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    Yea it is getting crowded in there having abit trouble with the humidity, but i think/hope it will work out. Those pictures are week5 and these here are end of week 6. I moved the pots around in there so the position is different in these photos. I think i will go for 9weeks total flowering and only flushing last week(7days). I think about adding another light for these last few week - would you go with the blurple LED or the yellowish HPS?
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    Thanks, i think i will leave the leaves for now Gave them 1L watering with 2ml/L PK13-14. Look how the leaves start praying like crazy in the second photo after they got fed.
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    All my plant have got the same quantity of nute water same condition but its a plant that devlope a littel bigger maybe a spray of fish to get a littel more n but i even dont want to do somthing maybe a try to spray or no i wait and see if it becom better last grow i realy burn my plant and the grow befor too if its toxicity burn your leaf really burn te get brown like deade leaf and crowl like here on the picture but i cut the brown leaf
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    Hello friends, Back with some updates and pictures... We are today day 76 of the session and we are now on week 6 of flowering. The plants evolution is pretty nice... All of them got lot of buds and some of them are changing their colours (some orange) and the smell is more and more intense everyday. Only the two biggest of them got some leafs turning yellow here and there (majority on the top) but I think it's normal 'cause they are pretty big and by that they're draw their energy to continue their developement. Here are some pictures and for once the quality is bit better... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & salute... Evolution666 DAY 76 (6th week of flowering):
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    greenhouse green😁😁😁
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    Hello Friends, Back with some updates of my plants... They are still looking great and the flowering session work perfectly. We are now on the day 70th and we are on the fifth week of flowering. I've moved the smallest one in my other box like I've explained it on my previous post... That's not a bad idea at all... The smallest will develop better and just the same for the 5 other ones ... No doubt about it they will appreciated get more space & light... So here are some pictures... Have a great week-end ! Cheers & respect Evolution666 Day 70 (5th week of flowering)
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    D77 W3 flo TEMP 19°-28° RH 45% i take the humidifier out i give more time to my plant and more watering and they stay green i dont plan to give a pk booster @Jose.gh you dont made a biofeeding pk biobooster? i just spray 2 time with a fish emultion to try to help recover from the bad veg
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    Hola chicos espero que no sea tarde para empezar mí diario, eh tenido muchas complicaciones personales y me ha costado mucho volver a estar conectado. El día 19 de Marzo me ah llegado la carta , casualmente el día de mí cumpleaños lo cual me puso muy contento, pero para mí desgracia esa misma noche mí teléfono murió ( una noche difícil), sumado a esto mí Notebook no funciona asique se me hizo imposible tomar fotos y empezar el seguimiento de inmediato. Sin embargo, creo que si ustedes se tomaron el tiempo de enviarme las semillas yo tengo el deber de hacerlo aunque sea 2 semanas después. Espero que lleguen a comprender mí problema, si entro o no en el concurso, a estas alturas es lo de menos. Empecemos con los detalles del cultivo: Darkbox medidas 1 M2 Luminaria Vegetativo: 250w Mercurio Halogenado Luminaria Floración: 250w Sodio x 2 Tamaño contenedor Final:10lts Cantidad de plantas: 6 Medio de cultivo: Sustrato a base de turbas de la línea Groxmix (Terrafertil) con un agregado de dolomita y humus. Fertilizantes : Línea Grotek, Delta9( cannabiogen), microorganismos de la línea humbolds nutrientes (Mycomadness). Aclaración: Me decidí por esta línea ya que en mí país no se consigue el powder feeding Booster PK , por lo que decidí usar solo una misma marca para no tener problema de alimentación. No tengo fotos de la germinación, solo dejo aclarado que el sistema que uso es el tradicional ovni ( adjunto una foto ilustrativa para que lo puedan entender) y previo a esto, coloco las semillas en agua para que se hidraten unas 12/14hs . Todas las semillas germinaron en el mismo lapso de tiempo, tardaron entre 24/36hs en abrirse una vez colocados en el "OVNI". Una vez puestas en su maceta de1lts estuvieron una semana para luego pasar a macetas de 3,5 lts. Aquí ya tengo unas fotos ( disculpen la calidad pero es lo máximo que pude gastar en un teléfono móvil) https://ibb.co/jQGO9x https://ibb.co/eL7fpx https://ibb.co/ngmUhH https://ibb.co/ko7D9x https://ibb.co/ioqdbc https://ibb.co/gu55NH Aquí unas fotos de las White rhinno con 16 días de vegetativo. Bajo una sola lámpara de mercurio halogenado 250w, próximamente sumaré la otra llampara de mercurio, cuando tomen un poco más de tamaño.S apreciar una especie de carencia de nitrógeno debido a la falta del mismo en el sustrato Growmix, por lo que decido añadirle humus de lombriz al sustrato y utilizar una aplicación en riego de humus liquido para solucionar la carencia en un futuro inmediato. https://ibb.co/c55GUx Noto un crecimiento bastante bueno, por la experiencia en cruces con ww , sospecho que voy a necesitar un sistema de tutorado o hacer un scrog para su etapa de floración. Sobre el trayecto voy a ver cuál opción elijo, siempre hago scrog y la experiencia juega a favor, pero el sistema de tutorado es algo interesante que me debo a mi mismo. Me despido por ahora y espero sus comentarios. Saludos a todos y éxitos en sus cultivos !!
