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    Hi All, I've just popped four (4) The Doctor seeds into some Vittel to soak for 24 hrs. Still not sure how/where I'm going to grow them, but I think early veg on my window sill in the room I have until 15th May. After that, I don't know but I suspect they will go outside, somewhere in North East Luxembourg :-) The Greenhouse feeding is back in the UK, and I'm not scheduled to be back from there until after Easter, so they'll have to last on potting mix (not sure which yet, I'll have to go to a Lux' garden centre and find out) until I retrieve it. And so it begins, ….. Happy Growing! (pics to be added a bit as and when I can upload them, so watch out for edited posts with additional info).
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    Thanks @g22 Beans have sunk and have been transferred to tissue. Potting soil from a garden centre tomorrow (gardencenter.lu). 🙏👊 Happy Growing!
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    Hello Hunters, Here are some news of the Sweet Valley Kush... at day 10 of grow. I watering again with 100ml of pure water today. The plant growing well - Day Temperature : 22-23c° Day Humidity : 50-55% - Night Temperature : 17-18c Night humidity : 55-60% So here are the pics of today, day 10 of grow For the next watering I would put the first amendements in the soil with 1/2 dose of GH BioGrow. (2,2gr / plant). And I would water the plants with Ehancer. (1gr / liter of water). I can say now that this grow is the begining of a big project that i will make for long time now, a breeding project. I will selected the 2-3 phenos of the SweetValleyKush that i like more for a second run. After this second run I will only keep 1, the pheno that I would prefer of the 2-3 selected in the first run. And I would keep this pheno in mother plant. After that i will use this pheno to cross with a Di Futti Male from Karma Genetics. Di Frutti is Strawberry Guava from Oni seeds x with the Headbanger from Karma. Have a nice week hunters and see you for the next uptade!
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    @Chefblake420 You even can make a automated free energie systeme with claypot close thightly connect each pot from one to the other and at the beginning of the line a water tank place higher than the pot line
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    Hello Hunters, Today and after 2 days between plates and in paper towel 7 / 10 seeds have sprouted. 3 seeds have not yet germinated.. So I decided to transplant the 10 seeds in their first house, even the 3 ungerminated and directly watered each pot with 100ml of solution (0.5gr of ehancer / liter of water) So here we are on 02.04.19 with 10 pots of this promising new variety "GH Sweet Valley Kush" ! The SVK 1 to 7 is the sprouted seeds The SVK 8 to 10 is the no-sprouted seeds Have a nice and beautifull end of day hunters & see you for the next uptdate...
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    Hello Hunters, We are on the last day of March and as agreed, the grow for this can finally begin! I can not wait to see what GH Sweet Valley Kush has in her stomach. I will use the greenhouse germination technique as shown below. Saturday 30.03.19 I soaked in water (at 22°c) 10 seeds of GH Sweet Valley Kush for 9 hours. I then I put them on the paper towel and between two plates as explained by greenhouse. So here we are on 31.03.19 with 10 little seeds of this promising new variety "GH Sweet Valley Kush" ! When they have sprouted. I plan to transplant the seeds of GH Sweet Valley Kush in pots of 1ltr and in a home mix substrat composed of 50% Coco Plagron, 25% Mills lightmix, 25% Promix Plagron and some GH Powder Feeding BioGrow. But it is already the next stage ... So have a nice sunday Hunters and see you for the next update...
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    Week 2 Day 13 Just before i give tve half dose of biofeeding grow to the doctor after 24h of brew the compost tea is ready with a lot of bacterial activity here is not a lot of foam the smell is goed the foam is not a sign of bacterial activity need a microscope To check it. for annual plant a bacterial tea is better a fongal tea is better for tree. During the growing season: Treat disease such as blight and leaf spot with fungal or balanced compost teaAt regular watering intervals.Apply at the first sign of any disease or insect infestationTreat disease such as blight and leaf spot with fungal r balanced compost teaTreat insect infestations with bacterial dominated compost teas. Severe illness and infestation in plants are signs of nutritional and biological deficiencies. 😉✌
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    È arrivato tutto il necessario 🎉🎉inizia qui la mia avventura. Fine settimana prossima inizierò con la semina visto che qui da me il tempo è ancora un po' instabile....
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    Como le comenté antes a Jose ahora voy a subir fotos de las doctor una por una a todas; As I mentioned before to Jose, now I'm going to upload pictures of the doctor one by one at all;
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    the 2 sharks sprouted i supperscrop the 4 cut for the first time
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    Hello hunters! First harvests getting close, 17.3 i started to flush THC Bomb and Gorilla Zkittlez. Both they are ready in 1-2weeks, Gorilla probably first then THC Bomb. Franco's Lemon could be ready in 3-4weeks, shes now almost 7weeks so total is 10weeks. Peyote Cookies just passed 7weeks and probably need 3weeks, so i starting to flush in 1-2week. Lot of photos today, but there is some macros to show to you guys. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 52 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 47 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 45 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 44 19.3.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies
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    Hi guys! I am writing from Spannabis, where today we are having a record number of visitors. This morning there were more than 1,500 people waiting first thing in the morning, plus all those who have joined throughout the day. As always, the internet connection here is not good, so I won't be able to share all the photos in the forums. But, I have uploaded them all (with a lot of patience) to our Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds/ Besides, today we have a big surprise. At 4:20 begins the limited edition of the new genetics!!!! I will try to upload some photos of the fair in this post, if Internet allows me..... I hope you like them!
