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  2. Got my first 20 gallon outdoor in cheap greenhouse ,since it was already getting sunlight it didn't need to harden off
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  3. Beautiful colors and frosty Sorry if Iam offending or assuming something, but are they abit hot or overfed with the curl and yellow tips ?
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  4. Hi guys, I am happy to announce, that we can start a new testing session on the forum. Taking advantage of the fact that we have updated the forum, we want to offer the possibility to test our new genetics. In exchange for a grow diary on the forum. It's a fair deal, right? King´s Juice / Chemical Bride / Lost Pearl They are the candidates to participate in this new edition of testers. If you live in Europe or UK and want to participate, leave a message here. Cheers!
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  5. HEY! (This was written to help you get on the fast-track in this forum.) All you people lurking around in here only as Guest. Yeah, this means you. C'mon, register with us, man. We are busting our budz to preserve this plant and to document the how-to's and what work's. You are benefitting from it, but you aren't participating. Please join with StrainHunters. Register, create a rad User-Name, find a cool picture or graphic and use that as your Avatar. We could use your input, and if you have questions, we can help answer those questions, but on
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  6. Bam, There are a few things that work into each other when it comes to watering and you cannot see "watering" alone and expect a solid answer that holds true wherever you apply it, it aint that simpel. My findings when to water is when the pot is "LIGHT", but what is light ? Is it lighter than out of the pack, lighter than 3 days, 4 days... light with Perlite is another light as when without Perlite. It all differs a bit. The thing you need to touch base is what do you actually want to achieve with watering. Ask the wrong way round, Qui bono if you like. I want to achieve that the
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