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    D91 5WEEK D35 OF FLOWERING TEMP 20°-31° RH 35%-45% light on 45%-60%+ light off need to extract light off the flower start to get weight and are very stiky odor start to get strong too iam very happy of result of biobloom
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    They look great, a lot of white buds.... (I already feel like smoking haha) In the mineral range there is a PK (GH Feeding), although it is not mandatory. The flowering fertilizer already brings a good measure of PK to obtain large buds. However, some genetics are able to touch even more PK in the key weeks of flowering, due to the rapid development. Even some growers, simply prefer to add more PK, always trying to obtain the maximum production (this implies risk of overfertilization, if the genetics are not known). On a personal level I don't usually use PK, sometimes I have used it with good results, but without it also good flowers come out. Cheers
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    D88 W4 TEMP 20°-31° RH 45 % temp go up last week was cold and now temp jump to 25° outside n4 look to be more productif for trichome and leaf have an other shape than other pheno n4 is the wider leaf for the rest all the bud word harder smell in tent is a littel fruity on my finger is more like hash
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    63 days (9 weeks) until the end of the competition. All four WR are now on 12/12. M & 3 where flipped last night with no extended dark period. They will be staying in their 11l pots as a test vs my usual 46l final pots. No more hot-swapping for the WR. The four plants are on 12/12 so they get the big tent. DK & WB are moved to a small room (with the 135rw LED on from 7pm-1pm) and then moved to the big tent at 7am. M was defoliated and pruned of small shoots & leaves, so was 3 to a lesser extent. Bi [Day 5 of flowering] was defoliated, pruned of lower shoots, and LST'd. Tri was defoliated a lot more than Bi down low and inside, with four of her small stems into Rootit sponges to see if they'll make clones. The defoliation consists of removing some lowest main stem fan leaves and some lower pruning of the stem shoots' lowest leafs & shoots. I've defoliated/pruned now so the plant can concentrate on forming pistils on the sites I want; and so there are no dark places in the middle of the plant for mold/pests to make their home. In week 2/3 of flower and I'll select which side shoots to keep and which to chop off for additional clones/compost. Foliar spray has been changed to Rain Water (25ppm). There some excesses showing on some of the older stem fan leaves on Bi. I suspected this might happen as BioGrow & BioBloom are in the big pot (lots of nutes). Not a big problem at the moment and hopefully foliar spraying with very low ppm will enable the plant lower the concentrations of excesses (ppm) in itself. Granted, immobile nutrient excesses (nitrogen for instance) are difficult fix, apart from chopping the leaf with the excess. I choose to let the plant build up these excesses a lot on the older leaves, and then chop them off. Once I chop them, any additional excess will go into the next oldest leaves, etc etc. I'm finding that they don't use a lot of water, although I am foliar spraying so this will account for a bit of this. Bi and Tri where flushed 8 days ago and weighed 18.4kg and 17.4kg respectively. Today they are 15.4kg and 14.4kg respectively. That's not a lot of water use over 8 days imv. I think I must have been very close to root-rotting Bi & Tri. They still have ~ 10 days water in them, so 18 days in total (they'll be dry about 10.5-11.0kg) which I think is a long time between waterings. Photo's: M: 3: Bi: Tri: Happy Growing!
