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  2. Yup you are doing great better then me when I started ,I didn't even have a light or tent till the next year after I started, there's nothing like growing you own meds, best feeling in the world when you get to try your finish product and its fire .what kind of seeds you going to pop ,I'm going to do a chemical bride next we could do a grow along lol
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  3. We're strain hunters lol
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  4. I am very interested in the way Blueberry behaves when crossed. Does the Blueberry female result in less hermies then using Blueberry male in breeding with indica? I have decided to stick with lowest risk strains, given so much new material to work with. NL5xBlueberry has very large leaves. I have only grown a very medicinal NL. I do not grow plants with large leaves for flower, because of heat stress and water use. Some plants from PV cross have monster leaves; I just keep cuttings for breeding. Keeping medium size plants that use nutrient efficient
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  5. Dam your already growing outside it's still cold here
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  6. Lol your that guy from riu I'm the one who made that time machine joke
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  7. Little update just some pictures of where we are at, it's my favourite part of the grow, getting the girls in the bed and spreading out limbs for maximum penitration 😂 Probably check back in a week and hopefully I will have my nets in place and ready to flip really soon,
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