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    Presents 3rd MEGA Contest Green House Seeds Co! We organize a new MEGA CONTEST with which we hope to be able to enjoy your grow diary. In addition to a first prize that includes a fabulous trip to Amsterdam for two people, we will offer five more prizes for the following positions in the final classification. Not to mention a monthly prize for the best grower/photo. - PRIZES - - 1 prize : trip to amsterdam for 2 people for 4 days and visit to our coffee shop. €1000,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice. - 2 prize : €1000,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice. ( seeds and /or feeding) - 3 prize : €750,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice. - 4 prize : €500,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice. - 5 prize : €250,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice. - 6 prize : €100,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice. - RULES - 1. Any person registered in the forum and of legal age in their country, who meets the requirements set out in the rules of this competition, may participate. 2. To participate it is necessary to have a prior registration in StrainHunters forum to the publication of this contest and at least thirty publications. 3. The contest will begin on March 1 and end on October 1, 2019 (both included). Cultivation method to be chosen by the grower. 4. In order to be eligible for the prizes it is necessary to create a cultivation diary, update it frequently explaining the progress and have harvested before the end date of the competition. 5. Persons who have previously applied for seeds for other competitions / tests and did not follow up are not admitted to the competition. 6. A seed pack and a Powder Feeding nutrient kit will be sent (Nutrients only UE) 7. You can choose between the following genetics: THE DOCTOR or SWEET VALLEY KUSH 8. Only one follow-up per participant is allowed, with the genetics mentioned (if you want to participate with other Green House Seeds genetics, you must show the original package with the crop. Proof of purchase may be required). https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/sweet-valley-kush.html https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/the-doctor.html How to participate? Leave a message in this same post indicating your intention to participate and the genetics selected. We will contact you by private message to send you your pack. Tell all your friends not to miss this great opportunity. You can participate from the forum Cannabiscafe.net and StrainHunters.com Important: We will send BIO Feeding to all participants in Europe. If you are going to use a Hydro system, you must let me know to send you mineral Feeding. Monthly Prize Every month we will choose the best diary or the best photo to give you a special prize (Pack of seeds + Nutrients). WINNERS Once the competition is over, a jury made up entirely of company staff will select the six best growing newspapers and make the results of the classification public. The quality of the crop, originality, number of photos and frequency of updating, companionship and final result of the plants, both in appearance and production, will be evaluated. The list of winners will be published as soon as possible, thus delivering the prizes. Good luck to all participants! Green House Team.
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    Hola hunters! Time flies and another week gone again. I have done some lollipopping to Gorilla and Francos Lemon Cheese also rotated plants about 90degrees. I have some diy leds that im going to add to tent, but i have to do some electrical work before and i need to find heat sink. Not much to tell at this moment so im going to upload bunch of photos. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 31 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 26 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 24 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 23 26.2.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies
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    Hi hunters, The nutrients and the seeds arrived yesterday so, it is time to beginning the 3° Mega Contest. You will find below the culture information. The strain i will use for this 3° MEGA Contest is the new GH Sweet Valley Kush! The nutrients I choice is the GH Powder Feeding BioLine Veg SETUP: VegRoom : Clone boxe from homebox Ligth : 2x Sanlight P2W 62W full Spectrum Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding Bio Grow and Ehancer Substrat : home mix substrat composed of 50% Coco Plagron, 25% Mills lightmix, 25% Promix Plagron Container : 1ltr plastic pot transplanting on a 7ltr plastic pot after 3-4 weeks of grow Flo SETUP: FlowerRoom :"homemade box" of 1m x 1m & 2,2m high Ligth : Dimlux Expert Series Full Spectrum 315w CMH Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding BioBloom and Ehancer Good luck to all participants & like Franco say, Peace, love & THC OG.Naj
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    Hello hunters! This week i have been flushing plants because they look little bit dark, but luckily nothing serious. Today i washed the reservoir tanks and added nutrient mixture again. Look like THC Bomb havent swell much. Plants doesnt drink much as they usually do, but that may cause from cold weather, 15c lights off and 22-23 with lights on. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 38 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 33 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 31 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 30 5.3.2018 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies
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    I peeled # 2 result 63 g of flowers of very good quality and covered with resin. + 10g of flowers with more leaves and less resin. total 73g the weight will decrease a little but not so much . the color of the flowers is nice too
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    Hello! It has been a very close decision, because there are many good works that we all wanted to reward. But only one can win (as in the film Highlander haha). So the winner of the month of June is....... tachan tachan..... G22!! Congratulations companion for so deserved prize. Enjoy it!