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    Day 77, aka Day 22 Bloom. I guess it's time for an update. Issues As of today, i see 1-2 leaves falling per day. It's not bad, but it's not optimal. Leaves turn light green (compared to their healthy colour) or slightly yellow before falling on their own. Spots, instead, appear mostly on edges and tips, and not in the middle of the leaf like before. Perk-up remains but in lower levels. Clawing is slowly disappearing / it's barely noticeable. Feeding Today i fed her a quarter of enhancer recommended dosage (0.25g x LT) as Highlander's still recovering from the flush, but i couldn't miss this feeding as it would've fucked up my schedule too much. Soil was still a bit moist: on a scale from 1 to 4, it was 1.5. Yet, as said before, i had to feed her. So, instead of feeding her the standard 4LT, i fed her 2.5. PH spikes So, since i noticed chlorine symptoms, probably mistaken for a N deficiency/toxicity, i decided to let my water rest for as much time as i have on my hands before feeding it again. Normally, my water sits at 6.7-6.8 PH. Having left it for 36 hours in the watering can, i measured it again to see if something changed (out of curiosity). It was 7.6. A bit confused, i washed my pen a couple times. Still 7.6. I also noticed there was a thin white-ish layer of something, still trying to understand if it's limestone (most probably) or dust. Either way, removed most of it with a strap of toilet paper (no ink on it). Corrected the water to 6.5, and resumed feeding. Flowers Buds have grown exponentially in the last week. I don't know if it's her schedule, or the flush effects, but flowers have nearly doubled in size in a week. My jaw is on the floor. I've dared to touch one flower. Smell is definitely piney, with a touch of lemon or some other citrus i can't recon. Pics I guess it's time for a couple 'o pics. Highlander's canopy: Highlander's hopefully lenghty colas: Highlander's flower close-up: She's getting frosty, this early! I'll see y'all in a week or so. Peace!
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    The one i keep for outdoor stay green and grow under my window for the moment i give her 3g/ l of soil of biogrow with the promix and the zise of the pot is 20l
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    Hi to everyone, first of all please forgive me for posting so late, hope it's not late to at least show some growing of the white rhino. Germinated some seeds and just 3 popped up, i have 4 left to try again ! right now they are under 200 w of CFL, later they will be in my indoor with 200w of cobs vero 29 gen 7 Cya !
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    Start of week 6. Update time. It seems i finally found the fix to the whole bunch of issues that i encountered in these last 2-3 weeks. In the last weeks, the first issue to show up was both a N deficiency and toxicity, at the same time. Secondly, i thought it was caused by chlorine. When fixing chlorine, other deficiencies showed up, like the Magnesium and Manganese. In the end, i thought it all was caused by my nutrient dosages, which were from half to 2/3rds the recommended dosages. What changed? During last feeding, i realized (while i was feeding the extra bio-bloom) that my water PH changes because of the release of limestone. And then the thought hit me like a hammer on your testicles. When i flushed, i didn't change the water PH, nor i waited for both chlorine or limestone to evaporate/be released. I just flushed.. And now i'm pretty convinced i've got an overabundance of limestone in my soil. This overabundance changes Soil PH over time. So, to test it out, when i watered with the BioBloom, i measured runoff as soon as it got in the saucer, and it was 6.5. But, knowing limestone needs time to release, i thought of this: water passes through surface, mixes with limestone present in the soil, runoff water comes mixed with limestone. I let the water in the saucer sit for a couple of hours, and to my sad surpirse, when i measured it again, it was sitting at 7.2PH. Exactly what i was fearing. 6.5 -> 7.2, means the soil was at 7.9PH. The day after the BioBloom feeding, i decided to perform a microflush, basically re-watered in 24Hrs, with water PH'ed at 5.4. Runoff instantly measured 5.5, but upon waiting a couple of hours, PH was sitting at 6.2. Measured it again some hours later, no changes. 5.5 -> 6.2, means the soil was at 6.9PH. 4 hours after the microflush, the affected leaves perked up and regained their original dark-green/blueish colour (except the affected parts, of course). Today's feeding happened at PH 6.0, while runoff measured 6.5 (after 1 hour). I believe soil PH is still above 7, which is not good, but extremely better than around 8. Next feedings are going to happen always in the range of 5.8-6.2. I refixed the schedule to No BioBloom, and Cal-Mag each 2 feedings, alternated with Enhancer: Enhancer - None - Cal-Mag - None - Enhancer and so on. Another good thing that i've seen is that the buds resumed fattening, which i didn't see in 10-14 days, due to the wrong soil PH. Some of the pistils have started turning orange. But now, i guess a couple of pics is all we want to see. Enough good-vibez ramblings. Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's Flowering View: Highlander's Bud Close-Up: Highlander's "Trunk": Just wanted to share the last pic out of curiosity. Interesting to see lower, exposed roots change their colour to light overtime. I'll see in the coming days how the plant reacts to the lower soil PH, but i think that by stabilizing it everything should be back to normal. Until next update.. Peace! P.S.: i gotta say i'm pretty in love with the GHS powder feedings. A part from the fact they shipped a shit-ton of it for free, they work amazingly. I tried the nutrients on the tomatoes i planted in my greenhouse. They were dying, 20cm tall, yellow leaves, no fertilization. My dosage was a mere 10g BioGrow, 15g BioBloom, on an area of 120x60, and the tomatoes came back from the dead. In 3 weeks, they are 1.5mt, flowering, not a sign of yellowing whatsoever. Big Up to GHS!
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    Thx ! I undertand What u say . I dont gonna Rush it. The fact that the letter arrives so late complied with the closing date. If the letter arrived before, I calculate that it could have finished. I repeat, it Is the less important right now. The main Is to comply with GH guys. They gifted seeds AND send it free. Maybe the next contest i have better luck. In the maintime i gonna make Merit to be able to enter in the next contest finishing my diary. Thx You for comment AND hope u undertand my english. Cheers!
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    Thats a great news, Maybe we can make a " Hunters' reunion " in the Green house Coffee shop!
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    @LedCherryBerry @OG.Naj I can be there too if i want its not far for me 😁✌i know a very goed hotel for low cost price if you not so much money to pay a night in centrum its one of my best camarade is fan of ajax he go there a lot but its no much comfort its just goed to sleep .
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    If you have the extractor running at medium speed, it is good to set it at full speed to reduce the humidity. I usually put the intraction and extraction to the maximum after the third or fourth week of flowering. They look good buds, you will definitely get a good harvest About the light...... The yellow/red tones help the plant to mature (HPS). Reddish tones of the LED too, even the whites. Blue LEDs won't do much good now. Using HM (metal halides) is said to be a way to burn the plant a little, because it contains a lot of UV. If it burns a little, it is forced to generate more resin to protect itself. Seems like a good trick to get more resin, the last few weeks.
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    Yo @LedCherryBerry, Sorry for the late reply! The Spannabis was awesome! One of the biggest and the best canna event I make from long time! Great people and good vibes a the expo but especially in the club at night in the city where we can find very good weed! For me, the next stop is Amsterdam for the HTCC in july? So who will be in the game in Dam?
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    P.d: apartir de la próxima actualización lo hare tambien en inglés para que todos puedan participar y entender el hilo. Saludos a todos
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    M=80[11], 3=79[11], Tri=72[12], Bi=73[15]. (large number = days since breaking soil; [days since 12/12 flip]. Pistels galore. All plants stretching and flowering and looking well. The Inkbird is really helping automate stuff. Temps <81 >75 day and humidity 35-50%, so perfect. Flushed M and 3 yesterday, M lost a lot more weight than 3 so must have less media in. Took lots of lower and internal small flowers off 3. Have left M be, to compare. Bi I have fed 3l of their own run off (rain watered down to 400ppm), Tri 2l. Their run off is watered down to 300ppm for foliar spray as well - thrice a day they get a shower (sometimes with nute ro water [300ppm], alternating with rain water at 30ppm to give the leaves a wash) and this helps with humidity. A closed loop when it comes to nutes. A little detail of their run off that I'm re-using. I think it has a lot of dissolved PK in it, which is why I am reusing it. It has other stuff in there which is not soluble, so for the folair spray I let it sit for a few days then pour very carefully, so as not to mix the undissolvables [which sit at the bottom]with the dissolvables - also means the sprayer does not get clogged with undissolvables. A few signs of burn but only very slowly getting worse if at all, but not a worry as she'll get to a time where the nutes are not burning once she uses enough up. M & 3 have surprised by developing flowers faster than Bi & Tri. They might all actually finish at the same time (1/1/18). Bi is 61cm, Tri 60cm, M 41cm, 3 40cm. 6 days ago, Bi was 49cm; Tri was 47cm; M was 29 cm, and 3 was 27cm. Quite some growth!! No additional defoliation required (yet) as the intermodal spacing I created means there's no overlapping of many leaves. Lots of air in there as you can see in the photo's. This means no shock to the plants from a heavy pruning/defoliation, ergo hopefully a happier and more productive plant(s). M: 3. Tri. Bi. Happy Growing!
