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    Hello Stoners ! ) Strain - The worlds famous SUPER LEMON HAZE (GHC) The growing setup: 150w Hps + 120w CFL. No Nutrients in veg, but in flowering I`m going to give her NPK 11-33-11. Container is 15 L. The temp is 25-27 while turned on and 20c while off. Day 12 after sprout. Day 17. I made LST. Day 24. Day 31. Day 39, Still 4 Days after turned 12/12. Day 44, 9 days into flower. Soon, for about 5 days I`m going to give NPK 13-33-13. also I defolated fan leaves which were under the scrog + LST
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    D88 W4 TEMP 20°-31° RH 45 % temp go up last week was cold and now temp jump to 25° outside n4 look to be more productif for trichome and leaf have an other shape than other pheno n4 is the wider leaf for the rest all the bud word harder smell in tent is a littel fruity on my finger is more like hash
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    Hi to everyone, first of all please forgive me for posting so late, hope it's not late to at least show some growing of the white rhino. Germinated some seeds and just 3 popped up, i have 4 left to try again ! right now they are under 200 w of CFL, later they will be in my indoor with 200w of cobs vero 29 gen 7 Cya !
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    M=80[11], 3=79[11], Tri=72[12], Bi=73[15]. (large number = days since breaking soil; [days since 12/12 flip]. Pistels galore. All plants stretching and flowering and looking well. The Inkbird is really helping automate stuff. Temps <81 >75 day and humidity 35-50%, so perfect. Flushed M and 3 yesterday, M lost a lot more weight than 3 so must have less media in. Took lots of lower and internal small flowers off 3. Have left M be, to compare. Bi I have fed 3l of their own run off (rain watered down to 400ppm), Tri 2l. Their run off is watered down to 300ppm for foliar spray as well - thrice a day they get a shower (sometimes with nute ro water [300ppm], alternating with rain water at 30ppm to give the leaves a wash) and this helps with humidity. A closed loop when it comes to nutes. A little detail of their run off that I'm re-using. I think it has a lot of dissolved PK in it, which is why I am reusing it. It has other stuff in there which is not soluble, so for the folair spray I let it sit for a few days then pour very carefully, so as not to mix the undissolvables [which sit at the bottom]with the dissolvables - also means the sprayer does not get clogged with undissolvables. A few signs of burn but only very slowly getting worse if at all, but not a worry as she'll get to a time where the nutes are not burning once she uses enough up. M & 3 have surprised by developing flowers faster than Bi & Tri. They might all actually finish at the same time (1/1/18). Bi is 61cm, Tri 60cm, M 41cm, 3 40cm. 6 days ago, Bi was 49cm; Tri was 47cm; M was 29 cm, and 3 was 27cm. Quite some growth!! No additional defoliation required (yet) as the intermodal spacing I created means there's no overlapping of many leaves. Lots of air in there as you can see in the photo's. This means no shock to the plants from a heavy pruning/defoliation, ergo hopefully a happier and more productive plant(s). M: 3. Tri. Bi. Happy Growing!