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    Hi guys! I am writing from Spannabis, where today we are having a record number of visitors. This morning there were more than 1,500 people waiting first thing in the morning, plus all those who have joined throughout the day. As always, the internet connection here is not good, so I won't be able to share all the photos in the forums. But, I have uploaded them all (with a lot of patience) to our Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds/ Besides, today we have a big surprise. At 4:20 begins the limited edition of the new genetics!!!! I will try to upload some photos of the fair in this post, if Internet allows me..... I hope you like them!
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    Today is the 20th of April 4/20 I though it would be a good day to get the ball rolling and jump into the ring and get started on my journal for the 3rd Mega Contest for my outdoor run I will also be doing an indoor run once the Sweet Mangos finish at the end of May and my tent is empty. I am hoping to do 2 over lapping runs outdoor this season, the second starting once the first 2 plants have been in flower 1 month. Here is some information about this first part of the outdoor grow. Strain 2 X Sweet Valley Kush = Green House Seed Company Growing Medium RootIt sponge plugs BioBizz All Mix Containers/Pots 16 litre Root Pouches Plant Feed Green House powder feeding products. BioGrow NPK: 7-2-4 BioGrow is an all-in-one bio fertilizer in powder form, formulated specifically for the vegetative growth of all plants. https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/bio-grow-en.html BioBloom NPK 4-9-9 BioBloom is an all-in-one bio fertilizer in powder form, formulated specifically for the flowering stage of all plants. All essential nutrients are provided by the natural minerals and organic raw materials. https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/bio-bloom.html Enhancer Humic Acids & Seaweed Extract BioEnhancer is a blend of humic acids, seaweed extract, Trichoderma harzianum strains and Bacillus subtilis. It increases the vitality of the plant, enhances the uptake of nutrients and improves the quality of the soil. https://shop.greenhousefeeding.com/enhancer.html Last year I grew 2 Passion #1 outside in 14 litre rubble buckets and the plants were a decent size, since then inside I have been using root pouches and they are great to work with the dirt dries out nicely and the plants have a much better root structure and healthier plants and better bud. So I decided to use them outside too and I ordered 4 16 litre root pouches which should arrive on Wednesday ready to be brought into play. This morning I put two of the Sweet Valley Kush beans into a little glass of water and I am waiting for them to sink. More updates to follow soon, good luck everyone and happy growing... Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Hi All, I've just popped four (4) The Doctor seeds into some Vittel to soak for 24 hrs. Still not sure how/where I'm going to grow them, but I think early veg on my window sill in the room I have until 15th May. After that, I don't know but I suspect they will go outside, somewhere in North East Luxembourg :-) The Greenhouse feeding is back in the UK, and I'm not scheduled to be back from there until after Easter, so they'll have to last on potting mix (not sure which yet, I'll have to go to a Lux' garden centre and find out) until I retrieve it. And so it begins, ….. Happy Growing! (pics to be added a bit as and when I can upload them, so watch out for edited posts with additional info).
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    Whooooo a big big thanks to all the friends in the forum, administrator, management, and all others . very happy to have grow your seeds of the doctor and to use the biofeeding you are very generous and sincerely they are very good product .
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    So a few days later and it's been mainly stormy , the girls are all coming along slowly outside. Loving the fat cute leaves of the SVK and Mokum Kush , the PVK is the tallest but has slimmer leaves, the Kuchi is playing catch up.
