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Showing content with the highest reputation on 06/06/2021 in all areas

  1. Ку Не плохо! 340гр сухого блюбери мир!
    2 points
  2. Nice looking plant can't wait to see some bubba slush bud
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  3. Week 10 The stretch has set in during the week. She has grown about 14 cm. The defoliation of the lower shoots she has also coped quite well. The first pistils can also be seen. So far she makes a very good impression on me. To support the flowers and keep the individual shoots apart, I have stretched a net over the plant. The fertilizer solution is still unchanged. She has no signs of deficiency.
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  4. Yo también tenia la teoria de que se podrian estresar, pero no es del todo cierto 🤞 eso creo🤣por que en exteriores la luna llena hay veces que llega hacer muy clara la noche y las plantas por ello no se estresan, y los dias siendo aveces mas largos y otros mas cortos tampoco sufren floracion temprana o estres, pero hablo de exteriores y plantas bien estabilizadas geneticamente
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  5. So extend the light period in the middle of flowering? I think that confuses the plants and stresses them. I'm curious what you have to report.
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  6. ХАРВЕСТ 159гр с 3 кустиков! под днат 250. хотя на веге я включал лед лампы 60w. хз как считать!) Ну 5л банку наполнил!)
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  7. Time for a progress update on the 4 Kings Juice girls at the start of week 6 of the flowering period. The plants are all OK and quietly building buds. On Wednesday morning the dirt in the root pouches was dry so I gave all of the plants 2 litres of water each. Yesterday the dirt in the root pouches was dry so I mixed 3ml of bloom feed per litre and 1ml of PK 4-8 per litre, I mixed up 8 litres of the feed solution and then I gave each plant 2 litres of the feed solution. Then I put them back into the tent to soak up the rays from the LED. Here are some images of the pla
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