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    Yesterday I was "strain hunting" in Amsterdam. So I went to green house coffeeshop United to look for some seeds. So I went smoked a fast joint and moved on(did not buy any seeds). When I was going home I realised I visited all the green house coffeeshops in 4 weeks time and put all my extra time and effort into researching the GH business structure and locations. So I was sitting in the car feeling a bit like a groupie. I asked myself a question: Why am I doing this. Answer to myself: I wish I could be a part of GH seeds like many other growers and enthusiasts and develop my own strains, vending the seeds at expositions and conferences. Growing our strains and be a winner at all the cannabis cup. Realisation: Everybody wants to be part of the winning team. So I felt a little sad because of my groupie behaviour. But you cant blame a grower for dreaming.
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    Iremos viendo como evoluciona William Trust, semanalmente voy colgando alguna foto, a ver la princesa como se encuentra en septiembre... igual de princesa pasa a monstruosamente preciosa jejeje Lo próximo que are con ella es ponerle una reja rígida a su alrededor como e visto a Franco (en paz descanse) en la siguiente foto Saludos y fenomenales humos amigo We will see how William Trust evolves, weekly I am hanging a photo, to see the princess as it is in September ... just as princess goes to monstrously beautiful jejeje The next thing you do with her is to put a rigid grid around her as I've seen Franco (peacefully rest) in the next photo Greetings and great fumes friend
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    Buenas amigos por aquí dejo unas fotos de las de exterior hoy estuve haciendo un poco de selección para sacar esquejes y algo de producción de alguna copa central Good friends here I leave some pictures of the outdoor today I was doing a bit of selection to get cuttings and some production of a central cup
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    Buenas fiestas amigos, aquí dejo unas fotos de las White Rhino, demomento llevan un ritmo estupendo para mi gusto Saludos y buenas fumadas Good holiday friends, here I leave some photos of the White Rhino, moment they take a great rhythm for my taste Greetings and good smokes
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    Hello hunters, This sunday i post for you a little close up of the FrancoLemonCheese at the beginning of week 6 This plant are already so crystalized and she smell so good. Have a nice and beautifull end of week end hunters and see you for the next uptdate...
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    Buenos días amigos así van las White Rhino que les corte la copa para hacer una pequeña cata y sacar unos esquejes saludos y buenos humos Good morning friends, so are the White Rhinos that cut the cup to make a small tasting and take some cuttings greetings and good smoke
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    Eso espero William Trust la verdad que si que es increíble la más alta, es raro que haya salido tan alta, frente a sus hermanas que todas son de porte más bajo pero quizás también cargarán bastante y tengan buena productividad, me conformo con que me llegase para un año, que por ley es lo que puedo plantar y por el camino que lleva la WR más alta creo lo podré conseguir Saludos y fenomenales humos That I hope William Trust the truth that if it is incredible the highest, it is rare that it has come out so high, in front of his sisters that all are of lower bearing but perhaps also they will load a lot and have good productivity, I am satisfied with that I arrived for a year, which by law is what I can plant and by the way that the WR takes higher I think I can get it Greetings and great smoke
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    I was thinking the same. It's a Hugh plant. You should have topped this one. You would have had 2 big ass tops on that magnificent plant.
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    Looks like awesome crop to me. This plant will give you enough.
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    I am wishing for visits to Palau, Micronesia, FIJI, Guam, and wherever the hottest trails lead for the best landraces. Evidently Palau is the weed capital island getaway for Chinese and Russian tourists.
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    didnt make much but still a few good spots. i just make a bit as i feel like it, could make alot but no need. enjoy
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    Wow, ahora si que están cogiendo cuerpo, que bien se ven Personalmente nunca uso casi nada, un poco de neem o piretrinas para los insectos, y algo de cola de caballo para los hongos. Pero poco mas... si la cosa se pone fea, entonces tiro de cosas mas potentes pero sin exceso, todo lo quimico termina dentro de la planta y no me gusta. Felicidades por tan buenas plantas, seguro que será una producción muy abundante!! Saludos
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    Hi, last month i've buy some cheap bulk seeds, the seeds comes from a fail crossbreeding and not expected result from a strain but still a good strain as a breeder says. and it contains an old seeds and a new seeds (mixed). i've got maybe some 100 seeds only for 3 euro. now, the problem is the seeds wont/fail to grow. yes the seeds germinate (i can see the seeds crack and i clearly see the small root there) but then it stop to grow and become spoiled (spoiled start at day 3). planted indoor or outdoor i got the same result. changing the media from coco to soil still the same result. even when i am combine plant it outdoor and soil, it become worst, the seeds eat by ant at day 5 or 6. (cursed ant!) an old friend told me to add sitokinin and giberelin it better, fast to grow. but still spoiled at last. somebody help me
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    No way Jose. I kid. Thank you for the kind welcome
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    Hola buenas tardes, estuve viendo la expedición a Colombia y veo que los cultivadores de allí rociam las plantas de exterior con zerotol, me pregunto si es conveniente que le compre zerotol a las W.R y les rocie para prevenirlas semanalmente, que opináis amigos? Gracias por los consejos saludos y buenos humos Hello good afternoon, I was watching the expedition to Colombia and I see that the growers there sprinkle outdoor plants with zerotol, I wonder if it is convenient to buy zerotol to W.R and spray them to prevent them weekly, what do you think friends? Thanks for the tips greetings and good smoke

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Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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