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    This morning at 6.30am when I switched on the fluorescent tubes it was very dull and cloudy and the temperature in the shed was about 16C. By about 9.00am the temperature inside the shed was about 18C and it was now raining outside, but it was warm with a gentle breeze. When I checked on the plants at around 12.00pm the temperature was 20C Here are some images of the plants I took tonight before I switched off the lights just before it went dark. Both of the Sweet Valley Kush plants under fluorescent light. Evening temperature in the shed 22C Sweet Valley Kush B#1 foliage side view. Sweet Valley Kush B#2 foliage side view. Tomorrow the weather will definitely be better than today it looks like we will get some sunshine and the rest of the week is looking good. Happy growing...
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    Hello Hunters, Some news of the flower growroom Bloom Week 3 for "the group 1" Sweet Valley Kush #2-#3-#7 & #10 Bloom Week 2 for "the group 2" Sweet Valley Kush #4-#5-#6 & #8 Yesterday I watered each plant with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) Day Temperature : 27c° Night Temperature : 17-18c° Day Humidity : 60% Night humidity : 65% So here are the pics of the goupe 1 The flower are coming nicely... Pics of the goupe 2 Beauty 11 fingers leaf, the plants are happy Have a nice day hunters and see you for the next update!
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    Progress 😍😍 Below The Doctor that was not dug up by an animal, and a new The Doctor just germinated and put straight into a pot. I left the plastic top off as I won't see it for 5 days and figured it would grow to tall and hit the plastic. Below is the tall The Doctor seemingly very happy by the river in the nettles. A bit of twisting on a few older fan leaves but the newer leaves look great. Happy Growing!
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    The first SVK is up today , looks like she has trichomes already . I have brought the plants indoors, and they are now under a small cfl light, I will put them back outside tomorrow if the sun appears.
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    Hello Hunters, Some news of the growroom ina di clonebox Week 7 Grow+43 For the Sweet Valley Kush #4-#5-#6 & #8. I kept the 4 smaller plants in the grow room and I did well, they grow well and will soon be ready to be switched. The 4 bigger, the #2-#3-#7 & #10 the 4 largest were spent wednesday in bloom. Today I watered each plant with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) Day Temperature : 23c° Night Temperature : 17-18c° Day Humidity : 55% Night humidity : 65% So here are the pics of today... In this photo we can notice the intensity of two bars LEDs from sanlight. only 62W each one but how effective See you for the next update hunters
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    day 8 week 2 800w temp night 18°-22° (19°-20°) temp day 21°-28°(24°-27°) rh +- 60% night /day n°4 is 76cm +- 10cm stretch is not big is good the green color is very nice
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    Hello Hunters, Grow + 10 Here are some news of the Sweet Valley Kush... I watering again with 100ml of pure water today. The plant growing well - Day Temperature : 22-23c° Day Humidity : 50-55% - Night Temperature : 17-18c Night humidity : 55-60% So here are the pics of today, day 10 of grow For the next watering I would put the first amendements in the soil with 1/2 dose of GH BioGrow. (2,2gr / plant). And I would water the plants with Ehancer. (1gr / liter of water). I can say now that this grow is the begining of a big project that i will make for long time now, a breeding project. I will selected the 2-3 phenos of the SweetValleyKush that i like more for a second run. After this second run I will only keep 1, the pheno that I would prefer of the 2-3 selected in the first run. And I would keep this pheno in mother plant. After that i will use this pheno to cross with a Di Futti Male from Karma Genetics. Di Frutti is Strawberry Guava from Oni seeds x with the Headbanger from Karma. Have a nice week hunters and see you for the next uptade!
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    Thanks @g22 Beans have sunk and have been transferred to tissue. Potting soil from a garden centre tomorrow (gardencenter.lu). 🙏👊 Happy Growing!