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    Purchased another gadget for my ladies. An Inkbird 220V ITC-310T 6-stage Programmable Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat for Heater & Cooler, 3 Pins UK Plug ,Dual Relays. In short, it has a temperature probe and I can set a base temp (78f); set a high fluctuation (2f) and a low fluctuation (4f). The gadget then turns on the cooling socket when temp gets to 80f and turns on the heating socket when temps hit 76f. There are timers as well, so I will get more detailed with it later. I have my extractor fan plugged into the cooling, and the 135rw LED into the heating. It's been working very well over the last day & night, and makes such a difference to humidity levels and the lowering of some of the weight off my shoulders. Happy (somewhat-automated) Growing!
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    Day 29, aka start of Week 4 flowering. Instead of mounting supports for the plant, i've tied Highlander to herself, twice. It's basically a lighter version of the nets used outdoors to contain a tree. Instead of placing a net above the canopy, i've tied the whole plant with a string, circling it all. I've also ordered the supports and they should arrive in a week or so. Feeding today was a bit different. I've fucked up with the PH down, so i had to use a bit of PH up. Fed with PH 6.4, couldn't bring it to 6.5 as i had little time to. Runoff at 6.4. The supposed Chlorine issue is rapidly spreading towards other, upper leaves. I'm not sure if it is chlorine, or if it's a deficiency caused by the flush. Either way, i'm just hoping she reaches 9th week without leaving a trail of leaves. To be sure, i added just 0.5ML/LT of Cal-Mag-Micro. The yellowing looks much more like a deficiency now. Hope it's not chlorine and i can fix it with Enhancer and some extra Cal-Mag here and there. I'll keep the dosages VERY low. Meanwhile, canopy has totally a different feel. Stretch is completely over. Plant's structure reaches 83cm, 53cm without the pot. As I'm Sal said, plant put on about 80% of stretch, as i started 12-12 and she was 30-35cm. The buds are starting to take shape, trichome production is amazing for being this early. What i'm reeeeally surprised about this strain is the low smell she emanates. Opening the tent doesn't blast your nose, it just smells.. grassy. But if you dare to touch one bud.. MAN, that's a strong smell. Pine scented, pungent, some citrus i can't recon. Who knows if she'll explode in smell later in the blooming phase, but as of now i'm really satisfied with it: it's super ninja. I guess it's time for a couple of pics. Highlander's Structure: Sorry about the quality of this pic, camera didn't cooperate. Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's colas, thickening: Highlander's flower close up: Highlander's Chlorine/Nutrient issues: What do you think about the leaf issues? Any thoughts about it? Had something similar before? Please share your experiences, i need to know how to treat it. Until next week.. Peace!
