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  1. Kings juice #2 is a beast got nugs forming already 😁
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  2. Just a little update one week into flower and I have just gave them a feed of bio bizz bloom and topmax, 2ml bloom 1ml topmax per litre, I also purchased a strain of Trichoderma called phosphoderma that is a phosphorus producing fungi hoping to see some fat buds, There are preflowers showing and I've just changed the light for a dual spectrum 600w hps, the 400 was just not cutting it, I was looking at my set up and realised that my lighting is in need of some upgrades if I want to fill my space with fat bud to the edges, I've been looking into led but can't afford to shell out £800
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  3. Update time, the plants are looking good they are coming along nicely, I've top dressed with a heavier amount of dry amendments with extra gypsum trying to bring my overall ppm up and buffer the pH a little bit better, They have been under 12/12 light for 3 days and hopefully they will stretch soon, done another light defoliation and some lst trying to keep it under the net, When I can afford I will be switching up my feeding to greenhouse seeds bio line, looking forward to trying there nutrients 🙂 Any way my temp are 26c and my humidity is 48/50 keeping them under the 400w m
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