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    Hello Hunters, Hope you all are well for the summer holidays... @Jose.gh Thanks for passing in my grow and thanks for your words. Cant wait to smoke this beauty plants! The grow are now at week 8 of flowering and this week i beginning the 2-3 weeks of flush with just plain water for the FrancoLemonCheese and the Toxic. I wait 1 week more for the Ripper Haze. Here are the pics of the week FrancoLemonCheese (this pheno is more exodus that slh) Ripper Haze (true haze!) Toxic (Rock hard buds & great production) See you for the next update Hunters!
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    Hello Hunters, Hope your all are well for this begining of july? The grow are now at week 7 of flowering and this week i watering 2x the plants with 3ltr of 1,8ec / 6,5 ph & 1x just plain water. Here are the pics of the week FrancoLemonCheese FrancoLemonCheese Toxic Toxic Ripper Haze Riper Haze Next week i begining the flush for the FrancoLemonCheese and the Toxic,,, But i will wait 1 or 2 more weeks for the Ripper haze,,, So see you for the next update hunters!
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    DAM belladonnas looking mighty health as they reach their final week full beast mode🤯
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    m.oRganics all So we are at the end of the second 12/12 week on this mono crop grow of Blue Cheese. I am blown away at how these girls are in full beast mode and look so incredibly uniform and strong.... Can already see the flower points pinning🤯 Can't wait to see the flower and THC produced!!!
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    Hello hunters, This sunday i post for you a little close up of the FrancoLemonCheese at the beginning of week 6 This plant are already so crystalized and she smell so good. Have a nice and beautifull end of week end hunters and see you for the next uptdate...
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    Wow mate, Really impressive, those buds are practically perfect, and they still have to ripen. I take my hat off, you are a great grower.
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    Day 14 of seedling stage for DD & Nebula. Today I switch them to 18/6 - so they're officially in day 1 of veg. I still have JW, IC and SS that need 24hrs lighting in the small tent, and my big tent is not available at the moment, so I've set some alarms and placed DD & Nebula in the clothes airing cupboard (dark and warmish) for 6 hours a day and then they'll go back under the 125w CFL with JW, IC and SS.
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    How are your plants dude?
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    Hello @barackuda, Thanks for the infos dude! Have a nice day
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    It seems that everything is on the right path friends, lucky for everyone in Australia, hopefully soon be as legal as breathing
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    Awesome i am glad you have put up this thread i will be paying very close attention to it as it has also bin one of my hopes, move to spain next year or year after. i just want to grow outdoors legally and life a nice and peaceful life, I too am from the UK and i know the feeling well also having spanish blood (mothers side) i have always bin drawn to the place. maybe all us hunters should buy land together create our own SH village hehehe Good luck I hope to accomplish your mission dude if we both make it out there your invited to a smoke out Peace

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