... don't have lot to say... my 6 plants looks simply great... they grow so fast... Before the week-end I'll transfer them in bigger pots... and if they continue growing this way I'll start maybe the flowering few days before my basic schedule. Cheers & respect ! Evolution666 DAY 17:
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    Hello Hunters, I just come back at home after 4 crazy days of Spanabis. The expo was awesome and the straihunters club is just the place to be for smoker in barcelona. I can speak & smoke with many great people, Arjan, @Dust (thanks for all man), Jose from GH & Strainhunters but also with the famous grower of th seeds, Remo of the Remo Nutrients, his GG#4 is just incredible potent and tasty weed, Gavita guys, Big Buddha, the Ripper seed crew and many other. Happy to see you @Jose.gh and sorry for the beer on the bar So here are 3 pics... Remo & me with a good 2gramm+ joint of his GG#4 really good and potent weed! The first pics is all the gift we have at the expo, and the magazine on Franco come from the SH club. As you can see we have a lot of nutrients to try, stikers and seeds! We smoke just to many gram of weed from the strainhunter club and i can says the Ginger ale, tangie is tasty for sativa and Gorilla Glue 4, cheesdawg for indica are great to and well flushed weed with great white ash! In the hash category the Barbarra is just FIRE!!! So great job guys and thanks a lot for the great welcome! See you next year guy's!
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    Hello friends, After only 24 on 400w HPS... Look like the 6 plants are liking to be on more bigger pots & with a more powerfull light... & I've also used the additive enhancer for the first time... Hope everything will continue that way ! See ya soon with more pics & infos... Have a great week-end ! Evolution666 DAY 15:
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    The Matriarch White Rhino rises: She's looking great. Got rid of her seed casing before breaking ground! The others have a leader to follow. Happy Growing!
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    Hi guys! I've been a bit too busy to update but there it is. Day 28 - Veg Today I will transplant the remain 3 Rhyno's to 11L pot's. (Dont enough solo, have to buy more) Ah, 2 of 8 dont make it, so I will finish with 6 good girls. The little one's in this last photo are 2 Auto Northern Lights (Xtreme) just to get some smoke before harvest the rhynos. Already topped this 3. They are under 400w.. they look healthy and 0 yellow, but for this day, they have to be much bigger no? What I did wrong guys? Used enhancer one time, and I will use again when got the six in 11L pot. Is this for today. Big hug for all boys!
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    Hi again, So far they are great, this last month i got it right and they responded positivily. Sometimes we are so distracted to do things good that we turn to the wrong ones, shit happens (last 2 photos) all good though Forgot about Veg day, but was something like 50/60 days, first month with gnat problem's.. (She was very big too, with my mistake i can line up better with the rest of canopy) Before After She broke and I tried to put the top in 2liter pot but maybe it's a waste of time and work since it'll not make it, I'am right? (Edit: Of course not , already on my bag trash) (Now) 3/9 - Day 2 Flower Sry for the Yellow color's, they are very green, I have to take the photos imediately when the light turn's on so u can see good. All for today. Happy smoking
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    Hi guys Maybe the slowdown was a few gnats, they can deteorite the roots and we can't see, but I saw some very tiny tiny gnat larves on my leafs and have to do something. In my last grow I had the same thing but dont matter to much just thinking it was from clones and auto's genetics (the slowdown) Well it turn out my fault. And the thing is that I reused some solo from previous grow for the Rhinos.. (dumbass ) I battled them with neem, controlled for now as u will see on last photo, because the development from them was huge in last few days I think I won!!!! I tryed to LST them, well not perfect but I guess it will do the job, let me now if anything wrong boyss. 4/2 7/2 12/2 (My favorite, easy to say why) 19/2 20/2 And here dont wanting to break the off-topic u can see from the two auto's one very indica and one very sativa, is that even possible? different ratios? Not stable? 21/2 The big lady jesus lov it So guys the real question, one more week and turn to 12? They already show the sex and the pistles come out.. so when i change the hour they will asume the flower period within 3/4 days? I'am I right? Big hug bros Happy smoking
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    Hello, After 20 days it was the good timing to give my plants more space with bigger pots... A the base I was planning to transfer all the 6 of them in 7l pots but after the 2 first transfer I choosed to not continue with 7l pots... I think plants need realy more space cause they growing so fast so I transfered the 3 of them in 15l pots & the last one in 10l pot. I've also mixed the solil with BIO GROW (2g/l of soil)... So now will wait 2 or 3 days to try to do better pictures of the plants... Have a great week-end ! Evolution666
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    A short documentary on the adventures of a gnat fly:
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    I’ve decided to put them into flower today! Repotted them into 18L pots 5 days ago from 3.5L pots and the roots have already touched the sides and a few poking out the bottom so looking good! The slurricane are very finicky the cold spell is still daunting me the leaves don’t look happy but the roots are so it should pick up! Remo chemo is definitely a thought plant she’s shooting up and out little mag def started I gave them a foliar spray before potting up I’m hoping the soil will rectify it don’t really want to add too much more as I’ll be giving them a dose at week 5 flower! And as you can see there is plenty of nitrogen in the plants so don’t want to push too much more in them! I’m hopefully my I’ve got enough food in the soil to see me right through with just water apart from the occasional teas kelp charge and biosys and a bit of potash probably at week 3. Remo Chemo larger one of the two!smaller Remo Chemo single stem with tight branching they are starting to make their own space now bit of a Jaffa cake on right of picture!my favourite Jaffa cake stinks and is pushing out sparkles on their leaves already she’s going to be a good one!Jaffa cake leaves starting to sparkle
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