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    Hi hunters, The nutrients and the seeds arrived yesterday so, it is time to beginning the 3° Mega Contest. You will find below the culture information. The strain i will use for this 3° MEGA Contest is the new GH Sweet Valley Kush! The nutrients I choice is the GH Powder Feeding BioLine Veg SETUP: VegRoom : Clone boxe from homebox Ligth : 2x Sanlight P2W 62W full Spectrum Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding Bio Grow and Ehancer Substrat : home mix substrat composed of 50% Coco Plagron, 25% Mills lightmix, 25% Promix Plagron Container : 1ltr plastic pot transplanting on a 7ltr plastic pot after 3-4 weeks of grow Flo SETUP: FlowerRoom :"homemade box" of 1m x 1m & 2,2m high Ligth : Dimlux Expert Series Full Spectrum 315w CMH Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding BioBloom and Ehancer Good luck to all participants & like Franco say, Peace, love & THC OG.Naj
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    G22, I also thought there were no seeds in the package, but it is a Stealth Packaging @g22 and the seeds are inside shown below: So, looking inside the GENETIC DISC, @g22 Green House Seeds Steath Packaging 2 - 0 Shaggy / G22 (lol) Happy Seed-Searching!
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    Día internacional de la mujer desde este humilde seguimiento me solidarizo con vosotras y aquí dejo unas chicas ganja que animan la propuesta; International Women's Day from this humble follow-up I sympathize with you and here I leave some ganja girls who animate the proposal;
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    RGS; Hola amigos doy. Inicia un nuevo seguimiento. Recibí las semillas y el fertilizante y no puedo esperar ni un segundo más, ni la luna, ni mi parte ni la luz. como se encuentra la luna en mi hemisferio, esta tarde adjunto fotos saludos amig @ sy compañer @ s de cultivo suerte a todos los participantes del concurso RGS; Hello friends, I give. Start a new follow-up. I received the seeds and the fertilizer and I can not wait a second more, neither the moon, nor my part nor the light. How is the moon in my hemisphere, this afternoon attached photos greetings friends and cultivation companions luck to all the participants of the contest
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    Big thanks for the gift I gone grow the great white shark there is no seeds in the paket of doctor is empty But i win a lot of seed in the last contest so if is good for you that i grow the great white is good for me so is no waste of seeds I like the great white shark and my dog name is charky 😁
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    Ya están todas asomadas pidiendo un transplante de maceta tienen muy buena pinta y se ven super sanas y fuertes estas Louis hace
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    Hello this morning all the seeds were sinking to the bottom of the container and planting in root it plug wet with henancer.
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    @ShaggyGrower I was a littel exited friday
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    @ShaggyGrower thanks for the info. seeds are not ilegal ? Iam a littel confused😅 So iam gone grow the doctor to I not start to germinate i wait after some few thing this time iam gone use a few product in addition to the biofeeding to now i only use it alone
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    A few weeks a go i start to prepare my soil
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    As far as I know, the shipments are coming out this week So they'll probably start receiving from next week. Cheers!
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    The Sweet Mango seedlings are all doing OK and seem to be happy in their Root Pouches. The 2 smaller seedlings I am watering every evening I am giving them about 60ml of water each, which I am slowly increasing to meet their demand. The 2 larger seedlings I am watering every two days now, and last night I gave them their first feed of a mild solution of Plant Magic Old Timer Soil Grow and the Plant Magic Root Stimulant as well, I gave them about 150ml each, next time I will only give them water. Here are some images I took yesterday afternoon. Sweet Mango seedlings in grow tent under LED. Sweet Mango small seedling side view. Sweet Mango small seedling top view. Sweet Mango larger seedling side view. Sweet Mango larger seedling side view. The 2 smaller seedlings are certainly perking up I should be able to water them every two days in the next few days then I can start to give them a mild feed as well once they have a few more leaves. The two larger seedlings will soon be ready to FIM they are about the 4th node now. I will update the journal next week when there is something to look at, unless something interesting happens in between times. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Están todas las niñas asomadas y saludan All the girls are leaning and greeting
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    @gasmeter I really did not think that the seeds was hiding thanks to @ShaggyGrower
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    Wednesday 06 March 2019 All of the Sweet Mango seedlings appear to be doing OK and settling into the fibre pots and dirt nicely. The two that cast their seed shells last look to be starting to catch up to the other two growth wise. Sweet Mango auto seedlings in the grow tent. I will update the journal in a couple of days. Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Monday 04 March 2019 Today it is time to plant all of the Sweet Mango seedlings into dirt in their final pots, I filled the pots with BioBizz All Mix a couple of days ago and they have been sitting in the shed ready to go, I took the fibre pots to the grow tent and I placed a big table spoon of the Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Granules on the dirt in the centre of the pots. I then used the handle of the table spoon to mix the granules into the dirt thoroughly a bit deeper than the depth of the RootIt plugs then I made a hole and then I removed each seedling in its RootIt plug from the little plastic pot and then I planted each of the seedlings. Then I put them into the grow tent in their fibre pots and gave them all about 80ml if spring water. Sweet Mango seedlings in the grow tent. Sweet Mango seedling roots. Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Granules Organic Granules in dirt. Sweet Mango seedlings in fibre pots. Sweet Mango seedlings in fibre pots back in grow tent. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Thursday 28 February 2019 All 4 of the Sweet Mango seedlings have cast off their seed casings and the last two are looking nice and green. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Tuesday 26 February 2019 Today the fourth of the Sweet Mango seedlings is casting its seed shell. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Monday 25 February 2019 Today the third of the Sweet Mango seedlings is starting to cast its seed shell. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Sunday 24 February 2019 Two of the Sweet Mango seedlings have now cast their seed shells and their leaves are nice and green. Still giving them 5ml of spring water 4 times per day to keep them nice and damp. With the two seedlings that have not cast their seed shells they were struggling to get their root into the plug, so I very carefully prized open the plug and then repositioned the seedling so the plug gripped the root and the next day they were both standing up. Sweet Mango seedlings in grow tent. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Friday 22 February 2019 I am giving the Sweet Mango seedlings 5ml of spring water 4 times per day to keep them nice and damp, and at night when I crash out I switch off the fan so they do not dry out over night, then I switch it back on in the morning when I give them a little drink. One of the seedlings has managed to cast off its shell casing and its leaves are nice and green, one down 3 to go. Sweet Mango seedlings getting settled in. Sweet Mango seedling close up. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Wednesday 20 February 2019 A couple of days later and all of the Sweet Mango beans have germinated and they are now ready to put into the RootIt plugs. I cut four RootIt plugs off the plastic tray and cut the plastic to separate them so they are sat in their own little pot. Then I very carefully popped a germinated Sweet Mango bean into the hole in each of the RootIt plugs and gave them 5ml of spring water. Then I placed them on a plastic plant pot saucer and put them into the grow tent and I lowered the lamp to 18 inches above the little pots. Sweet Manog beans germinated. Sweet Manog germinated beans in RootIt plugs. Sweet Manog germinated beans in tent. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Las plantas aún siguen bajo el sustrato, pero han tomado bien el agua que les fui dando y alguna parece que levanta la tierra o son fantasías mías.... The plants are still under the substrate, but they have taken well the water that I was giving them and some of them seem to raise the earth or they are my fantasies ....
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    I have soaked the seed & Tomorrow I & Gonna Sow in soil please wish me a good Harvest. I keep u Updated
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    Actualización de última hora, noticias frescas ya tengo las semillas puestas en tierra cada una en su maceta pequeña y sustrato house & garden tiene una iluminación lec 315w con lámpara solux pro 4200k para empezar les daré suministro Voodoo juice en crecimiento, luego iré incorporando los productos que me mandan para el concurso en medida que los vaya necesitando, y sin más adjunto fotos; Saludos Last minute update, fresh news I already have the seeds put in the ground each one in its small pot and substrate house & garden has a lec 315w illumination with lamp solux pro 4200k to start I will give them Voodoo juice growing supply, then I will incorporate the products They send me for the contest as I need them, and without further attach photos; regards
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    I'm programmed to worry when I get a message from 'Skynet' (think, Terminator), but not today <chuckle>, and so the preparation begins :-) :-) ….. Happy Growing!
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    Hello mate! Yeah, they're usually hidden, just as a security measure. I am glad to see that they were discovered hehe That's great! I take site to see the evolution of your crop. Cheers and good luck in the contest!
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    Thank you very much. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder...I can stare at them and fuss and titivate around them for hours, but to my monster-in-law they are nothing but weeds!
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    Yo por que hable contigo g22 que sino aún seguía mirando el cartón sin abrirlo.... Jejeje Saludos
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    Hey g22 That stealth packaging got me as well I wasn't sure if the packaging contained any beans until I checked to forum and saw ShaggyGrowers post here in your journal. Happy growing
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    Saturday 02 March 2019 The last 2 of the Sweet Mango seedlings to cast their seed shells are now well settled and their tap roots are poking out the bottom of the little plastic pots holding the RootIt plugs. The first two of the seedlings that cast their seed shells have plenty of roots now, so I will let them go a couple more days and then plant them in some dirt in 12 litre Root Pouch fibre pots. I am still giving them 5ml of spring water 4 times per day to keep them nice and damp. More updates to follow. Gasmeter
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    Let's start the game 😁 08/03/2019 16h05 Soake 10 ghsc doctor 01 great white shark 04 cut sativa My plan is to get some goed bio weed to can enjoy to next year 😁 The great white shark is for my outdoor grow i hope i choose a goed seed 😁
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    Good grow and good luck G22
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    Buenas crack! Ya comienza la fiesta en tu jardín Me alegro!! Suerte en el concurso y pillo sitio para ver cómo van creciento estas peques!! Saludotes
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    Thanks buddy. I don't know yet if the harvest will be particularly large, but just by the look of it, it's gonna pack a punch!
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    Yes, I watched it too and was surprised that so many of the locals have moved away from the landraces and also started to grow imported exotics for higher yields. I suppose that is to be expected; these places may seem remote and isolated, but in reality these farmers have access to the internet as well. It is sad though, as these Sativas are pure magic when grown right. Potent and energetic as hell!
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    Hi There, I have not grown any European strains yet (this is actually my first outdoor), but from what I see on the internet, the difference in bud seems to be that the Swazi has long thin buds as opposed to the short fat ones I see in many other grows. I have to add that these bud-carrying branches are very long indeed. I have side branches growing from the third node, that reaches to the very top of the canopy. In other words a branch over a meter long entirely covered in bud. Also, the tertiary branches are all carrying tons of bud. I don't know if the strain is particularly popular locally, but the fact is that bag seed obtained around here will almost certainly contain some Swazi seeds and perhaps some phenos.
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    i would love to participate with afghan kush - regards from D to da K - DK!

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