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    My notes: 17/03/2018 - M=57, 3=55, Tri=49, Bi=50, DK=30, WB=29. BIOGROW added to Tri & Bi and leached in, others watered with 378ppm/6.2ph M 3.175kg 500l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 3.675kg wet - OK 3 3.250kg 500l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 3.750kg wet - OK Bi 3.200kg 2.1l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 5.3kg wet - OK Tri 3.325kg 1.65l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 4.975g wet - OK DK 800g 200l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 1000g wet - OK WB 800g 200l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 1000g wet - OK 18/03/2018 - M=58, 3=56, Tri=50, Bi=51, DK=31, WB=30. Happy campers - phew! M 3.325kg l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 3.325kg wet - Look at watering tomorrow 3 3.425kg l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 3.425kg wet - OK Bi 4.825kg l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 4.825kg wet - OK Tri 4.500kg l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 4.500g wet - OK DK 925g l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 925g wet - Look at watering tomorrow WB 925g l ph ppm c ml-12%HP in, ph ppm c l out 925g wet - Look at watering tomorrow Dates/Days of veg/flower/whatever can be worked out using this (I don't have the numbers in my head, apart from sprout date which is all I need with the following link): https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html Base weights for the 11l pots is 3.6kg if you remember. I've been letting the pots get to ~3.2kg (exceptionally dry) before giving a little water (up to 3.7/8kg). Tri & Bi were given a feed leach-in yesterday. Overnight they have relatively exploded. I've rearranged the plants so their canopy's are all about the same distance from the lights (with White Berry and Dutch Kush [non comp entries if you were wondering what those were [green pots]) a little further away]). HPS dialled to 600w now (660rw) that goes with the 135rw LED. My 1.2m2x2m tent is effectively (with the whiteboard) a 0.6x0.7m2x2m tent. Carbon filter unattached from extractor fan as there is no smell to clean (and the extractor works better without it, although noisier). Temps 60-90f; humidity 27-50%; foliar spraying 3x per day. Temp ranges large because I want stretching. Humidity low ergo the regular foliar spraying. Happy Growing!
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    Hi all, i love the greenhouse company, smoked some serious chronic back in the day at theirplace in the Adam.
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    Gracias José, espero hacer un buen trabajo con ellas. Y ya subiré bien las fotos jaja. Lo importante es la intension, creo que hacer el seguimiento me va a servir de respaldo para interactuar con la gente del foro. Y dar mí granito de arena al mismo. Saludos!
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    When i was 18, me and a friend stayed in a hotel room that was 1.5mt wide and 8mt long. You can't imagine how trippy it was when we took some shroomies.. That room was nightmare fuel. I wanted to meet a couple "hunters", but CanapaMundi was too crowded for the small space GHS had. I stayed near the stand for 15-20 mins, then left, then came back, but situation didn't change much. We can surely meet there, at some hour, and go smoke a doobie somewhere for sure! Gotta meet my fellas!
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    I know what you mean about the pets, I feel like I'm always doing battle with them. Well it's all about finished. It has been a long and unusual season. The day time temps are still above thirty and the nights aren't much better. Usually I would be worried about an early frost before there finishing but not this year. They haven't seemed to finish as well this year, maybe weather related. They did suffer a lot of insects this season, not really a surprise as they were the only green living plants in my yard everything else is dried up. I always happy to get anything at the end. I'll get some seed and a smoke so it's been a different type of season but we all made it to the finish. I've even decided to do a cross with another strain I was gifted this year (origin unknown) so maybe I'll be tinkering away at this for a few more years. It couldn't hurt to freshen up my genetics a touch. I might even do another journal on the new cross. That's about it. So thanks everyone who had a look. I hope these little ladies where a different and interesting watch. Roo78.
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    Holy s*** HTCC! It's a legendary event around here. Everybody talks about it, nobody ever went there (we italians are lazy asses ) Do you know a bit about the expo? Or there's already a website? I'm going there 95%. Just need to be sure of a couple things. Happy you liked Spannabis. I guess i'll save some money for a good trip next year in Barcelona. Dunno about Madrid.. I'll see.
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    Hola! Acá no han llegado aún. Y como es del otro lado del charco y por problemas aduaneros GH solo envía las semas ( y ya con eso es demasiado)
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    Checking clone attempts for roots, and another (the 4th) has grown roots which can be seen easily through the clear glass sprouting jars I use: Add some 50/50 Perlite & Canna Coco, and place glass jar in pot to get hight right: I pry the sponge out of the glass jar with a syringe needle: Works a treat: Hold plant by stem and put in middle of new pot and drizzle the media around, pressing around the outside gently. Weight it, it's 126g, so I water with rain water up to 150g (24ml): Voila - a cloned White Rhino. Happy Growing & Cloning!