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    Hello Hunters, We are on the last day of March and as agreed, the grow for this can finally begin! I can not wait to see what GH Sweet Valley Kush has in her stomach. I will use the greenhouse germination technique as shown below. Saturday 30.03.19 I soaked in water (at 22°c) 10 seeds of GH Sweet Valley Kush for 9 hours. I then I put them on the paper towel and between two plates as explained by greenhouse. So here we are on 31.03.19 with 10 little seeds of this promising new variety "GH Sweet Valley Kush" ! When they have sprouted. I plan to transplant the seeds of GH Sweet Valley Kush in pots of 1ltr and in a home mix substrat composed of 50% Coco Plagron, 25% Mills lightmix, 25% Promix Plagron and some GH Powder Feeding BioGrow. But it is already the next stage ... So have a nice sunday Hunters and see you for the next update...
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    Hello guys! We come to the last day of Spannabis! This year there are many more people than in previous years. Lots of visitors, lots of friends, and lots of smoke! We will enjoy with you this last day at Spannabis BCN-Stand 57 Are you coming to the party?
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    Hi mates, Saturday is here and we continue to share good smoke with all the friends who come to greet us. Also, the new limited edition seeds are now available! Fantastic Crosses! If you come to Spannabis, come and visit us at stand 57.
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    Hi Guys, It's been a while since I made a grow journal on the forum , but it feels good to be back. I'm excited to get started with my journal, so I decided to start today despite my current grow having three weeks left. My plan is to pit Sweet Valley Kush against some other kush strains. So I will grow Sweet Valley Kush along side Em-dog , Kosher Kush and Mokum Kush. I will be growing in light mix soil with perlite from my local grow shop, as I like it more than the big brands. The grow will start on my window sill for three weeks, before going under a 250w MH lamp. Once large enough they will be flowered under a 315w CMH lumatek light. I plan to use the powder feed biofeed for my grow. So I have started the seeds in some PH'd water 6.5, which has been aerated to get rid of some chlorine. They will stay there for 36 hours before I place them in soil. So I will be back soon with the next episode.
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    Yeahh @g22 it is your turn, well deserved and Great Job bro!
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    70day 10 week i cut the doctors this afternoon they are all very sticky. # 2 a bit more sticky and very fragrant in my opinion the best phenotype . # 4 is my second choice very pretty buds far scented with a good yield and quality flowers. # 1 amazed me with these hidden farfum ,yields not so good and very leafy . # 3 nice flowers very hard not so strong smell and low yield #1 #2 #4 #3
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    Thanks bro The smell are coming slowly but the pheno 2 and 10 are the more pungent right now, the SVK #2 are the bigger plant to... SVK #2
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    Hello Hunters, Some news of the floweRoom The group 1 is now at the end of week 3, day 20. Big day ina di garden for the Sweet Valley Kush #2-#3-#7 & #10, it is the defoliation day! Because of my setup but also to control the flow of air and humidity, I decided to make a big defoliation at the end of the week 3 of bloom. After defoliation I have watered each plant with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) + compost tea (without ehancer) Day Temperature : 28c° Night Temperature : 19c° Day Humidity : 60% Night humidity : 65% SVK #3 before defoliation SVK #3 After defoliation Pic after defoliation Bud at the end of week 3 Have a nice week hunters!
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    day 42 week 7 .this weekend the temperatures were very high I was at 650w and Sunday with 31 ° I cut the hps and left the cmh on 315w all the night. temperatures are normal now I came back on 650w. i see that the trips are very active i will probably get up before the l ampe go out to pulverized some pyrethum with soap to calm down these bastard. next grow i have to better study the protection against plague until the end of the cycle Last time i touche the bud of #3 the smell was very goed like berry ,candy ..very nice that shurly gone have a nice taste
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    Traigo tres fotos más y voy a ponerme a abonarlas y cuidarlas un par de horas haciendo trabajo sobre ellas, al final del día adjunto algunas fotos más amig@s I bring three more photos and I'm going to pay and take care of them a couple of hours doing work on them, at the end of the day attached some more friends photos
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    Iam gone try too keep this one too
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    So three of the five seeds have sprouted , and are enjoying the sun out in the garden, then spending the evening under a small 50w CFL. I have popped in a Kuchi seed from Devils Harvest as a replacement for the two seeds that failed to germinate.
