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    I peeled # 2 result 63 g of flowers of very good quality and covered with resin. + 10g of flowers with more leaves and less resin. total 73g the weight will decrease a little but not so much . the color of the flowers is nice too
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    week 9 Day 56 the calix on the 4 doctor begins to good inflated, trichomes still more clear than milky . Iam gone left them 10 days and 2days in the dark from now. I will cut the haze with the doctor the spider shit destroy my sativa Iam gone to pulverize the pyrethum tomorrow I think is too late. Its again a lesson for my laziness The positive thing is there is no spider on the doctors😉 #4 #3 #2 #1 #4 #3
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    I chose # 2 , As mother plants it grows good and faster the weight is good. Just some leaves suffering from spiral distortion I will let it grow well hoping that the leaves will regrow normally after
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    A littel BOB to celebrate my harvest and the summer 😁
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    Do after a busy week , it's time for an update. So today I fed the girls for the first time with the Grow powderfeed, I have use PF before but not the grow version, so interested to see how good it is. Since the last update I have topped them and given a little gentle training and snapped a branch from the Platinum Valley which has a nice purple colour to the stems. The Mokum Kush and Kuchi seem that most vigorous , but the SVK is by far the cutest.
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    Esta tarde voy a tratar de reorganizar el interior ya que esta bastante alborotado podéis verlo en imagen; This afternoon I am going to try to reorganize the interior, since it is quite disturbed, you can see it in the image; Me olvide mencionar que las dos plantas que están en el tanque hidroeléctrico son bubba kush de greenhouse I forgot to mention that the two plants that are in the hydroelectric tank are bubba kush of greenhouse
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    End of week 3 of 12/12 The Sweet Valley Kush plants are both growing well and it is now very obvious they are in flower the young buds are very visible now. On Thursday morning at 6.30am when I went outside the sky was blue and not much cloud about the temperature inside the shed was about 18C So I moved the plants outside into the bright daylight, when I checked on them at 7.30am the temperature was about 22C by 8.30am when they were in direct sunlight the temperature was about 28C by lunch time early afternoon it was about 32C When I put them in the shed for the night the temperature was about 22C Friday morning had a good start very little cloud and lots of blue sky at 6.30am and the temperature inside the shed was about 18C so I moved the plants outside into the broght daylight, when I checked on them at about 8.30am the temperature in direct sunlight was about 28C I moved the plants at about 3pm in the afternoon to keep them in direct sunlight as the sun arcs across the sky, the temperature late afternoon in direct sunlight was about 36C The dirt in the root pouches was nice and dry so at about 5pm I gave each plant 2 litres of water, when I put them in the shed for the night at 6.30pm the temperature was about 22C Yesterday morning at 6.30am the sky was blue but there was a bit of patchy cloud, the temperature in the shed was about 16C so I moved both plants outside into the yard, by 8.30am the temperature was about 28C in direct sunlight. After taking some photos of the plants I measure them both SVK-B#1 is now47cm tall and SVK-B#2 is now 58cm tall. When I put the plants in the shed for the night the temperature in the shed was about 22C. This morning at 6.30am it was nice outside the sky was blue with very little cloud, the temperature in the shed was about 18C, so I put the plants outside by 8.30am the temperature was 28C and when I checked them about 11am the temperature was about 34C Here are some images I took yesterday afternoon just before I watered the plants. Sweet Valley Kush plants basking in the late afternoon sunshine. Mr Moose and his thermometer showing late afternoon temperature. SvK-B#1 side view. SvK-B#1 stalks and foliage. SVK-B#1 foliage and young buds. SvK-B#1 top view. SvK-B#1 bud on lower stalk. SvK-B#1 bud on top of plant. SvK-B#2 side view. SvK-B#2 stalks and foliage. SVK-B#2 foliage and young buds. SvK-B#2 top view. SvK-B#2 bud on lower stalk. SvK-B#2 bud on top of plant. The weather over the past few days has been pretty good with plenty of sunshine, but the forcast for next week looks crap with lots of cloud and rain for most of the week then things will get better on Thursday and hopefully get back to lots of sunshine. Happy growing...
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    just like the both of you @r.g.s. and @chefblake ,outdoor growing is for me also the best way to go .love to take care for them and watch them developing and some of my friends are also growing outdoors so there's always a little bit of competition among us ,who is getting the most yield ,or the smoothest and nicest smoke at the end . and i hate losing
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    Hola amig@s y compañer@s dejo unas fotos de las Franco's lemon Cheese Hello friends and compañer @ s I leave some pictures of the Franco's lemon Cheese
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    Buenas tardes amig@s ya e ordenado un poco el armario dejo un par de fotos Good evening, friends, I have already ordered the wardrobe a bit, I leave a couple of pictures
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    @LedCherryBerry You need to try this strain dude🌱💯👍
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    wowh that's tall 250 / 300 cm ,i can't grow them this big because i have to pull them indoors 2 times a day to control the blooming stage ,keep on growing my friends !!
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    Buenos días amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo voy a mostrar el unboxing de las semillas White Lemon Good morning friends and cultivation partners I will show the unboxing of the seeds White Lemon Saludos Regards
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    @jsm ya seguía a @Chefblake420 en su seguimiento de exterior el año pasado y de altura se están acercando las médico que tengo detrás de estas dos con 250 centímetros pero creo que chef a tenido de muchísima más altura estas las más altas no creo que pasen tres metros que ya es bastante, pero es bueno tener competencia por ver quien cultiva mejor cuales son más altas... Jejeje es una motivación extra @jsm already followed @ Chefblake420 in his follow-up of the exterior last year and height are approaching the doctor I have behind these two with 250 centimeters but I think chef has had a lot more height these the highest I do not think that three meters pass that is enough, but it is good to have competition to see who cultivates better which are higher ... Hehehe is an extra motivation
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    Figata la confezione!! E white lemon sembra proprio una varietà interessante! Predominanza sativa? Porti un diario di loro ?
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    Holy shit!!! Fantastic work man.
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    It is so awesome to be legal now and be able to grow and smoke without worries. Looking forward to learning growing tips and tricks. As of now I have just got my seeds rooting good under a 800watt grow light in a tent. Started off with OregonismXL to get those roots nice and big. Conniseur A&B Grow added to my water. Held off on the Myco Chum for now. I acquired a lot of product and have been reading up to see what they all do or if can be used in conjunction with each other.
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    WOW look at those trichomes thats some good resin production I love the image above the bud close up also that is one beautiful healthy specimen great work @OG.Naj

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