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    Little Marley has grown well... 12 h for the plants , and they'll grow like him
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    Trying something different with Bi. Instead of defoliating, I'm leaf tucking where I can. Hopefully this will shock/delay the plant less. The middle main stem fan leaves are quite large. I've tucked, with plant clips, those four pairs (8 very large leaves) of those large leaves to a stem three nodes down. Light can penetrate better, and the leaf is still attached to the plant so that plant can extract nutrients / dump more toxins in it, and frankly, they get some light. Seems to me that cannabis plants try to get toxins/waste out of their roots first, and when they can't they dump them in the oldest leaves which are the main stem fan leaves (not necessarily the lowest leaves on the plant). While those leaves can be dumped into, I don't want to remove them or the plant will start dumping in the next oldest leaves. I'm pruning any 2nd tier side shoots that come off main side shoots, up to 2-3 nodes along. I think I am going to have lots of stems, so just want cola's on the end and not much growing down below or middle of stem. Happy Growing!
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    First little pistels on Bi Happy Growing!
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    I'll be taking a chair to see those. Got a GSC from CanapaMundi, if you seed a cookie i'll be watching closely. A good opportunity to learn more on "her family", lol. Was Spannabis good? Had good vibes? There's spannabis in madrid too, maybe worth visiting.
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    Tri went into darkness last night at 7pm after a 12hr day on day 60 since breaking soil. She'll be in darkness all day today. Bi will join her this evening at 7pm for her night. They will both be brought out at 7am tomorrow morning where they join the others for an hour of 135rw of LED 'sunrise' followed by 11hrs 660rw of HPS (3hrs of LED from noon-3pm also - 'highnoon') before being put back into darkness at 7pm while the others have another 5hrs of HPS and 1hr of 135rw of LED 'sunset'. Bi will have had three more days of flowering transition than Tri. Lets hope this darkness routine does hurry up flowering. Fingers crossed. Extractor fan only on during daytime. At night it's off to help up humidity, although the airflow fans are still going. Tri before going into darkness. Ruler is a 30cm from media for an idea of height/scale: 'High noon'. Largest fan blows across the HPS light. There is a piece of Perspex plastic taped under the light to act as a cool-tube (reduces leaf temp by 7c compared to not on). Fan far right is upside down to blow air under the pots/ circulate colder air. LED at a angle of about 65 degrees. Spray bottle in there to keep warm. Canes used for LSTing and placed in media before roots had time to grow to them (ie, just after transplanting, so as not to damage roots): Happy Growing!
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    Hi jose.gh I am totally new to this, This will be by first grow ever. I was given a list of books to buy and read. They are arriving today. I still have not made up my mind as to what style of growing i am going to use, or what lighting. So there are many things that i need to do. My X boyfriend, i am able to ask for some tips and help. I spoke to my X boyfriend, and he said he will get me some cuttings, he read a list out, of the selection of cutting available and and there are some green house strains on the list, so looks like, i get to try your Famous strains. Thank you so much for popping and saying hello.
  42. 2 likes
    Hi jose, thanks for the reply, i split with my boyfriend and need to grow some weed, at the moment i am trying to source equipment to get a little grow on, carbon filter fans matched to lighting requirments and carbon scrubber pots meduim sized some liner to line the tent any ideas? Timer controller nutes (fertilizers)chem or organic soil or coco? which is best seeds or cuttings? am not experience but as a women, i used to smoke kali mist, so Hawaiian snow, sound really cool. hopefully the member here will be able to guide me through this time
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    This is really interesting, because it lets you see directly which plants love an abundance of nutrients, while the others don't. I'm not criticizing by any means your work, man. Just saying that you might want to keep an eye on it. Btw, i didn't zoom. I had that issue in my second grow and i remember how it developed from that stage. It's not bad, but it can be, considering the excess took the upper leaves first. Mine is just an advice, about flushing, but i understand the risks behind it and the possible complications. It's up to you. Either way, they look amazing. Big fat colas incoming!
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    @LedCherryBerry Its just one plant . how do you zoom so much i dont fluch on soil i maybe spray her its 5week they make nomore leaf again i was waiting to see evolution of these
  45. 1 like
    They start to take on weight i give more water now and everytime i touch the flower my fingers glue togheter 😁✌no need pk boost iam very happy of result nextime i use it i need to be more attentif in grow fase or i need to use a autowatering like blumat
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    Bueno comienzo compañero, aunque no se si te dará tiempo a finalizar el cultivo antes del final del concurso, pero por lo menos pasas un buen rato aquí compartiendo tu seguimiento Te dejo un enlace donde se explica cómo añadir las fotos al foro, es muy sencillo: Saludos!