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    A couple of The Doctor into the wild with temp and humidity monitored by a Sensor Push. Happy Growing!
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    Hello Hunters, Day 1 of bloom 4 of the 8 Sweet Valley Kush, the number #2 - #3 -#7 & #10, move under the 315cmh from dimlux. The #4-#5-#6 & #8 will be switched in 1 or two weeks... Because it is the first day of bloom, it is feeding time... 80gr of biobloom / 19 ltr smart pot, so 320gr totally. I watering the 4 plants directly with 1ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) + 1gr of ehancer. Day Temperature : 21-22c° Night Temperature : 16-17c Day Humidity : 55-60% Night humidity : 55-60% So here are the pics of today, day 1 of bloom... See you for the next update hunters_
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    Esta tiene de nombre: el siete This one has a name: seven
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    4 doctoras dentro del armario .... Lo inundan en un mar verde 4 doctors inside the closet ... They flood it in a green sea. Dentro hay una (wr) que le dejan florecer a la sombra Inside there is a (wr) that let it bloom in the shade
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    Hello Hunters, Grow + 34 I a week or so, the Sweet valley kush go to the flowering room. But befor that I'll transplant them a second and last time in pots of 19ltr, Smart Pot. I think do this weekend without being sure so here are some pictures of the plants. I have found the white balance on my camera and i try to use the manual mode with personal setting, new for me so very difficult... I hope that i can take better picture in a little time... So, see you for the last transpant update in a few days! Have a nice end of week hunters
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    This morning the day started off dull and cloudy, but by 9.00am there was a lot less cloud and patches of blue sky and sunshine. I put a thermometer outside at the back of the yard, in the house the temperature was about 25/26C, I left the thermometer for about half an hour to an hour and checked it again about 10.00am and the temperature reading was 22 C Then I got a little bucket and went to my tent and popped the two Sweet Valley Kush seedlings into the little bucket and then I took it outside and then I took the root pouches and seedlings out of the bucket and placed the bucket upside down on top of the dirt in a large planter. I then placed a plastic saucer or plant pot drip tray on top of the bucket and placed the root pouches and seedlings atop the saucer so the seedlings can bask in the sunshine and start to acclimatize to being outdoors. If it rains I can either pop them into the shed or bring them back inside and pop them back in the grow tent under the LED, while they are still in the small 1 ltr pouches I will probably pop them in the tent under the LED rather than in the shed under the fluorescent tubes. Thermometer showing outside temperature at 22 C Sweet Valley Kush seedlings. Once I transplant them into the 16 ltr pouches I will only be able to put them in the shed when the weather is crap under the fluorescent tubes which is better than the plants and dirt getting wet if it pisses down. At least with the bio feed I will only have to water them, but the dirt still needs to be able to dry out to oxygenate the roots. Happy growing...
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    A quick progress update on the Sweet Valley Kush seedlings. Both of the seedlings were looking a bit sad after I planted them, but they have since perked up and they both look a lot better. They seem to be enjoying the nutrients in the fresh dirt. When the LED goes off at 6.30pm at night I pull then out of the grow tent and put them on the window ledge so their day continues until it naturally goes dark later on in the evening, to make most of the day light and so their photoperiod is now aligned with the real photoperiod. I have been keeping an eye on the weather forcast on the BBC web site for this area, the temperature they are reporting is under 10C, so I put a thermometer outside on a table in the back yard in the sun and it was about 18C so I can start to acclimatize them to the outside. Then after the 20th of May they can go and live outside in the back yard, if the weather is crappy and raining like this morning they can stay in the shed under the fluorescent tubes until it stops raining then I can bring them outside. Here are some images of the seedlings I took tonight. Both Sweet Valley Kush seedlings in 1ltr root pouches side view. Both Sweet Valley Kush seedlings in 1ltr root pouches top view. First Sweet Valley Kush seedling side view. First Sweet Valley Kush seedling top view. Second Sweet Valley Kush seedling side view. Second Sweet Valley Kush seedling top view. More updates soon, happy growing...