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    Happy to see a another SLH grow! Good luck for the flowering dude
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    I need to apologize to the whole community, i've made a mistake. Wednesday isn't the start of week 4, it's the start of week 5. Raised an eyebrow when i saw the correct date on my schedule, i skipped one week. Guess i should smoke less. Since the issue is not fading away, and is progressing (even if not as fast as before), i took these 3 days to carefully examine with JC chart at hand the fallen leaves, and compare them to deficiencies and such. It appears my plant is suffering from a combination of some micronutrients, such as molybdenum and manganese, plus (minus) Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium (which are quite a pain in the ass). So, 2+2 means that i should've sticked to the recommended dosages. Luckily, it seems that the plant has reacted to that minor jolt of Cal-Mag-Micro, so that's something i'll keep feeding (apart from enhancer day). Since she's also plausibly suffering from P and K deficiencies, i'll try to give her 0.5ml/lt of biobloom, just this time. If she reacts well, i'll feed it once every 2 waterings. If she looks like she can't take it anymore, i'll stop, and keep with the cal-mag. I have no other fix to this issue: as i said, right now i'm in the midst of week 5. Adding powders now means a harsher and more chemical taste (if she survives the dosage), doing nothing means to see her consumed bit by bit, each day faster. This is the updated schedule: 04/04/18 BLOOM 12 – 5 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 05/04/18 BLOOM 06/04/18 BLOOM 07/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 08/04/18 BLOOM 09/04/18 BLOOM 10/04/18 BLOOM 11/04/18 BLOOM 13 – 6 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 12/04/18 BLOOM 13/04/18 BLOOM 14/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 15/04/18 BLOOM 16/04/18 BLOOM 17/04/18 BLOOM 18/04/18 BLOOM 14 – 7 ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 19/04/18 BLOOM 20/04/18 BLOOM 21/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 22/04/18 BLOOM 23/04/18 BLOOM 24/04/18 BLOOM 25/04/18 BLOOM 15 – 8 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 26/04/18 BLOOM 27/04/18 BLOOM 28/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 29/04/18 BLOOM 30/04/18 BLOOM 01/05/18 BLOOM 02/05/18 BLOOM 16 – 9 ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 03/05/18 BLOOM 04/05/18 BLOOM 05/05/18 BLOOM 1/2LT x Soil LT (Flush) 06/05/18 BLOOM 07/05/18 BLOOM 08/05/18 BLOOM 09/05/18 BLOOM 17 – 10 1LT x Soil LT (Flush) 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 10/05/18 BLOOM 11/05/18 BLOOM 12/05/18 BLOOM 13/05/18 BLOOM 1LT x Soil LT (Flush) 14/05/18 BLOOM 15/05/18 BLOOM 16/05/18 HARVEST 18 – 11 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 17/05/18 DRY 18/05/18 DRY 19/05/18 DRY 20/05/18 DRY 21/05/18 DRY 22/05/18 CURE 23/05/18 CURE 24/05/18 CURE 25/05/18 CURE 26/05/18 CURE 27/05/18 CURE 28/05/18 CURE 29/05/18 CURE 30/05/18 CURE 31/05/18 TEST Note that i'm calculating 11 weeks, but i'm well aware she actually takes between 9 and 10 weeks to complete flowering. I added that extra week only to see how many days of margin i actually have before chopping her down. Since White Rhino should be a heavy THC yielder, if i can, i'll try to get every last bit out of it. If Highlander looks done at the end of week 9, i'll chop her down then. No regrets. Until wednesday.. Peace!
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    Franco has written it all down in very nice and easy words, just follow Franco's tips if you get lost veg = lower PH value inside your medias range ( = better N intake ) flower = higher PH value " " ( = better P K and trace elements intake ) example: soil , hybrid, PowderFeed: start with around 5.8-6.0 in veg and when you reach flower you increase PH to 6.0-6.2 till week 2-3, then 6.2-6.4 week 3-5, then 6.5 till end hydro...same game just start and end lower, depending on media. roughly: veg -2- flower soil 5.8-6.5 coco 5.6 - 6.3 rockwool 5.0/5.2 - 5.7/5.9 that is what I apply
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    Hi Looks Great
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    In General, 5,6 to 5,8 is the optimal pH range for hydroponics. 6,2 to 6,5 is the optimal pH range for soil. There may be some minor differences in the optimal pH ranges depending on the particular strain. pH fluctuations are normal, and some mild fluctuation is healthy, allowing various minerals and nutrients to be absorbed at varying pH values. Just dont forget to perform a flush in the last 2 weeks before harvest to help rid the plant of excess nutrients and salt build-ups. Otherwise, residual nutes and salts in your harvested plant will result in a harsh bad-tasting smoke. Good Luck

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