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    Hi hunters! Another week gone and some things happened in tent. 25.1.2019 was first day on 12/12 lightcycle, THC Bomb showed pistils before that but i started to count bloom days bit later and now shes on day3. Also from Francos Lemon Cheese i found tiny pistil and start counting in day or two. So far no pistil in Gorilla but im sure in couple days she will show sex. Still dont know what to do with Peyote, probably go with coco and transplant to little bigger pot. Next time i need to fill dwc's im goin to fill with blooming nutrients. 29.1.2019 Gorilla Skittlez Francos Lemon Cheese THC Bomb Peyote Cookies
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    Yea hehe We're in bloom actually 5weeks now,but flower development has been very slow. I got my DIY COB light and assembled it on the frame yesterday. Iam absolutely in love with this COB technology. Such nice light. Iam using the Citizen CLU048 1212 now instead of the Cree CXA3070, and to be honest the Citizen chips looks better. Brighter shine and nicer spectrum (this is my subjective meaning of course). This run has really stretched out way more then I ever thought possible, so IAM fighting with this. Cannot wait for next grow, maybe I will get a decent spacing and canopy Last pic is from veg room 37x55cm with one Citizen CLU048 1212 50w - the clones just came out of the aquarium and look like shait for a number of fuck ups I did while they were in the aquarium.
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    this plant is a power budXskunk 50/50 hybrid (indica/sativa) with a 7 weak finish so will probly be a 10 weak plant with the vary in fenos will get around a 100 to 200 gram yeild in an 4x4 tent with a decent veg period and plenty of bending and tieing down to spread the surfis area hs peace out
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    My Super Lemon Haze CBD was of equivalent size (plant and buds) to Arjan's Strawberry Haze. Franco's Lemon Cheese was the smallest plant of the three. My Paradise Seeds Durga Mata II CBD was also as similar size to the non-CBD plants I grew. Note, my CBD plants where 1/1 ration (so not pure CBD, ~11% of THC & CBD). Happy Growing!
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    ive had to make a temp cuboard till i can find a better solution coz to be frank ive got gready to early befor the space had become avalible i will up date when set the new space up once its had serfitont veg and time i will more than likly take a couple of cuttings to add to my outdoors one but we will have to see things through i might not of given my self the time im now planning on using this one indoors now to maximize and fill in a few gaps in my crop as ive had a few failures with a couple of seeds dont worry bout the wire rapped round the light its i low heat buld so carnt melt through the casing
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    It seems an interesting genetics, let's see how it grows and blooms thank you for sharing

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