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    week 3 day 15 day temp 24°-26° night temp 19°- 22° r.h day 50%-60% rh night 60% -77% 800w light n°4 83cm 17cm from day 1 the pistil are almost dare the doctor was realy able To full the tent by them self from now i give thea every week one with enhancer next without and stop 2 week before harvest In 3 day iam gone give the last 1/3 of biofeeding To the haze they have a flowering of 11-12week
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    Ciao compagni! Vi porto novità riguardo Sweet valley kush. Ieri è stato un giorno di nascite qualchelascio qualche foto che ho scattato, come le temperature sono ancora basse 23 ° giorno 12 ° notte umidità 85%. Uno dei germogli si presenta molto scuro spero non è per la temperatura notturna che a morire una bruciatura, Vedremmo come andrà 😉 intanto inizio a preparare i vasi sperando arrivi presto il bel tempo, A presto
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    Week 2 Day 13 Just before i give tve half dose of biofeeding grow to the doctor after 24h of brew the compost tea is ready with a lot of bacterial activity here is not a lot of foam the smell is goed the foam is not a sign of bacterial activity need a microscope To check it. for annual plant a bacterial tea is better a fongal tea is better for tree. During the growing season: Treat disease such as blight and leaf spot with fungal or balanced compost teaAt regular watering intervals.Apply at the first sign of any disease or insect infestationTreat disease such as blight and leaf spot with fungal r balanced compost teaTreat insect infestations with bacterial dominated compost teas. Severe illness and infestation in plants are signs of nutritional and biological deficiencies. 😉✌
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    the 2 sharks sprouted i supperscrop the 4 cut for the first time
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    Hello hunters! First harvests getting close, 17.3 i started to flush THC Bomb and Gorilla Zkittlez. Both they are ready in 1-2weeks, Gorilla probably first then THC Bomb. Franco's Lemon could be ready in 3-4weeks, shes now almost 7weeks so total is 10weeks. Peyote Cookies just passed 7weeks and probably need 3weeks, so i starting to flush in 1-2week. Lot of photos today, but there is some macros to show to you guys. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 52 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 47 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 45 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 44 19.3.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies
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    Hello hunters! One week passed and ive done some defoliation to plants. Seems Gorilla might be the first one to be ready, shes now bit over 5weeks in bloom and i think shes ready in 2weeks. I have to take some macros to see how trichomes are ripening and when to start flush. THC Bomb is week ahead but she may need 2-3 weeks before harvest, im not sure if she has swollen like her should be. But from photos i see atleast something is happening, and i know the magic happens in last weeks. Franco's Lemon is getting frosty and main cola is forming to spear shape, shes last plant to harvest. Peyote cookies i think is doing for that small root space, shes very dark color but thats mostly from genetics. Had some issues with timer, but i hope nothing serious happened. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 45 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 40 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 38 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 37 12.3.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies
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    Hi hunters and thanks for comments! Again week is gone and i can see buds forming nicely. Im feeding with dosage what bottle says, with other nutrients i usually do 50-75% to avoid burning/clawing the leaves. Gorillas buds keep going and she might give some fat buds. Maybe its too early to say but look like Franco's Lemon Cheese needs 11-12weeks to harvest, she looks haze pheno to me. She probably will grow long spear style main bud, luckily she stopped stretching. Made some lift to THC bomb and Peyote Cookies to get more even canopy, now gorilla needs some lift. Very hard to take photos of single plants without removing them from tent, maybe ill do that for next update. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 24 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 19 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 17 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 16 19.2.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies View from window of grow tent
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    Hi hunters! Nothing special to tell you guys this week. All plants flowering and looking healthy so far. Gorilla is developing buds very fast, not sure if ive ever seen this fast development. Also Francos Lemon Cheese is doing great, plants loving the hydros. Its getting hard to photograph plants without removing them from tent, so please forgive me the quality of some photos. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 17 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 12 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 10 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 9 12.2.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies
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    Hola Jose! I would like to join with sweet valley kush. How about monthly prize, are everyone in or should we enter somehow?

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