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    The room is too crowded. I knew I would have this problem so I should stop beating myself over it, but it's just so damn annoying looking at This powder feeding sure gives some vigorous growth, but not so much flowering and bud growth, so I think this run will be flowering a few weeks longer. I added the Mars hydro "300w", but iam in contact with Vivi Liu from kingbrite and will be ordering some DIY COBs (can't wait to see the quality). Now beginning week 4
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    Hello Hunters, Week 4 day 26 for the 4 Exodus Cheese under the 2x 62w from Sanlight I watering each plants with 500ml every other day with 1,8ec and PH 6,6 Temp : 26 - 27 day / 18-20 night Hum : 65% day / 55-60% night As you can see on the picture the led work very well_ I promise, next week i take better picture See you for the week 5 update Hunters with better quality pics ...
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    Man this new house and furnace is giving me alot of trouble this winter fucking hell the night time temperatures drop to 14C so growth have been very slow in the first week of flowering, but I have now been able to get a 17C night temperature and max 24C , which isn't ideal, but better and I see little more growth here in week 2. Cloned and defoliated on day 9 of flowering (yesterday), but didn't take pictures. When I took the clones it became clear that the original Amnesia and blueberry OG are slow growers with small root systems and short branches, too short for cloning at day 9. So maybe they perform better in a hydro setup or they are just not as vigorous growing strains as the others. Either way they're probably out after this grow. The pots are moving abit around in the pictures. Big pots moved to front and back again.
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    Hello. Just wanted to stop and say high. See what's going on in here. Thank you for accepting me. Love to grow my own medicine. Love new strains. There is some really good seeds coming from America these days. Some say, better than a coffee shop in Amsterdam. This is my first grow indoors. I have grown outside in the mountains of Boulder Colorado Gorilla grow. Bury a Fish. Plant the seed, water come back in a month with tea. Lol that was my growing experience. I decided I wanted that old school smoke taste smell hit. Everything I remember about it years ago. So. I'm growing in soil. Smart pots. Fox Farms Happy Frog soil mix and Ocean Forrest mix combined 50/50. I have Marion Berry Kush, Love Potion #1, Burmese Kush, Rise N Shine,Pirate Radio,. I found some seeds from a breeder in Boulder Colorado called Thefarmco.com They have a strain called Backbeat OG. They claim 33% THC. Hard to believe but. I'm going to buy it. Lol Anyway good to be here. Give me a shout out! Peace
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    this plant is a power budXskunk 50/50 hybrid (indica/sativa) with a 7 weak finish so will probly be a 10 weak plant with the vary in fenos will get around a 100 to 200 gram yeild in an 4x4 tent with a decent veg period and plenty of bending and tieing down to spread the surfis area hs peace out
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    i was going to do this one as a mother for an out door grow but since decied in the time it took to crack and be put injiff although my tent is booked up for the next six seven months i need it for indoors will still be taking a few cuttings i saddly lost the picture of it cracked in tissue coz of a fone fuck up i will post more as i decied what im doing proply and this one could be a long prosses hs peace out
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    Thank you for accepting me. When I grew up in the 60s we grew whatever we could. I am so new to these strains. I feel lost. I tried to buy some F1 genitics Regular Feminized. They were at my local marijuana Recreational pot shop in Colorado. We used to buy seeds from Amsterdam cause the genitics were so good. But i believe you're right. Here in America we have some really good strains from what i am finding. At a reasonable cost. It seems seed prices have skyrocketed since i bought them. And American seeds are outrageous if ordering online. For a beginner indoors what strain would you reccomend? Thanxthese were $34 bucks for 6 from Thefarmco.com
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    Off-topic. I once wrote that for the season of 2019, I will choose between such varieties from GHS as Super Silver Haze and Super Lemon Haze. Well, my choice fell on the classics - Super Silver Haze, which I purchased at a very good discount of -24%. Also, as a free bonus went - Franco's Lemon Cheese. When will the 2019 season begin - I have not decided yet. I thought about purchasing “feeding” fertilizer, but I didn’t find it at a discount, and taking it is expensive for me. Well, nothing, there are good budget options. ---
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    Hi there. That strain is Island bubba kush. I started with feminized seeds and grew it 37 days in veg. Then flipped on 12/ 12 schedule for flower for another 55 days before harvest. I have a 630w cmh and it's my first grow. So proud of myself.

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