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    On Monday before I harvested the first 2 Sweet Valley Kush I took photos of all of the plants. All 4 Sweet Valley Kush plants in a row ready to harvest. SVK-B#1 bud on a lower stalk. SVK-B#1 bud on main stalk. SVK-B#1 top of the main stalk. SVK-B#1 close up of buds at top of plant. SVK-B#2 bud on a lower stalk. SVK-B#2 bud on main stalk. SVK-B#2 top of the main stalk. SVK-B#2 close up of buds at top of plant. SVK-M#1 bud on a lower stalk. SVK-M#1 bud on main stalk. SVK-M#1 top of the main stalk. SVK-M#1 close up of buds at top of plant. SVK-M#2 bud on a lower stalk. SVK-M#2 bud on main stalk. SVK-M#2 top of the main stalk. SVK-M#2 close up of buds at top of plant. The next update will be the harvest of SVK-B#1 and SVK-B#2 Happy growing...
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    Hi hunters, One pic of a big dab of the 🔥 Sweet Valley Kush Temple Ball 🏯☄ ina di Quartz... 🤩😍Look the transformation, hash to oil 🍯 Have a nice and beauty day hunters 🙏
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    Buenas noches amig@s y compañer@s de cultivo hoy estuve un rato con las doctoras en exterior y traigo unas pocas fotos Good evening friends and cultivation partners today I spent some time with the doctors outside and I bring a few photos Proxima actualizacion ya sera la cosecha de #1 que lo mas probable que esta sera su última semana Saludos Next update will be the # 1 harvest that most likely this will be your last week Regards
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    My prize arrived this morning big up @Jose.gh and Green House Seeds The strain I chose is Jack Here I have grown the Jack Herer autos twice already and I love it so it will be nice to check the real photoperiod strain. I also got some Hybrid powder feed, Calcium and bio Enchancer with my pack of 10 beans, I am well pleased with my prize I now have the range of nutrients to cover the types of strains I can grow in my beany grow tent. Thanks again to @Jose.gh and Green House Seeds for giving me the opportunity to check out these awsome genetics and nutrients in the contest.
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    To update everyone, this week the temperature at daytime is at 20C while at night 5C UNTIL friday however from sunday it's going to be 23C at daytime and 15C at night. This is why I moved the plants to get as much sunlight as possible but I am probably the most northern grower in this competition and I am certain that it won't get very cold at day until mid-October
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    Thanks for the info, buds look great, harder and fatter than last years grow. Used Seabird guano and kelp powder.
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    As i am from Madagascar, i can say that we can found two kinds of landraces here : a strong indica from the south of the island (in Toliara's province) that is very popular among the smokers in the capital antananarivo (we call it "toulouzy", which is a slang world to describe the kind of weed that comes from this region), and a hybrid that is popular in the north and north-east of the island which according to me, results from the hybridation between the local pure sativa landrace that is nowadays very difficult to find (it is similar to the Zamal in La Réunion island, what they call Zamal is derivated from the malagasy word "jamala" which means weed) and the indica one. The indica one has a earthy, cypres smell, sometimes a little skunky and the hybrid one has almost the same taste and smell, it is kinda difficult to make the difference between before you feel their effects. And according to me (because the history of cannabis in madagascar is not very clear), the indica one were brought by the people who came from india, and the sativa one is the real landrace here because it is similar to the ones that we can find in the east africa. So, i can say that weed culture in madagascar still remains not clear till nowadays that's why i strongly recommend my country to be a destination of Strainhunters because our weed has very much potential but unfortunately not so much discovered.
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    💚💚💚🙏🙏🙏Yeah my bro @Guovsahas, dont take my words in a bad way, because my english is very bad. I will just help you for improve your next crop with my knowledge that I have with my own work life. Noting negative because we are all here to share and learn. The 5°c I say is for information nothing personally. I dont formulate well my sentences. I dont learn english at the school... And for the nutrient, the plants show you what he needs, so it is just an observation from here, behind my screen... I love your grow style, your plants, etc Sorry if I am poorly expressed. I'm confident about you ability to manage all your elements... Keep strong for your end of the season and for the fight with your nordic elements bro👍👊🤝💚
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    👍Yeah happy harvest bro, have a nice trimming work ✂️✂️✂️
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