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    Hi guys, We start this new year 2020 with many new things to test. New strains to which we have dedicated a lot of time, work and love. If you would like to try any of these varieties, you are in luck, because now is the time. Select one or two genetics to test and let's get started! - Kong’s Krush (Banana punch x Big Bang) - Cloudwalker (Punto rojo x Mendo breath) - SilverBack (Anonymous new Indica based on Silver Pearl) How to participate? We'll only admit a few testers for each genetics.. Each tester can choose a maximum of two strains. You must be available to start as soon as possible. To participate, you must have at least one completed culture journal in the forum. We will preferably select growers who have already tested for GH before. Are you ready? Write down in this post, indicating the genetics you want to test. I will contact you, if you meet the requirements. Prize! All testers who complete the grow diary, will be given some exclusive seeds from GH.
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    It's great to see so many good growers, it'll be great to see the crop diaries. I'm sent here privately to collect information, so don't forget to check your inbox.
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    Hello hunters, Here are some pictures of some drying buds of the wonderful Nvidia Nevil's Haze #1 Have a nice day !
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    Hi hunters, So as i promis yesterday, here are some news of the Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection" She are now at week 9 day 62 of flowering, The smell right now is a lovely spicy-hazy smell and become more complex every day It is the first time i use the Bio nutrients with long flowering time strain and i need to add some little extra like a little PK tea from BioTabs and some normal compost tea with my garden compost, Have a nice sunday hunters and see you for the next update
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    The smoke is unreal oldshool brother! It is a perfect morning smoke or day smoke, sweet head high without any stone body feeling. A pure sativa high but not trippy just sweet and cool, i lovit so much. Already in round 2 Nvidia Neville's Haze #1 "Cut run" Grow 100%bio with the full line of GH biofeeding + some compost tea
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    Hola Jose a ver si esta vez fuese posible yo justo el 15 de Mayo voy a cortar todo lo que tengo en el interior y seria genial poder probar las tres variedades pero si me das a escoger máximo dos me quedo con cloudwalker y kongs krush ____________ Hi Jose to see if this time it was possible I just on May 15 I am going to cut everything I have inside and it would be great to try all three varieties but if you give me a maximum of two I will stay with cloudwalker and kongs krush
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    Hi hunters, Here are some news of the Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection" She are now at week 12 day 81 of flowering, The smell is OLD SCHOOL!!!! A super lovely hazy spicy smell with a touch of sweet & sour cream smell. Grow 100% organically with the full range of BIOfeeding and i add a little extra. The PK tea from BioTabs and some homemade compost tea with my garden compost. But from 1 week she received only water and that till the harvest in 1 or 2 weeks
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    Sembra fantastico! Genetiche interessanti, io purtroppo non riuscirò a partecipare,non credo di organizzarmi in tempo, ma riceverai uno spettatore in più sarà interessante seguirvi
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    Hello hunters, Here are a picture of the Nvidia Nevil's Haze #1 cutting at week 8 - Round 2 - 100% bio-organic with the GH powder feeding and some compost tea, bio PK and comfrey extract.
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    21 April 2020 On 20 April 2020, I had placed all the plants from the VeggTent onto my south-facing balcony to absorb the wonderful sun that we now have. What I hadn't expected was the wind that would occur on that day. I returned from work to discover that those Vegg plants had received a heavy dose of HST (heavy stress training). One of the four BIG Chrystals split centered down its main stem just below its original point of topping. The wind ripped away many of the main fan leaves from the plants, and many of the remaining fan leaves appear to be wind-burned. But I fear not. Cannabis is a resilient weed, and I am sure they will all recover just fine with various artistic configurations. Here are two of the BIG Chrystals mangled by the wind. Here are the rest of the wind-mangled plants from the VeggTent. Two of the BIG Chrystals are at the back right, next to the gray wall. Among the smaller plants are two SourDiesels, two feminized LemonSkunks, and the rest are Chrystals. Various levels of wind-damage and leaf-loss. But I am not worried. They will recover. The smaller plants of this photo are slated to be transplanted to guerilla locations sometime in early-to-mid May. This year's guerilla grow will be a work of natural art. Four BIG girl Chrystals with limbs laying about willy-nilly would pose a challenge in the FloweringTent, so maybe one or two of them will need to be transplanted to the GlassHouse for a long, long summer Vegg and a late harvest in October. We will see. I will continue this thread "While we wait..." to keep you up-to-date on each of them if I can. But soon we will all receive our special seed-packs from GreenHouse Seed Company, and we will begin our grow journals for testing the new strains: Cloudwalker, Kong's Kush and Silverback. Happy Growing everyone...