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    Hello hunters! One week passed and ive done some defoliation to plants. Seems Gorilla might be the first one to be ready, shes now bit over 5weeks in bloom and i think shes ready in 2weeks. I have to take some macros to see how trichomes are ripening and when to start flush. THC Bomb is week ahead but she may need 2-3 weeks before harvest, im not sure if she has swollen like her should be. But from photos i see atleast something is happening, and i know the magic happens in last weeks. Franco's Lemon is getting frosty and main cola is forming to spear shape, shes last plant to harvest. Peyote cookies i think is doing for that small root space, shes very dark color but thats mostly from genetics. Had some issues with timer, but i hope nothing serious happened. Plants now: -THC Bomb days in flower 45 -Franco's Lemon Cheese days in flower 40 -Gorilla Zkittlez days in flower 38 -Peyote Cookies days in flower 37 12.3.2019 THC Bomb Franco's Lemon Cheese Gorilla Zkittlez Peyote Cookies
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    Hello Hunters, Little update because the plants ate for the first time today For that I used the BioGrow at the 1/2 dose. 2.25 grams per 1.5 liter pots Then I incorporated the BioGrow into the soil Finally I watered with 150ml of water with Ehancer each pot I will post new photos on the evolution of this SweetValleyKush this weekend. Have a good evening hunters
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    Hi guys, After several reviews and deliberations among the GH team, we have come to the conclusion that the deserved winner of the monthly prize for the month of March is... MesMais!! Diary: https://www.cannabiscafe.net/foros/forum/bancos-de-semillas/green-house-seeds/3º-mega-concurso-de-seguimientos-2019/9057061-the-doctor-2019 Congratulations crack! I contact you to send you your prize
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    Some beauty purple color on the #7... Time to put some nutrients or genetic? The number #7 have this and the #4 too, but not so much. All the other are totally green... Have a nice and beautifull day hunters
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    Aquí unas pocas fotos más...
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    Hello Hunters, It is now exactly 8 days since I put the seed in the water and 9 of 10 seeds of the Sweet Valley Kush are popped. Only one did not germinate and so I decided to start this grow with 9. Day Temperature : 21-22c° Night Temperature : 17-18c Day Humidity : 50-55% Night humidity : 55-60% I have done absolutely nothing for 5 days and I will wait for the soil to dry a little bit more to water again. So here are the pics of today, day 2 of grow Have a nice end of sunday hunters !
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    End Week 3 Day 20 Temp 20°-28° they not look very happy yesterday I was too tired and need to go out I forget to fill the tank of the humidifier RH drop 1 day at 32% . clones not look very happy to have waited so long in the pot of 1l
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    here you see the effect of supperscroping
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    the tea brew 28h i don't know wats float on top of the water maybe the residu of the foam no time today to finish the blumat but the soil is good wet with enhancer + i give 500ml of tea with enhancer to inoculate the new soil . i forget one dose of biogrow in one pot of one sativa iam gone to chek after the one hoe look to need feed last week i top a second time the sativa just above where i supperscrop
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    Y las que irán en huerto en el exterior estas otras;
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    Las que se quedan interior son las siguientes;
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    Así están las niñas hoy Saludos amig@s
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    Week2 10 DAYS I've been counting the days since the seedling was transplanted into the pot of 1l i clean the humidifier and it works better rh is now minimum 55% the 2 white sharks are growing i think give the other half of the biofeeding to the doctor after this weekend first the enhancer with compost thee. i think still wait 8-10 days before transplanted My ventilator move from right to left so it normaly streng the stalke and for the humidity is a lot better share to the PLANT
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    Hello guys! We come to the last day of Spannabis! This year there are many more people than in previous years. Lots of visitors, lots of friends, and lots of smoke! We will enjoy with you this last day at Spannabis BCN-Stand 57 Are you coming to the party?
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    Hi mates, Saturday is here and we continue to share good smoke with all the friends who come to greet us. Also, the new limited edition seeds are now available! Fantastic Crosses! If you come to Spannabis, come and visit us at stand 57.
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    Inizio la mia avventura, il mio diario inizia ora buona fortuna a tutti e buon divertimento.
