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    Hi guys! I am writing from Spannabis, where today we are having a record number of visitors. This morning there were more than 1,500 people waiting first thing in the morning, plus all those who have joined throughout the day. As always, the internet connection here is not good, so I won't be able to share all the photos in the forums. But, I have uploaded them all (with a lot of patience) to our Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds/ Besides, today we have a big surprise. At 4:20 begins the limited edition of the new genetics!!!! I will try to upload some photos of the fair in this post, if Internet allows me..... I hope you like them!
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    Hello guys! We come to the last day of Spannabis! This year there are many more people than in previous years. Lots of visitors, lots of friends, and lots of smoke! We will enjoy with you this last day at Spannabis BCN-Stand 57 Are you coming to the party?
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    Hi mates, Saturday is here and we continue to share good smoke with all the friends who come to greet us. Also, the new limited edition seeds are now available! Fantastic Crosses! If you come to Spannabis, come and visit us at stand 57.
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    Hello friends Another year we reach to the Spannabis on Barcelona, and of course, we will be there to greet you. This year are celebrated on 15, 16 and 17 March. All team of Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters, Green House Medical and Green House Feeding is available to welcome the exchange of the smoke and shows the novelties! You can find us in booth number 57, as all years More info: http://spannabis.com/barcelona/ We will update the information in this new post and on our facebook page, with lots of photos and videos! https://www.facebook.com/greenhouseseeds/
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    Día internacional de la mujer desde este humilde seguimiento me solidarizo con vosotras y aquí dejo unas chicas ganja que animan la propuesta; International Women's Day from this humble follow-up I sympathize with you and here I leave some ganja girls who animate the proposal;
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    Thank you Cosmos Update girls are looking a bit rough must be at harvest. It will be sad to rip the girls for harvest. I haven't ac so rely on the weather,currently its in a south easterly pattern, which is cooler and less humid than a north east set up maxes for Nerang , near me is 27- 30 range for the next 7 days, here its a bit cooler maybe 1 or 2 c. I dried mushrooms with a weak fan on low in March before, without issues, so will be a similar set up with hanging rack and light weak fan on the buds and natural airflow. The ceilings are high, and I think it might be good enough? some amber on mid and top of the girls, milky at the bottom with a tiny bit of clear., more done girl some amber on lower maybe 2% Poor girls are looking rather trashy
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    Time to update the grow journal with a bit of news about progress. The 4 Sweet Mango autos are doing great and growing nicely and since I FIMed them last Wednesday they have just carried on regardless. Last night I gave them all a drink of water, the 2 larger ones got about 200ml each and the smaller 2 got about 100ml each, by Monday night the dirt will be nice and dry and they will be ready for a drink and their next feed. Here are some images from last night. Sweet Mango under LED in tent. Structure of the largest Sweet Mango. Top growth on largest Sweet Mango. More updates to follow, happy growing... Gasmeter Likkle more
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    Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy voy a mostraros las doctor que van bastante bien, e decidido sacar dos que tomen el sol las que estaban en maceta redonda, y tengo que decir que la de la maceta naranja sigue marcando ser más sativa que indica, eso no me preocupa, saludos y buen fin de semana Good morning friends and cultivation partners today I will show you the doctors that are going pretty well, and decided to take two that take the sun those that were in a round pot, and I have to say that the orange pot keeps marking to be more sativa that indicates, that does not worry me, greetings and good weekend
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    Adelante hermano ir cogiendo sitio... Saludos Go ahead, brother, take place ... regards
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    Thanks ShaggyGrower, I have had to make use with the current weather pattern this week with harvest cloudy showery. Temps range from about 22c -25c humidity would be relatively high, but feels less in the room than outside. AceBlaze, I wish i could help with your questions, like you i am very new to this. I may consider lights to start the young ones in grow 2, which is also an outdoor grow. I do like how you have trainer your plants to grow nice and roomy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 72 - Harvest - Some issues, thrips located on plants, got rid of most i could see, so hopefully they will die off or move on. The thick base buds on one NLB had some rott, which i separated and put them in a paper bag to observe. Rest of the plants are in a bedroom - carpets and furniture expect bed removed, so pretty clean. I use the fan at an angle to blow air the buds which slowly turn now and then in the very very gentle breeze, temperatures around 22 -25c. Humidity can not be controlled or the temperature, this week is mostly showery and overcast. Grow 2, i hope to plan so harvest 2 is around June 20 - 23c range, nights under 10 sometimes Fingers cross no mould - plants cut friday so is day 3 Remaining plants of Grow 1 Stunted plant which, for some reason decided to come back !! she is doing very well. This time i have Neem oil to treat her thrips The Mysery Nimbin plant - not sure of sex, but appears to be indica mix
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    The forum threads and the community here has motivated me to even attempt this. Here are some pics from last night: What do you guys think? Moved seedling to cup on Oct 2nd. Switched to flower on Nov 14th. I’m using a 4x2 tent. 600w Bestva LED Fox Farms Soil Fox Farms liquid nutrients Thinking of upgrading light for my next grow. but don't know what to pick. I found this guide for led grow lights quite useful, basically it recommends either platinum, viperspectra or at the cheaper end marshydro. Platinum is out of question because it is too expensive. viparspectra and marshydro has a lot of options. Which one to go for?
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    tommorow the race starts ,just received the seeds today ,sprouting them starts tommorow ,try to keep posting allong the journey
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    My brother mentioned something about Money Maker. I has some good reviews. I am limited to auto flowers at the moment. The packaging looks great also
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    wish i had such a big garden to play arround with over here in the netherlands ,succes man
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    update: 13 days drying with fan on low, this time of year is humid so, had some mould to cut out. I think i got it all, but suspect about one of the jars Started cure yesterday 4 mason jars are Northern Lights blueberry 3 of the jars are 25g, and one is 28g. I used for each jar 2 packets of 4g Boveda 62 percent The green lid jar is Sour Daddy 17g The Yellow lid is off cuts i am trying to save 13g I have left one Northern Lights Blue which is very close to harvest I am a bit worried i dried them too much but will see how they turn out , main thing is the mould to watch for during curing

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