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    21 April 2020 Update again! I know, I know. It has been a while... (I have been really busy at work, and I am so grateful that my employer's company hasn't been required to lock-down, equally happy that so far, not a single person in the company has been found to have COVID-19. We keep our fingers crossed.) The 2 SourDiesels and the 2 K-Trains in the flowering tent: All four plants are well into flowering stage now. Because a couple of the plants had stretched up nearly into the lamps, I removed the table-top on which they were sitting. That allowed me to re-arrange them so that their top buds are all quite a bit more distant from the lamps (allowing for more stretch) and a somewhat more even canopy, collectively. These plants in the FloweringTent have been fed using mineral line PowderFeeding(Long-Flowering), mineral line PowderFeedingFloweringBooster, and Bio-Bloom nutrients. I have also been using water stored from the cleaning/emptying of my aquariums, so there is also a bit of natural fertilizers and minerals found within that. 1. The K-Train 2 (which had the wrinkled leaves, and had received only one LST-training) has grown taller than all the other plants. She stretched up to the lamps, so she now sits deeply in the flowering tent at the back left, and continues to stretch towards the lamps. 2. K-Train 1 (not as tall) sits now on an upturned bucket at the front left. 3. Both the SourDiesels are to the right. SD-Premuim is not as tall as SD-1, so SD-Premium sits on an upturned bucket at the back right. 4. SD-1 sits on a shorter upturned bucket at the front right. Next, I will show you a few close-up photos of the buds of each plant.
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    this flower is really good and well trimed it makes you want to smoke good work
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    Hi, That's all the information available. These are new strains so they need to be tested for many things. We can get an idea of their indicative/sative ratios by looking at the parental ones. For all users: Please use this post only for test related issues. Thank you.
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    It is fo sure a winner! big strech until week 5 of flowering, big long buds that become more and more dense every days, The smell come out stronger and more complex too, cant wait to smoke this weed and feel the oldscool true sativa high! The only bad thing is the little thryps attack i have but iam to late in flowering to make something,,,, but thats my fault nothing on the genetics
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    Nice long flowers bro I like fat calix of dutch sativa plant growing fast making big resinous buds i really need to grow some . 😊🌱
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    @Cannabissapean just me not reading through all the post befor asking questions read ur last post after sending teach me for doing this time of night
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    @greencloud, we are testing these new strains, so we don't know yet exactly what the flowering times are. Because these are newly developed strains, there could be a number of varying phenotypes expressed within each strain. This is why journalizing these tests is so important. (Keep in mind, that it would not be a good idea to request seeds for a test and then not produce a valid journal.) We are StrainHunters. We are Strain Testers.
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    hey guys hope everyone is staying safe and was woundering if any one had the flowering times indoorsfor the silver back or if any one knows when its going up online and would love to test this one and cloud walker laters hsp
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    21 April 2020 Top buds of SD-Premium. Top bud of SD-1. On 20 April 2020, I had placed all the plants from the VeggTent onto my south-facing balcony to absorb the wonderful sun that we now have. What I hadn't expected was the wind that would occur on that day. Photos to follow.
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    21 April 2020 Here is the top bud of K-Train 2. This bud was the closest to the lamps, so the pistils look a bit dried out. Now that it is lowered away from the lamps, I do expect that over time, it should recover and begin throwing new pistils. Notice that the wrinkling of the leaves continues, but it doesn't seem to bother the development of the plant. Here is a photo of the top buds of K-Train 1. Notice the tight nodal distance between the fan leaves within the developing colas (compared to the somewhat looser colas of the SourDiesels in the other photos that will follow). This flat-plate-looking charasteristic reminds me a lot of Kaia Kush, although the leaves of K-Train are not at all as enormous as those of Kaia Kush. Photos of the top buds of the SourDiesels will follow.

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