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    Hi hunters, The nutrients and the seeds arrived yesterday so, it is time to beginning the 3° Mega Contest. You will find below the culture information. The strain i will use for this MEGA Contest is the new Sweet Valley Kush The nutrients I choice is the GH Powder Feeding BioLine Veg SETUP: VegRoom : Clone boxe from homebox Ligth : 2x Sanlight P2W 62W full Spectrum Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding Bio Grow and Ehancer Substrat : home mix substrat composed of 50% Coco Plagron, 25% Mills lightmix, 25% Promix Plagron Container : 1ltr plastic pot transplanting on a 7ltr plastic pot after 3-4 weeks of grow Flo SETUP: FlowerRoom :"homemade box" of 1m x 1m & 2,2m high Ligth : Dimlux Expert Series Full Spectrum 315w CMH Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding BioBloom and Ehancer Good luck to all participants & like Franco say, Peace, love & THC OG.Naj
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    I hope the Enhancer help to fight against the problem that is seen on the top sheets on n°1
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    they grow really hard. a good 5cm since yesterday I will start flowering the weekend of April 27 to have time to put the tent in order
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    hello today I sprayed a mixture of neem and garlic in prevention against pest problem tomorrow I would do an update about the grow of the doctor
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    Hello Hunters, The work is finished and as promised here are the infos and photos for the Sweet Valley Kush... Until now, one of the two Sanlight P2W was lit and positioned 60cm from the seedlings. From today the second lamp will also be lit. But before that I will also add some soil to support the stem of the youngs seedlings. Day Temperature : 23-24c° Night Temperature : 17-18c Day Humidity : 45-50% Night humidity : 55-60% So here are the pics of today, day 7 of grow After that i have watered each plant with 100ml of pure water Day Temperature : 23-24c° Night Temperature : 17-18c Day Humidity : 45-50% Night humidity : 55-60% Humidity is a little too low so i put the humidificater to increase the humidity, around 60%. Now you can find the pic of each plant separately. GH Sweet Valley Kush #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #10 This one really has leaves different from the others ... Its all for today Hunters so, Have a nice week-end
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    I semi sono pronti! Ora si inizia con la semina, ora bisogna solo aspettare 😉. Per la semina ho usato del terreno mischiato con fibre di sostanze organiche, ideale per semine
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    I am totally confused and struggling to overstand how somebody running a grow journal on a different forum can win the monthly prize for March. I am not arsed about the prizes I am just grateful to be able to check out these genetics and powder feeding. But I do feel for the others who have started their journals and put a lot of effort into them here on the Strain Hunters forum
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    Hello friends Another year we reach to the Spannabis on Barcelona, and of course, we will be there to greet you. This year are celebrated on 15, 16 and 17 March. All team of Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters, Green House Medical and Green House Feeding is available to welcome the exchange of the smoke and shows the novelties! You can find us in booth number 57, as all years More info: http://spannabis.com/barcelona/ We will update the information in this new post and on our facebook page, with lots of photos and videos! https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds/
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    I took some measure from the ground to the tip 25cm for 37cm wide and 7 nodes
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    I find suspicious traces on some leaves I will treat them all with neem oil when I have time
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo voy a mostrar como van las doctor a día de hoy.... Saludos y fenomenales humos
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    Week 3 Day 17 I like that drip systeme but that need patience to build i not use it for the flowering i still have work this evening need to finish other pot and put the light and exaust in the flower tent The sativa gone be happy is 2 week that the pot is to small i hope they still goed when i put on 12/12 but before they gone be train (grow hard or go home😉)
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    Así están ahora mismo las niñas las que están en maceta negra se quedan en interior y la de bote de metal irán en exterior (espero que así quede más claro amig@s) Saludos y buen día That's right now the girls who are in a black pot are staying indoors and the metal boat will go outdoors (I hope this makes friends clearer) Greetings and good day C'est maintenant que les filles qui sont dans un pot noir restent à l'intérieur et le bateau en métal ira à l'extérieur (j'espère que cela rend les amis plus claires) Salutations et bonne journée
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    buenas noches amigos traigo una actualización de última hora con fotos recién sacadas del horno... Espero que hos gusten
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    @gasmeter Sorry i hope you a goed recovry i was just joking i think others like shaggy are busy for the moment i see is instagram i see that he make a lot of work Hope you get a goed doctor ✌
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    Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy voy a mostraros las doctor que van bastante bien, e decidido sacar dos que tomen el sol las que estaban en maceta redonda, y tengo que decir que la de la maceta naranja sigue marcando ser más sativa que indica, eso no me preocupa, saludos y buen fin de semana Good morning friends and cultivation partners today I will show you the doctors that are going pretty well, and decided to take two that take the sun those that were in a round pot, and I have to say that the orange pot keeps marking to be more sativa that indicates, that does not worry me, greetings and good weekend
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    Buenas tardes amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy voy a mostraros el equipo de iluminación que uso dentro del armario de cultivo adjunto fotos; Saludos y fenomenales humos Good afternoon friends and culture partners today I'm going to show you the lighting equipment that I use inside the crop cabinet attached photos; Greetings and great smoke
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    Ya están todas asomadas pidiendo un transplante de maceta tienen muy buena pinta y se ven super sanas y fuertes estas Louis hace

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