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    M=74[5], 3=73[5], Tri=66[6], Bi=67[9]. 59 DAYS LEFT. (large number = days since breaking soil; [days since 12/12 flip]. All plants showing lots of pre-flower double-pistels. Bi is 49cm tall; Tri is 47cm; M is 29 cm, and 3 is 27cm. They're all about the same width as they are in height. Mostly long chunky leafs, with some ~15cm long. Some slight signs of nute burn on the tips of some leaves (yellow), mostly on newer growth. Some necrosis and chlorosis on older main stem fan leaves. Nothing that's worrying me, indeed it's interesting to see what the plants do with a slight excess in nutrients/toxins, ie, what it seems to do with them. I've taken some clones from the bottom of the plants, ie, pruned and put the clippings in some rooting powder then into Rootit! sponges - lets see what happens (I have never attempted to create a clone before). I'd normally compost any clippings, but I figure if they survive, the weather outside will be conducive to their growing in a month or so. Had an issue Sunday morning with temps getting to 100c for about 3 hours. Some slight burn on a few top leaves, but hopefully nothing too bad and permanent. My tent smells like a bakery in the morning with a very yeasty smell coming from my tent. That'd be the CO2 generator I made. Extractor fan is not on during the night to help with humidity and to keep the CO2 in the tent. Still experimenting as to when it needs to come on. Next purchase when money allows will be some kind of controller to turn stuff on when temps/humidity reach certain values. If you remember, when I flushed Bi and Tri on 22nd March I wrote, "Had ~3.3l of run off for both, so will keep that aside for later." My reasoning for this is different to @jan.gh who has written, "In my opinion it will not wash out the BioGrow / BioBloom since it is slow release and not watersoluble " My reasoning is that some of the ingredients ARE water soluble, it says so on the packaging's. Both the Potassium and Phosphorous elements in BioGrow and BioBloom are stated as "soluble in water". I have tested the nearly two week old runoff. Same ppm as originally (~1800ppm) and ph 7.6. So I have diluted it down to 340ppm with a ph of 6.1 and watered Bi & Tri with a litre each. Hopefully any water dissolved PK will get back into the media. I'll edit in pictures to this post later this afternoon. Edit: This is Tri. LST'd with nice node spacings & stretching. Happy Growing!
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    Now that the issue is slowly fading away, i have more calm to make moves. I've noticed clawing is still present, both from N and overwatering, but i guess in a couple days it should be fine (except for N that is still a mistery to me). Then, today, seen a leaf falling, got it and looked at it. It wasn't yellow, nor green. It was.. rusty.. bronze. FUCK! CHLORINE! Reading Chlorine symptoms: -Leaf tips and margins burn, turn bronze color (it is happening) -Young foliage turns pale green and wilts (it is happening after flush) -Roots are stunted basically forever, but i can't verify it -yellowish and bronze leaves are smaller and develop slowly (always had small leaves, dunno if it's genetics) -Young leaves develop burned tips and margins (some leaves did it in the first 2 months) NOTE: both severe def. and excess have the same symptoms. My leaves don't turn completely yellow before falling, they turn bronze! But since the leaf is so dark, the bronze is barely noticeable. Starting from now, i'll let my water evaporate for 36 hours before using it. Haven't done it before, so i guess mine is an excess. Flushing also happened with chlorine, i guess. If it's toxic to my plant, i wonder what the fuck i'm drinking everyday. Meh. Peace!
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    Exactly what i was looking for. Since my cab is 60x60 and i'm a stranger in SoG method, i will probably always grow 1 plant per cycle, so 1 light is perfect. Also, 100W is so little compared to my actual 320. I'm also considering to buy a regular light, such as a Mars II Pro Epistar 80, but its spectrum is way less fuller than a cob. If you had both (FS and COB) what would you prefer using? I'm of the idea that a fuller spectrum is more beneficial to the plant than a double-band lamp.. But i might be wrong.
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    Hello @Jose.gh, Yes... they will appreciate get more space, no doubt about that... as you can see on the pictures the box is full (and the good smells start too... after only 4 week of flowering so I imagine that will be amazing during the 5 last weeks... I will need to install a charcoal filter asap and before that use maybe ONA to decreate the smell in my house haha...). Have a great day ! Cheers & salute... Evo666

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